Chapter 32: Graduation

Danny Fenton was in Beverly Hills for another date with Alex. They were having a meal at the shopping center's food court. "So, Alex, our graduation ceremonies don't exactly happen at the same day." Danny commented. "Would you attend mine?"

"Yes, Danny!" Alex excitedly answered. "And will you attend mine?"

"Sure, Alex." Danny replied. "By the way, which college are you going to?"

"Mali-U." She said.

"I take it they must have an excellent program for veterinarians." Danny commented. He still remembered the time he braved himself to ask her if she really wanted to become a veterinarian or if it was just a cover up. As a superhero who still wanted to become an astronaut, he accepted her answer.

"Hi, Alex. Hi, Danny." They heard an annoying voice call.

'Now I remember why I don't visit Beverly Hills very often.' Danny thought in annoyance. "Hi, Mandy." He said with a forced smile.

"Danny, have I told you how much better-looking you became after your growth spurt?" Mandy asked. "Not that you weren't already gorgeous before, of course."

"Only every other time you chanced upon me ever since I had my growth, Mandy." Danny sarcastically replied.

"Well, it was a remarkable growth." Mandy commented. "A remarkable growth for a remarkable boy… who also needs a remarkable girl."

"That's what Alex's with me for, Mandy." Danny teased his girlfriend's rival.

"Alex?" Mandy asked in disgust. "What does she have that I don't?"

"Do you have time for the whole list?" Danny asked Mandy. "If not, at least she's too decent to pretend to be another girl's friend while trying to steal her boyfriend behind her back. Or did you already forget the black eye she gave you last time?"

"Don't you mind dating such a brutal girl?" Mandy asked.

"After what you did, I won't hold it against her." Danny answered.

"Danny, you're the most popular boy of your school and I am the most popular girl of my school." Mandy pleaded. "Do the math."

"You? The most popular?" Danny asked in disbelief. 'Even if most students at Beverly High are as shallow as those back at Casper High, I'd expect Clover to be considered more popular than Mandy.' "Did you bribe the students?"

"Most likely those in charge of counting the votes." Alex muttered.

"What was that?" Mandy asked with a frown.

"Originally, Sam was elected the most popular girl but you challenged the results and you were declared the most popular after the votes were recounted." Alex said.

"You and your friends are just a bunch of sore losers." Mandy said and turned her attention to Danny. "Call me when you develop a good taste. Bye."

After digesting their meal (and Mandy's nonsense), they walked around and a TV screen caught their attention. "This just in." A reporter announced. "The Justice League has prevented a Lowardian army from invading Earth. One of the Lowardians was identified as Warmonga, who briefly worked for mad scientist Dr. Drakken under the belief he was the Blue One prophesized to lead the Lowardians."

Danny, Alex and everyone else cheered at the news.

"In another news, teenage hero Kim Possible prevented Drakken from taking over the world with killer plants." The reporter added and showed a picture of what Drakken looked like after getting a dose of his own mutagen, prompting the audience to laugh. "Next time, leave the plant-themed villainy to Gotham City's Poison Ivy, Drakken." The reporter added, resulting in more laughter.

"That reporter's just jinxed it." Danny commented.

"So true." Alex agreed.

"Did you know I fought her and Harley Quinn when I went to Gotham?" Danny asked.

"No." Alex replied and started to feel uneasy. Before Danny could ask why, a tube sucked her in. Looking around, Danny found out nobody noticed. 'How do the Spies do that? Oh, no! I forgot to ask Alex is Mali-U has a course for astronauts! Well, I can check it later.'

Realizing the date was over, Danny flew back home. "Back so soon, son?" Jack asked.

"Alex got called for a last-minute emergency, Dad." Danny explained.

"She and her friends are probably helping with their school's graduation ceremony, Danny." Maddie suggested.

"Speaking of that, have you heard of Mali-U?" Danny asked.

"Malibu University?" Maddie asked with a smile. "Sure, Danny. It's a place your Dad and I decided to evaluate after Alex's Aunt Carmela mentioned it to us."

"And…" Danny hopefully said.

"And we figured out Malibu University, or Mali-U as some call it, is a good university for aspiring astronauts such as yourself, son." Jack finished.

"And the fact that Alex goes there doesn't harm." Jazz teased her brother.

"Speaking of relationships, how're things between you and Antonio?" Danny teased back.

"He's coming tomorrow for a date, little brother." She answered.

"Danny, use your invisibility to keep an eye at them." Jack ordered.

"Jack!" Maddie was appalled at her husband's behavior.

"Alright, Danny. Don't do it." Jack sadly said and then approached his son. "If you chance upon them while patrolling, however…"

"Jack, I'll bake some cookies." Maddie sweetly said.

"Cookies?" Jack excitedly asked and forgot about everything else.

After the Fenton parents left, Jazz gave Danny some papers. "Those are Mali-U forms, Danny. Alex will be surprised."

Meanwhile, Alex and her friends were returning from their newest mission. "Ugh, I'm taking a shower after this." Clover commented.

