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Weiss stood down a long dark hallway, with the only way out was at the other end. And there stood Ruby, readying to aim her gun at her or rather, someone behind her.

Weiss turned around and saw another figure. A lone figure clothed in red. And when she saw her own face on the figure, she couldn't help but feel afraid. Afraid of she'll get hurt. 'Ruby… I'll find a way to save you.' Then she faced Ruby again. Only this time when she did, all she saw was her father, Jacques, his face turning red with anger, holding the same gun she saw earlier. And she looked down, and noticed that now she's wearing her thief's outfit, holding a rapier, sharp as ever.

"WEISS! HOW DARE YOU FIGHT AGAINST YOUR OWN FATHER!" Jacques booming voice resonating in her ears, almost going deaf. Her knees gave way, as she tried to plunge her rapier down to the ground as a crutch. And then a flurry of rose petals scattered from the tip, and then the whole hallway disappeared. Now she's standing in a field of roses, with the sun giving a gentle warmth that she enjoyed during spring. And across the field where her father stood were not one, but two persons, with their backs facing Weiss. One of them wore a red jacket that had black leather straps and belt, which turned around, revealing to be Ruby, smiling and beckoning her to come over.

"Weiss, come here!" Ruby smiled at her, as she kept waving at her. Weiss smiled back, and sprinted to approach them. The other figure who was the same height as Ruby, wore a crimson cloak, started to turn around as well, and a voice came out, calling to her as well.




"Weiss! Wake up!"

"AHH!" Weiss let out a scream as she woke up from her slumber. Her eyes glanced over her room, finding out that she was just dreaming, and was in fact in her room. Her room still decorated with the crystal chandelier, which she used to fear that fall on her head, her white fuzzy rug that she enjoyed sliding her feet repeatedly, and her now messy study desk, which she forgot to sort the notebooks out last night. Her balcony door opened, letting the warm rays of the sun, giving her room a bright light, her wardrobe still standing near the bathroom door, which seemed imposing to her, given her size. Then she noticed the other person in her room. The purple faded hoodie and black ripped denim pants the person wore accentuate the person's figure, especially the person's lower torso. The person's messy ebony hair made said person look like a mane of hair, the pair of cat ears not helping at all. 'Like a cat. A fluffy, attractive cat. Wait. A cat?' Weiss thought, putting two in two as to who woke her up from her slumber. Weiss blushed, remembering that she's wearing her nightgown, that was so thin that it's like a wearing a cloud to her. Pulling up her blanket, and pointed at the faunus inside her room, about to scream bloody murder again, while blushing fifty shades of red.

"Blake, what are you doing here?! Don't you know this is a breach of privacy?!" she shrilled, her finger shaking with anger as the faunus in question just winced in pain while covering her human ears, her cat ears pressing flat against her head.

"Geez, sorry Weiss, I just came here to wake you up because you haven't come downstairs yet." Bake explained, touching her cat ears, as if they were injured.

"Then you should have just knocked!"

"I did! Twenty times actually."

When Weiss heard this, she now felt more embarrassed more than angry. She rarely oversleeps, and especially more rare for her to not be woken up easily by almost anything. She is a light sleeper after all. "We-well, I guess I overslept. But still, you should mind your own privacy. I don't want anyone to see me in this state of clothing. Although, I do owe you an apology for over reacting. I'm sorry."

"It's alright. I'm sorry too for breaching on your privacy. But you need to get up now, or you'll be late." Blake said as Weiss realized what she meant. 'Oh, school. Almost forgot.'

"Alright, I'll go get ready, wait for me downstairs. I'll see you in a few minutes." Weiss said, as she pulled off her blanket and stood up from her bed before doing her usual morning routine.

"Sure. See you downstairs." Blake said as she nodded and closed Weiss' bedroom door carefully to avoid making a noise.

Weiss walked downstairs to see Blake sitting casually in a chair, reading a book with the cover slightly covered by her hand, but Weiss could read out a few of the uncovered words, "Ninjas of". Then she looked at Blake's flushed face, smiling ever so slightly, biting the bottom of her lips, and her eyes slightly squinting. Weiss could clearly tell Blake was enjoying her book a little too well. To announce herself that she's in the room, she cleared her throat, making Blake jump up in surprise. The book went flying out of Blake's hands and up into the air, as she scrambled to get it back. Once she did, she straightened herself out, closing the book with a heavy *thump*, with her eyes closed, blushing heavily. Weiss looked at her skeptically.

