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"Are you sure we should do this?" Lily asked Dumbledore holding her youngest son in her arms.

"I'm positive. Harry will grow dark if he stays with you. He will become jealous of Kyle. Then he will probably grow dark. It is for the best if he goes to the Dursleys. It's all for the greater good." Dumbledore said kindly.

"Lily we have to. We can't let Harry go dark. We can get him back when he goes to Hogwarts." James said trying to calm his distressed wife.

"Your right. Here." Lily handed over her son.

The couple then left, and Dumbledore left Harry at number 4 privet drive. Little did he know he made a big mistakeā€¦


The Dursleys took one look at the boy and drove him to the orphanage. There is no way they would allow that sort of freakishness into their household.

The lady at the orphanage took the child in and put it with the rest of the baby orphans.

A week later she got a call. It was from an orphanage in America. They didn't have many children, but a lot of families who want some. The orphan matron immediately sent some of them to the orphanage. This group included Harry Potter.

While Kyle got everything he wanted, Harry was drifting away. Little did the Potters know exactly what they did.


There was only one family in the adoption room. A nice man, a kind woman, and a curious little baby. They were looking at all the babies. Taking them into a room and letting their daughter, Sabrina, play with them. They wanted to know which ones she got along with, and which ones she didn't.

After a while they both agreed that the baby named 'Harry' was the best fit. They signed the adoption papers and took him home. Harry's name was now Harry Grimm.


10 years later

Harry looked out the window of the train. He was almost 11 years old. He sat next to his older sister, Sabrina, and his younger sister, Daphne.

Sabrina was older than him by two months. He was adopted by the Grimms, they were a nice family and Harry wouldn't wish for another one, but they hadn't been a full family for a year, when their parents went missing.

They had been put in some very bad foster homes, and every time managed to escape. Though this time, he had a feeling it would be harder to.

They were going to older lady's house. She claimed to be their Granny. Daphne believes it completely. She can be pretty gullible sometimes. I don't believe it though. Neither does Sabrina.

You can't blame us for having trust issues. You would if you had been in the foster homes we have.

We were both so lost in our thoughts we didn't realize when we pulled up to the station. Waiting on the platform were an elderly woman, a strict looking man, and a humongous dog.

"Hello children. I'm Granny Relda. Welcome to Ferryport Landing."

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