A/N: This is set some time after the show(I have read the book, but the show's fresher in my brain). I absolutely loved the show and when this came to my mind, I needed to write it down, I hope you like it!

The Curious Adventure of The Demon Meredith

Meredith felt her tail twitch while she stood before Duke Hastur and Lord Beelzebub. She was not nervous, to be nervous would be admitting that she was scared, and when one is a demon, they don't get scared, or willingly admit it. Her black cat ears twitched as she listened to her instructions. Surely they weren't serious, well perhaps they were, but surely they wouldn't expect her to do this mission. She who had never been to earth, she was just a low class demon with no knowledge or experience in anything other than torturing souls.

"Do you understand?" Hastur snapped, his arms were crossed and he looked as displeased as he usually would.

Meredith's tail jolted as she was addressed. "Well, yes sir. I-" she stammered.

Beelzebub tapped their foot against the ground impatiently.

"Y-yes." she finished, trying to sound as confident as possible.

Hastur grinned. "Good."

x Food x

That was how Meredith found herself standing behind a tree at St. James' park, waiting for the sight of an Angel and a Demon. She crossed her arms and sighed, she had been given the right honourable task of following the two in what Hastur had called reconnaissance. She had the job to observe the two, to try and find out just why and how they pair were immune to holy water and hell fire. Just what magics had the two invoked to make it so?

She scoffed, just how was she to know? How was she to find out? She looked down at the tattoo's marking her arms, their patterns similar to panther spots, the only indication of her demonic heritage. Her nose twitched as the air close by changed, a holiness caught wind. She bit back a hiss and glanced towards the park benches, her eyes widened as the Angel and Demon in question walked together and sat together on one of the benches.

She raised a brow at the sight of them. They didn't look dangerous. Especially the Angel who looked like some kind of pansy. They were the ones who had put the higher ups in a mood. 'It takes all kinds, I suppose.' she thought with a shrug.

Movement caught her attention and she watched as the Angel pulled something out of his wooden basket. She inched closer, perhaps this would give her some clue as to their power? She watched him pull out some form of… triangle? He then proceeded to pass the triangle to the Demon Crowley, who then started to consume it, the Angel took out his own triangle and joined him. Was that food? Wasn't that what humans ate?

A movement caught her attention and she looked over to see a tall lanky man in white hiding behind another tree, taking notes in a notepad- apparently Heaven had planned something similar to her side. She glared at the Angel before turning her attention to the pair, she blanched, they were… throwing food at the ducks? No, she corrected herself after a few moments, they were feeding the ducks. She continued to watch them while they sat together and fed the ducks, it seemed innocent enough, but there had to be something, anything about the situation that would have caused their sudden god-like powers.

When the two eventually left the park, Meredith moved from her hiding spot and hesitantly stepped towards the water. She watched the ducks while they pecked at the last scraps of food that had been left by the pair. She looked around the park and noticed the food stand. Curiously she stepped to the vendor and with a quick demonic 'miracle' she found herself holding a bag of baked treats. While she moved to head back to the ducks she noticed her Angelic counterpart walk up to the stand with some money. With a grin and a click of her fingers, the angel would find some crawling guests in his food.

She stepped to the pond and opened her bag, insider were some colourful circles. She pulled one out and hesitated. Dare she try it? What if something happened to her? But then, another voice in her mind added, what if it did give her powers. She closed her eyes, only one way to find out. She took a bite. Her eyes shot open, this circle with a hole in the centre, whatever it was, was absolutely delicious. Her mouth felt true bliss while the object sat against her tongue. She suddenly felt the urge to move her teeth, so she did and by Satan, her knees went weak. She placed a hand against the bench to steady herself.

She took another bite and let out a moan, this was phenomenal. She could believe it if this was what caused them to gain their powers. This, human food, was divine. However, while she ate it, she failed to notice any differences with how she felt. She certainly didn't feel more powerful, and she certainly did not feel as though she were powerful enough to take on holy water. She was not sure why, but she knew that this had not improved her condition. It had certainly improved the condition of her tongue though, yum.

