Chapter Eleven

The End

Meredith wrung her hands nervously as she walked through the streets of Soho towards the cafe. Why was she nervous? Because today was the day that she was to meet Aziraphale and Crowley for lunch. A lunch where they were to talk about things. What sort of things? She hoped it was about how they pulled their little 'stunt'. She was more than desperate to know by now, but it wasn't for the reason that she had originally thought, now she wanted to know as a means to get away from Hell, she wanted freedom, she needed her freedom. She turned a corner and continued down a street, she and James had agreed to meet at the cafe before heading out. She had a strange feeling when she thought of the cafe, a feeling of something coming to an end, she hoped that it was just standard paranoia and not some psychic premonition.

As she reached closer to the cafe she looked over to the bookshop which looked empty. The light beaming through the window lit up the shop, the bookshelves were bare and there seemed to be nothing and no one in there. They had finally finished packing, it seemed. She frowned, on one hand she was happy for them, lucky bastards were able to get their freedom, on the other hand she was sad, she had heard that Aziraphale had owned the shop for a long time. Endings of era's seemed to resonate from their source, and she could feel something radiating from the shop, poignant it was.

With a shake of her head she turned towards the cafe and walked towards it. Her feet had a drag to them, she was not sure why. She opened the door to the cafe and saw the normal sight of waitresses fluttering about after customers. She stepped through the threshold and it was then she noticed Elizabeth, who was looking quite irritated, talking to a man.

"Come on love, give us your number." he urged grasping at her arm.

Her lips tightened. "I have already said no." she tilted her head to the door. "You can leave now."

Meredith slid closer and watched as the human ignored her and continued to nag her for 'a date' and 'her number'. She closed her eyes and sighed, she just wanted a coffee, she didn't need this, she wondered if any of the other waitresses would serve her. She noticed that the other servers were avoiding Elizabeth and by proxy, herself. She sighed, she wished that James were here, then he would do the good dead and not her.

She twitched her fingers and prepared to rid the shop of the annoyance.

Suddenly Elizabeth straightened her back, her chin raised, her eyes flashed, almost black."You need to leave."

Meredith watched with wide eyes as the man went still. His eyes widened with horror as his body moved of it's own volition and he turned rigidly and walked out of the shop. Meredith glanced back at Elizabeth who continued to watch the man. She turned her eyes back to the man as he walked out into the street, his body seemed to be fighting against itself as it walked out onto the road. Her mouth hung open as the man took three more steps out onto the road and then- Bang! He was hit by a speeding mini, his body sent flying before landing in a misshapen heap.

She felt herself drop into her booth and watched, horrified, as people rushed to help the man. There was no use though, he was dead. She turned to look at Elizabeth who was watching the scene with a smile, her black eyes flashing with humour before the green returned to them. With a chuckle she turned to Meredith and pulled out a notepad.

"Would you like your usual?" she asked, her voice cheerful and filled with something that Meredith could not name.

Meredith nodded quietly and watched as Elizabeth bounced to the back of the shop to get the order. She stared at the blonde, her face becoming pensive as things began to link within her brain.

That was how James found her.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked as he slid into the booth across from her.

"She's not human." she said quietly.

James frowned and turned to follow her line of sight. When he saw Elizabeth he turned back to her with a raised brow. "What do you mean? She feels human to me."

Meredith's lips tightened. "She's not." her voice was low, a growl perhaps.

James opened his mouth to reply but stopped as the woman in question came back with Meredith's coffee. "Here you go dear." she slid the mug towards her. She looked at James briefly before before glancing back at Meredith. "I'll be going away," she said suddenly. "you'll not see me again after today, I just wanted to say goodbye, I've enjoyed serving you these last few years."

Meredith looked up at her, her eyes were hard and calculating. "It..." she began slowly. "it has been nice to know you. It would have been nice to know you better."

Elizabeth smiled. "Goodbye Dear Meredith." with a wink she left the cafe, through the front door, as though she had never been there.

Meredith watched the door with sad eyes. She would miss Elizabeth, she along with James had been a constant during her time on Earth. It was strange to think that she had never been human all this time. Which raised a question, what was she?

James hummed speculatively. When Meredith sent him a questioning look he merely shrugged. "There are some things we are meant to understand, others we aren't."

She frowned. "Now just what is that supposed to mean?"

He shook his head with a speculative smile. "It's not important. What is important is that we are going to be late." he rose from the booth and held out a hand to her. "Shall we?"

She pulled herself from her booth and slid her hand into his. "We shall."