"Blake, what's wrong?" Weiss crossed her arms, still eyeing her employee suspiciously. Blake opened her eyes and sighed before answering.

"I-I was just surprised. I thought you'd be coming down later."

"Well, what were you reading anyways?" Weiss asked once more, before trying to reach out to the book that Blake grabbed and placed it away from her.

"It's nothing! It's just a romantic novel that I enjoyed reading…"

"O...kay. I'm sorry for bothering you, I suppose. But you know, I enjoy reading as well." Weiss said as she sat down the chair, preparing to eat her breakfast. "So I was wondering if we can sometimes talk about the books we both enjoyed."

"That would be nice. Thank you, Weiss." Blake said and placed her book down on the table, as they both enjoyed their breakfast, Weiss eating a salad and some toast and Blake drinking chamomile tea. After eating, Weiss stood up and went to get her bag, Blake leaving to get the car ready. Soon enough, the two were already on their way to the academy.

"So let me get this straight, you're a thief who steals information about dirty dealings and this will put a stop to the unfair treatment to the faunus workers?" Weiss said, as she looked out the window from her limo.

Blake replied, with her eyes on the road, "Not really. I steal information for my boss, the Queen, and they use that information to be used by the reporters and reveal their wrong doings. And in turn, politicians, especially those who support the Faunus rights, will use it to further our cause to write a law for the faunus."

"Now it makes sense. At first, I really was wondering how this will help us out. But won't everyone wonder how they would find out those information?"

"The Queen takes care of it. There is more than just one thief in this group Weiss, including me. There are thieves who do steal valuables to cause distractions for the police. Especially for us, since the Red Rose Thief is the only thief they have that is flamboyant enough to introduce themselves." Blake looked at Weiss from the rear-view mirror.

"Why do I feel like you're blaming me for that?" Weiss glared back at Blake, to which Blake just smirked, before looking back at the road.

"No, I'm not blaming you, what you did actually help. Now the police are looking for a thief wearing red clothing and a mask. That makes it easy for us to draw a target for them, while others work easier." Blake said.

"But that makes it harder for us! Won't it make our work even more dangerous than it already is?!" Weiss can't help but feel upset with what Blake is saying, as their car stopped in a junction, waiting for the red light to turn green.

Blake turned around to personally face Weiss, her face looking apologetic. "I know Weiss, but I promised you, I won't let you get hurt. The Queen, develops certain tools for us thieves to use. Or even better, they could develop weapons for us to defend ourselves with. And since you are good at fencing-"

Weiss interjected, "I'm not just good, I'm exceptional at fencing. I've been fencing ever since I was 7 years old." she said, while looking very smug about it, as the light turned green, and Blake drove onwards.

"Right. Anyways, like I said, they could develop weapons for us, so I took the liberty to request one for you. I'm sure they'll be done before our first heist." Blake continued. However, Weiss was still not convinced.

"But still, this is still very dangerous for the both of us."

Blake smirked once more, "Whoever said it's just the two of us? Remember when I said that there are more than just us? Well, we have support. I call them Gambol and Shroud."

"Who are they?" Weiss looked at Blake curiously, shifting her gaze to her chaperone.

"Two faunuses that I helped before. They wanted to repay me for what I did for them, so they work for me, in turn, working for my boss."

"I see…" Weiss replied. Soon after, they arrived at the academy's parking lot, looking the same as the night before, only a few cars parked in the corner. Before they both walked out of the car, Blake called for Weiss' attention.

"Weiss, I'm going to go check out your first heist. I'm going to gather intel from the two and hopefully, we find what we need. So for now, enjoy school Weiss. I'll be back to pick you up."

"Okay Blake, best of luck to you." Weiss said, as she picked up her bag, and walked to the academy doors. Blake stepped out of the car as well, locking the door with her keys. With the sound of the doors locking, Blake walked to the same diner Weiss and her friends ate in. After placing her order of tuna sandwiches and tea, she opened her book, and continued where she left off, while waiting for her contacts.

Weiss walked down the hallway while holding all the stuff she needed for Combat Class with Ms. Goodwitch, knowing that going there unprepared will only leave her in pain, physically, and mentally, for she is known to be very studious. Opening the gym doors, she saw that most of her class are warming up, stretching with their partners, with Ms. Goodwitch nowhere to be found. Her eyes wander a bit more and she saw her partner, the energetic redhead. Ruby was stretching by herself, trying to bend over backwards to stretch her back, but only end up falling on her behind with a loud groan. Weiss couldn't help but giggle at her antics before approaching her.