The sound of an, almost girlish, shriek brought her out of her indulgence and she looked over to the Angel dropping his bag of food and a dozen cockroaches fled from the paper bag. She grinned a grin that reached her eyes and let out a chuckle that was filled with her amusement, and, a pureness that had not been there before and she did not notice.

The Angel looked over at her, his dark eyes narrowing from behind his rectangle spectacles. His long fingers pushed his inky hair out of his face while he let out a sound of annoyance. With a cross of his arms he said. "I should have known that it were the work of a demon." he said the word as though it had a bad taste, and maybe it did? "Begone, back to the void!" he shooed at her.

With a cackle, she turned to leave, but not without encouraging one of the ducks to chase after the angel. His shrill cry causing her to laugh more.


Aziraphale smiled while he and Crowley walked to through St. James' park together. In his hand was a wicker basket, the two of them were going to have a spot of lunch and feed the ducks. It was such a beautiful day for it and Aziraphale was glad that Crowley had wanted to come with him. In fact, since the apocalypse-that-almost-was, Crowley and he had been spending lots more time together, such as having lunch among other things.

When they reached their destination, Aziraphale gestured for Crowley to sit before he took the spot beside him. They sat their for some time, their shoulders just touching, before his demonic partner broke the silence.

"We've got a couple of stalkers, Angel."

Aziraphale's lips twitched. "I know, the Angel followed me from the bookshop," he glanced at Crowely through the corner of his eyes. "did the Demon follow you here?"

"Nope," Crowley slouched back into the chair and lung an arm around the back of the chair, and pressed it lightly against Aziraphale's back. "I suspect that she's been waiting here for us- seems like something Hastur would do after the Holy water incident in my flat."

Aziraphale hummed and reached for the basket at his side. Clipping it open he took out a chicken salad sandwich, he smiled widely, he had been looking forwards to the sandwich since he had made them earlier. He offered a triangle to Crowley who accepted it and started to eat it. He watched Crowley with warm eyes for a few moments before he reached for his own half. His eyes closed as he enjoyed the food, it was crisp, fresh and absolutely amazing. The were silent for some time, the only sounds being that of the surrounding humans and the ducks who were waiting very patiently, or as patiently as they were able to, for their meal.

"That was quite good Aziraphale," Crowley commented, tilting his head to look over at his friend while his fingers brushed lightly against his shoulder. "You should make lunch more often, perhaps when we have a picnic?"

Aziraphale sent him a blinding smile and tapped his fingers in his lap. "I'd like that." their eyes locked for some time before Aziraphale cleared his throat and reached into the basket. "I think our little friends have waited long enough, no dear?" he pulled out some bread and passed some to Crowley.

"I suppose Angel." he chuckled and together they went about throwing the ducks their treasures. He chuckled while the birds went crazy and attacked the food. They continued to watch and feed the ducks for some time before they eventually ran out of food. "Well, shall I take you back to the bookshop." Crowley prompted.

"I would like that." came the reply with a warm smile.

"Come on Angel." Crowley rose to stand and held an arm out to his companion. Aziraphale pulled himself up and took the offered arm.

"What shall we do about our, 'Friends'?" Aziraphale's voice was low, he send an inconspicuous look to the Demon and Angel watching them.

Crowley shrugged. "Let's watch them, see what happens."

"B-but what if they try to hurt you." Aziraphale spluttered.

"I could say the same about you." Came the casual reply. "besides Angel, I don't think they're here to hurt us- Hastur wouldn't send a low class Demon- he'd rather do it himself. Nah, this is recon work." he reassured, giving the Angel's arm a squeeze.

"I hope that you are right." Aziraphale replied through thin lips. They were walking further away from the pair and he noticed that they had yet to follow after them.

"Well," Crowley began, his eyebrows raising above his sunglasses. "I could stay with you tonight, just to keep you safe?"

"Oh, Crowley."