The Stars Never Set V4

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Chapter 01 – The Beginning

'Some people find the notion that history could have been completely different if certain events had gone another route ridiculous. I say those people don't know what the hell they are talking about' - Unknown.

Oxford University

The Midlands

United Kingdom

September 1890

The sun was high in the sky bird song filled the air. The campus was alive with activity as students returned from summer break. For one Professor James Langford, the day had started like any other. Arriving at eight, lectures till lunch time and then lessons until four thirty. He was now in his office reviewing one of the papers a student of his had submitted. Just finishing the paper it was fair to say he was impressed they certainly had potential. But before he could continue a knock on his office door caught his attention. Looking up he saw a man in his fifties dressed in a black suit and tie carrying a suitcase.

"Are you James Langford?" the man asked.

"Yes I am may I ask who you are?" he replied.

"Sorry for not introducing myself. My name is Benjamin Croft I am a member of the governments Ancient Artefacts Bureau. Here is my card" the now introduced Benjamin Croft then handed him a small card. "It says that you are the universities top expert in ancient languages is this true," he asked.


"And it is also true that you sometimes do translations on the side"

"Yes that is correct"

"Then my department would like you to translate a tablet we have recently come across. Would you mind if I sit down" Mr Croft asked indicating the couch and coffee table.

"Sure" James replied moving to sit at the other coach.

Sitting down Mr Croft set the briefcase on the table and unclipped the locks "We found this while at a dig site near the pyramid of Giza. It was concealed within a previously undiscovered chamber. There were many other artefacts yet this one caught our attention the most. But it is a dialect of Egyptian that unfortunately, our experts have not been able to translate. Despite their best efforts" finally opening the briefcase.

The tablet itself was fairly ordinary and he could tell it was made out of sandstone. But it was what was one the tablet that caught his attention.

"No wonder why your researchers couldn't read it. It's in some form of Latin but I don't recognise it". He said now curious.

"That's what our experts said. We were hoping that you could translate it for us. Of course, you would have to sign some paperwork. But I'm sure that won't be a problem?"

"No of course not. Do you know how old it is?"

"Based on the age of the cavern. Around 3000BC"

For once Paul was at a loss for words. If what he was seeing was genuine and he still had a hint off doubt. Then this language could be the progenitor of all forms of Latin currently known.

"For this job, you will be paid a hundred pounds. Also if you are able to translate this successfully then we may have a job for you" Benjamin commented. James was stunned that was more than half his yearly pay. Yet something about the way Mr Croft had said it gave James the impression that there was an underlying meaning to it.

"This is a test isn't it," James said somewhat unsure if his hunch was correct.

"I see you figured it out. Yes, Mr Langford, this is a test. In fact, you were recommended to us as one of the for most experts in ancient languages". That statement made James pause. Somebody had recommended him?

"Who recommended me," he asked.

"Professor William Taft"

To say he was surprised was an understatement. He was once his mentor when in college their relationship had deteriorated before finally departing their separate ways. The separation certainly wasn't amicable and they hadn't spoken to each other in five years. Still, the amount of money he was being offered was more than enough for him to agree.

After signing the agreement he said "Alright you have a deal," getting up to shake Mr Crofts hand. After the two men shook hands Mr Croft then said "We will be in touch" before exiting the room. James then sat back heavily into the couch and took a deep breath. Needless to say the fact he was being given the opportunity to study such an old artefact made him giddy with excitement. The pay was also something he couldn't afford to pass up. Though the fact that it was a test and the guy openly admitted when questioned that was a test made him nervous.

Still it couldn't be that hard could it be.

Oxford University

The Midlands

United Kingdom

November 1890

As it would turn out hard wouldn't even begin to describe how complicated the translation would turn out. The form of Latin did indeed seem to be the progenitor of the Latin language in general. What few parts he had been able to translate didn't make a lot of sense. It talked about a great battle against the false gods. How the rebellion through the false god Ra of the Earth. How they failed to stop him from taking something called the Stargate. Regardless what had him most confused was the series of weird symbols at the bottom. Seven to be exact but separated into two distinct lines.

Taking a swig from his cup of tea he couldn't help but lay back and sigh. While he had been able to painstakingly translate the text over the last two months. With multiple trips to the university library. He still hadn't figured out the purpose of the symbols at the bottom. He couldn't just call with a half completed translation after all the agreement he signed explicitly stated such. He had to figure it all out or nothing.