"You know, you could have done other stretches that don't require two persons to do it." Weiss said with a smile, placing a hand on her hip, while flipping her hair to the side.

Ruby opened her mouth to reply, but closed her mouth after giving what Weiss said a thought. She rubbed the back of her head before letting out an embarrassed laugh. Weiss scoffed, before offering her hand out to Ruby, to which Ruby gratefully took, and used it to help herself up off the ground. After dusting herself off, she immediately gave Weiss a bear hug, to Weiss' dismay, as the heiress' face lit up.

"Good morning bestie!" Ruby grinned as she squeezed the life of her friend, whom continued to redden and try to get the vice grip arms off her all the while scolding her for public display of affections, which for so many long years she known Ruby, still can't quite get used to her way of displaying affection. Weiss got more aware of her surroundings and saw that a few of their classmates are now staring at them, making Weiss turn crimson from embarrassment, while Ruby still gripping her tightly.

"RUBY! Please, people are looking at us!" Weiss said, as she tried to shake Ruby off her, understanding what Weiss meant. Ruby then looked oddly guilty enough for doing something embarrassing for the heiress, who's been socially awkward for almost her whole life.

"Ehehe, sorry Weiss, I forgot… Will you forgive me?" Ruby asked, with a small pout, and her best puppy dog eyes, shining like silver orbs, doing their best to look guilty for the heiress. Weiss looked away with annoyance, knowing fully well that Ruby is using her best underhanded technique to make Weiss forgive her. But even looking away, her eyes can't help but feel like looking at them. And when she did, she know she already lost. 'I just can't stay mad her, can't I?' Weiss asked herself, knowing fully well why. 'Curse my fondness to this…Lovable dolt!' she thought once more, slapping herself mentally in the process before facing Ruby completely, who now has a small smile on her face, who also knew that Weiss couldn't resist her. Crossing her arms and letting a loud "Hmph!", she contemplated on what she's going to say.

"Well, I-I suppose you could be forgiven. But I'm warning you, another more of these and I'll be… uhm, truly upset with you!" Weiss said, remembering that this wasn't the last time she did this, and probably will not be the last time either. Ruby, cheered, and grinned like a Cheshire cat.

"Awww I knew you would!" Ruby said, before attempting to hug Weiss again. But before she could, Weiss placed her hands on Ruby's shoulders, holding her in place.

"What did I just say?!" Weiss glared at her, still flushed from the previous contact. Ruby just let out a giggle before mouthing another apology. "Well, apology accepted, don't have any more ideas, Ms. Goodwitch might arrive now." Weiss said, as Ruby straightened herself up, dusting herself off, while Weiss brushed her hair with her hand, careful enough not to ruin her long hair. Soon enough, the doors opened and Ms. Goodwitch was walking down in front of the gym. Glynda Goodwitch, a blonde haired middle-aged woman, who has a 'No nonsense' look on her emerald green eyes. Despite teaching Combat Classes, she wore a long white pleated shirt with cuffs, and wore a black high-waist pencil skirt with bronze heels, making her look more of a professional than a fight instructor. Yet regardless, she is an officer from the BPD who teaches combat to students wanting to join the force. When she arrived to the center of the room, she took the attention of everyone in the room with a strike of her riding crop, which was hidden on her waist, and hit her hand. Everyone in the room hurriedly stopped talking and fall in.

"Alright, now that all everyone is ready, I will not waste time and get with the lessons immediately. Today, it would be sparring class against your respective partners. Pick a mat from the storage and begin your warm ups. I'll call your names and you'll fight in front of the class. I'll be judging your fights according to technique and whoever wins. Now go." the instructor said, as the students rushed to get their mats and proceed.

After a few mishaps with the mats, Weiss and Ruby found a place to warm up properly in the gym. Weiss helped Ruby with stretch her legs, and took turns doing so. While doing so, the two started talking about their oncoming graduation, which was in just a few weeks.

"So, what do you plan to do after graduating, Ruby?" Weiss asked, as she pressed down on Ruby's legs, preventing it from bending while Ruby stretches.

"Well, I wanna join the BPD with Yang. Hopefully, I could lead an investigation with Yang and the gang against the Red Rose Thief." Ruby said nonchalantly.

"Ruby, can I ask you something personal? About the Red Rose Thief." Weiss said, letting go of Ruby's legs, but not moving from her spot. Ruby leaned back on her arms, resting for a bit and paying attention to Weiss.

"Not at all. What do you wanna know?"

