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Title inspired by the Song: Lost Everything by Counterfeit.

I have broken it up into chapters. I hope now that it is more comfortable to read. Enjoy the silent rambling of my crazy mind.

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The reputation that he and his brothers had was, in his eyes, justified; they did have laws to uphold. He was proud of his reputation, and he was happy that others saw him and instantly knew him to be cruel and sadistic. I had just been summoned by Aro to the throne room again. The child that had come looking to end his existence had been sent away so that we could confer, or in other words, Aro was just plain horny and wanted to fuck his mate. Marcus and I knew the child would not be granted his wish. Aro wanted the child's gift.

I made my way towards my throne and sat down, waiting to get this over with, ensuring that my thoughts were guarded and hoping to get this all over. But, instead, I heard Jane comment about the receptionist becoming lunch, and I had to stop myself from the chuckle that was threatening to escape moments before they entered the throne room.

"Jane, dear one, you've returned!" Aro said with his usual exaggerated enthusiasm; he certainly played the role of crazy well.

"Yes, Master Aro." Jane smiled at my brother.

"You have brought with you both Alice and Isabella also!" he rejoiced as he clapped his hands.

"Aren't you glad that we did not grant your request yesterday, Edward?" Aro asked with a snigger behind his tone.

"Yes, Aro, very much so." the boy responded as he tightened his hold around the human girl.

"I love a happy ending, don't you brothers?" Aro spoke. Marcus looked up, taking notice for the first time of the trio in front of us, and it seemed he could not take his attention from the human. Instead, they seemed to study the girl.

Aro seemed just as intrigued by the human, just as he was equally fascinated with the female Vampire.

Marcus made his way towards our brother and touched his palm, letting him know what he has witnessed.

"Athenodora, please take young Isabella to the study in the East wing, please; I'm sure that she must be tired after the long flight. Also, please arrange for some human food for her." Aro called to my sister. What was my brother playing; I wondered as I watched the two children of Carlisle's coven make a scene, trying to get hold of the human.

"If the two of you will not desist this behaviour, the only way you will leave here is by the ashes we send to your coven leader." I sneered at them.

"Where are you taking my mate?" the boy, Edward, sneered out.

"The girl was not your mate; you mistook her to be your mate when she was no such thing; all she was to you was your Singer. The girl will stay with us, and this is not negotiable. Now leave and return to Carlisle. Before we change our minds and punish you for breaking the law by telling the human of our world." Aro informed the pair, as well as informing them to wait until nightfall before they leave.

"Brothers, a word, please. In your study, Aro. Since you have placed the human in mine." I sneered towards Aro; as I took my leave, I heard my brothers behind me, making our way towards the west wing, Aro's side.

Closing the door behind my brothers after we all entered Aro's study worried, I turned on them both.

"What are you playing at, brother? What is the reason for the human to be placed in my wing?" I was nearly shouting at Aro.

"Brother, I suggested for her to move to your wing, you like keeping up with a lot of the modern world's music and technology, so I felt that it was the most logical choice until we find a Vampire willing to be the girl's sire. But be careful, brother, young Edward left her six months ago. if you can acquire any information from her, do so with caution." Aro said to me, making me wonder how he had come to care about the human within this short amount of time.

I didn't want to hear any more, quickly making my way towards my study to take care of this problem when I saw my sister making my way towards me.

"Caius, I have left Isabella in your office. I didn't think you would mind. I gave her leave to look at your books; she seemed to take a liking to them." Athenodora smiled at me.

"Thank you, Dora." I nodded back, smiling at my sister.

"She seems very lovely, if not overly worried, be gentle with her brother. Anyway, I'm off to meet up with Santiago. Good luck." Athenodora smiled before she spread off to meet up with her mate.

As I came up to my office, opening the door to see her staring into the fireplace, just standing. I could smell the salt of the tears that were falling from her eyes.

"Why are you crying, girl?" I asked her.

"Are you the one who is going to kill me?" the girl asked, her tears increasing before turning to sobs.

"No, my brothers are looking into finding a Vampire to turn you. However, they felt that I would be the best to get you accustomed to getting ready for the change as I keep up with the modern times, or at least try to." The look on her face seemed to be one of disbelief as I was talking.

