This is an idea i had a time ago of how i imagined that would be Gray and Juvia living together since it was only mentioned a couple of times but we never got to see really more of their days during the six months they lived together.

This is a old story i wrote, so mayyybe Gray's character can seem a bit OOC, but it's nothing alarming, i just wanted to make him a little more soft towards Juvia, something like he's currently.

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It has been just a couple of hours since Fairy Tail was dissolved, and each of the guild members choose their own path.

Gray decided to travel to the west and live there for a while to foccus on his training, but he knew his day weren't going be so funny without his friends, and a certain blue haired girl.

At the day that him and his guild mates received the news, he saw so many people crying and saying that was crazy, but even Erza was trying her best to hang on, others like Lucy were openly crying, while she hugged Levy.

But the girl he was looking for were at the corner.

Juvia was looking down, but Gray knew she was crying but didn't want the others too see, as she covered her mouth to stop from sobbing. Gray approached to her and held her hand, making the bluenette look surprised at him.

- "Gray-sama ?"

Without replying, he wrapped his arms around her and said:

- "It's okay, everyone is sad too, you don't need to hold yourself now"

Hearing this Juvia hugged him back leaning her face at his chest as allowed the tears to fall down his shirt freely, that was still there surprisingly.

But Juvia wasn't the only one that started to cry on the hug, that was being hard for Gray too, he had been always with his friends on Fairy Tail since he was young and now suddenly they were forced to be separated for undetermined time.

After a while, Makarov left the place and a lot of the ex-members too, but when Gray was also going to leave Juvia held his wrist, making him look at her:

- "Juvia ?"

- "Gray-sama, please stay a little more, Juvia doesn't know when she will be able to see you again" - She said shyly and clearly holding her tears again

The young man was thinking for a minute, wondering if that would be a good idea, but he decided:

- "Juvia, do you want to come with me ?" - He asked

Juvia wasn't totally sure if she listened well, when she lifted her head and showed a confuse look to him.

- "What ? You don't mind it ?"

- "I-Its just that I will need a training partner a-and we both are compatible so- "

He didn't even finish the phrase when Juvia jumped to him, rounding her arms around the her now former guildmate

- "H-Hey"

- "Thank you Gray, I'm so thankfull" - Juvia said crying of hapiness

He didn't know if it was because she talked in first person, called him just by Gray or yet because deep on his heart he was glad that she agreed with his ask, as if she wouldn't, but the dark haired guy felt his heart beating more fast and warming. Gray smiled:

- "You're welcome, Juvia"

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