"Well, I was just curious if the reason why you became a detective was to hunt for the Thief." Weiss said, while Ruby shaked her head in disagreement.

"You remember when I told you that my mom was also a detective? When I was a kid, I used to think of her as a super hero who puts away bad guys behind bars. And I guess I still do. I wanted to be just like her. My uncle also helped inspire me cuz he's pretty cool." Ruby smiled at Weiss, putting on a brave face for her. Weiss noticed it and decided not to push it any further. Instead, she stood up and stretched her hand out for Ruby, looking at her hand curiously.

"And you're doing a good job so far. So let's keep working harder, okay?" Weiss smiled, that Ruby returned with a slightly large smile and took her hand, clasping it gently and Weiss pulled her up. Soon after, Goodwitch started calling names, and those who were called sparred against each other while the rest watch. While watching, Weiss noticed that Ruby is slightly flushed and fidgeting. Weiss was just about to ask her what was wrong before Ruby placed her hand on top of Weiss' hand, making the heiress redden at the touch.


"Uhm, I'm just glad that you're my best friend Weiss. So, I think I'm being thankful hehe… Sorry, you might think I'm weird…" Ruby smiled sheepishly, but making no attempts to remove her hand. Weiss didn't made any complaints about it so she thinks its fine.

"…You're welcome." Weiss replied, looking everywhere but at Ruby. After a while, they continued watching the fight, with their hands still touching, both content with it. But the same thoughts running through their thoughts 'Do I like her more than just a friend? Am I enjoying this? Will this ever end?' but with both different reasons.

'I know I liked Ruby more than just a friend, but I still don't know if she's attracted to girls! Why does it have to be this hard to be in love!'

'I hope Weiss doesn't think I'm weird. I still don't know if she likes girls. Even I still don't know if I like girls too! Darn it! I never thought holding her hand would feel this nice! Maybe I am into girls! Weiss' stupid soft hands are making this so difficult!'

The two girls kept watching, but their attention was on something else, until their attention was called.

"Mr. Corcra, your technique seems to be lacking, but I'm impressed with your quick thinking to exploit your opponent's weakness. And Ms. Viola, try not to make your intentions too obvious. And don't let your opponent to take advantage of your weakness, like I just said earlier. Dismissed. Next is, Ms. Schnee and Ms. Rose. Please step into the mat." Goodwitch announced, calling for the two. Both Ruby and Weiss jumped from their seats, quickly pulling their hands away from each other while blushing a shade of red that puts Ruby's name to shame. Goodwitch noticed that something was bothering the two women and wondered why the two almost stumbled on their way to the sparring mat. All eyes were on them, some even whispering about them looking cute, and some whispering not good things about them.

"Are you two alright? Do you two need to go to the clinic?" Goodwitch asked, worried about her two students who shaked their head rather too quickly. Especially Weiss, who look like her head would snap if she went a little bit further with her shaking.

"N-n-no Ms. Goodwitch, we're fine! We're cool as a cute cumber!" Weiss said, while Ruby looked embarrassed even more, and tried to correct what her partner said.

"Ye-yeah! We're cool as cucumber!" Weiss immediately knew what she said earlier was a slip of the mouth, and just nodded in agreement, while Goodwitch stared at them with a weird expression. Ruby continued on, "We're pretty okay! Pretty like Wei-!" Weiss shut her friend up by covering her mouth, before looking apologetic at their instructor. Goodwitch now looked at them with more curiosity and disbelief, prompting Weiss to explain further. Weiss took a gulp of air, and looked back at the waiting instructor for an answer.

"Like my partner was saying, We are perfectly okay. We are ready to begin." Weiss said, taking her hand off Ruby's mouth. Goodwitch seemed convinced and let them off the hook.

"Okay. Please, whenever you're ready to begin." Goodwitch said, before leaving the mat and standing on the side, waiting for the two to finish whatever preparations they need to do. Weiss and Ruby approached each other, both are now calmed down, but still pretty flushed from embarrassment.

"Good luck Weiss. No holding back?" Ruby asked, with a small smile. Weiss smirked back, ready to accept the challenge. And to get back at Ruby for making her look like a complete fool in front of their instructor, whom she has deep respect to.

"Of course, and don't worry, I won't be gentle. At all." Weiss said, as she walked to the other side of the mat, taking her place and entering her fighting stance. Ruby just grinned and walked to opposite side of the mat, doing the same thing, before nodding at Goodwitch, making her know that they are now ready.