A knock on the door distracted him from his thoughts. Looking up he saw one of his students one Lisa Welbourn and smiled "Ah Lisa what can I do for you".

"Well, sir I was wondering if you could help me with my thesis. As you know I have been studying Ancient Greek Civilisation as you know. But I have run into some trouble regarding sourcebooks and I was wondering. If you could recommend some for me" she replied smiling.

"Ancient Greek Astronomy. More specifically anything that deals with star constellations"

"Of course give me a second" he replied getting up and going over to his bookcase. Selecting a few books he returned and placed them on his table. While gesturing for her to sit down. As she did so he said "Now these are what you are looking for. While these are my personal copies there are identical volumes available at the library on campus. Feel free to take a note of them" he finished smiling.

"Thank you sir" she replied the relief clear in her voice. "Would you mind if I take a look through them?" she asked.

"Of course" he smiled she was always an inquisitive student. As she was skimming through the pages however looking at some of the constellations. He noticed that the images somewhat looked like the symbols on the tablet. Shaking his head he went back to finishing off his tea. About twenty minutes later she finished looking through the books thanked him and left for class. With that done he got up sat down at his desk and continued grading papers.

Five hours later he had finished the paperwork for the day. Finishing off another cup of tea he began to pack up and leave for the day. As he got up he noticed the books still sitting on his table. He sighed and shook his head before picking up the pile and beginning to place them back on the bookshelf. As he placed the pile on the shelf one of the books slide off the top and fell onto the floor. The book landed open but face down.

"Damn it" he muttered these books weren't like those in the library. Those were first edition and worth a pretty penny. Putting the other books back in their slots he bent down and picked up the book that fell down. Turning it over he realised it was the book that Lisa had been flicking through earlier. Closing it he began to place it back on the shelf until he remembered what he thought about it earlier. So he took it and sat down on the couch. Opening it he began to flick through the book until he came across the section dealing with constellations.

Looking it over he couldn't help but notice the similarities to the symbols on the tablet it wasn't a complete match but it was close. It was no longer a coincidence and so he poured over the book more and more. Until finally one of the drawings matched exactly what was depicted on the tablet!

To say James was excited was an understatement. He had done it! The symbols were constellations! He needed to get to a phone!

What followed next would best be described as a mad scramble. Quickly packing up his things and bringing the book along he practically ran out off his office. Forgetting to turn the lights off as he went something the caretaker would later complain about.

Rushing to his car he immediately started the engine and headed home. He was quite privileged to own one cost a pretty penny but it was certainly worth it. Reaching home around thirty minutes later he was meet by his maid.

"Welcome back sir," she said smiling.

"Good evening Susan. Sorry for getting back so late but I urgent work that needs doing" he said smiling at her before moving past her and heading to his study.

"Should I do you some food sir?" she asked.

"Yes that's a good idea" he answered feeling his stomach growl. As she walked to the kitchen and began to prepare his meal. He reached the study and opened the door. The study itself was elegant in its design with a wooden desk and chair at its centre. Bookshelf's lined the walls and a couch and table set sat in the right-hand corner with an ornate fireplace situated in the middle of the wall. Sitting down at his desk he reached under the lip of the desk and pressed a switch opening a hidden drawer. Reaching in he withdrew the tablet and placed it on his desk. Placing the book next to it he began to search through it trying to find an exact match for the constellations on the tablet.

After half an hour came a knock at the door. Looking up he saw it was Susan carrying his meal and a cup of tea. "Thank you, Susan, please place it on the table that will be all," he said. Susan nodded her head before turning around and leaving the study shutting the door as she went. For the first time in two months, he felt relief, the translation was finally done. Finishing his meal he walked to the phone in the living room pulled the card out of his pocket and dialled the number.

The phone rang a few times before a female voice answered "This is the Ancient Artefacts Bureau. Benjamin Crofts Office. I'm sorry but Mr Croft is unavailable at the moment would you like to leave a message".

"Yes could please tell him that James Langford has solved the problem. He will understand the message"

"Very well sir have a good day". As the phone-line went dead James couldn't help but feel a strong sense of relief. Returning to his study he finished off his now cold tea and smiled.

