The girls were still walking through the forest, with Junior in tow. While they weren't looking for the Odyssey, they were looking for a quicker way to get a message to Mario to let him know that they were alright. Junior was nervous though. He had betrayed his father (and actually left this time). So he didn't know how this was going to go down. Not to mention Mario's reaction...


The young ruler of the Darklands looked up, seeing that it was Peach addressing him. He looked at her with a sad face. Peach frowned, turning to Violet and Tiara, who were starting to get ahead a bit.

"I'll catch up with you." She promised.

"Alright." Violet replied, walking further ahead.

Once the two were out of earshot, Peach turned back to Junior. He had sit down on the ground. Peach knelt down to his eye level, sitting with him.

"Worried about your Dad, huh?" She asked him softly. To this, Junior merely nodded. Peach rubbed the bridge of his nose and whispered, "Don't worry, we will make sure nothing bad happens to you."

Junior sniffled a bit, "T - thanks Peach but I'm worried about Mario's reaction too..."

Peach frowned. "Why are you worried about that his opinion?"

Junior sighed, "You have always been a mother figure to me... And the first time we met and further hasn't been the best... I'm just worried that Mario would hold that against me."

"He won't, I told him and Violet what happened every time I got kidnapped. I told them everything." Peach confessed.

Junior looked sad still. He sniffled. Peach held him close as she remembered what she told Mario long ago:

"Well, when I was a baby, there was a war between the Toads and the Koopas. At the current time, Bowser was a prince and his parents were fair rulers of the land. However, the Koopa Kingdom was in a lot of debt. So, they reached to their neighbors surrounding them. They asked and asked but all of the kingdoms said no.

"Mostly because the Koopas couldn't be trusted with funds. My parents were kind enough to help them but it quickly came at a price. We would open trades with them and pay off their debts, so long as Bowser married nobility. At the time, my mom was pregnant with me. So my dad promised me to Bowser even before I was born.

"However, by the time I was born, my engagement was broken thankfully. Bowser didn't feel like waiting for a human spouse, since Koopa and humans have different time clocks. So he, instead, married a Koopa named Bonita. Course it cause mayhem when Bowser's parents declined him the throne and my parents backed out of the deal.

"They had found put what the neighboring kingdoms already knew. That if there was any merger with Koopa Kingdom, the kingdom that was willing enough to be nice would fall faster than a tree that is needed for firewood. They were pure evil, no doubt about it. And with their trade being mostly drugs - and those are like deadly poison to the Toads...

"Yeah, my parents were glad to back out of that deal. Unfortunately, it didn't help with the disaster that soon came. Bowser not only killed his parents, declaring himself and Bonita the new king and queen - but as a revenge - he killed mine. Toadsworth and I were out that day but I remember him telling me how horrid it was when he found them dead.

"The war lasted until my 3rd birthday. That's when Toad soldiers managed to capture the castle. Inside was Bonita...and a baby boy. They said that they left the boy alone, thinking that the boy might bring peace. Which is possible, Bowser Jr. is a good kid considering his start with the Isle Definio incident.

"Bonita was protective of Bowser Jr. until the very end. Her death brought us peace. I do feel bad for what happened but there was nothing I could have done. And the rest is history. Bowser just kidnaps me so Bowser Jr. could have some mother time or he wants to save his kingdom. Or sometimes both."

Peach looked at Junior, petting his mane. He started to calm down a bit. He was still worried though and Peach didn't blame him. Peach kept petting his mane, being gentle. He kept his eyes on her, remembering all of the times they were together, thanks to his father. He just wished that he wasn't Bowser's son at times. Peach decided to try and cheer him up.

She stated, "Junior... you have to realize that I don't care what Mario thinks, right? I want you to be happy and safe. And he doesn't realize that, then it isn't my problem."

Junior perked up. She had spoken a bit venomously at that point. He looked at her.

"Peach... are you alright?" He asked her softly.

She smiled softly. "Sorry about that, I didn't mean to scare you. I guess Mario being a total jerk to Luigi is still making me upset."

"I see..." He mumbled, still upset himself.

She rubbed his mane again, getting his attention. "I got you, Junior. Don't worry about Mario, okay?"

He sniffled once more. "O - okay... I'll try..."

She smiled again. While he wasn't feeling one hundred percent, she knew that, but at least he was smiling at a bit. She got to his feet, offering her hand to him. Junior took her hand, getting to his feet. The two started to walk out of the jungle, trying to catch up with Violet and Tiara.

Peach finally spoke again after a bit. "Guess you have a lot questions about what happened all of those years ago." Junior nodded quietly. She raised an eyebrow as she questioned, "Your father never told you?"

Junior admitted softly, "Yeah..."

"That's so strange... I thought your father would have told you something..." Peach murmured. When Junior shook his head sadly, Peach sighed. She had to admit, that wasn't Bowser's best decision. She groaned, "Why didn't he tell you...?"

"Peach... what happened?" Junior asked her softly.

Peach took a long pause. She knew that she would have to tell him eventually. He waited long enough. She turned away from him and started to say:

"Well... it started with about of the lost book of prophecies. This prophetic book was a mysterious tome of stories of future events. Of course, many people craved this book, wishing to glimpse their futures. But no person, after obtaining this amazing book, ever found happiness. The reason? The book held frightful secrets not meant for people's eyes. That book came to be called the Dark Prognosticus and was sealed away. the tale of that forgotten book's last owner. It is a tale of love..."


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