A/N: Hey guys, here with the beginning of a new Flash fic. It's Father's Day themed and is a tribute to all of the Flash fathers. I'm posting it kind of late. Real life and my muse were not quite cooperating, but I'm excited about it nonetheless. This is AU season 5 based so spoilers do apply specifically first half of season 5, but it is AU as far as the timeframe goes since Father's day does not fall anywhere near when Thanksgiving does. Hope that doesn't deter anyone. :) As usual I do not own the Flash, belongs to DC and the CW. Do not own any of these great characters. The only character that is mine is an OC that will be making an appearance a bit later on.

Father's Day? Schway!

Team Flash hadn't really made much more leeway in fighting Cicada. For some reason Nora hadn't quite pinpointed, they didn't seem to really want to over these last few days. Her mom and dad had been doing things and keeping secrets from Papa Joe. Her father had been pretty badly beaten by Cicada their last go round and like hers had been, his speed healing was off. But her dad, ever the optimist, didn't seem too worried. He said it would probably be at least 24 hours. It seemed like he had something else on his mind.

Before breakfast, Nora decided to check the calendar and she noticed something that gave her pause: Father's Day. Father's day was in two days. Her breath hitched and she put a hand over her mouth. She would get to celebrate Father's Day. This was totally schway! Except...how did she do that? Her mom had gotten cards for Papa Joe, but that was about the extent of the celebration she knew. It had always been harder for her mom, just another thing she thought had made her mom unreasonable.

But maybe this time… maybe now her mom would help her.

She went to see what her mom was doing and saw her making pancakes….again.

"Hey Nora," Her mom greeted. She gives a small laugh evidently noticing Nora's expression. "I think I'm getting better at this."

Nora smiled. "Practice makes perfect right?"

"Absolutely," Her mom plated one of the pancakes. "Your Dad headed to STAR early. He and Cisco are doing some brainstorming. You can go too, but I think you should eat something first. Sound alright?" She examined the food. "This one seems like it has the least damage." She handed it to Nora. "Something on your mind?"

"Father's Day." Nora replies taking the pancake and placing it on the table. She goes over to the coffee machine and begins making herself a cup.

Her mom serves herself and sits at the table across from her. "Oh that's right," She leans forward conspiratorially. "Well if we want to plan something, I've got today off."

"Yeah, that sounds great Mom." Nora nodded. "But...well, how do you and dad, I mean what do you guys do for Papa Joe?

"Well…" Her mom smiles. "There was one year, it was right after Dad moved in with us. We had to make these coupon books in school."

"Coupon books?" Nora raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, they were like slips of paper with different things on them. Taking care of chores, a free car wash, free hugs, free breakfast, and Dad could cash them in and we'd have to do it for him."

"Oh," Nora nodded. "That sounds cool."

"If you don't want to do that…"

"No, no, I think that's perfect." Nora said. Honestly, Nora wasn't sure what she could do for her dad. It didn't seem like enough. "But can we maybe hold off?" She asked. "I kind of want to help out at STAR."

"Okay," Iris said. "I'll be there soon. I just have some things to take care of."

"Sure," Nora got up from the table and put her plate and mug in the sink. "Thanks Mom."

"Of course."