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Child of the moon.

I heard Felix's shout for me to get back to the car; Caius had taught me how to fight these beasts before I ever faced one; the last time I had done, though, I barely made it out with my life. I knew that I was only just faster than these beasts; my newborn speed had never waned. I could nearly feel its breath on the back of my neck. Looking up, I watched as both my guard ran towards me, the panic on their faces evident. I turned, making sure that it was a child of the moon behind me before I plunged my hand into his chest and ripped out its heart, just as it raised its claw to me. As I dropped the heart, I also severed its head. I looked around for any signs of any more in the area. Felix and Demetri were by my side in the seconds it took me to take down the beast before me. I heard Demetri on the phone to my husband. Who was currently yelling at him to get me to safety; I shook my head and took a deep breath.

"Send for more guards to check the area. I will be going through the town as I planned before doing anything else. Tell my husband to stop shouting like a banshee, and calm the fuck down." I instructed my guard, who just laughed as the message was given to Caius, just as I spoke it.

I made my way towards the town, which had grown over the last century, and become a lively little town, with a nightlife of its own and everything, something that it lacked when I was human and living here.

As I walked through, I was more on guard than I would typically be because there were now Children of the Moon here in little old Forks, WA.

I picked up a scent that was stronger than any other. It smelt like it was the scent of an alpha. I raced away to our hotel as I called Felix and told him where I was and to get their arses back here immediately. Seconds later, the door was opened and in walked my guard. I called Caius before I talked to them, so I didn't have to repeat myself.

"I found an alpha, and he is old, could very well be the same age as I am. I didn't know that they were also immortal. I'm going to need help, we are not leaving until the moon passes, and it is safe to approach the alpha. I think I recognised the scent, though." I said as Caius picked up the phone.

"You will not stay there. You will leave immediately and come back home, and this is not going up for argument, Isabella." Caius said to me; I knew he was trying to stay calm, even though his panic was starting to take over. I knew he didn't want to lose me to an actual werewolf. Now that we knew that there was an alpha in the area, I knew he didn't want me to take any unnecessary risks.

"I will not be going anywhere until the phase of the moon is complete; I will not risk the safety of my guards, let alone my safety. All three of us are currently sitting in my hotel room and are about to ride it out. I have already killed one tonight. I need to shower and burn the clothes I have on, so they cannot track, so talk to Felix." I said to him as I threw the phone over to Felix, getting up and making my way into the shower. I was glad that they still used metal rubbish bins in some places so that we didn't need to make out way out of the hotel room to burn any scent away.

When they entered the room, I watched they were laying down a spray that hunters use if they get sprayed by skunks. We found that the extra healthy dose worked wonders against the children of the moon when we needed to hide our scents.

So if anything came looking, the trail would be lost. And we would all be safe even if it was only temporary. It would be long enough for us to have time to get away. So once I was out of the shower, I changed and picked up my clothes, shoving them into a metal rubbish bin before pouring in a little lighter fluid and setting the clothes on fire. Then, as an extra caution, I sprayed a bit of the skunk away on each of us. It would not be pleasant by any means, but it would save our lives.

We waited three whole days, pretending to have an orgy so that we would be left alone, as the housekeeping here were nosy and would try and get in even with the do not disturb sign on the door.

The three of us were so intent on looking for signs of the lycanthrope that it seemed none of us paid attention to anything else. So when a loud knocking started on the door, if the three of us had been human, we would have shit ourselves. I was getting up to answer the door when I got held back, and Felix answered it.

I had no idea how scared I was until I saw my husband standing there with a large contingent of guards. I ran over to him, launching myself into his arms.

"You, my Isabella, will be bringing a larger guard with you from now on. I will NOT risk you." Caius whispered to me. I nodded; I prepared to agree to anything.

"Now, can you tell me where you smelt the alpha?" he asked me, his demeanour looking severe.

"Yeah, it was the old Newton place. I can take you." I told him.

"Love, I'm sorry, you know I love you, but you reek. I'm sure that it was a precaution, but maybe a shower first. For each of you." Caius laughed. I dragged him into the bathroom. I was asking him to be in there with me while I showered. He nodded and saw that I stood before him, shaken. As I undressed, he told me about the panic the castle was in when they received Demetri's call. He and Aro were ready to send the entire guard to come and retrieve us. If it hadn't been for Demetri texting him the whole time, he was sure that the full guard would have gotten assigned. I had to remember to thank Demetri very soon. Maybe something special for him and his Mate. Once I had scrubbed the smell from my body, I got out and dressed. Felix and Demetri and gone back to their rooms with a few guards to shower as well.

Meeting back up, we checked out and packed up the car before making out way towards the Newton house. We pulled up just as someone that looked exactly like Mike came out of the house.

"Hello, Bella, long time no see." He greeted me. I took a deep breath and confirmed that it was the same. Mike Newton was the Lycanthrope; he was a child of the moon. But he was an alpha.

"Hello, Mike. Who is in your pack, Mike?" I asked him, getting down to it.

"Well, you killed one of them a couple of nights ago. We found Eric dead in the cemetery. But imagine our shock when we came across your scent. We all thought it might have just been a descendant that smelled exactly like you. We have come across that. After all." Mike said to me. Caius had also picked up that he was using the plural a lot too; I could see that he and the guard were looking around, sniffing the air. Then we smelt it.

'I count 15 heartbeats.'

Caius spoke to me. I just nodded. I expanded my shield so that nothing would be able to get through. I even included making it protect us from under our feet.

'Shield underfoot also, just got a feeling. So they will try from below.'

I said to my husband.

"So, you're going to kill us? Is that it?" I asked Mike.

"Something like that." Mike charged at us then, but he bounced off my shield; then I felt the same bounce back from underfoot before it came from all around us.

"You're going to let us in, Bella. You owe us." Mike shouted. I expanded a secondary shield around the human forms that were below us, pulling them out; I had never been so glad that Mike had lived on the outskirts of town before.

Once they were out in the open, I recognised only two others. Tyler Crowley, and Ben Cheney. I then did something that I would never have dreamed of in a million years. If my life, as well as the lives of my Mate and my guards, were not at risk. I compressed my shield around the werewolves. I was turning them to dust.

"Check the town for any more. Go in groups of no less than three." I spoke to the guard, my voice shaky. These had been friends when I had been human when I had come to live with Charlie. What happened to them?