Their trip to St. James' park was a silent one. Meredith watched as they drove past people walking by and the other cars. Her eyes slid up to the sky, it was clear and oddly wonderful, under normal circumstances she would consider it a good omen of things to come, but Meredith knew better. Meredith was a Demon, which meant that she was a pessimist, and being a pessimist meant that she knew, knew, that something was going to happen.

"Stop frowning Meredith," James piped as he pulled into a car park. "Everything is going to be alright." he clicked his fingers and the car switched off. He turned to her, his dark eyes were soft and filled with something the she couldn't name, they glittered from behind his spectacles. "If you're so worried, we don't have to do this, we can continue to be as we are, stalkers." he said the last word teasingly.

She rolled her eyes at him, but her lip twitched upwards. "That would really get to Crowley, wouldn't it?" she pulled herself from the car and watched while he did the same. "Do you think they're waiting for us? Or did we get here first?"

James shrugged. "Let's go an find out." he gestured forwards and the two walked through the park.

While they walked, Meredith watched as James stared at the trees and the people and everything else in the park, he seemed to be taking everything in as though it were the last time. She wanted to say something to him, the two of them were both being overly glum and she wasn't sure that she could handle it any longer. She opened her mouth, but then closed it again, it could wait.

"They arrived here before us, it would seem." Meredith jumped as James spoke suddenly.

She glanced up at him and saw his dark eyes staring, she followed his line of sight and saw them. Crowley and Aziraphale sitting on a park bench, between them was a paper bag that appeared to be filled with bread as they were feeding the ducks. Meredith took a moment to watch them, it was strange, she had been watching them for the last two years but for some reason today it felt different. As though she would not be doing it again. She kind of hoped that would not be watching them again for good reasons, but her gut was telling her another story.

As if feeling the eyes on him, Aziraphale turned his head to his them and smiled, his blue eyes warm. Meredith smiled awkwardly back and walked wordlessly to the pair. She pulled some bread from the bag and threw it to the ducks before moving to stand beside the sitting Angel. James copied her actions and stood silently beside Crowley. A cool breeze passed them and the now empty bag lifted and landed on the path, it fluttered down the path with a crinkle. A passer-by moved to pick it up, only to let out a shriek as a spider crawled out from inside.

"Crowley!" Aziraphale hissed.

Aziraphale raised his hands defensively. "It wasn't me!" he chuckled. " 'was funny though."

Dark eyes shot to Meredith. "Really?" James raised a delicate brow.

Meredith grinned and the paper bag caught fire before dissolving into nothing.

"Well." Aziraphale pulled himself up to stand, he clasped his hands in front of him. "Let's get a wiggle on." he smiled. "I was thinking the Ritz."


The Ritz was strange, Meredith decided. It was beautiful, but not like anything that she had ever seen before. As they were led to their table and Meredith took in the beautiful d├ęcor she found herself feeling under dressed, a feeling that she had never felt before. She had worn a simple pair of black jeans and a black blouse and James had dressed in his usual attire. She wished that she had worn something else, what, she did not know. She watched as Aziraphale and Crowley took their chairs while she and James sat across from them.

She glanced down at their menu, there were so many meals. She felt as though she needed a day to just sit here and enjoy all of the different foods. She looked up and saw the others watching her with amusement. "What?" she frowned.

"You do love your food." James smirked.

Meredith raised her nose haughtily. "What is wrong with enjoying food?" she gestured to the menu. "Look at my options, they are morsels of wonder and I wish to partake."

Crowley let out a laugh. "Sorry, you just remind me of someone." he chuckled, though his eyes were hidden by glasses it was obvious that he was looking at the Angel beside him.

Aziraphale went to say something, only to stop as their waiter came to take their order. The four of them ordered and Crowley requested an expensive house wine. With their orders taken and their wine received, a silence took the table. Meredith fingered the condensation on the wine flute as she soaked in the silence. She had so much that she had wanted to ask them, so much that she wanted to know, but now, now that she was across from them, she found her voice lost.

"How long were the two of you fraternising, before you were caught?" James said suddenly before reaching for his wine.

Crowley's lips thinned at the word 'fraternising'.

Aziraphale smiled serenely. "Well you see, that there is a story from a long time ago- the garden."

Crowley made a sound.

Meredith's eyes widened and she felt James tense beside her. She had been told that they had known each other for a long time, but... the garden? She dropped her hand from her glass and it fell to the table with a thunk. "You've... you've been friends with Crowley since... the garden!?" being a born demon, she had never seen the garden, nor had she been around when it was accessible, but she had heard about it, it's splendour and beauty.

