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The pain of betrayal was so strong, he felt as if his heart was being split open. All he had sacrificed for Camp Jupiter, Camp Half-Blood and the Pantheon meant nothing. All the pain he felt as he fought swarms of monsters for the Greek Gods, all the Titans, and Giants meant absolutely nothing.

The Fates were cruel.

Zeus's lightning bolt should've killed him instantly. He should've not felt anything as he died. And yet, he did not. Perhaps it was a cruel joke the Fates were playing on him, as he felt everything. He felt the blue bolts of lighting course through his body, burning his flesh, scorching his hair and frying his bones.

Percy Jackson should not have been able to survive a blast from Zeus's master bolt. After all, it was able to take down even Gods. But no. He had to survive, he had to see the looks of shock on the faces of his betrayers.

But as he looked around, he wished he hadn't.

Percy was, at that moment, shocked that his friends, his family, could be so easily swayed by the words of the Gods. His own girlfriend, Annabeth, thought of him as a traitor. Why? Why did they see it fit that he be executed?

Was it because they saw him as too much of a threat? Was he just a tool to the Gods, and he was being thrown away for it? Maybe they were desperate for an excuse for why they were humiliated and almost lost the war against Gaea.

Then, the realization set in.

They really were going to kill him. His victories and moments of pride were all going to be stuffed under the rug, overshadowed by his new label as a traitor to the Gods of Olympus. Hs friends at Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood would no longer know his name, and if they did, they would remember him as a traitor, the one who attempted to overthrow the Gods during the Second Giant War.

Along with the realization, the tsunami of emotions broke through the barrage, sweeping over his body.

His hatred for everyone who voted for his death washed over him, dousing him with burning hate deep in his stomach. He wanted to kill everyone in this good-for-nothing throne room and leave their charred corpses behind, as the large room collapsed on itself. Percy could now understand how Luke Castellan felt. Percy wanted to tear down Olympus, brick by brick til nothing was standing.

They threw him off of Olympus.

After he withstood the blast from Zeus's bolt, two demigods literally threw him over the edge, on order of the Gods.

As he fell, the cold wind and painfully loud noise of the wind did little to quell the burning hate and pain inside of him. And when he hit the ground, he felt nothing, but his vision dimmed into darkness in a blink of an eye.


"Is this the one?" A voice asked.

"Yes. Bring him back to the Wyvern."

"Yes, sir."

Everything was still dark. He could see nothing, only hear. He could, however, feel the coldness on the ground.

Suddenly, he felt cold, gloved hands grab his arms, and someone pulling him up to a standing position.

"Come on. Let's move." The voices all sounded the same. Each one sounded like they were wearing something over their faces, maybe a helmet, to make it sound more neutral and emotionless.


When Percy opened his eyes, the first thing he noticed was the bright white light and the soft surface he was lying down on. He jolted up into a seating position, looking around, taking in the odd surroundings.

The walls were metallic and painted white. On either side of him, more beds were all lined up. On the wall directly across from him were what appeared to be giant glass tube-things filled with a blue liquid. It seemed tall enough to hold a man inside. There was a computer by the foot of his bed, which showed a heart monitor, and underneath the screen, a bunch of small buttons glowing different colors.

Where am I? He thought.

Slowly, he stood up from out of the bed. Then, he turned around, and almost fell backward.

There was a large triangle shaped window and the view… the view almost scared him. He was in space.

It was dark, pitch black and everywhere in the darkness were stars, very bright, white stars. Far off into the distance, he could see a small sphere- no larger than a baseball. Was that a planet? Was that earth?

His head was swirling with questions and emotions, so much so that his vision was literally spinning.

Then, Percy heard something behind him.

Percy spun around to see three people walk in. The person in the lead was a man who seemed slightly old, wearing a black hat, a white tunic and dark pants, as well as black military boots.

