Spongebob was grilling up some Krabby Patties as he was humming to himself, looking out the service window to see a bear and bird without helmets on, making the sponge gasp in shock as he placed his yellow hands on his face after dropping his spatula.

"Holy fish paste, they don't have any helmets on!" Spongebob screamed as he dashed out with an empty pickle jar in his hands. "Hang on, I'm getting you air!"

"We don't need it, we got some mumbo jumbo magic on us." Banjo explained as he pulled up his yellow shorts.

Spongebob had a perplexed look on his face. "Say what?"

"We got magic to let us breathe underwater." Kazooie responded as she flapped her red wings around, causing them to fall onto the floorboard and within her partner's blue backpack. "Now I heard something about you making burgers, is that right?"

"Well they're Krabby Patties but yes I do! Would you like some?" Spongebob insisted as he suddenly pulled up a tray containing a delicious hot Krabby Patty bunch.

Kazooie looked at the delicate sea burgers as she nodded her head. "Are they are disgusting as the ones in Witchyworld?"

"The what?" Spongebob responded with a bizarre look on his face.

Banjo shrugged as he decided to take 1 of the hamburgers, eating it as his eyes widened. "Man, this is delicious! This is way better than what that theme park offered!"

"You sure about it?" Kazooie murmured while taking a burger for herself, her eyes also lighting up as she was taken aback by how good the patty was. "This Krabby whatever you call it is leagues beyond Big Al's crap!"