"Of course, you were the catalyst for original sin.." James said quietly.

Crowley moved in his chair and Meredith had the distinct impression that he was rolling his eyes. "Well, if they didn't want anyone eating those apples, God wouldn't have put the tree out in the open."

Aziraphale made a sound, it almost sounded like agreement, almost. "Wily old serpent." he said fondly before taking a sip of his wine. "I have a question for you." he then said, his blue eyes taking in the two beings across from him. "What exactly, is your job in regards to us? I have a hypothesis, but I would like clarification."

James glanced at Meredith through the corner of his eyes. She returned the look and nodded fractionally. "We were sent separately, but we share the same goal; to discover how you were able to survive the hellfire and the holy water. By all rights you should not be here."

Aziraphale nodded. "I had suspected as such." he went silent, his eyes scanning their features as though trying to come to some sort of decision. He was silent for the longest time he seemed to be studying them, the silence was almost maddening.

"When did you engage in a sexual relationship?" James said bluntly, causing Meredith to blanch. "Heaven feels that you two have been 'boyfriends' for years, decades even."

"James!" Meredith hissed.


"You don't just ask people how long they've been shagging for!"

"I hardly see the problem. This is technically part of our job."

"Even so-"

Aziraphale's giggle cut through them. "You two are sweet." his words caused Crowley to snort.

"They'll get a commendation for their investigative work." Crowley said smugly as he leaned back into the chair.

"At least they're doing the work." His Angel shot back smugly causing Crowley to snort quietly. "I do believe though," he drew his attention back to the two across from them. "You probably don't need to know about our sexual relations, do you?" he clasped his hands together and leaned forward to rest them on the table. "That isn't what you want to know either, really."

Meredith shook her head. No, they really did not need to know about the pairs sexual life, nor did she think that her superiors needed to know. She reached for her wine and took a sip. She thought about her superiors, if they told her what she needed to know, would she tell them? Or would she take that information and use it for her own advantage? She had a feeling that she would do the latter.

"No." she said quietly. "No I don't care about that," she placed her glass down on the table- where was their food? "No, what I want to know is... how did you do it? At first it was just a job, but now? Now I want, no need to know."

"I'm sure you do." Crowley chimed, reaching for his glass. "It's simple, we lied."

James made a sound and tilted his head, confusion etched on his face. "What do you mean, lied? Gabriel literally had Aziraphale step into hellfire!"

"It was a special lie." Aziraphale commented.

Meredith pursed her lips and glanced between the two. Lied indeed. She could believe that they lied, but there was no way that the standard definition of a lie is what they did. They may have lied, but there was something else that they had done, she just had to figure it out. "What else did you do?" she said quietly.

The Angel's eyes lit up. "If you had to theorise what we did, what would think that we did? Dear girl."

Meredith paused as she thought. "Well..." she said eventually. "You do spend a lot of time having sex- did your bond have something to do with this?" She watched as Crowley blanched and Aziraphale chuckled again. "My strongest theory was that it had something to do with you two swapping fluids" she flushed. "but, ah, James and I have already, tested, that theory and well, I don't think that I'm immune to holy water."

Beside her, James gave extra attention to his wine.

"Swapping fluids." Aziraphale murmured, his eyes glanced down at his joined fingers before glancing back at Meredith. "You are... not entirely wrong." he said quietly before smiling as the waiter came with their food.

"Something was certainly swapped." Crowley chuckled before reaching for his glass of wine.

Aziraphale lifted his fork and scooped some of his crab. Meredith watched as he lifted the food to his mouth to consume it. He closed his eyes and moaned, a small portion of it caught on the corner of his lips as he took the fork away. She paused, something about that seemed odd, at least from what she understood of him, the Angel was not the sort to spill his food- at least, that was what she had gathered from watching him for two years.

"You got some on your face." Crowley commented passing him a napkin.

Aziraphale moaned at the taste of the crab before dabbing at his mouth as he finished. "Thank you Dear." he smiled. "I don't know what I would do without you."

Crowley made a sound before turning his attention to his own food. Meredith glanced at James who was watching the two with fierce eyes, as though he was waiting for the to hurry up and tell them just how they had managed to do it all. She frowned and looked down at her salad, she poked it with her fork while she mulled over their evening.

'You've got some on your face.'

She stabbed some lettuce and tomato onto her fork.

'Swapping fluids, you are... not entirely wrong.'

She raised the food to her lips.

'Something was certainly swapped.'

She opened her mouth.

'Swapped... something on your face.'

