I got a phone.

Who is this? Sorry, I don't have your number in my contacts.

It's Rosa


Oh my god



How did you get a phone?
How did you remember my number?
Was mine the only one you remembered?
Is it because we're so close?
Or because you keep losing my number and having to ask me for it to type it into your contacts again?

I remember your number because you paid like a hundred dollars to change it ASANTIAGO

Oh. Right.
Well, that just makes it easy for people to reach me.
Like right now. So it works.
How did you get a phone?

I stole it from another inmate

Isn't that kind of risky? Aren't you afraid they'll shiv you?

They did

Are you okay?

I'm always okay

Well, I'm not sure I believe that, but you're texting me, so at least I know your hands work, so you've got that going for you.
Okay well I just can't imagine you're okay after something like that.

It only bled a little

That's rough

Well it's jail so

Right. Sorry.
It's great to hear from you. We miss you. We tried to see you on visiting day but they wouldn't let us.

Yeah I got my privileges revoked for the month

What for?

For beating the crap out of my cell mate


Sorry. I forgot you're squeamish.

I'm not squeamish. I'm a cop. I see violence every day.
Besides, it's not like you sent me pictures.

Want me to?

No thank you.