Deep breaths, aching muscles, throbbing headache, she ran and ran away, avoiding every bullet that was flying towards her. This wasn't how it was supposed to go. And yet, here she was, running for dear life because of a stupid idea. She ducked down and slid under a fallen tree trunk, her skin scratched by the sharp twigs and branches. The yelling of the armed men as they kept firing and running towards her. She had to lose them, fast. Once she ran a bit further away from her pursuers and the shadow of the trees hid her ever so slightly, she immediately turned right and pressed her back against a large tree, covering her mouth to silence her panting.

"Where did she go?! Keep running after her!" The men yelled out as they ran past her, unleashing a stream of lead away from her direction as they follow the shadows of the cold night breeze. After a few moments, the sounds of gunshot and yelling bloody murder had faded away from her ears, giving her respite as she took heavy breaths, her heart drumming against her chest. She shed off her mask, the rose-shaped object feeling heavy in her hands. The pale white moon shined down on the forest, moonlight bursting between the gaps of the leaves and branches. It would've been better if she hadn't acted recklessly, just like her two friends had told her. But this was something that needed to be done. She can't sit idly by as Jacques Schnee did unspeakably horrible things. She needed to protect her Princess.

With a heavy heart and aching limbs, she walked further into the forest, tracing her steps back home.

Ruby couldn't sleep. So many things had happened tonight that it always kept her up. It wasn't because she was upset or scared, in fact, she was excited. Her cheeks were starting to hurt from the smile plastered on her face as she lies down on the bed. Her gaze wanders over her small apartment and its faded red walls. The cheap kitchen that served her for more than a year was starting to show signs of wear. The small table that was big enough for just two people was full of strewn books and papers, Ruby had decided it was best to just eat at the kitchen counter to save time and space for her school supplies. A dusty old cabinet tower over the small fish tank, with her little goldfish she named "Mr. Bubbles". With what Ozpin had told her earlier, she could gain more money to finally move out and into a better apartment, where she didn't have to climb up the stairs up to the third floor to get some rest.

Ruby sat up from her bed and took another look at the letter at her bedside table, feeling the firm paper in her hand, as she recalls what happened earlier.

A few hours earlier . . .

Ozpin quietly observes Ruby, staring at her with amusement. Ruby pauses, her mouth full of cookies Ozpin brought with him for the 'interrogation'. "I'm sure you want to know why I want to meet you, Ms. Rose."

Ruby raises her hand, swallowing the cookies in her mouth with an audible gulp, "Uh yes sir. I know what I did was wrong but I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time." Ruby explained, shifting in her seat. Ozpin smiles and sits down in front of her.

"I can see that," Ozpin commented amusingly, unfolding the folder on the table in front of Ruby, "what I also saw was a very courageous young woman who helped someone. You saved the shop owner from the thugs robbing the dust shop." Ozpin pulls out a few pictures taken from the scene of the crime, showing Ruby helping out the shop owner clean up while waiting for the police. Glynda hums behind him, her stern gaze focused on Ruby.

"But why am I not getting punished for what I did? I had injured a man and I did not assess the situation better. I was taught at the academy that one must immediately call for back-up."

Ozpin smiles softly, taking out a letter from his suit and handed it to Ruby, "Because I want to offer you a special deal. With consent from Mayor Salem, I want to offer you a job to join the Beacon Police Department as a fully licensed detective."

"Wait, what?!" Ruby's eyes were wide open, astonished beyond belief by what she just heard.

"You heard me correctly Ms. Rose. I am offering you to join as a detective for the BPD, effective immediately. But you'll still be required to study in the academy so you can learn while doing your job." Ruby was flabbergasted, not sure what to say.

"B-but that's not normal! I mean, there's probably a better person for this offer Captain. I'm just a normal girl who happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. . ." Ruby slid the letter back to Ozpin, "There's my friend, Weiss! She's talented, smart and would do her job very well, I'm not ready. . ."

Ozpin smiled widely after hearing that, "Which is precisely why I chose you. In our line of work, there's nothing set in stone, you won't always be ready for what may and can happen. But you managed to do what few people would do and that is to help people in need and bring criminals to justice." Ozpin carefully slid the letter back to Ruby's side of the table.

