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Author's Note: This fic is based on "The Many Dates of Danny Fenton", by Flower princess11 and is my response to a challenge explained in Chapter 55 of that fic.

Danny Chooses Alex After the Many Dates

Chapter 1: Alex Learns Danny's Choice

"Calm down, Alex." Clover pleaded to her friend. "Walking in circles won't make your chosen one reply any earlier."

"Clover is right, Alex." Their other friend Samantha added. "Just concentrate on something else while you wait."

"What, for example?" Alex asked.

"Your homework, for example." Samantha suggested.

"Whose side are you on, Sam?" Clover asked. "Alex, you still have soccer and there are other boys. You even said this Danny Fenton wasn't into sports."

"True but at least he likes bowling." Alex argued. "He has an average of 150."

"That means he only gets half the possible points." Clover dismissed him.

Alex's compowder rang and she answered. It was the dating service informing her of Danny's response. "YES! HE CHOSE ME!" She was happy. "And he's wanting a second date with me!"

"Are you going back to D. F. Chengs?" Samantha asked.

"Actually, I have another idea." Alex answered and, once they learned the idea, her friends agreed.

To his surprise, Danny found himself once again at Café Des Fleurs. He never expected to be there again after choosing one of the girls he didn't meet there. Once he held Alex's hand, he told her how amazing, strong, smart and beautiful he thought she was and, in spite of knowing she lived at the other end of the country and would go back soon, asked her to go out with him and she eagerly said "yes".

After the rest of their date, he took Alex back to her Aunt Carmela's home and went back to Fentonworks. "How did it go, son?" Jack asked.

"She said yes!" Danny happily answered.

"Was there any doubt, son?" Jack asked. "28 of those 30 girls chose you and the other 2 are people you're better off away from."

"I hope you treat her well and manage to keep the relationship after she returns to Beverly Hills, Danny." Maddie advised Danny.

"Little brother, if you need help with the eventual emotional stress, count on me." Danny's big sister Jazz offered.

"Whatever." Danny replied and went to his room.

A few minutes earlier, Alex was welcomed by her friends and her aunt. "Did you have fun?" Her aunt asked.

"Did you become Danny's girlfriend?" Samantha asked.

"Does he have any good-looking friends?" Clover asked.

"Yes, yes, and we didn't discuss that part." Alex answered.

"Well, if you're going to become a couple, it's just a matter of time before us, as your friends, meet his." Clover said.

"I'll talk to him about that next date, Clover." Alex replied.

End chapter.

Author's note: Their first date took place in chapter 3 of "The Many Dates of Danny Fenton".