Chapter 42: Welcome Home

As Danny and the others who went into space with him were on their way back, their family and friends were preparing a reception. That included Danny's high school friends Tucker and Sam. Tucker brought his girlfriend Velma Dinkley and Sam wasn't dateless either. "Sam, this is my girlfriend Velma Dinkley." Tucker said. "Velma, this is my friend Sam Manson."

"Hi, Sam."

"Hi, Velma." The two women exchanged greetings. "Tucker, Velma, this is my boyfriend Mort Schaeffer." Sam said. "Mort, these are my friend Tucker Foley and his girlfriend Velma Dinkley."

"Nice to meet you both." Mort said.

"Sam already knows where Velma and I first met but what about you and her, Mort?" Tucker asked.

"Well, we know each other from Harvard." Mort said, impressing the Foley/Dinkley couple. "I'm there on a football scholarship and first met at a restaurant that specializes on vegan food."

"At first, I was worried he was another fraud like Elliot but then I got to know him and realize he's the real deal and not so bad for a jock." Sam commented.

Meanwhile, Alex and Penny were getting acquainted. "So, who do you know in the space program?" Penny asked.

"Danny." Alex answered.

"From You+Me=Love?" Penny asked.

"Oh, right." Alex commented. "Danny mentioned you upon learning he'd fly a rocket fueled by Proud Snacks. I'm his girlfriend."

"Well, this is awkward." Penny said.

"Yeah, like Kim Possible being here wasn't awkward enough already." Alex commented.

"Wait a minute." Penny asked. "Is Kim Possible one of the girls he could have chosen?" Penny asked and Alex nodded. "Was that dating service meant for superheroes?"

"Well, there's a rumor saying the Teen Titans joined." Alex commented and her compowder beeped. "Excuse me, I must answer this call." She said and left. Alex went to the bathroom and a tube sucked her into Jerry's office. Clover and Samantha were already waiting for her.

"Girls, I trust all of you have read about Jack Hench finally being arrested for selling weapons to supervillains." Jerry commented.

"Yes, Jerry." Samantha confirmed.

"Unfortunately, not only Britney got wounded during the operation to arrest Hench and as many other criminals as possible but Marco Lumiere and my brother Terence escaped with a weapon." Jerry said and pushed a button. "A missile launcher that, according to data collected from HenchCo, can hit any spaceship on space even if its user shoots from Earth."

Alex quickly connected the dots. "Danny! We must save him!" The others glared at her. "And the other astronauts, of course."

Jerry then gave them some W.O.O.H.P. gadgets. "Girls, there's only so much distance that can be kept between the missile launcher and the target. Considering the space shuttle's trajectory, I deduce they must be within this distance from the space station."

Meanwhile, Penny was getting acquainted with Danny's friends. "The famous Penny Proud." Sam commented. "So, are you playing football in college?"

"Unfortunately, there's no mixed gender team in my university and not enough girls interested on making an all-girls team." Penny answered.

"So unfair." Mort commented.

"I wonder if I can ever make a better rocket fuel than Proud Snacks." Velma said.

"And I if I can make a better rocket." Tucker commented in reply.

"Aren't you busy interning to become a tech expert for the Government?" Velma asked.

"A techno geek can hope." Tucker replied and his cell phone rang. "Excuse me, I must answer it somewhere private." He then went to the bathroom. "Jerry, do you want me to analyze data from a supervillain's computer?"

"Maybe later, Tucker." Jerry answered. "For now, I want you to cover up for Alex if necessary."

"Got it, chief." Tucker replied.

Meanwhile, the Spies located the villains' hideout. "Won't you take pictures for the Planet, Sammy?" Clover teasingly asked.

"Without an explanation for being so far from Metropolis, no way!" Samantha replied and then picked up her W.O.O.H.P. camera. "But taking pictures for W.O.O.H.P. is still a good idea."

"A better idea would be filming it for my next Oscar-worthy work." Marco Lumiere replied as he revealed himself. "Alex, you would be the perfect star for my movies."

"Hey!" Clover protested. "What about me?"

"Clover!" Samantha glared at her blonde friend.

