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As Perseus looked out at the destroyed skyline of New York, he realized that Zeus had stopped wreaking havoc across the city.

The rain had stopped, and the flood had gone down. The earthquakes and hurricanes had stopped. Also, mining operations for the kyber crystals were almost finished. They started digging right in the middle of Bryant Park, in Midtown Manhattan. The hole was quite deeper than the train and subway lines, and it even cut right through electrical pipes and others. Now, approximately two weeks after landing in New York, they were excavating a landmine of shiny green kyber crystal. The Sith Lord was honestly quite surprised by the fact that no mortal had ever discovered it. Another thing he was surprised by was the Empire State Building.

Or more specifically, Olympus, and it's godly residents.

They were oddly silent, and every time he openly provoked him, they did nothing. When he assaulted Camp Half-Blood, he assumed there would be some sort of resistance from the gods, but no. Nothing. Not even a slight aura of a godly deity. Regardless, of whether they would or would not attack him, he still intended to cripple the god's only army, the demigods. Perseus guessed that all the campers had fled to Camp Jupiter, and he intended to get his revenge on them.

"How could you, Percy? You were supposed to destroy the Giants, not join them!"

"I thought you were my friend! But I was wrong!"

"I hate you!"

The shattering of glass snapped him back to reality. The voices of his old friends ceased to exist, and in front of him, the large window of his chamber was shattered. He looked down at his fist, only to realize that he had accidentally channeled the force to destroy it. He sighed. Perseus needed something to do other than stand around, watching workers dig a giant hole. Walking out of his quarters, he headed out of the base camp and towards a group of scout troopers. "You there!" He called out to the captain of the squad. "Designation?"

"TK-228, sir!"

"Are you heading on a mission now?"

"Yes sir. To the outskirts of the city."

"Good, prepare me a speeder bike."

The trooper nodded, and Perseus followed him to a brown 74-Z speeder. Perseus mounted it and tested the handlebar grip. "Is everyone ready?" He called out to the ten scout troopers, all on their bikes. "Let's go!"

The second he pushed the handlebars forward, the engine roared to life, and then he was zooming down the ruined road, with his troops behind him in close formation. The strong, cold wind was refreshing. Perseus couldn't risk looking around as he zoomed passed the ruined skeletons of skyscrapers and buildings. He was no fool. These bikes could go around 500 kilometers an hour, and one fatal glance could be your death. Perseus looked up and saw the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel. At the end of the tunnel would be New Jersey, territory that the Empire technically didn't control or operate in. Admiral Vel's fleet had ordered small groups of stormtroopers around the continent, taking over strategic parts of the area.

The tunnel was long and dark, and at the end he could see bright light.

Then he frowned. They were obscure, but he swore he could see small brown dots moving around in the light. As the group sped forward, a loud roar was heard.

The realization of what was going to happen set in on him. He instantly pulled the handlebars back, making his speeder stop immediately, letting the other bikes go on ahead. On his speeder, he watched as the rest of the squad made their way out into the light…


A burst of orange fire lit up the end of the tunnel, reducing his squad to nothing.

Slowly, he rode his speeder forward, until he was just in front of the flames. He hopped off, and looked at his belt, checking to see if his lightsaber was there- it was. With a small flick of his wrist, the flames dispersed in front of him, giving him a walkway to the other side.

"Hello there, Perseus."

The sith stopped walking and slowly turned around. Standing in front of the fire was a familiar being which he wished he would never see again.

"Hello, Kampê."

The monstrous ex-jailer of Kronos, stood there, a deadly blade in one hand, and a devilish smirk on her grotesque face. Suddenly, monsters began emerging all around him, all holding weapons. Perseus stood calmly, staring at Kampê with slight curiosity.

"Kampê? It has been a while, hasn't it?"

The monster hissed. "Yes, filthy demigod, it has. And last I heard, you were banished!"

Perseus tensed.

"Yes, Perseus, banished, and abandoned by all your precious demigod friends- "

The sith yelled, clenching his fists. The memories of his old life flashed in front of him. Slowly, he looked back up at Kampê, who was slowly inching forward. "Kampê, I will say this once. Surrender, and leave me alone."