"Why bother changing me? I'm nothing, not worth it." I heard the girl mutter under her breath, the words spoken angering me for some reason.

"Aro believes that you could be gifted if you were to be changed, now someone bringing you some food, you need to eat something," I informed her as I made my way to my desk. The more I watched this human, the more curious I became, and the angrier I became; I watched as she attempted to eat when her food arrived, saying that everything was fine when asked if the food was not satisfactory, she even tried to convince me the food was delicious when she still had also to sample a single morsel.

I was seriously contemplating forcing the girl to eat even a single mouthful when she finally did so after nearly an hour of moving it around the plate.

"When was the last time you ate a complete, hot meal?" I asked; it was clear that she could not remember.

"Can you tell me how long it had been, before today, that you had seen either of the Cullen's?" figuring to see if I could get any information out of her, as Aro could not.

"I don't remember." The girl replayed, though her voice sounded ashamed.

"It has been six months, from what my brother was able to obtain from your beau," I informed the girl; as the information sunk in, I watched as the girls' shoulders stamped, and she once again began to cry. All I wanted was to comfort this wisp of a girl who ended up crying herself to sleep on the sofa.

Picking her up, I carried her to my quarters and placed her on my bed, covering her up. Then, when I heard Marcus was at the door, I called him to enter.

"She has finally fallen into slumber; I was surprised when I came looking for you both in your study to find neither of you there," Marcus commented as he looked over to the sleeping girl.

"What is it? I can do you for my brother. What had you seek me out?" I asked, pulling him out of his trance. Curious that it seemed that this strange human could bewitch as many vampires as she had done. What gift would she possibly possess?

"I came to fetch you to join Aro and me in the throne room, and it seems that Carlisle and his coven were all on their way when we made the judgment of the boy and this girl. They are here to bargain for her freedom, it seems. But seeing that she is resting, it might do well for you to come, seeing what they have to say." Marcus informed me. I placed on my robes once again and followed him to the throne room, where we could hear the boy arguing with Aro about the wisp of a girl that he had abandoned.

"Ah brothers, thank you for joining us, once again for an audience with the Cullen boy and now with his Coven." Aro's voice was tight, seems to be getting annoyed with this coven. Not that I could blame my brother for that. I was tired of Carlisle's antics for centuries.


I woke up. The room was unfamiliar. I had been out of it for six months; I had LOST six months of my life due to that Asshole; I couldn't do it anymore; why couldn't I see this before I went into the state that I had primarily placed myself in. I couldn't let a boy that was stuck at the age of 17 and had the emotional range of a toddler dictate the rest of my existence; I got out of the bed I found myself in, as much as I didn't want to, and went to see the bathroom. I was in desperate need of a shower, as well as a change of clothes; I might have to borrow some if I could find some that were. I looked around, seeing three doors, feeling a little lost. I picked the first door to find the closet I was in a man's room. Opening the second door, I found the bathroom and nearly jumped for joy, opening the third door finding that it was the entrance to the office I recognize from last night; I had to wonder if it had been Caius' bed that I woke in.

Looking around the room some more, I found that it seemed that he liked the more modern things like what looked to be a high-end stereo system, and seeing that there was an iPod attached, I thought to hell with it and scrolled through the playlist. If this was actually his room, I couldn't help but be surprised at the music he seemed to like. Remembering that Phil had sent this album to me for my last birthday, he seemed to like heavy metal. Still, I had only had the chance to listen to it once before the disaster happened. So, turning on the stereo and pushing play, I made my way to the bathroom to start getting cleaned up and start on my journey to forget that the Cullen's ever existed; I wanted to know when the Kings would be finding someone to change me.

I took my time in the shower letting the water run over me and wash everything from the life that I was forced to leave behind and cleansing myself for the life that was my future. Once finished, I made my way out of the bathroom to find a woman standing in the room, holding a pair of shoes out for me. The blonde woman was gorgeous; I vaguely remembered her from yesterday but wasn't sure if it wasn't just something that I had imagined or if it was something that had happened.

"Good morning Isabella, I am Athenodora, but you can call me Dora; I heard that you were up and about, so I thought I would bring you a pair of shoes; my brother wouldn't mind if you borrowed some of his clothes until someone went shopping for you unless you would like to shop for yourself?" Athenodora asked me. I smiled at her and walked towards her slowly to take the proffered shoes from her.