"It's ok, my love, you did what you had to do," Caius said to me. So I just nodded before looking up at him. What I saw, though, had me take a step back.

"You're scared of me?" I asked; even though it sounded like a question, it was not.

"No, my love, I'm not; I was, and still am, a little shocked and surprised that is all, and this is the first time you have used your shield like this. Did you know you could use it like that?" he asked me. I just shook my head.

"I needed to protect us all. You need to be honest with me, and if I'm scaring you now, you need to be honest and tell me." I growled towards my Mate. His reaction, for some reason, was annoying me.

"Not here, Isabella; I will not talk to you about such matters." He sneered. His sneer took me off guard. He did not often sneer at me, and I always knew the reason behind it.

'Fine, then talk.' He didn't want to publicly, then he would talk mentally.
'I'm not doing this. Not with you, and not here, this will wait until we get home.' Caius sneered again. I just glared at him. Dearing him to say whatever it was before we left here to go home. I stood my ground, arms crossed. I was just waiting. I nearly laughed, though, at some of the guards; I could hear a couple of them saying to one another that they thought that Caius was clearly in trouble. So, of course, Caius could also listen to them talking.
'Fine, yes, I am, ok. Is that what you want to hear? That what you just did had scared the crap out of me? Well, it did. If that is what you can do now? What are you going to do when you learn more about that aspect of your gift. Are you going to turn to ash anyone if you feel threatened? What happens if I make you feel that way? Are you going to turn me to ash just by crushing me with your shield?' Caius asked me.

'You go on ahead. If you had to ask that, then you don't know me at all, do you? I would have never hurt you or anyone I cared about since this is the reaction I get from you. But, then frankly, the reaction from everyone else will be worse. I can already feel what the guard is radiating through my shield, and they are all scared of me. Go home, Caius.' I waited for the guard to get back and report back to us about any more scents around; thankfully, there were not.

Once each of the teams was finished with their report. Giving Caius the cloak, as well as the wedding rings, I said goodbye and left. I wasn't going to stay around if my Mate was scared of me. There was no point. He could keep everything. I listened as Caius called after me and tried to come after me. He didn't get far when his phone rang; he stopped to answer, giving me a chance I needed to get away from him.

The following weeks filled with Picia and Dora calling me regularly, leaving me voicemails asking me why I went. They were telling me that Caius was falling apart without me. Asking what happened to me made me feel that I needed to—messages from Caius, telling me that he was sorry, begging me to come home. I received messages from Aro and Marcus also. Finally, after a decade, the calls and messages slowed to a stop. I only received the odd call from Caius now. But it was little relief.

I still visited Charlie's grave every year; I just went on his birthday instead. The constant pain that I felt from the pull was always there; I wandered around the globe, taking in the sites, going everywhere I had never been. And some places I had. I had a few run-ins with a few nomads here and there that seemed to want to cause trouble. I travelled around the world, found a band I enjoyed. The lead singer reminded me of my Caius. But everywhere I went, I always thought about my mate. I had applied for a divorce a month after I left; even though I went by a different name now, I never legally changed it; I was still his wife if it was in name only.

On our anniversary, I decided to treat myself; I went to a concert, I had found a band that seemed to speak to my soul. It helped that the lead guy looked like my Caius. His name was Julius. He ended up inviting me backstage after the concert, accepting; I followed him, we ended up talking for hours. He made my heart yearn for my Mate. There was a time that I contemplated just turning him and travelling the world with him. So many times, he tried to get me to sleep with him, and by god, did it take everything in me to turn that man down.

There always seemed to be a concert in a city I had planned to go to on what would be our anniversary, after a while, he never aged, I disappointed that someone had turned him. First, I was a little gutted but glad at the same time that I would be able to keep listening to the music of this beautiful man. He always invited me backstage, and we ended up talking for days. There were times over the years that I would just lay my head on his lap, listening to him talk on about his family, the crazy antics that they would get up to.

"Why are you always so sad when I see you?" Julius asked me as he played with my hair. His voice at that moment sounded like honey to my ears.

"Your concerts seem to fall on what would be my Anniversary. I had mainly come to try and cheer myself up; I just miss the other half of my soul." I said quietly, sitting up, running my hands down my face. Thinking of Caius always seemed to hurt, so I tried not to as much even though I caught myself several times.

"Why not call and talk to him then. I'm sure that he would love to hear from a beauty such as you," he told me. He looked just he wanted to tell me something. You could see the second that he decided not to.

"I can't. Not after what I did." is all I said quietly.

"Why not? What did you do? What did he do that you don't want to talk to him?" he asked me.

"He never did anything but love me; I hurt him. Do you remember when we talked about gifts, and I told you about my shield, telling you what I could do with it? When he found out what I could do, it scared him; I scared him. So I left. It was a part of me if that scared him, then he was essentially scared of me." I told him.
"Maybe he was scared on the surface, but what if the underlying emotion was a worry for you?" Julius asked me.
"What do you mean? He was scared of me, and he told me that he was scared." I said, feeling frustrated.

"Okay, he may have been. Did you give him time to explain? did you explain it to him?" Julius asked me. Getting up and calling our time together to an end for now. Julius tried to call me back. I smiled and said goodbye to him until next time. I never answered his question because the answer was a resounding no, I didn't give Caius time to explain anything, and I didn't explain anything to him either; this seemed to repeat over the years. When I hurt the most, the sound of the music Julius played soothed me; our talks calmed me. I saw him often over the time I wandered for what turned out to be another two hundred years.

I asked him about his maker; he told me it was a man he knew for a while and always admired. I asked him if he knew what the rules were for our species. Julius just shrugged very nonchalantly. So I told him what I knew to be safe. When we talked about Mates, he asked if it was mine that I missed; Julius told me he thinks he might have found his. I was happy for him. That was the last time that I saw him or even went to any of his concerts. If he had a mate, she would not be happy with the time that we spent together. So I decided to stay away.

It was coming up to my anniversary once again. It had been a decade since I had seen Julius; I had toyed with the idea of going to a concert or just going back and seeing if Caius was happy. I chose to see him, thinking that if he were pleased, I would ask for death, if they refused, I would make my pyre, I made my way towards what was once my home, I stayed on the outskirts, just looking into what I knew to be my Mate's quarters. Watching as Caius came to the window, looking out. I knew he felt me close by. I watched him. For days I watched him. I think mainly to ease my pain. Then, on the sixth day, I saw a woman at his window. Naked, smiling, she had been enjoying herself with Caius. I watched as he walked up behind her, gloriously naked standing in the window. For a second, it felt like he was looking directly at me. Watching me as he groped her, kissed her, fucked her on the windowsill, in all this time I have never been with another man, I have always been loyal to my Mate.