"The first person to get knocks to the ground wins and the one step outside the mat losses. No fighting dirty. Now, begin!" Goodwitch said, signaling the start of the match, the rest of the classes slightly cheering the two on, excited to see how the match would turn out. Neither of the fighters rushed to attack yet, carefully eyeing each other, wanting to see what would their opponent do first.

Weiss warily approached forward, and noticing that Ruby did the same. 'Okay, I've known Ruby, and I've seen her fight before. She's quick, merciless and unrelenting. But what she lacks is technique. And I'd be happy to exploit that.' she thought. Once more, she stepped closer to Ruby. As Ruby attempted to copy her movement, Weiss took this opportunity to throw out a jab, wanting to see how she would react. Ruby quickly stepped back, not retaliating back and went back to waiting. Now Weiss thought of how Ruby would approach this fight. She needed to attack or Ruby will find something to use against her. With a yell, Weiss jumped into the air, with her knee extended out.

Ruby dodged again by fracture of a second before the hit connects, and continued doing so, avoiding most of Weiss' strikes, as Weiss kept trying to hit Ruby, keeping her away from the center of the mat and into the edge. Ruby looked behind her and noticed what Weiss was trying to do. Once she faced forward again, Weiss was nowhere to be found. Weiss crouched forward as she crossed the remaining distance between them, and used her shoulder to bash into Ruby and knock her out of the mat. Except all she hit was air. 'Did I miss?' she immediately thought.

"Huh?" was the last thing Weiss said, before she was sent flying down to the mat behind her. Ruby dodged at the last moment of her attack, grabbed her arm, and thrown Weiss with her shoulder. Weiss hits the mat, cushioning her from the blow, making the throw not too painful enough, but managed to knock the wind out of her lungs. Goodwitch called of the match, making clear that a winner has been made. Ruby helped Weiss up which the heiress gladly took and approached the impressed teacher.

"Ms. Schnee, I must congratulate you for thinking on your feet. You noticed that your opponent was waiting for the perfect opportunity to counter. You pushed them to the edge of the mat, and delivered a powerful attack to defeat them if it had connected. I advise you to approach other possible strategies to be made if you were to use your battle plan in actual combat. And Ms. Rose. I'm impressed with what you've did. A technique is useful and effective at taking down opponents with the least amount of damage as possible but rendering them ineffective for combat. I give you full marks. You two are now dismissed." and the instructor called another pair of names to soon spar, with the two women walking back to their places. Weiss still feeling breathless from earlier, almost managed to trip herself, but Ruby caught her in time to avoid embarrassment even further for the heiress.

"Whe… where did you learn that?" Asked Weiss at her friend whose carrying her over her shoulder.

"Yang taught me that. She said it's useful for me since I'm small, or whatever she says. I'm sorry by the way… Did I hurt you?" Ruby asked guiltily as Weiss disagreed instantly.

"No, it's fine. I was just surprised that's all. I never expected you to do something like that."

"Want me to teach you that throw? So you can surprise anyone you spar against. Probably even Yang herself." Ruby offered. Weiss smiled at Ruby's offer, which she gladly accepted. The two went back to their own mat and Ruby spent the rest of the time teaching Weiss how to throw. And in just a short time, Weiss is already proficient with it. Weiss thrown Ruby once more, as Ruby fell down on the mat with a loud thump, Weiss already rushing to check on Ruby.

"Ruby! Are you okay? Are you hurt?"

"Nah, I'm good. You already mastered the throw so congrats Weiss!" Ruby said as she sprang back up on her feet with Weiss feeling a sudden surge of pride in her.

"It was only a matter of time before I get used to it anyways." Weiss said with a smug smirk on her face, which Ruby just giggled at. "What's so funny?" Weiss scowled.

"Nothing! Hey, wanna grab something to eat before heading back to class for Professor Ports? I swear I need the energy to stay awake in that class… He's so boring!"

"Okay, lead the way then." Weiss said, immediately regretting that decision, as Ruby took her hand once more and took off, dragging Weiss in the process.

"RUBY SLOW DOWN!" was the sound of the hallway as students avoid the white and red speeding bullets barreling down the hall.

Blake flips through a page of her book, this time a bit tamer title than the one she was reading in Weiss' mansion. It was a book about a person wanting to reach the object of his affection but could never obtain it. In Blake's own words "It's so romantic, so tragic." and has been meaning to finish the book as slowly she possibly could, wanting to immerse herself in the stories. That was what makes her day, a book in one hand, tea in the other, and peace. That soon got ruined by the sound of the diner doors opening.