"Let's see how you and your friends fare against my thugs and we'll talk." Marco said. "If you live."

Back at the space center, things remained calm even if somewhat awkward. "So, you also met Danny Fenton through the dating service?" Kim asked Penny. "What a small world."

"True." Penny replied and noticed Ron Stoppable. "Stoppable, if I could run as fast as you, that jerkass Coach wouldn't have made it hard for me to join the team." She commented.

"Thank you, Penny." Ron replied, figuring out Penny, and everyone else with her initials, wouldn't like being called PP.

"You're welcome." Penny commented. "Now, if you excuse me, I need to find my Dad before he's too upset over the fact people still don't want to eat Proud Snacks."

"Tell me about it." Velma muttered.

Flashback begins

"Would you do it for a Scooby Snack?" Daphne asked.

"Reah." Scooby replied.

Daphne tried to get some but realized her box was empty. "Oops, I'm out of Scooby Snacks. Would you do it for Proud Snacks instead?"

Flashback ends.

"I still cannot believe how long they laughed at that." Velma commented. "Fortunately, the laughter attracted the ghost and the trap still worked."

"Did anybody say 'ghost'?" Jack Fenton asked as he drew a Fenton Bazooka.

"Mr. Fenton, my girlfriend Velma was talking about one of the past time she and her friends from Mystery, Inc. caught fake ghosts." Tucker explained.

"Well, Velma, I'd tell you stories of when Maddie and I hunted real ghosts but I'm busy waiting for Danny to return." Jack commented.

Meanwhile, in the outer space, Danny and the other astronauts were reentering the atmosphere. "Sorry, Fenton." One of the others said.

"What for?" Danny asked.

"At first, I thought you were only here because of your fame and your superpowers." The astronaut commented. "I resented you for it but remained quiet for sake of professionalism."

"Apology accepted." Danny replied.

Back at the villains' hideout, Samantha, Clover and Alex had just finished defeating the mooks. "Girls, you might have defeated them but one of you is about to need a new boyfriend!" Terry declared as he launched a missile. Alex quickly shot a laser from her wrist and it caused the missile to explode in mid-air.

"What?" Marco Lumiere was shocked.

"It seems W.O.O.H.P. finally improved their anti-missile technology to this point." Terry commented as he activated a jetpack to flee.

"Wait for me!" Marco screamed.

"I'll go after him." Alex said with a frown. "Nobody threatens my boyfriend and gets away with it!" She then flew away in her own jetpack.

"Go, Alex!" Clover said while Samantha contacted Jerry.

"You'll never catch me, Alex!" Terry bragged.

"I don't have to." Alex replied with a smirk and Terry saw several armed guys with jetpacks and black suits. "Your brother anticipated you'd try an escape like that."

Afterwards, Alex returned to the space center. "Am I too late?" She asked.

"No, Alex." Tucker reassured his friend's girlfriend.

"Thank you." Alex quickly replied and went to the area reserved for her.

"I wonder what took her so long." Velma commented, making Tucker worried.

Later that night, the Fentons were celebrating at home with Alex, Antonio, Tucker, Sam, Velma and Mort. They were also watching news on TV. "On another topic, the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters has been raided by unidentified invaders. There are rumors that the school, known for training mutants to control their powers, was invaded by the Government in retaliation for the attempt on the President's life by the mutant known as Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler, also known as Kurt Wagner, is a former resident of that institute."

"What comes next?" Jack asked in disapproval. "Schools being blamed every time a former student becomes a criminal?"

"Attempt on the President's life?" Danny asked in confusion.

"So much has happened while you were off-planet, little brother." Jazz explained.

They then heard the doorbell. "Who's there?" Maddie asked.

"Kitty." Was the answer they heard.

"Kitty who?" Jack asked fearing it to be one of the ghosts Danny met outside the dating service.

"Kitty Pryde." Kitty answered.

End chapter.

Disclaimer: Mort is a character from Milo Murphy's Law.

Author's Note: Before anyone comments on the discrepancy regarding Tucker, Jerry cannot violate Tony Stark's privacy as easily as he violates his spies'.

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