I didn't want him seeing me, so I made my way around and went into the castle. I was making my way towards the throne room. I could hear him fucking her. I pushed the doors opened and went to stand in front of the brothers and sisters I once called family.

"Isabella, you return. How lovely to see you once again. If you are here to see your Mate, he is busy at the moment." Aro informed me with a surprised smirk.

"Hello, Aro. No, I have not. I know what Caius is doing. I'm happy for him. He has moved on. I came to see you all. That is all." I smiled, but even I could tell it was fake. I could see the pity on his and Marcus' face.

"What is it you want." Dora sneered at me. She had not forgiven me for leaving her brother, and it seemed she was still holding a grudge. I just nodded.

"I see. Thank you for the brief audience. I should not have come." I smiled. Turning, I walked out. Even if it was with my head held higher than I wanted it to be.

"Bella?... Is that you?" I heard Jasper call from behind me. I smiled at him before I carried on out of the castle. I tried to ignore everyone else that tried to draw my attention as I walked out.

I wanted to wish her and Caius all the best. I wanted all the best for their life together. I had seen that she was wearing my wedding rings. So I knew he had moved on. All that Carlisle and Esme had told me all those years ago; they had been right after all. I waited until I heard him leave his quarters before I built the pyre, even though I didn't need to wait at all. Lighting it, and I waited. I sat inside the line of the forest and listened, and I waited until I heard him make his way back to his quarters. I sat by the fire, watching it. I couldn't blame anyone else for Caius being happy; that's all I ever wanted after all. I was delighted for him, but deep down, I was hurting.

"I was always happy with you, Isabella. I felt it as soon as you chose to come back here. I've waited for you all this time. I never asked you to leave; I never wanted to divorce you either; these were all your decisions; if you just waited and talked to me like I had asked you, we would have been able to sort everything, I gave you everything that you asked for Isabella." Caius said as he came up from behind me. To me, he looked as good as he always had done.

"You were scared of me, the way you looked at me; I couldn't take seeing you look that way every time you looked at me. But that's beside the point. Look, I'm happy for you, from what I saw of her up against the windowsill, she seemed; perfect." I rolled my eyes as I smiled tightly at the idea of his new Mate.

"She's not you. She has never been. But I'm sure that there have been others for you; after all, you are stunning." I laughed at the thought. Yet, I thought of the fact that I could have slept with Julius if I wanted to. But I had stayed loyal.

"I've never been with anyone else. No one else compared, even if there was, I never bothered." I shrugged. I could feel the venom burning my eyes as I wanted to cry.

"What are you doing out here, Isabella?" he softly asked me. Walking closer to me, I could feel his breath on my neck, and he was so close to me. I could just lay my head on his shoulder if I so choose.

"I wanted to feel the warmth of the fire. I tried to ask for death, that didn't go down well. I discovered that Athenodora was still pissed at me." I tried to laugh. He didn't think it was funny.

"Why would you ask for that? You would have to know that I would follow you." He asked me. I just kept looking into the fire.

"Why? You have her; she's your Mate now, go, be happy. That is all I want for you." I told him, turning to look at him finally. That was a mistake turning and seeing him this close to me. Close enough to feel his breath on my face, seeing his eyes roam over my being, seeing his tongue slide over his lips, seeing his eyes become hard and seeing the pain that was behind his hard gaze.

"You're not listening, are you? I want you, and I always have, always will; why are you not hearing that?" Caius sneered at me. He was showing his frustration, stepping back, and turning around and throwing his hands in the air before turning back to me once again.

"I heard you; I also saw that you're married to her. She looked like she was wearing the wedding rings you gave to me at one point. It's fine; look, I'm just glad that you have someone." I smiled at him. I wanted to walk into the flames, but I couldn't bring myself to do that.

"I had enough of this." Caius sighed. He asked me to wait where I was. I wasn't going to. I walked at a human pace back to the forest, where I had been before he came up behind me. I didn't know what I wanted to do.

"Isabella. Please stop. Please." I heard Caius speak to me.

"What are you to me, Cindy?" I heard Caius ask.

"I'm your Mate and wife." I heard a sicky sweet voice say, seriously, she sounded like she should be cotton candy. It made my teeth hurt.

"Cindy, this is Isabella." So he had the nerve to introduce her to me?! I glared at him. What was he trying to do? Did he want me to kill his new Mate and wife?

"I don't care sugar, what do you want me to do?" she asked, sounding just like she came straight from Queens… that nasal Fran Drescher, in the Nanny. She rubbed me the wrong way.

"Tell me, something else, I love the sound of your voice, my dear," Caius said to her.

'Are you fucking with me? She a fucking blonde Fran Drescher without the big fucking hair. Ohh, imma burn a bitch.'

I thought to myself. I turned, glaring. I only saw Aro, Marcus, Sulpicia, and Athenodora behind them.

I wrapped my shield around her as I listened to her talk; the more she spoke, the more nasal she got. The more I compressed my shield until she laughed. That took me over. I crushed the bitch.

"Seriously, that? Are you fucking kidding me? Well, you wanted that nasal bitch? Fine, put her back together, enjoy your jigsaw puzzle. Fuck this shit." I walked past them, mumbling.

"Fran fucking Drescher wanna be! I mean, seriously!" I kept talking to myself as I just started walking.

I kept going until I reached what I recognised as Caius quarters. And I proceeded to destroy everything in sight. I pulled out my phone and blasted some music to destroy shit too. Anything that woman touched.

I sang out to myself the song that played, and I didn't care who heard me; I couldn't sing for shit. I knew it. But I did it anyway. It made me think about Julius and how he reminded me of Caius. Fuck, that guy was hot, the conversations that we had. He and I would talk for hours, then days.

I sighed a shook my head before I ran out and grabbed one of the lower guards.

"Everything in this room is to be taken out and destroyed. Now go." I demanded.

"I'm sorry, but I cannot do that; this is King Caius' quarters. I shouldn't even be in here." The woman cowered.

"Either you do what I say, or I crush you to ash just by looking at you!" I shouted at her. She grabs items and starts moving them out, not nearly as fast as I can smash it all, mind you.

She came back with several others, asking if it was ok if they helped her.