Her fork dropped to her plate with a clang, her wide eyes shot to the two across from her. Crowley seemed bored, but she could feel his eyes piercing her and Aziraphale was smiling at her with a benevolent, knowing smile that confirmed everything that flowed through her mind, but at the same time confirmed nothing- it was just a smile, she may well be taking it the wrong way, but for some reason she had a feeling that she correct.

"Well, well, well... what do we have here?"

Time seemed freeze in the Ritz, magic being the cause, the waiters and other patrons frozen in their places. Meredith turned and, at the same time she felt James tense, she saw Beelzebub and Gabriel standing before them. Well this was just great. No it really was, if great was akin to walking on a rickety bridge over a boiling lake of lava- did lava boil? Or was it like fire and simply burned, or did it do some weird combination of both? She inwardly shook her head, now was not the time to be wondering about those sorts of things.

"Gabriel! Beelzebub!" Crowley held his arms out in greeting, he seemed oddly relaxed about the situation.

Aziraphale's face remained serene, but there seemed to be a tightening around his eyes. "Gabriel."

"James! What a surprise!" Gabriel tilted his head to the side, a smile lighted his face, but it was not a please smile, it was cold and said everything that it needed to. "I had hoped that my friend here had been incorrect when they came with information about what you've been doing down here." he crossed his arms. "Apparently my hopes were not worth my time."

"Zzzsspending time with angelsszz are we Meredith?" Beelzebub had a disappointed look on their face, but Meredith knew better. The Prince of Hell was furious.

"So this is what you've been doing for two years?" Gabriel gestured to Aziraphale and Crowley. "Consuming food with them?"

James pulled himself to stand an indignant rigidness to his stance, Meredith almost thought that he was going to stand up to Gabriel but then he spoke. "I have been doing my job sir, we- I've been investigating the Angel Aziraphale and the Demon Crowley to try to discover how they were able to withstand your justice."

"Shall we add lying to your list of treachery?" Gabriel scowled.

Meredith blanched, she knew that Heaven had a hold on James, but this was ridiculous- he'd be lucky if he ever got sex again after that one, provided they survived past this. She rolled her eyes as James made a sound and stopped as she felt Beelzebub's eyes on her, she raised a brow at them.

"Do you want to pretend that I don't know?" Beelzebub asked coolly.

"No." she replied evenly.

"This one's not half bad." she heard Crowley say quietly and Aziraphale let out a sound of agreement before making another sound that sounded like he was eating his lunch again. She chuckled lightly, of course he was going to take this seriously.

Beelzebub sent the two a look before turning their attention back to Meredith. "What do you have to say in your defence?"

"Is this my trial? I'm hurt, Crowley got a room." Her sassy response received a chuckle from Crowley.

"Have you dizzzssscovered anything of worth? Before we kill you?" Beelzebub snapped.

"There lies an important question." Aziraphale commented before sipping at his wine.

"I'm sure she has lots of material to search from." Crowley added. "Someone knows how many times she watched us." Crowley made a vague gesture with his hand. "Probably watched us in bed too."

"ZZSSSsshut up!" Beelzebub snapped.

"I agree, do you two ever keep your mouths shut?" Gabriel added, sending the two a glare.

Meredith tilted her head, she had seen quite a lot during her time on Earth, but would any of the information be good enough to use in a convincing lie? She wasn't sure if she could lie and get away with it? Then again, she was going to die anyway would there be a problem with telling a lie? She knew their secret, but she wasn't stupid, she understood what would happen if she shared the secret. War. Death. Fighting. Aziraphale and Crowley dying. Some time ago, she probably would not have cared, but now, having spent her time on Earth, loving Earth, she could not give the secret away.

"I do have the information you want." she turned in her chair so that she faced the two standing before them. "I have a condition."

"What?!" Beelzebub snapped. "I'll kill you quickly if you like."

"I don't think that you're in the position to make demands of us." Gabriel added.

"But we are." Crowley raised his wine glass to Gabriel. "How about you hear her out."

Gabriel's scowl darkened, were that possible.

"What do you want?" Beelzebub growled, shooting Crowley a dark look.

"Spare James." her words surprised everyone at the table including herself. What a stupid boon to ask for. What about herself. She saw Beelzebub nod lightly and after receiving a blow to his elbows, so did Gabriel.

"Well its..." she glanced at Aziraphale who nodded at her, and Crowley who seemed more interested in his wine than what was happening, she then felt a hand gently touch her lower back. The hand was hesitant, which it damn well should be! James was in for it later! Still, she found herself leaning into the touch. She took a hesitant breath that she didn't need, was this going to work? "It's sex." the lie fell easily from her lips.