The two people on either side of him, however, were even stranger to look at. They were wearing white, metallic looking armor, with even white helmets covering their whole heads. Their boots clanked on the cold metal floor as they walked information on either side of the man in front.

They also carried something that looked like a very futuristic firearm.

"Greetings, Perseus Jackson." The man in the lead said, stopping a few feet in front of him.

"Percy." He automatically corrected him without even thinking about it.

"My, apologies, but I believe you must be awfully confused right now."

Percy blinked. "Confused? Sorry, but I just got thrown off a building, and now I wake up in space? And who are you guys, where am I?"

The man's gaze remained cold and stern. "To answer your question, I am admiral Vel Lafrenius, an admiral in the Imperial Security Bureau. And these two people -" He nodded his head in their direction. "- Are Imperial Stormtroopers, the main face of the Galactic Empire's infantry."

Oh, so they're called stormtroopers… soldiers for some Empire…

"But that still doesn't answer my other question. Where am I?"

"You are in space, on board a Star Destroyer known as the Wyvern. If you looked out the window, you might've noticed that there is a small round sphere in the distance… that is your planet. Earth, I believe you call it."

Percy was more confused than he was before.

"I'm sorry, sir, but… er… I'm still confused."

Vel just shook his head slightly. "Then follow me, Percy, I'll take you to the bridge. This star destroyer that we are on is a ship, a spaceship." He motioned for Percy to stand next to him, and he did, only after a second long pause of reluctance.

Percy wished he had eight pairs of eyes to take in everything he saw on the Star Destroyer.

They walked along clean, shiny black metal-walled hallways, past even more armed stormtroopers and officers in green tunics, like Vel's white one but not white. Sometimes they passed large 'hangar bays', as Vel called it. They carried dozens and dozens of more white armor clad stormtroopers and large 'TIE fighters', and a large exit on the wall leading directly into space.

"How come they don't get sucked into space?"

Vel kept looking forward. "There is a barrier there, preventing things from leaving and entering the hangar bay."

They continued walking down halls and different rooms, and Percy was starting to question the size of the space ship. "Hey, admiral Vel, how big is the Wyvern?"

"Around 1,600 meters long."

"You're kidding?"

Vel didn't answer.

When they finally reached the bridge, the first thing they were greeted by was a round table projecting a large blue holographic image of what appeared to be a planet.

There were two 'pits', both filled with officers and crew members working on computers and terminals. Separating the two 'pits' was a walkway, and in front of the walkway was an even larger window, looking out into the dark void of space, with a sprinkle of stars illuminating the darkness.

Vel walked a little ahead of Percy and stopped at the glass window. "Percy." He motioned for me to walked over to him.

"Behold, a Star Destroyer."

Percy could've sworn his jaw literally hit the floor. It really was 1, 600 meters long. Just the mear sight of the wedge-shaped ship made him feel weak and insignificant. He felt like an ant about to be squashed by a human boot. And there were two others, one on the left of the Wyvern, and one on the right. They were both gigantic, and they gave off a sense of power that even the Gods themselves couldn't give off.

"Admiral, We are jumping into hyperspace in approximately a minute." A voice said from somewhere behind him.

"Good. Make sure we arrive at Coruscant before the day is over."


Hyperspace was just as mind-blowing as seeing the Star Destroyers. Vel described it as: "Travelling at speeds so fast, the stars and planets seem to all melt into darkness and blue."

He wasn't wrong at all and seeing everything impressed him greatly.

But the planet Coruscant was something on another level.

It was definitely larger than Earth, and the entire planet was a city. From space, he could see grey, with large golden specks indicating light. Percy couldn't see a single speck of green or blue.

A few minutes later, Percy, the Admiral, and a group of stormtroopers were flying down to the planet on a smaller white ship. The entire planet was a city. Everywhere in the sky, there were ships flying in long lines, like roads, but in the sky. Coruscant's surface was lined with tall skyscrapers and metallic buildings. He really couldn't see any water anywhere.