Glynda took the opportunity to say what's on her mind about the latter, "Ms. Rose, I for one am really impressed with what you did. Yes, you did not follow all the rules and guidelines we taught you ever since the beginning of your education in the academy, but you also did most of them. I personally think you should accept the offer." She paused, giving the young woman a kind smile before continuing, "And your professors and I will make sure to help you in any way we can."

Ruby was still unsure, fidgeting her fingers as she eyes the two adults in the room, "I. . . Don't know what to say. . ." Ozpin stood up and grabbed his cane and walked towards the door.

"I understand Ms. Rose, I wasn't expecting an immediate answer from you. My number is in the letter if you wish to change your mind. But for now, I must bid you good night." Ozpin looked back with a smile, opening the door carefully for Glynda to follow him.

"I'll be back to let you go, Ms. Rose. I suggest giving the letter a read for the time being." Glynda said before closing the door and following Ozpin out of the Interrogation Room.

Ruby sighed, folding up the letter and shoving it back inside the envelope. She stood up and opened her cabinet, full of her hastily folded clothes and knickknacks she collected. There was a photo of her and Yang, smiling as Yang finally graduated. There was also a picture of Weiss, laughing because of a funny joke she said. She remembered the countless thanks Ruby gave to Jaune for taking the picture. There was also a collection of group photos she took with her close friends, but the most important picture was her mom, holding her in her arms, the young Ruby Rose in the picture smiling widely, face full of chocolate and cookie crumbs. Ruby smiled sadly and stroked the picture, missing her very much. She carefully placed the picture back in the cabinet and her eyes caught the attention of her old drawings she made when she was a kid. Ruby carefully pulled out the old sheaves of paper, smiling silly as she looks at her drawings. There was one where she rid a dog while holding a large scythe to battle. There was also a drawing she made where she wore a police cap and held a gun. Ruby remembered her mom smiling sweetly when she showed it to her. But her mom's most favorite drawing was where Ruby drew herself as a hero, fighting evil and saving the people, wearing a red cape and her sword while a blanket of rose petals scattered behind her. She didn't know why, but it made her smile the best.

"I'm going to be a detective mom. . . I promise you, I'll find them and bring them to justice. . ." Ruby exhaled, pulling out the small card with Ozpin's number as she reached for her phone and punch in the digits.

"Captain Ozpin, may I ask a question?" The blonde woman asked, adjusting the glasses on the bridge of her nose.

"Ask away, Glynda."

"Why did you exactly asked Ms. Rose for that offer. I agree with what she said that there are more students in the academy better suited for that job. She's too young, Ozpin. . ." Glynda expressed her concerns, frowning behind the man.

Ozpin turned to face her, sighing softly, "Ruby is similar to her mother, brash and young when Summer Rose became a detective. However, what they also share is the sense of justice and the courage to do their work. And it wasn't from my own request, it was from Mayor Salem." Ozpin said, placing his hand on Glynda's shoulder, "Rest assured, I will make sure the same won't happen to her. . ."

Glynda sighed as well, rubbing her head, "I believe you. . . I just hope she's ready."

Weiss sighed, rubbing her calves as she took off her boots, her fingers massaging the tense muscles. Winter approached her, clutching her phone in her hand, "The information you obtained was very crucial Weiss, well done. I've already informed Queen and Harbinger for this information, we'll make sure to keep looking into the Torchwick." Winter coolly said, placing her hands behind her back. Weiss nodded, her eyes focused on the tiled floor of her manor. Winter's brows furrowed, stepping closer to her sister, "Is everything alright, Weiss?"

"Yes, everything's fine Winter. . . I just feel like that I haven't completely got my answers, I mean so far, I have completed two heists and I got nothing." Winter sat next to her, her back perfectly straight and hands placed neatly on her lap.

"May I know what you meant exactly?"

"The reason for being a Red Rose Thief, to investigate the truth about Summer Rose. I asked Blake to investigate them for me but so far, she told me nothing. . ."

"You know Weiss, I was very close friends with Summer Rose when she was alive. I met her when she was assigned to the Red Rose Thief case by the request of Father. At first, I was skeptical about her but over time, I enjoyed her company. Along with her close friends and partners in the investigation, Raven and Qrow."

"W-wait, Raven Branwen is a detective too?" Weiss inquired, not realizing the entire connection between her "superiors".