"Thank you. I'm sorry, but I can't place you. How do you know my name?" I asked as I clutched the towel even tighter to my body. She let out a laugh as she walked towards me before guiding me into the closet.

"I was the one who brought you to Caius' study last night; this is his bedroom; I assume he carried you in when you fell asleep last night, as I cannot smell another's scent in here. I would keep an eye on you while he was with the brothers in the throne room. Now let's get you dried and dressed. I heard what you said to yourself earlier, and I couldn't agree more, new start and all that. So would you like to be conservative or sexy?" she asked me; I couldn't help the smile that came upon my face.

"I would like to be able to dress, I don't know, sexier, but I honestly have no idea where even to start," I said shyly.

"Goodness, that will not do! Dora goes and retrieves Heidi; we have work to do." Then, a brunette woman came in, startling me; I had no idea who this woman has let alone why she decided to come in here and take over.

"Isabella, this is Sulpicia. She is Aro's mate and wife." Dora informed me that she vanished to get this Heidi woman.

"Now, child, this is where Dora and I excel; we will need Heidi to retrieve a few things for us, now you need to dry off and then we can look at what you shall wear. What was it that you thought about wearing, by the way?" the brunette, Sulpicia, asked me.

"I was going to look for a long shirt and a belt to pull it in at my waist before possibly looking for a pair of trousers, possibly." My voice quiet and shy when I answered the beauty in front of me. She was about to speak when a knock came on the door, and she seemed to vanish before my eyes to answer it.

While Sulpicia was away, I dried myself, putting the lingerie on that was brought for me; I then went looking through the shirts that were hanging, deciding on a beautiful dark green shirt, putting it on, I found it to be quite long coming just below mid-thigh before I went looking for a belt so that I could clinch the waist. Then, turning to see where I placed the wedge boots Dora gave me, I saw both her and Sulpicia standing at the door watching me, both with huge smiles on their faces.

"Did you still want to find some trousers to wear with that?" Sulpicia asked; I just shook my head no.

"Good, now sit down, and we can get started on hair and makeup. Aro wants you in the throne room as soon as your available. You have guests, it seems." She informed me dryly. She didn't think much of these 'guests' of mine. I couldn't help the frown that I felt grace my face when told; I couldn't think of many that would know I was here, let alone come and see me.

I wanted to ask who but decided against it; this could only be the Cullen's, if not just Alice and Edward; it pissed me off that they felt that they could mess with someone's life as they did. I felt terrible for Jasper, being mated to Alice and had to wonder at the level of manipulation that she used on him. Once the ladies had both finished fixing my hair and make-up, Sulpicia picked up a cloak hanging over a chair at the back of the closet and placed it over my shoulders before they both walked me down to the throne room.

Once there, the three of us entered, and they led me over to stand with them behind the King's throne. Looking up, I wasn't shocked to find that I turned out to be correct; it was the coven I had once called family, the coven that had once said, my daughter, said, my sister, said, my friend.

The coven I no longer wanted to be associated with.

"Thank you for my dearest one, as well as for bringing lovely Isabella to us," Aro said to his wife and the woman, Athenodora.

"Now, as you can see, Isabella is alive and well. Now, what is it you wish to discuss?" Aro asked his question directed at Carlisle.

"We want you to release her to us; she is my mate. She belongs to her family and me." Edward stated.

"Isabella, would you like to leave with this coven?" Aro asked me.

"Honestly, no, I do not want to leave with this coven." I then watched as they proceeded to pretend to go into shock by what I said.

"Bella, why? We thought of you as our daughter." Esme asked me.

"Really? So this is how you would have Jasper and Emmett treat Alice and Rosalie then? Let them be left in the forest, lost and broken after being told you were nothing but a plaything that meant less than nothing? Funny way of showing you care." I said to the coven matriarch. There seemed like there was something off about her; I couldn't pinpoint it.

Before I could see anyone move, Edward was in pieces, and Jasper and Emmett were standing over him. Match Lit.

"Jasper, Emmett, that's enough. I'm sure there is a misunderstanding if we could talk to your brother. We could find out." Carlisle said, trying to mollify the two vampires, who honestly looked like they would be happy to murder my ex.