She laughed, a horrible sound, as if she were choking on acid. "Or what?"


He raised both of his hands high into the air, and suddenly all of the monsters around him excluding Kampê started levitating and writhing as if some external force was twisting their limbs and contorting them. Then, he balled his hands, and instantly all the monsters crumpled to the ground, dead. He glanced at the dead monsters curiously. Instead of turning to dust as he remembered them to do, they just lay there, like dead mortal bodies. Igniting his lightsaber, he pulled a dead monster corpse and ran his blade through it. All that happened was a giant wound caused by the blade.

"Very interesting. It appears, Kampê, that when using my new powers, monsters don't die and don't go back to Tartarus."

Kampê glanced at the monster corpses and looked back at Perseus. She growled and pulled her two weapons- two glowing scimitars- from her back. "Maybe, Perseus. But you will still never defeat me!"

Perseus slowly grinned. She was nervous. He could see it in her eyes. He pointed his red blade at her. "Then let us fight, Kampê."

The monster leader roared, and charged him, swinging her blades with deadly speed. She swung her blades at him, and he barely dodged, jumping to the side. He forgot just how fast and deadly she was. He attempted to slash her, but with both blades, she deflected it. Their blades were locked in position, and sparks flew from the meeting point of the blades. Kampê opened her mouth to speak. Only up close could he see how sharp her teeth were.

"Perseus… It seems you haven't improved."

"You think?"

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see a tree. Using his free hand, he ripped the tree out of the ground, and threw it at himself, hoping to hit Kampê. The two jumped away from the tree just as it impacted against the pavement. The sith jumped onto the tree, his cape billowing behind him. Kampê was standing only a few meters away from the tree, golden blood pouring out of a wound. Perseus held his lightsaber in a defensive stance. "Kampê. I think I have won this fight. I have the high ground, after all."

She slowly started to move forward.

"Don't try it."

She growled and somehow leaped up at him with extreme speed, her blades ready to kill. But in the end, she wouldn't be able to, as before she could, Perseus threw his blade at her, cutting her left arm off. He took a step to the side, and Kampê fell onto the tree trunk with a loud CRACK. She was writhing in pain. Perseus almost felt bad for her. A sudden memory flashed before him. He was standing in a prison, with- with Tyson and… and Annabeth-

"No!" He yelled, clutching his head with one hand. "I will never, ever make things easy for you, Seaweed Brain. Get used to it." He hit the side of his head. Why were the voices coming back now?

"You drool when you- " He screamed, his head being invaded by past memories that he had been able to suppress for so long.

He looked down at Kampê, who was slowly standing up. His vision tunneled. All he could see now was kampê, and he was going to destroy her. With the force, he lifted her up high above the ground, and with all his strength, slammed her into the ground.

And again.

And again.

The voices cleared from his head, and he stopped slamming the monster into the ground. He walked up to her form, which was currently lying in a small crater. She was breathing faintly, but her eyes were closed. "Perseus… You… have not defeated me yet…"

Perseus responded with a question. "How did you know my identity?"

Kampê laughed, blood coming out of her snake-like mouth. "My spies are everywhere. And- " She coughed up more blood. "And we monsters aren't the only ones who know now."


With her un-severed arm, she pointed up at the sky, where a shape was flying away, towards the sunset. A pegasus with a rider on it's back. He ignited his blade. "A demigod!" Kampê laughed. Her last laugh, as Perseus raised his blade above her face, and brought it down.

An hour later, back at the base, the first thing he noticed was a new imperial troop transport ship, sitting in the middle of the landing pad. He walked up to it. Two stormtroopers noticed him and nodded respectfully. "Sir, we were not notified, but- "

Suddenly, the ramp lowered, and Perseus's eyes widened. Standing there were four stormtroopers. But these troopers were different. They had armour as dark as space, with blue Imperial crest markings on their helmets, chest pieces, and shoulder plates.

"Lord Perseus." The first of the troopers said with a polite nod. "Glacier squad, also known as Perseus's personal squad, reporting for duty, sir!"


Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, a lone pegasus rider desperately battled a furious rainstorm on his way to Camp Jupiter. He had information, information that would change the war for everyone.

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