"Coruscant is the Galactic capital. In space coordinates, it is known as 0, 0, 0. All trade routes eventually meet this planet, and it is the home of the Emperor himself." Admiral Vel said as Percy continued to look out the window at the Coruscant view.

The Emperor. Vel keeps mentioning him.

"So… why am I seeing the Emperor, again?" Percy asked.

"The Emperor is the one who brought you here."


"He sensed your presence on Earth, and ordered for my fleet to pick you up."

"How did he sense…"

"That is not for me to say. After all, you can ask him yourself. We have arrived at the Imperial Palace."

As the group exited the lambda class shuttle, Percy stared in awe at the Imperial Palace. It was a gigantic trapezoid-shaped building, with five long spires at the top. A grand staircase leads up into the building. Another thing he noticed was the abundance of guards.


The temple was grand, with large red flags with black and white Imperial symbols on them. But as they approached the Emperor's throne room, Vel stopped him. "Percy, the Emperor has asked for your presence only. So I will wait here."

Percy saw that Vel looked a little relieved to not be going in. "Uh, is the Emperor bad or something?"

Vel frowned at him. "It would not be wise to disobey the Emperor's direct order."

Percy flinched at the word wise. It reminded him too much of a certain daughter of Athena.

He nodded, then walked into the throne room.

The room was large, and at the end was a large throne, with two guards in red armor and robes on either side.

And sitting atop the chair was a figure hooded in a pitch black cloak.

Percy stopped walking a few feet away from the throne.

"Ah… welcome, Perseus Jackson. I've been waiting."

He looked up, and Percy almost stumbled back. Not only was the Emperor's voice scratchy, but his face was pale white, scarred and deformed as if someone had burned it a few times.

"Uh… Emperor Palpatine?"

The Emperor smiled crookedly. "Perseus Jackson, I know you must be confused."

He motioned with his fingers, and the two guards walked away, and out of the room.

"Perseus, do you know where you are?"

"Not really. Admiral Vel kept talking about an Empire, Coruscant, Star Destroyers -"

The Emperor shook his head. "Perseus, I removed you from that planet, and brought you here, to our Galaxy. There are thousands upon thousands of planets, billions of sentient life forms, and one Galactic Empire, which has Coruscant as the Capital planet. Our Empire keeps the Galaxy at peace and makes it a safe and secure place to live. That is why I brought you here. I sensed your betrayal, and I took you here, to live in peace, and away from any more pain."

Percy was quiet for a few moments, his brain working overload trying to process everything.

"How did you sense me?"

The Emperor stood up. "Percy, have you heard of the Force?"

"The force? Like, gravity?"

"No. The force something that allows you so many things. Lift objects in mid-air, float, and even kill if you have to."


Percy suddenly felt as if he was being pushed upward. Then he looked down and gasped. He really was floating above the ground, and none other than Emperor Palpatine was lifting him. He could feel the strong power resonating from Palpatine.

He dropped Percy on the floor.


Palpatine continued talking. "There are two groups that attempt to control the force. The Jedi, and the Sith. The Jedi study only one aspect of the force, it's peaceful and light side. The Sith, however, study all sides of the force, and have fewer restrictions than the Jedi."

"What are you then?"

"A Sith."

Percy frowned. None of this explained why the Emperor brought him here.

"I brought you here," the Emperor started as if he heard Percy's thoughts. "Because I can feel your connection with the force."

A stunned silence engulfed him.

The force? Percy? No way.

"I am willing to train you, Perseus, train you in your ability in the force, and help you survive."

"I don't know…"

"You seek revenge, do you not? Against your betrayers."

Percy felt a familiar burning feeling arise from the pit of his stomach. A hatred, a burning hatred for those who left him to die.


"Then join me, young Perseus, join me and together, we can bring peace and security to the Galaxy, and justice upon those who wronged you!"

Percy nodded slowly.

"I accept, Emperor."

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