"If that is what you wish, but there is truly no need, Carlisle, I had the lucky chance to read dearest Edward; there was no misunderstanding. The child was tired of playing human, or so he put it when he left our dearest Isabella in the forest behind her home." Aro informed them. It was enough for Jasper to drop the match on Edwards limbs and watched him turn to ash. What did surprise me was Alice running over and trying to put out her brother. Aro nodded toward someone, and another guard pulled her away and brought her towards the Kings.

Aro took her hand; I assume it was because that was not typical behaviour; he threw her hand away with such force that it tore her hand from her arm, the gasp that came from the guards spoke volumes.

"Major Whitlock, you are free to join back with your coven in Texas if that is what you wish. This Vampiress has lied to you. She only wanted you in the Cullen Coven for your reputation alone, to have your protection from the horrors that she has caused as she felt that no one would go up against you. For this, Alice will be staying to face trial and punishment. Good day to you, Major." Aro sneered towards Alice. I had no idea he had his own coven; I assumed he was a part of the Cullen's.

"May I please apologize to Bella before I take my leave?" Jasper asked. He was waved forward towards me.

"I'm sorry for my part in all of this Bella, I fought to stay; I wanted to apologize, I won't speak for anyone else, but I am sorry for everything. If you need anything or wish to talk, please call." He said, hugging me before handing me a piece of paper.

"It wasn't your fault. You're an empath; hunger is an emotion; I am Edward's Singer, after all. You had to fight all that hunger plus your own. It's not something I blamed you for. Ever. And thanks for the number." Smiling, I hugged him and wished him well before I watched him vanish from before my eyes.

I looked down at the piece of paper that Jasper placed in my hand, and all I felt was happy that I could keep the vampire I had thought of like a brother in my life. I could only hope I could keep Emmett in it also. I looked up again as I heard a growling sound, just in time to see Alice getting free from the guards that held her and charge towards me, closing my eyes, I waited for the impact, only in time to be launched backward and into someone rather than a brick wall, it was still enough to wind me quite severely. Arms were still holding my frame, checking to make sure I was safe and generally okay. Raising my head, all I saw were limbs flying all around the throne room, the Kings standing and watching the commotion. Looking behind me, I found the last person I expected but was thankful.

Rosalie was clutching onto me, watching the scene before us, clearly worried, I looked around to see Emmett anywhere, but couldn't, I realized that it was he and Alice before I could say anything the fighting came to a very abrupt halt and there stood my big brother with Alice's head in his hand.

"Sorry about that, but she went after my... baby sister." Emmett shrugged as he threw the severed head towards the feet of the King's. Rosalie let me go then to make her way towards her husband.

"Thank you for defending Isabella the way you did," Aro said as he motioned for Alice to be taken care of; then, I watched as they turned her to ash in front of me.

"I was under the impression that you wanted both Edward and Alice for your guard?" Esme sneered towards Aro.

"If they had wanted to join, I would have accepted, I would have never actively sorted them out and stolen them from their coven, but they would have needed to undergo re-education, as they would not have fit in very well without it. The attitude alone from Alice and Edward would have caused problems within the guard. Problems that we cannot have if we are to keep our race safe and the laws upheld. We cannot seem to have discord within our ranks." Aro informed her.

"There was nothing wrong with the attitudes of my children until they crossed paths with that girl behind you," Esme said aggressively as she looked over at me. Then, taking a chance, I looked up at Carlisle; what I saw broke my heart, the man that I once looked up to as a second father was looking at me with nothing but contempt. Then, looking over at Sulpicia, I asked if I could be excused; at her nod, I left the throne room trying to remember how to get back to the place I had woken up in, or at least to the office that I was in yesterday. Then, after what felt like forever, I heard someone come up behind me, and I froze in panic; I, a human in place with vampires, with no place to hide.

"Sorry to frighten you miss, I was sent to find you and bring you into Master Caius' Study. May I please carry you? Or would you rather walk?" A giant of a man said softly to me. He reminded me of Emmett. I let him know that it would be ok for him to carry me, as I wanted to get to my destination rather quickly. Seconds later, he placed me down again and motioned that we had arrived at our destination. Thanking him, I found out that his name was Felix, and I thanked him again before making my way into the office and collapsing onto the sofa; I could feel that I was close to breaking down when I was being carried and was glad I could finally do so in privacy.

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