"I don't give a flying fuck, just get the job done!" I snapped at the woman. They worked hard. I walked into Caius's study and looked around. I was seeing what needed destroying in here. I took a deep breath, and funnily enough, I couldn't smell the Nanny in here.

"She was never allowed in my study." I heard Caius behind me. I just growled at him. I was yelling at the guard when they stopped to talk to him.

"I gave you a fucking job to do!" I yelled.

"You heard the lady, get to it. I'm sick of that décor anyway." Caius said to them. I growled out again. I wrapped him in my shield and picked him up; there was no way to use the bathroom in that room; I took off towards the training room, where I remember there being showers there. Once there, I was greeted by Felix and Demetri, who was training the new guard by the looks of it. Who, once they saw their King floating behind me, went on the defensive. I pushed them back. I stormed into the bathroom.

Removing the shield from around him, I ripped everything off that he was wearing and pushed him towards the shower, proceeding to clean the whore off of him.

"Stay there," I demanded once I had finished, making my way out to the training yard to find Demetri.

"I need your cloak, now," I demanded; he gave it over immediately. I thanked him and went back towards where Caius was.

"I would put that on if I were you," I growled again. Then, calling for Demetri, I asked him to burn all of the items that Caius had been wearing. Then go out and purchase more once done. I asked him as cheerfully as I could right now. Demetri just smiled.

"With pleasure, my Queen." He bowed and left my sight.

"I'm no longer a fucking Queen, just a pissed of woman," I spoke under my breath.

I headed toward my old room, the one that he had destroyed when he thought I had died centuries ago. Once I entered, I saw that it looked the same, still destroyed.

But it still had a few of my things in here. The bed renewed, I noticed.

Caius walked over and sat on the bed as we waited for Demetri to come back with clothes for Caius.

"Do I at least get to keep my phone?" He asked me again; I glared at him. I was not saying a single word, just waiting for Demetri to return and turned my back towards Caius.

"Are you going to at least talk to me? I remember we used to talk for hours after you came to see me play; what's so different now?" He asked me. Yet I could have sworn that I heard Julius speak to me. I just raised an eyebrow. I did not believe that it was who I had heard. I didn't want to consider it at that moment. I thought back, no, that was someone different. I was sure of it. I thought I would have noticed that I didn't feel that pain of the pull at any of those times. Wouldn't have I?

"He was human; you are not," I said.

"Those were manufactured. The warmth of my skin. It was due to the heat lamps I stood under before as well as during concerts. I lowered the octave of my voice a little, again it worked. I wanted to get close to you; I tried something, it worked. I got to spend time with you, I tried to get you to fuck me too, but you never would." He smiled.

"I tried everything I could, I tried to be as charming as I could be, but you never fell for my advances." He continued, still smiling. He hadn't stopped. We spent all that time talking about everything, telling him how much I missed my Mate, and he is telling me it was him all along. I guess I should be feeling slightly annoyed right now.

"I thought about turning him. Just so I could keep him close, it was easier to be around him. I thought he was human. I always missed you. He reminded me of you, now at least I knew why that was." So I said as I looked down towards my feet when I heard him start to laugh.

"I can imagine how that would turn out when you discovered the venom running through my veins. You never wondered why the band went on for nearly one hundred years?" He laughed out, and he kept laughing for a while. It was nice hearing him so happy.

"I figured that someone turned him before I got a chance, too; I asked you about your Maker, I told you the laws to keep you safe," I told him.

"I never lied to you about anything, but seriously Isabella, why leave for so long? You must have felt the pain of the Mating pull when we were apart, so why now?" He asked.

"It's our anniversary; I wanted to see you one last time. I convinced myself that if you looked happy, I would ask for death. You did, so I did also." I couldn't help the whimper that left my mouth. I watched him get off the bed, walking over to me, these fingers, on the one hand, walking their way through my hair, the other staying put on my cheek; I leaned into his palm, savouring the feeling of being with him like this.

"I never stopped loving you. No matter who I was with, I never came close to comparing to you, and frankly, I can't remember the last time I didn't Cum, without thinking of you, to do so. I want you to come back to me once and for all, Isabella. Please. You are my Mate, Rightful Queen next to Sulpicia, come back to me, where you belong. We don't need to be married by paper, and we already were the moment we became Mates. That is not something that you cannot divorce, and I will beg if I must." When I didn't answer, he said he dropped to his knees and begged, pleaded with me.

"I'm not sure, and I don't know if I can do this. I walked away from all of this; living as a nomad has suited me fine over the last two centuries; maybe I don't want to stop that lifestyle." I asked. It was his turn to growl now. If it was him that I had talked to, he already knew that I didn't think much of life as a nomad.

"It has not suited you any. For one, you look a mess, not physically, but I can tell you're not actually doing well; you're just putting on a front. Second, the few moments you have been back here had brought you to life again; I knew you were there watching me. Third, I saw how run down you let yourself get; I never wanted that for you. I will give you anything you could ever wish, just for you to be happy once again." I could hear that he was starting to get upset; his voice always gave him away, just like his eyes did. I tried to get him to stand up, but he would go back to his knees each time I pulled him to his feet. Finally, he stayed kneeling; his nakedness covered only by Demetri's Cloak.

"I can't be standing over you; we have to be equal," I whispered as I fell to my knees; I didn't like looking down on anyone, he might say I'm a Queen, but how can I be if I hate looking down on people, I can't do it.

I heard Demetri walking down the hall, and the humming gave him away. I stood and went to the safe that was in the wall in the closet. Thanks to my dad, I was able to keep the wall safe, fully stocked different gift cards. It made things much more comfortable; people loved gift cards for some reason.

"My lady, here are the items that you requested," Demetri said with a smile.

"Thank you, Demetri; how much did it all come to?" I asked him.

"My Lady, I would rather not say." He said; I turned and looked at him; he looked uncomfortable.

I grabbed a small pile of gift cards that he or his Mate could use; at first, he looked confused.

"I hope that this will be ok as reimbursement? They are valid; I can give you something else if you would prefer?" I asked him.

"No, My Lady, this is fine, thank you. I'm just confused as to why." Demetri asked.

"I asked you to do something, but gave you no means of completing said task, so you had to use your own money, did you not?" I waited for his nod.

"Right, so I'm giving you back what I hope to be the equivalent of what you spent. Plus, I hope a little extra. Just for going out of your way." I told him. When he tried to give them back, I took them but shoved them back in his pocket.