"So I said, 'Now that's a katana!' and everyone laughed!" A loud voice joked as soon as they went in, along with another voice laughing at the joke.

"Well, that sounds awesome Yang! Man, I wish I was there when that happened. All I got is some dumb paperwork…"

"Aww, don't feel bad. You'll get in the action soon enough, Sun." Yang patted the back of Sun before plopping down on the seat of the diner, ready to order some food. Sun sat down, taking in the simple home'y vibe to the place. Blake covered her face with her book, eavesdropping on the conversation carefully, not wanting to attract attention.

"So anyways, how's being a junior detective working out for you?" Yang asked to her other blonde co-worker, a tan-skinned young man with short and spiky light-blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. He wore the standard BPD police uniform, still a rookie in training and Yang being his superior. Yang on the other hand, whose fair-skinned with lilac eyes and locks of golden hair worn loose. Her tan jacket covering most of her uniform but still look as if she could fight at any time of the week.

"Eh, it was alright. At least even before Neptune could start being an officer, I could have a head start on him. Then I'll be his superior!" Sun grinned while placing down his menu to order. Yang laughed at the idea of that, remember she did something like that to Jaune before.

"Then I gotta teach you some cool stuff from now on yeah?"

"You betcha!" Sun replied before slouching on his seat to be more comfortable.

"Hmm… Sun, wanna join up on some cool mission on Saturday night?" Yang suddenly asked, picking up the interest of Sun, and Blake, who's sitting just behind their booth, listening closer to hear more information.

"Uh yeah sure. What's the mission?"

"Okay, you didn't hear this from me, but there was a break-in yesterday in the bank right?" Sun nodded in agreement after Yang explained, as she continued on. "The two crooks who got caught apparently reported that the fabled Red Rose Thief was the one who did it. But then we got a request of 'Guarding the facility' by someone named Junior."

"Uhm, is that even possible? We're police, not security guards."

"That's what I thought too. Me and the guys suspected that it must have been some kind of illegal dealings going on. I've been noticing these things have been happening ever since that bastard, Winchester was placed in charge of the precinct."

"That's also illegal ya know. If you want to investigate that stuff, that will get everyone involved fired."

"I know, that's why we won't be investigating. Cardin had enough warnings from General Ironwood. If this thing fails, we can be able to report that our superior is a failure and we can ask for a replacement, hopefully it would be Mr. Ozpin!"

"But what if I goes well? Wouldn't that make things worse? And you can't actively sabotage a mission or you'll be labeled as a criminal."

"Man, chill down okay. I won't be pretending to help, I will arrest that thief. But once word comes out that we aren't supposed to be doing security guard work, Cardin will get fired or demoted at least from his rank. So it's a win-win for us! So, what do ya say? You in or not?" Yang asked. Sun waited for a moment at the same time their food arrived.

"Eh, sure, that sounds awesome! I can finally do some awesome cool cop work. Count me in!" Sun raised his fist to fist bump Yang, whom bumped back with same eagerness.

"Yeah! For now, let's get eating." Yang said before digging in. Blake had enough of what she heard and picked up her stuff, left a tip for the waitress and went to the door. She turned back around once more and caught Sun looking at her with a smug grin, and a wink. She returned the wink with a smirk on her face and a flip of her hair and she walked out the door. As she was walking down to the parking lot, she pulled out her phone and scrolled to the contact 'Shroud' and pressed call. A female voice spoke through the phone.

'So, was my intel correct?'

"As always. Gambol just relayed the information back to me and I think we're all set here. How about on your end, is everything ready?"

'Yeah, everything is ready. We just need the thief to be ready for the heist, which I assumed you already are.'

"Change of plans Shroud, we got a new thief running the name." Blake said as she unlocked the door of the car and slid back in the driver's seat and closing the door.

'Oh. So whose our new Red?'

"Not important right now, I'll introduce you to her once we're done with this heist."

'Okay… But what should we call you from now on?'

"Hmm… Call me Midnight." Blake said as she dropped the call.

"Corcra" means "purple" in old Irish.

"Viola" means "purple" as well, in Italian.

When I researched about what possible nicknames I could give to Blake's teammates (The two other thieves) I thought of Gambol and Shroud. Which worked perfectly for Sun, who's mischievous as a monkey and Gambol means jumping or running playfully. So I guess that only leaves Shroud, but I suppose you guys might already know who it is. Anyways, hope to see you all next week for the next chapter.