Now all he could do was wait for tomorrow.

Natural History Museum


United Kingdom

November 1890

Before he knew it two weeks had gone by and he still hadn't received a phone call from Mr Croft. Then out of the blue, he had received a phone call from Mr Crofts office instructing him to come to the Natural History Museum. He had arrived in London a day later and immediately headed to the museum in question. That had been nearly an hour ago and while the museum was certainly impressive. Especially for a museum only constructed ten years ago. In particular, he was impressed with some of the artefacts here.

As he was just about getting ready to go the sound of echoing footsteps across the marble floor caught his attention. Turning around he saw Mr Croft walking towards him.

"Ah, Mr Langford sorry for keeping you waiting. There were some last minute preparations that needed doing. Please come with me" shaking his hand he gestured for James to follow him. Walking for a few minutes in silence James decided to ask some questions.

"It's an impressive museum you have here especially for one built only nine years ago," he said.

"Thank you for the compliment James. We built this museum to not only appreciated the past but look forward to the future. It is why this facility is as large as it is. We didn't just think about current needs when designing the building after all. Regardless we are funded by the government, generously at that. Also, we have some funding coming from ticket prices and other items. So we can afford to give our visitors the best experience possible. All profits we make are funnelled back into the building and exhibits themselves. Anything extra allows us to fund archaeological digs and conservation projects all over the world. We are also planning to issue a magazine series talking about a relevant topic each week though this is still in the planning stages. And we are beginning to invest our money into what we hope to be profitable ventures. But rules mean we cannot incest more than five per cent of our annual budget. But, that is not why you are here today we are here" as Benjamin finished speaking he noticed they had arrived at a restricted area. Benjamin held up his ID card and the guard opened the door before closing it immediately when they had gone through.

The restricted section was completely different from the public areas. Gone was the elegant marble flooring and stone pillars. Instead replaced by décor that wouldn't look out of place in a military base. As they continued to walk through the corridor James noticed a number of rooms on either side. Looking in one he was surprised to see that it was some kind of lab. He didn't have time to look any further though as the pace they were moving it didn't allow for it.

Finally, they arrived at a desk with what looked to be a navy captain manning the desk. This made James confused and even a bit worried. Benjamin noticed this as he signed the register. "Don't worry about it, James. Once we get the meeting room everything we become clear" he said giving James a warm smile. Somewhat relaxed the captain gave him what looked like a None-Disclosure Agreement. Deciding to trust Benjamin he signed the document and then signed his name onto the register. Handing it back the captain nodded his head before getting up and pulling out a key. He then walked over to a door with a keyhole and turned it. The door then opened to reveal an elevator.

Following Benjamin inside the captain turned the key again closing the elevator doors and beginning the descent. Before he could ask any questions Benjamin began speaking. "When the Ancient Artefacts Bureau or AAB was first founded. We quickly outgrew our first headquarters and our second and then our third. Eventually, we realised we needed a far bigger facility than anything then available. Yet this facility had to be able to function in complete secrecy. The plans for the Natural History Museum were already in the works. We simply co-opted the plans for our own purposes. It was rather easy to convince the government for the need of it. After all who doesn't want to be host to the biggest museum on the face of the Earth. And indeed it possesses the biggest collection of artefacts the world has ever seen. There are further plans too to create what would become one of the biggest libraries in the world has ever seen. But that is only in the design stage and not yet finalised. Still, it was rather depressing how easily it was to play on their vanity really. All in all, it was pitched as a way to make London the city to live in for the next hundred years" Benjamin said.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened revealing more stark military décor. Walking along they arrived at a set of doors guarded by a marine. The marine noticing their approach simply said "Sir" before opening the doors. The meeting room itself was surprisingly light despite being more military in nature. An oval shaped table made out of what James could identify as oak sat in the middle of the room. A blackboard hung from the middle of the wall and leather chairs sat around the table. The Union Jack hung on the far wall with a door next to it.

All in all fairly cosy.

"You will have a few minutes to prepare you, presentation professor. If it is to our satisfaction then there will be more opportunities for you" Benjamin said before shaking his hand and walking out of the door.

Now left alone in the room James had a few moments to compose his thoughts. Gathering his things he just about got ready when the door opened show time.