"I'm not taking those back, so spend them, or give them to your Mate or whoever you wish," I told him sternly. Again Demetri smiled, thanking me before leaving. I managed to get Caius to at least get dressed after that.

An hour later, we heard the angry footsteps of someone coming towards us. I had a feeling I knew who it was; by the looks of it, so did Caius.

Seconds later, Athenodora was standing in front of me.

"You need to leave; you are no longer welcome in the Volturi or within the walls of Volterra. So leave, never to return. Or under the Promise of your final death." She sneered towards me.

"I asked for that earlier, yet I am still here," I growled back before walking out; I didn't need this even if I craved to be with my Mate, knowing that he was worth it, I would leave, but not go far, but I would not stay here.

"You're here because you killed the woman my brother married. You killed his wife." I snorted.

"I killed the bitch, because the sound of her voice aggravated me," I answered. I kept walking to see Sulpicia ahead of me, glaring at me.

"You want a death that much; we will grant it for you." I heard Athenodora growl directly behind me, grabbing me.

"You destroyed my brother, and I will return the favour." She whispered.

Then she ripped my head from my shoulders.


She was here. I could see her at the edge of the forest. I grabbed the hair of the woman I had been fucking as I watched my mate. Fantasising that it was her that I had my cock in right now, the woman had been thrust upon me by my sister, who proceeded to inform me that if Isabella found it so easy to walk away, she was not worth gracing this earth. I dismembered both her and Santiago for her comment about my Mate.

Aro mostly maimed Sulpicia. For speaking a similar comment about my Mate. Instead, she was locked in the tower for nearly a decade. They talked every day of that time, but my Isabella was a topic they never brought up again once she was released.

I went to great lengths to spend time with her, created a very successful music band; Isabella loved the music I played, yet she never knew it was all for her. She had men that tried to get close to her, both human and Vampire, and I killed them all. She thought I was human during that time, yet I stood under heat lamps to warm my cold skin; the Volturi had a heartbeat sound simulator made specially designed for Vampire hearing, something that humans would never be able to pick up. But it made fooling other Vampires fun for those who had one.

Once I had finished with the woman in front of me, I dressed and went to the throne room. I informed that there had been a Vampire come looking for death by one of the newer guards. Once I entered, I knew who had been in here.

"Where is she?" I hissed at Aro, Athenodora, and Sulpicia.

"Your Mate has just left; you may still be able to catch her. But careful brother, she has become even more delicate." Marcus informed me. My sister just scornfully scoffed. She had never forgiven my Mate for leaving as she had. I knew why she had left. I just had to wait for her to come to me now. Isabella finally had come home.

"If you go after her, you leave with her, but know I will not permit that action." Athenodora sneered. She had become so very bitter since my Mate left. I turned and left to go after her. I found her sitting far too close to a pyre that she had lit. Expecting to be turned down, I presume.

"I was always happy with you, Isabella. I felt it as soon as you chose to come back here. I've waited for you all this time, and I never asked you to leave; I never wanted to divorce you either. These were all your decisions, and if you just waited and talked to me like I had asked you, we would have been able to sort everything; I gave you everything that you asked for, Isabella." I said to her.

"You were scared of me, the way you looked at me; I couldn't take seeing you look that way every time you looked at me. But that's beside the point. Look, Caius, I'm happy for you; from what I saw of her up against the windowsill, she seemed; lovely." She smiled tightly; nothing about her smile was genuine.

"She's not you. She has never been. But I'm sure that there have been others for you; after all, you are a beautiful woman." She just laughed.

"I've never been with anyone else. No one else compared; there was never anyone I wanted, so I never bothered." Isabella shrugged. I wasn't shocked at this; I did feel guilty for being with another woman, though.

"What are you doing out here, Isabella?" I asked her.

"I wanted to feel the warmth of the fire. I tried to ask for death, that didn't go down well. I take it that Athenodora is pissed at me, huh?" She tried to laugh, and it was not. She would not be the one to die today, and I'm positive there will be another, though.

"Why would you ask for that? You would have to know that I would follow you." I told her, not being able to stop the harsh tone I had used.

"You have her; she's your Mate now, go, be happy. That all I want for you." She told me. Was she crazy? She knows we only have the one unless; her insecurities have returned. I sighed.

"You're not listening, are you? I want you, and I always have, always will; why are you not hearing that?" I seemed to sneer at her.

"I heard you, and I also saw that you're married to her. She looked like she was wearing the wedding rings you gave to me at one point. It's fine. Look, I'm just glad that you have someone." She smiled once again; she looked into the flames longingly; she wanted to walk into the pyre.

"I had enough of this." I sighed. I asked her to wait where she was. I ran as fast as I could to get the woman I was fucking, desperately trying to remember her name. I was glad that she dressed when I arrived at my quarters. All of this would have to go. I grabbed her and ran with her back to my mate, and I watched as she started walking at a human pace back to the forest edge.

"Isabella. Please stop. Please." I asked her.

"What are you to me, Cindy?" I asked the woman next to me.

"I'm your Mate and wife," Cindy spoke, the tone of her voice grated my last working nerve.

"Cindy, this is Isabella." I introduced Cindy to my mate, praying that I was right.

"I don't care, sugar; what do you want me to do?" Cindy asked, sounding syrupy sweet. She rubbed me the wrong way. I always forbade her to talk anywhere around me. It was the most comfortable option.

"Tell me something else, and I love the sound of your voice, my dear." I lied to get her to talk; I could see that her voice also annoyed Isabella.

'Are you fucking with me? She a fucking blond Fran Drescher without the big fucking hair. Ohh, imma burn a bitch.'

I heard Isabella's voice in my mind for the first time in two hundred years. The relief I felt was like a soothing balm. I had no idea who this Fran woman was, but I nearly laughed when Isabella declared she was going to 'burn a bitch.'

Everything went by so fast; Isabella crushed Cindy in her shield without even touching her; I could hear the gasps coming from behind me. Then, especially from my sister's, Isabella walked off, mumbling to herself, not even realising that she walked right through the burning pyre, coming out the other side without a scratch or single mark on her. I followed after her, as the others did. I could hear Aro giggling with excitement at the possibilities of her gift, and she had been practising with her gift.

I found her destroying my quarters and demanding a lower guard to remove all of the items in the room. Once she had gone into the bathroom to ruin that, I made my way into the bedroom and removed the few things that were important to me. Mainly due to being from my Isabella. I left, making sure that she didn't see me. Once she made her way into my study, I leaned against the door.

