Henry and June were doing their usual dancing as they noticed a bunch of golden jigsaw pieces and yellow notes with googly eyes on them falling around them, causing the two kids to look at each other.

"Uh, are you responsible for this 1?" Henry asked while adjusting his pants.

June scoffed as she folded her arms. "You're pinning this mess on me? That is so insensitive of you!"

Henry wasn't able to say anything as he got snatched up by Gruntilda Winkybunion, who cackled as the witch zapped June and paralyzed her.

"A show about shorts is full of stuff, personally I don't give a fluff!" Gruntilda rhymed while adjusting her witchy hat.

"That doesn't make sense!" Henry screamed as he struggled to get free.

"My rhymes aren't suppose to." Grunty said as she took off to the sky as her theme started to fade out.

June groaned weakly as Banjo and Kazooie dashed by via the breegull bird's talon trot, with the duo looking at the girl frozen in pain.

"Hey did you see a warty witch go by?" Banjo asked as he got onto his feet.

"Yeah... he took Hen..." June coughed as she was too weak to say anything.

Kazooie nodded her feathery head. "Yeah, looks like Grunty got her good."

Banjo shrugged as he chucked June into the backpack, with Kazooie flapping her red wings as they flew after their witchy arch nemesis, leaving the scene as Mr. Foot stood there sipping some tea.