After everybody had gotten seated he scanned around the room. The people sitting at the table where the same kind of government types that he had seen before. But the one that looked most out off place was the person in a navy admirals uniform.

Interesting people.

It was Benjamin who began speaking. "Well, first I would like to thank you all for coming to the meeting today. I realise you are busy people so without further ado. I turn this meeting over to Professor James Langford. Who has been studying the tablet recovered in Egypt. Professor the floor is yours" he finished with a smile.

James gulped before calming himself. "Alright. Now the translation was quite difficult due to the dialect. Which turned out to be an early form of Latin possibly even the first form of Latin. Yet what was on the tablet was rather strange and doesn't make a lot of sense. What it talks about is how the Ra's race was dying. How Ra found earth and took the body of an Egyptian boy. About how he established his dominion over the others of his kind by enslaving the Tau'ri or people of the first world. The tablet next talks about how a team from the future. Which then proceed to try and steal an object of some sort. But, they somehow got trapped in the past. So knowing that there was a rebellion at some point the team thought they would just spark it early. They succeed but they were unable to stop Ra from taking something called the Stargate. The machine they travelled in was buried along with this tablet. In the hope that a version of themselves would come back and fix their mistake. It really doesn't make a lot of sense at best and at worst I'd say it was a fraud." he finished.

The men remained stoic for a moment before Benjamin looked to the admiral who simply nodded his head. "What makes you think its a fraud professor," he said.

"Well, the story is simply too outlandish. Aliens and time travel we all know doesn't exist after all. Plus while the tablet is written in a rather interesting form of Latin. The actual phrasing of the text is something you would expect from a more modern text." James finished incredulous expecting the room to agree with him.

The room went silent before the Admiral said "Tell him" the firm tone making it clear this was not a suggestion.

"In 1840 geologists search for new mineral deposits in the Sahara desert made a discovery that forever changed how we view ourselves in the universe. What they discovered was a pyramid-shaped starship buried within one of the sand dunes. Upon its discovery, they realised two facts the first was that the technology was far in advance of anything we have. The second was that this discovery was no mere chamber or tomb that could be lauded over by the masses. What it represented was simply too much for the public at large to handle. So they informed the authorities and eventually with the help of the Royal Navy were able to smuggle the vessel out of Egypt. Needless to say, it was difficult. But regardless once it was back in Britain we began our analysis. What we only confirmed our worst fears. That not only alien life existed but it posed an existential threat to our life. Thus the government decided that such a threat required a dedicated response. This is the genesis of the Ancient Artefacts Bureau or AAB. Do you have any questions so far" Benjamin asked.

James at this point hand his arms on the desk and was resting his head in his hands. His entire world view had just been shattered he didn't know what to think. Much less ask the kind of in-depth questions he wanted to ask. So he just shook his head then Benjamin took a deep breath and then continued.

"With the possibility of more alien artefacts still remaining undiscovered in around the world, we started to put our plans into motion. To make our work easier in Egypt we slowly increased our control in the region. Until finally after the forth anglo-egyptian war we gained full control of the country. Though as far as the rest of the world is concerned we did it to gain full control of the vital Suez Canal. Since then we have found and searched numerous alien facilities and recovered many alien artefacts. All which were transported back to the homeland where they could be studied in secret. We even recovered another couple of vessels from the same race. Regardless when we finally managed to access the interior of the first ship we recovered. Two objects were recovered that day a pedestal shaped device and a ring nine meters in diameter. Those are the devices we were talking about. Though we still didn't know their purpose until last year. Do you have any questions?" he asked again.

As James still hadn't fully recovered from the revelations he shook his head.

"Now it was last year that Professor Taft who discovered a buried chamber around twenty miles north of the Giza pyramids. We discovered the tablet and many other items within the chamber. Professor Taft upon discovering proceeded to try and translate it but he was unable to continue due to unfortunate circumstances."

"What kind of unfortunate circumstances".

Benjamin appeared to hesitate before answering. "During the exploration one of the team members accidentally activated an explosive device. Professor Taft sacrificed himself to ensure both his team and the artefacts survived. He died saving the lives of his team in the ensuing explosion. The world lost a truly great man that day." the tone made it clear that Benjamin genuinely respected the man.

For James, the loss of his tutor was another shocking blow. While they had fallen out and not spoken to each other in five years he still respected the man. Combined with the startling new reality he was only just coming to terms with was too much. How he still maintained his composure was a mystery that we wouldn't solve for the rest of his life.