"She was never allowed in my study," I said to her. She just growled at me.

"I gave you a fucking job to do!" She yelled.

"You heard the lady, get to it. I'm sick of that décor anyway." I said to the guard. She growled out again. Before she wrapped me in one of her shields and picked me up, she took off towards the training room, curious about why she was bringing me here. Once there, Felix and Demetri saw and greeted her; they were training the new guard at the time. Once the guard saw that Isabella had me floating behind her, they went on the defensive. She pushed them back with her shield before she stormed into the bathrooms.

Removing the shield from around me, she ripped everything off that I wore and pushed me towards the shower; she proceeded to wash me thoroughly, even scrubbed my hair clean.

"Stay there." She demanded once finished, making her way out to the training room. Once back, I saw that she had Demetri's cloak with her.

"I would put that on if I were you." She growled out again. I sighed and did so.

Following behind her, she made her way to her old room with the hope of actually talking to her. One that I had ordered not touched on the threat of death. On the off chance that she came back, even if it was in secret, I had replaced her bed to be close. I walked over and sat down while we waited for Demetri; I got her to talk; I told her about talking with her when she thought I was human; it was easy to say she was surprised, even if she tried not to sound it. Right now, I was the happiest that I had been in two hundred years, all because she was with me. Demetri came with a change of clothes and shoes for me. Isabella walked over to her safe and retrieve out a handful of gift cards. She was handing them to Demetri as compensation. He tried to decline, but she ended up pushing them in his pocket and nearly shoving him out the door. It wasn't long after that, and we heard angry steps coming towards us. It could only be one of two women, but I was betting on it being my sister.

Once she forced her way in, she glared at me. As if I had committed some heinous act.

"Leave; you are no longer welcome in the Volturi or the town of Volterra. Leave, never to return. Or the Promise of your final death." She sneered towards Isabella.

"I asked for that earlier, yet I am still here." She growled back before she walked out.

"You're here because you killed the woman my brother married. You killed his wife." I heard Isabella snort.

"I killed the bitch, because the sound of her voice aggravated me," Isabella answered. I watched as she kept walking to see Sulpicia up ahead of her.

"You want a death that much; we will grant it for you." I heard Athenodora growl. She was grabbing Isabella. Then she ripped my Mate's head from her shoulders as Aro and Marcus walked around the corner to see Isabella's head in her hand. I saw red.

I roared before I felt myself charge towards Athenodora as my beast took over entirely. He knew that she had a Mate; once I had burned Athenodora, I went in search of her Mate, dismembering and throwing him onto the fire with his Mate. Growling towards anyone that came close to my Mate, I picked her up, retrieving her severed head, and ran - Finding a secluded place. That I could heal her safely, without any threats close by. I ended up taking back the reins as my beast calmed, but he was still on high alert; we ended up at an abandoned ruin a couple of hundred miles from the castle; I placed Isabella down and started to reattach her head, I knew it would be painful, but it needed to do. Twenty-four hours later, she was back to normal; other than needing to feed, I would not go back to a place that would do something like that to a Mate of anyone. I didn't care what had happened in the past with my Isabella; she had protected us, with her life, she left because I had done something stupid. If she was not accepted, and it was starting to become clear that she would not be, then neither would I be. As much as I despised the thought right now, I knew I would need to talk to my brothers. I held my Mate the entire time she was healing; I listened to any sounds that surrounded us; as the end of the twenty-third hour came to a close, I heard rustling coming from in front of me — seeing my brothers in front of me with a human, Felix, and Demetri.

"Brother, we come in peace; we do not wish to harm either of you," Aro said, hands raised.

"We brought a meal for your Mate to help her heal. Will you accept this from us, Brother?" Marcus asked, slowly bringing the human forward towards me and glaring at both of them. Why now? Aro always sided with his Mate, and she now hated Isabella, yet here he was with Marcus, offering an olive branch.

From Marcus, I could understand; he understood my Mate better than anyone thought. But Aro? No, he had another motive.

The human was stopped just in front of me. She could no longer come any closer to me.

I stood up straighter looked towards my Mate; she was lucid; she wasn't exactly comfortable by the looks. But she was lucid.

"Caius, I'm fine, but I do not want any meal they have brought; I prefer to get my meal. Thanks though, I'm going to get someone to drink." Isabella then left.

"What do you both really what?" I asked.

"You both need you to come back with us, brother; you both have killed one of the Volturi leaders; you need sentencing. You killed Athenodora, and Isabella killed Cindy." Aro said, speaking carefully.

"I killed my sister, as she attempted to kill my Mate, and Cindy was not a leader, Isabella was not just a leader but a Queen, Athenodora was only a leader, no one made her a Queen those titles have only ever been for our Mate's you know this. So if you have a problem with it, take the title from Sulpicia. And tell her that you are doing so." I challenged Aro. He looked scared. We all knew that Sulpicia would put his dick in a blender for doing anything of the like.

Marcus just laughed.

"He has you there, Aro, and there was never any law forbidding the murder of leaders, just Sovereigns. Out of all the leaders, there are only five of us; you, Caius, myself are Kings, Sulpicia and Isabella are our Queens, if any of us kills any of the others, there is no law forbidding it. Therefore, Isabella was well within her rights to remove that vile creature from her Mate's side. Just as our brother was within his for defending his Mate from a physical threat and attack." Marcus defended Isabella, and I. Aro glared at the both of us; it made me wonder if his wife had told him the outcome that had to come about.

"So is Sulpicia telling you what to do again?" I asked him. Smiling, it was apparent. My Mate was suddenly beside me, looking at Aro, looking like she wanted an explanation herself.

"Aro, what is going on? Do you and Sulpicia not have an equal partnership any longer?" Isabella asked him. He growled at her, and I returned it. But then, he growled out that I would leave now that she is back.

