I haven't been ready to post this. That might be why it took so long to get here.

Thank you to everyone who stuck around from the beginning and dealt with ridiculously slow updates; thank you to everyone who came in in the middle of things and continued despite the delays; thank you to everyone who's just jumped on board and made it this far. Thanks for all the comments, feedback, and reactions. I'm really proud of this piece and happy I could share it with such a receptive (and patient) audience.

Here's the final chapter. Sad to bid these lovely ladies goodbye. It's been a joy to write.

Hey Rosa.

Hey Amy

You didn't come to work today.

I wasn't feeling great.

Sarge says he has you on desk duty.


And you're okay with that?


It seems a little out of character.

You want me to be upset?

No. I guess. I just kind of miss the fiery old Rosa who'd raise a stink about not being allowed back in the field the instant she comes back.

Just not feeling too fiery right now

Okay, I can understand that.

I'll come in tomorrow.

Good. We miss you. After months of not seeing you it was amazing to have you and Jake back yesterday.

I liked seeing all of you too
If you say anything sappy I'll ghost you


See you tomorrow

Take care of yourself.

I will.