Seeing that he wouldn't be speaking for a while Benjamin decided to finish off. "The pedestal device is what my colleague was talking about earlier. We believe that it functions as some kind of controller for the ring which we now know to be the Stargate. We still don't know what it does but we think that it is some kind of teleportation device. Though we can't be sure. We contacted you because William thought you would be more than capable of continuing his work. Can you Mr Langford?" he finished.

James thought it over for a moment. He was being given the opportunity to see and discover things that many thought impossible. He had doubts, the responsibility his position would inevitably have was probably substantial. He simply didn't think he was ready for it. But if William thought his abilities would allow him to serve as a worthy successor then who was he to turn that down.

"I am" he answered confidently. But while most of his unsaid questions had been answered he noticed one hadn't been. "But I couldn't but notice that you didn't provide an answer to my statement about time travel," he said.

"Then it is a pleasure to have you with us, Mr Langford. Regarding your question. While we know time travel is possible. We cannot disclose the details at this time as the information has been declared Top Secret. I hope you understand why" Benjamin replied the stern tone implying that he should drop it.

"Very well then". He knew then not to push it. Besides he had a rough idea as to how time travel was possible.

The meeting continued after that point discussing the details of the upcoming testing for the Stargate. It was decided that anybody being sent through would be part of a four-man unit. Two marines, one linguist and one tech expert. This wouldn't be for some time and would only happen if the Stargate was confirmed to be a method of transportation. If that proved to be the case then these Stargate Teams (SGT) would be numbered one to ten. With different functions based on need. The exact nature and makeup of these units would be sorted out later. For the time being, communication would be handled view the newly developed handheld radio communication technology. A contribution from the head of Research and Development Nikola Tesla.

The first test was scheduled to happen in one week.

Stargate Control Room

Natural History Museum


United Kingdom

November 1890

A week later and everything was ready. During the week four volunteers had been found to go through the Stargate if indeed it turned out to be what they thought it was. Equipped with the best weapons and gear available to the British Empire. They represented what many had begun to think of as a new era of mankind. The team was designated SG1 and lead by Captain Alan Shepard.

In the control room, the various department heads of the AAB had gathered with James now appointed as the head of the department of culture. It would be his job to translate alien languages and see how they related to earth history. Today would be the moment of truth and after a millennium of inactivity, the Stargate would be activated for the first time.

"Everything ready?" Benjamin asked. As the confirmations came from around the room it became clear. They were ready. "Alright, let's do this" with the command given the officer seated in a chair next to the pedestal pressed the first symbol. When he did so the symbol lit up surprising the room. At the same time, the inner ring of the Stargate rotated until it landed on the corresponding symbol and the chevron descended locking it in place. The chevron lighting up once it had done so. The officer then pressed the other symbols that James had identified earlier until finally, they pressed the seventh symbol.

At first, nothing happened until James noticed that the red dome in the middle had started glowing. "Press that," he said. The officer looked at Benjamin who nodded and the officer proceeded to press the button.


The Stargate activated a substance similar to water seemed to shoot out of it before falling back and settling into a shining shimmering blue puddle. The display was beautiful.

"SG1 you have a go" Benjamin announced. Captain Alan Shepard nodded his head before jovially saying "Alright guys lets go" before as one they ascended the ramp. Stopping in front of the puddle Captain Shepard turned around to look back at the control room. Seeing Benjamin and the Admiral nod their heads. He turned back took a deep breath and muttered "Here we go" before as one the SG1 stepped through the gate.

And into the new world.

Authors Note: Hello Guys and welcome to the new version of The Suns Never Set. Took me four versions before I came up with one that I was finally happy with. I will be clear that I suck at describing things so don't expect good descriptions. The crossover part will come in later. The previous version will remain up for comparisons sake.

I will also state that I have Asperger's Syndrome so don't expect the best grammar. That said I am currently using Grammerly and Hemingway Editor so hopefully that will help.

This timeline takes place as a direct consequence of the Stargate SG1 episode Moebius Part 1. It just happened a bit differently as while Ra was able to take the gate. The Al'kesh transporting it crashed. Resulting in it being found in 1840.

[1] James Langford is Paul Langford's older brother.