"If Caius leave's the Volturi, there will be chaos. The three of you need to work together to rule. Without whatever woman you have in your life, busting your balls about a decision that she THINKS is better for you to make. I've been living out in the world under the rule of the Volturi; there is no single Vampire out there that likes how any of the 'Leaders' are going about things; everyone that I talked to thought the leaders were now just figureheads for someone else that must be running the show. They all think the Volturi are jokes. No one takes anything seriously when it comes to any of you; they haven't done, since not long after I turned. The fact that there are so many leaders was the downfall, and it needs to go back to how it was, equally ruled by only the three of you. God, if you want to throw a fuckin' ball and let people know about it. I don't give a fuck. But it needs to be the three of you." Isabella spoke out, and she looks much better now she had fed, still had the scar around her neck as a reminder, always would, but didn't think she would take any notice of it. The way that it was was right, while it was needed back then, but it is no longer needed. It needs to go back to how it used to be centuries ago. For the sake of our race, your brothers, you work better when it is just the three of you. I'll be the first to stand up for equal rights, but there are times for that, just like there is a place. But they have their own in our world. A race as old as ours, it's better off being ruled by you three. And only you three." Isabella said to the three of us. Aro, not surprisingly, was the first one to agree. He didn't like working with his wife. She wanted to go against everything he ruled upon, especially so if they were fighting.

We did just that. I insisted on taking Isabella back to the castle with me, asking that we talk and work things out properly. I had told her that I never wanted to go through any of this ever again; the pain of being apart is something that I never got used to and never wanted to still. Once Emmett had heard that she had come back to the castle, he hunted her down and scolded her; you could listen to him no matter where you were in the castle. I could have gone and put a stop to it, but what she did hurt many people; she had made a significant impact on everyone here and her decision to just up and leave hurt many. So, I did what I thought she needed, letting her father do what he needed. Then Tanya said something to her; not a single person other than the two knows what was said, but it impacted her as nothing else did. Finally, Aro did hold a ball. And we all announced with everyone in attendance. Sulpicia had no clue that he planned it, she looked like she was ready to tear him limb from limb for taking her position away, but as soon as it's declared, the cheers that erupted from those in attendance told us all we needed to know. As Isabella had said, things needed to go back to how they once were.

"Excuse me, Your Majesties, why after two hundred years are you going back to how it was?" A male asked. I recognised him as Garret, a revolutionary born Vampire.

"Well, as my sister would say, we had to do some housekeeping; it was just a shame that it took so long to make things right again," Aro said. There were Vampires here that had never been before us at any point in their existence; most of those were whispering about how they thought they saw Isa walking around. I had no idea who this Isa was, but I had a sneaking suspicion that it was my Isabella. To get around and not have a target on her back, she must have changed her identity. A few thought that I was some human that they had seen in a concert two hundred years ago and assumed that I got turned to serve the Volturi. Once I heard that, I heard Isabella laugh.

"Hi, I'm Isa; sorry I overheard you talking." Ah, so what I had wondered was right; she had changed her name to suit.

"Hi, I'm Maggie; I'm with the Irish Coven." The little Irish brunette woman smiled.

"I saw this concert not long after I had turned; the lead guy looked just like the blonde up there. Do you know who that is?" the woman, Maggie, asked.

"Yeah, I know the concert. I was there myself. I tell you, if I could have changed that guy, I would have in a heartbeat. Yeah, that guy is King Caius. One of our leaders. It kind of comes across as really angry all of the time. I had the opportunity to meet him once, all I can say is, damn, but if I were honest, if given half a chance, I would hit that." I listened to Isabella say. I also heard the guards that knew her snigger, considering they knew she was my Mate.

'I'll give you, really angry, in a minute Isabella. Besides, I'm not that bad. I can remember I had you screaming out my name numerous times.' I thought at my Mate.

"I was thinking about getting out of here; I still have a copy of one of the concerts; wanna sneak out and find a place to watch it?" Isabella asked the woman. Who seemed to nod excitedly?

"Well, what is this about our sister running off with another woman?" Aro asked me. The smirk that graced his face was telling. He was up to something. Not long after Isabella left, the whole ballroom heard the sound of my music playing. I watched as, one by one, women looked around and were sneaking away towards where the music was playing.

"Felix, Demetri, follow them, but be discreet and keep out of sight," Marcus asked the guard, who had taken back over the role of my Mate's guards. Thirty seconds later, I received a message that they had all made their way down to the training room and were watching the big screen. It took nearly an hour before any of the men noticed; all women had left the room. Aro just had to play along.

"Where are all of the women that had come with the covens for tonight?" Aro called out, just as the men were noticing. I just rolled my eyes. Then, I walked out of the ballroom and walked towards the training room where I had heard told the women all were. I really could not be bothered by keeping up the formal attire, so I went to change on my way.

'Dress messy please, like you know I like, if you're coming down here. Please, my love.' Isabella asked me. I was happy to oblige. Once I had done so and was outside the training room, Felix saw me and just shook his head. But he smiled. Since my Isabella had come back, things had become so much more relaxed. Everyone, other than Picia, was so much happier. I stood at the back of the training room and watched as my Mate and all of the women. Including the women in the guard; were all dancing around to old music videos. Not only ones of mine, but ones that I had once watched Isabella dance to. The enjoyment that came over me, just at watching her be so happy and free, filled me with joy. I just watched my Mate for the longest time, watching her dance and sing. I knew when she saw me, she smiled and lit up the room.

"I'm tired of you, standing there, watching me like some stalker; come dance with us." Isabella came up to me and said as she pulled me down to the training room floor.

"Do I have a choice about this, Isabella?" I asked her.

"No. You do not." She smiled. I rolled my eyes as I followed her, grinning like a fool as I did so.


We were finally in the right place, we agreed that we would try to communicate more, so there were no other long avoidable separations. When Aro had thrown this Ball that I had found myself standing in, I resigned myself to boredom. At their announcement of things going back to how they once were, Sulpicia was not happy. Caius had told me that Sulpicia and Aro had many an argument over even the simplest of rulings. She never meant to rule with her Mate and husband. I heard a young Irish woman, Maggie, talking about my Caius; she had seen him in concert herself. A vast majority of the Vampires here had heard of the Volturi but never seen a single member. I invited her to get out of the ballroom and come with me to have a bit of fun. I had all of Caius' concerts in digital format and songs I had enjoyed as a that I knew that they were my Mates songs; I didn't have to worry about lusting after another man, as it was my Caius all along. I started opened the file I had and played all of the shows I had, then everything else. We could listen to enough music for at least a decade before we heard a repeat of anything. I watched Felix and Demetri come in and 'keep an eye on us.' Felix let me know he had to let Caius know. I nodded, letting him know that I knew. A while later. All of the women had made their way down to the training room, were having fun without the men.