"And I'm studying for the finals." Samantha added.

"And I'm going to meet Danny and resume our date!" Alex happily exclaimed.

"Actually, your boyfriend returned to Amity Park as it became agreed between the both of you whenever you are called for a mission during your dates, Alex." Jerry stated.

"No fair." Alex replied and her friends noticed she seemed sadder than they expected.

"What's wrong?" Clover asked.

"Ever since Danny's secret identity stopped being secret, I've been feeling like there's a barrier between us since he can speak of his heroics in public but I can't speak of mine." Alex explained. "I wonder if he regrets not choosing Kim Possible."

'Or Starfire.' Jerry would have commented if he didn't consider himself above teenage angst issues. "Girls, W.O.O.H.P. is no place for this." He said and pushed a button that sent the girls away.

The girls later reconvened at Alex's home. "Jerry is so insensitive." Clover said. "And don't worry, Alex. If Danny cared that much about the perks of being publicly known as a superhero, he wouldn't have kept a secret identity for as long as he did. I would've revealed myself already if I were a solo spy with no agency."

"Clover, you'd have to become a mercenary instead of a spy." Samantha intervened.

"You're missing the point, Sammykins." Clover said.

Meanwhile, Danny was flying around when he noticed his sister and her boyfriend being attacked by Skulker. To his surprise, Antonio was putting up too much of a fight for someone not used to supernatural threats. 'Is he another W.O.O.H.P. agent? I should ask Alex. Wait! Antonio says he dreams of being a samurai and he's from a town defended by Samurai-like Power Rangers. Not time to think about it now.' He thought and approached them. "Looking for me, Skulker?" Danny asked with a threatening tone.

"At first, I'd use those two as bait to catch you, whelp, but this boy is such a great opponent I might hang his pelt on my wall as well." Skulker commented.

"Ewwwwww." Danny, Jazz and Antonio replied.

"But first, I'll make you pay for making me lose a customer." Skulker declared while thinking of Vlad and tried to blast Danny but his arm cannon exploded. "It must've been damaged by the other whelp's sword." He commented and decided to fly away.

"Are you okay?" Danny asked Jazz and Antonio, deciding their well-being was more important than trying to catch a fleeing ghost.

"Yes." Both characters answered.

"I knew you said you wanted to be a samurai but I didn't expect you to be that good." Danny commented and decided to tease his potential brother-in-law. "Are you training to become a Power Ranger?"

"What?" Antonio asked in shock.

'I suppose I'm right.' Danny thought. "Well, you say you want to become a Samurai." Danny said. "That and the fact you came from a town defended by Power Rangers who wear a Samurai theme give that impression."

"I wouldn't say no if given a chance to become a Ranger, Danny." Antonio replied.

"I have no doubts." Danny commented. "Well, I don't want to keep interfering with your date. Bye."

Meanwhile, Skulker was entertaining his options. 'Perhaps I should let Technus upgrade my armor.' He thought. 'The whelp won't have a chance.'

"Skulker." Danny shouted while looking for the hunter.

Realizing he's got the element of surprise on his side, Skulker readied himself to launch a missile at the ghost boy but was hit from behind by Jack Fenton. "No ghost attacks the son of Jack Fenton and gets away with it!" Jack declared while Skulker was sucked back to the Ghost Zone.

"Congratulations, Jack." Maddie replied. "Have a cookie."

Not wanting to see that scene, Danny resumed his patrol.

Once the patrol was over Danny went with his friends to a shop to rent outfits for their graduation. "Sam, how come you're so unusually happy?" Tucker asked in confusion.

"High School is soon to be nothing but a bad memory." Sam explained. "What's not to be happy about it?"

"True." Danny agreed. "No more Dash. No more Kwan. No more Paulina."

"Did you call me, my ghost boy?" Team Phantom suddenly heard the shallow cheerleader ask.

"No, Paulina." Danny answered.

"Anyway, which college are you going to?" Paulina asked.

"I haven't decided yet." Danny answered. He lied because he figured out she would likely attend whatever place he'd tell her he would.

"Anyway, it's a good thing we chanced upon each other so we can discuss what to wear for graduation." Paulina commented.

"Okay." Danny replied, briefly raising her hopes. "You'll wear whatever you want and I'll wear whatever I want. End of discussion."

"Don't you want to be my date for the graduation?" Paulina asked.

"No." Danny bluntly answered.

"Paulina, if you want a popular date, I'm the ghost hero's best friend." Tucker offered himself and Sam elbowed him for it. "Ow."

While Paulina was thinking over Tucker's offer, Jerry was receiving bad news at his office. "Sir, our prison has reported another escape." An agent said and handed Jerry the report.

"Who was it this time?" Jerry asked and, as he read the report, became horrified. "Oh, no!"

End chapter.

Deadpool's Note: I've caught Skulker off-screen between last chapter and this one but he escaped. Those MERF impersonators are so incompetent and, after learning how much they paid me last time, Agent Scrooge, I mean Alpha, refused to allow them to hire me again. Sorry Luiz4200 was too lazy to write the battle.

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