"Not exactly, she was more of a sergeant. Qrow was a detective like Summer. It's funny that I used to think that she would be able to do nothing with the investigation until she proved me wrong. . ." Winter answered with a sad smile, "I've seen plenty of dark things as a detective, including being the daughter of our father. . . Summer was one of the only people that proved to me there's still good left in this world. That's why I decided to join this cabal of thieves. . ." Winter placed her hand on Weiss' arm, surprising Weiss as she knows her sister was never an affectionate person. But from the way she painted the picture of what Summer was like, Weiss understood that Winter was simply grieving. Even after all these years of being gone, Summer still affected Winter's life. 'Maybe the Roses have that effect on people. . . Just like Ruby.' Weiss smiled to herself, looking down at the ground.

Winter then suddenly cleared her throat, her face scowling as she stood up, "But you need to understand Weiss, we may all be comrades in the group, but I want you to watch yourself around Raven. She's a dangerous woman who trusts only herself. Her brother and I only manage to get her trust after a few years of working with her ever since the incident."

"Why is that? Is that why threatened me?" Weiss crossed her arms, looking at her older sister.

Winter's eyes showed seriousness, her teeth-gritting, "There's a lot of secrets that I wish I could tell you, Weiss, but it's better if you don't. Just heed my words and be wary of Raven. Is that clear?"

Weiss couldn't help but feel a little scared, "C-crystal. . ." Weiss whimpered slightly. Winter sighed and relaxed her face before walking towards the door.

"I'm sorry for taking a bit of your time tonight, I'm sure you've been tired from tonight's mission. Get some rest and I'll take you back to the Rose Bouquet Mansion tomorrow, please inform Ms. Belladonna to join us. I want to see your training with my own eyes." Winter smiled at her, with Weiss following behind her.

"Y-yes of course, Winter. Good night." Weiss lowered her head to bow before her eyes widen as Winter approached her and hugged her within the same day.

"You don't need to act so formally with me when we're alone. I've missed you, Weiss." Winter softly said, hugging her tighter. Weiss couldn't help but smile widely and return the hug.

"We have plenty of time to catch up, sister. I'll be seeing you after your classes." Winter said before opening the door and closed it behind her as she left. Weiss sighed and walked up to her room to take a quick shower. Soon enough, she's already laying on her bed, recounting the events that happened today. Her gunshot wound from the heist was healing, she barely felt it anymore. And then there was the Rose Bouquet whom she had a shaky introduction with, especially with Raven Branwen, although Weiss wished she had mentioned the red hooded woman in the manor who showed her portraits to Winter, she could probably ask the woman herself. She wanted to know more about those portraits after all. Lastly, the robbery that Ruby managed to stop on her own that Weiss couldn't get out of her head. She knew that Ruby was brave but if she were in that situation, she would've waited for backup or do something less dangerous. She should check up on Ruby to see if she was okay, but if she did, then it would be suspicious. All she could do was wait to see her tomorrow as she closes her eyes and falls into sleep.

Ruby woke up with a certain energy in her. Maybe it was excitement, or if it was even possible, the adrenaline from last night. "Nah, probably just really excited. . ." Ruby joked to herself, rubbing her eyes and tossing the blanket off her. Stretching her limbs, Ruby thought of the most "efficient" way to get ready this morning. Should she eat breakfast first and then take a bath, or do the opposite. However, a good detective would say that eating breakfast first and then taking a bath afterward is better because it'll save time cleaning up. Ruby chuckled to herself as she strode towards her kitchen, picking up a clean bowl and placing a spoon. With her other hand, she gently pulled a box of cereals off the cupboard. With a little hum, she dumped the contents of the box right near the brim and set down the bowl on the kitchen counter. Ruby opened up her fridge and grabbed a jug of milk, pouring it slowly until the cereals became soaked with the white liquid.

Ruby quickly shoveled spoonfuls of cereal into her mouth, before picking up the bowl to drink the rest of the milk in the bowl. She needed milk to be really strong for her cases. It sounded so good to hear or even think about. "Detective Ruby Rose. . . Hehe."

She glanced at the old clock on the far wall, if Ruby doesn't hurry up, she'll be late! Late to surprise Weiss with her news, of course, she would be sure proud of her. '"Oh Ruby, I knew you were talented, you make my heart swoon, ki-"' Ruby's face flushed red at the wonderful thought but no time to waste, she needs to take a bath quick. 'The Red Rose Thief will not know what's coming for her. . .'

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