I could feel it when Caius was coming closer, so I asked him to dress messy, the way he knew I liked him too, especially when we were relaxing. Away from anything official. Once he made it, I knew right away. I saw him enter the room, but all I wanted was to take him back out and fuck him stupid. My Mate was one Sexy Man, especially when he dressed like he was. Hair, looking like he had just been fucked good and hard, before only throwing on a pair of black jeans and salmon button-down Oxford shirt, for-going the shoes and opting for bare feet. I was pulling him down to dance with me. I knew many of the women here would recognise him now, even though they might not believe their own eyes; some of the women here were members of the guard; I was just glad they could open up and relax. Maggie and I ended up becoming fast friends, and we ended up talking about everything.

"Have you Mated Isa?" she asked me; I tried to lie but found out that she had a gift for telling if someone was lying.

"Cool gift, then, yes I have a Mate, we recently got back together after a long separation," I told her; I was glad that I could have a friend like her. She would be amazing here, especially when she and her Mate finally saw each other correctly. He deserves to be happy. When she saw that I was pulling Caius to join us, I think she realised who my Mate was.

"Is he your Mate?" Maggie's eyes bugged out as she mouthed her question to me. I smiled and nodded my head.

We all had a lot of fun dancing to music that I had not enjoyed with my Mate in quite some time. The men all ended up joining us and having a good time with their coven members and Mates. When Marcus came down to the training room some hours later, I grabbed Maggie and made my way over to Where he was talking to Caius.

"Hello, darling, I hope we aren't intercepting the two of you," I asked. They both looked at us. The connection that evolved was simply magic to watch; it only took seconds for an amazing but lonely man to find another someone that no one knew would ever be able to happen. The smile that fell upon my new friend's face was beautiful, and she found someone that she had been waiting for, just over three hundred years.

"Hi, I'm Maggie, from the Irish Coven." she introduced herself.

"Marcus of the Volturi, it is my greatest pleasure to be meeting you again, my love. May I take you somewhere?" Marcus asked. At her nod, they left the training room together, never taking their eyes from one another.

"She's the reason why I could see Didyme when I looked at Marcus. Maggie is Didyme. She had reincarnated. I even see her when I look at Maggie; it's strange." I told my Mate as I leaned against his shoulder.

"When they come back down to earth, I'm sure he will thank you for this," Caius said, smiling as he kissed the top of my head.

"Is it bad that I want to just slip into the bathroom around the corner and take you up against the wall?" Caius whispered in my ear. Taking his hand, I looked around to see what was going on around me. When I saw that everyone was socialising, I pulled him into the bathroom, pushing him into the shower stall at the far end. Closing the door behind me before I dropped to my knees, taking him out of his jeans and diving onto him like I was a starving woman. I didn't have to wait long before he was saying my name as he came into my mouth. Then, picking me up, he slammed my back against the wall as he pulled my skirt up and tore my panties off. We hadn't been together like this in two hundred years, and honestly, it felt like I had been with him only yesterday, as I felt him enter me, as he thrust into me hard, bringing me closer and closer to my release. The chemistry between us hadn't changed, but he felt just as amazing as the very first time we had been together. He held me just as close as I held him, as he thrust into me, the feel of him sliding in and out of me, bringing us both higher and closer to our release. I tightened the grip of my thighs around his waist as I whispered for him to go faster, harder, and he pulled and hit just the right angle for me to get closer. I wove my hand into his messy hair, as I felt my stomach tighten, the breath that I no longer needed become laboured, as I moaned into his mouth as I kissed my Mate, my Caius.


I felt her explode around me as she came, pulling my shirt across as she bit her mark on my shoulder. Pulling my release out as she bit down, copying her, I moved the shoulder of her blouse over also and bit down, both of us re-marking other. Pumping our venom into each other. Once, we came down, releasing her shoulder, slowing my movements. I looked at my Mate, thanking whatever Gods were listening that she returned to me. I knew she just needed time. I did everything that I could just to be close to her. But having her here with me now, finally being able to make love to her, even if it was against the shower wall in the training room bathroom, was just as amazing as the first time that we were with each other.

'I missed you so much; I love you. Please don't leave me again. I couldn't bear it. Not again.' I asked her. I missed our private talks.

'Never. I missed you too much, and I love you too. I was too stubborn to come home any sooner. I missed these private talks of ours. I'm so sorry I left. It hurt so bad to be away from you; I had to return a few times to take the pain away. If I was hurting that much, I could only imagine what it was like for you. I'm sorry that I was so selfish.'

She started to cry into my shoulder quietly, so I pulled her closer into me and, holding her tighter, staying there in the shower. Then, finally, I sat down on the floor, with Isabella in my arms and let her cry, relishing the feel of her being in my arms, I could so quickly point the finger and tell her that yes, our separation was all her fault, but it was the fault of both of us. We both played our roles regarding our time apart.

'Was it hard? Of course, it was, but we both played a part in our separation. You were not the only one that felt like they were selfish; I was also. When you came close to the castle; the relief was a godsend those days; I'm sorry that I let you leave for so long, that I never came and found you. I'm sorry that I was a poor mate for you. I will try and be better.' I told her I had to let her know that I felt that I had disappointed her as her Mate. That I had let her down, but I felt her shake her head against my shoulder.

'You have never been; please don't do that.' She pleaded with me. I nodded; as much as I wanted to argue, I just nodded my agreement.

Anything that she wanted, I would and have given her. I didn't know what else to do.

"Please, Caius, you have always given me everything I have ever wanted; all I want now is you. I don't want to tear us apart again. I want to be with you; can I be with you?" she whispered to me.

"Anything you wish, my love. My Isabella." I whispered back. We stayed for a while, sitting on the floor. Neither of us made an effort to move, even with me still inside of her. Both of us were just enjoying the feeling of being together of feeling each other. I heard someone come into the bathroom before walking out quickly at my growl. I became more relieved as Isabella calmed after a while, sighing in relief. I looked at my beautiful Mate. I had never felt so lucky in my long existence. Then I did the day I meet her. And that I do today.

"Marry me," I whispered.

"I love you; I've always loved you; in our world, we already are seen as married, but I want to be able to say that you carry my name; I have never wanted anything as much as I want that now. So marry me, Isabella." I whispered to her. Low enough that on, she would be able to hear me. I watched as a smile started on her face, getting more significant. She looked at me for what felt like the longest time before she nodded.

"Yes." She whispered before she kissed me, whispering yes each time her mouth left mine, making me smile.


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