Gabriel blanched. "I'm... sorry... what?"

Beelzebub seemed to be stunned and stood still.

Meredith nodded hastily. "Y-Yes... the act of, of sexual intercourse with an Angel... it fills you with the power to protect yourself from the holy power... it works in the other way as well..."

Crowley was proud of his own ability to not throw his head back in laughter at the absurdity of her statement. Seriously, sex? It was good, even Crowley would admit that, but magical sex that gives the power of impervious-ness? His lips twisted around the rim of his glass. He glanced at Aziraphale through the corner of his eyes, he too, seemed to be enjoying the scene before him.

"You cannot be zzsserious?" Beelzebub seemed to be swaying on the spot, a expression of disbelief and slight anger on their face.

"It is a lie." Gabriel snapped. "There is no way that such an act would do that, humans do it all the time and nothing."

"It's to do with the swapping of fluids." James said quietly, apparently trying to redeem himself. "and of course the... love."

Aziraphale made a sound from as he took a bite of his crab.

Beelzebub seemed at loss of words, Gabriel as well.

Crowley chuckled. "Well guys, you going to give it a try?" he leaned back into his chair, his eyebrows raised high above his glasses.

"G-give it a try!?" Beelzebub sounded scandalised.

"Just what are you implying Demon!?" Gabriel clenched his fists angrily.

"He's just telling you the facts." Aziraphale snapped. "Perhaps you should, it might help you to... what's that phrase? 'loosen you up'?"

Crowley snorted on his wine.

"We shall dizscuzzss further." Beelzebub said suddenly. They turned to Gabriel, an odd expression on their face.

The other four froze.

Gabriel staggered back, clearly shaken. "W-we shall?"

"I'm pleazsed that you agree." Beelzebub reached forward and grasped him by the lapels and with a 'poof' they had vanished.

Aziraphale made a sound. "Well that was certainly something." Aziraphale commented thoughtfully.

Crowley let out a laugh. " 'something'? That was bloody brilliant!" he threw his head back with a cackle. "Oh to be a fly on the wall for that event!" he then shuddered as he pictured the pair engaging in their 'intercourse'.

"Oh no..." Meredith slunk into her seat. "Oh dear I hope that they don't find out soon I'd like a little more time alive."

James sunk on his chair beside her. "We're so dead."

"Oh don't be that way Dears." Aziraphale said with a smile. "Just be prepared, if you are prepared then you'll be ready."

"How will we-" James began but was cut off by Meredith.

"We will be." she reached for her fork. "Thank you, for helping us." She smiled at the Angel and Demon across from her.

"Just how did they-"

"You are most welcome." Aziraphale smiled and raised his glass. "I propose a toast, to the future, whatever it brings."

Quite a few things were brought by the future.

Meredith's lie had had a... profound effect on the future.. Gabriel and Beelzebub had come to an agreement of their own, one that seemed to bleed to the other Angels and Demons and by the time they caught on to the lie, well there were few that could be bothered caring. Apparently all most of the Angels and Demons needed was, for lack of a better term, a good fuck.


"Hey Dagon!" A low level demon called out as he looked at some paperwork, a look of confusion etched on his face.

Dagon, who was discussing something with Hastur, looked up. "What?" she snapped.

"We..." he paused and looked back down at the paperwork to check that it indeed said what it said and he wasn't experiencing some sort of mental crisis.

"Well out with it!" Dagon, whose interest, or irritation, was piqued, walked over with Hastur following behind.

One of Hell's many leaky pipes dripped onto the paperwork as the Demon read over it again, sixteen times wasn't too excessive. "We... we have a faller coming in."

Dagon raised an eyebrow and snatched the paper from the Demon. "That's not possible, we aint had a faller in centuries, didn't think they could, 'specially now since Beelzebub's having it off with one of them Angel's now." her eyes scanned the page. "Eial?" her eyebrow's rose. "An Archangel falling too? Well there's something."

"Give me that!" Hastur snatched the paper from her. Ignoring her indignant sound he read over the paper, his unbelieving eyes reading over the list of reasons for Eliza- Eial's fall. "Confessing to hating God..." he murmured as his dark eyes reached the end of the list. He scrunched the piece of paper in his fist before hurling it at a wall causing a pipe to burst. His expression darkened as he was soaked in water.

"Duke Hastur?" Dagon raised a brow at him.

Hastur said nothing and pushed past Dagon and the Demon. He had an Angel- no a Demon to meet. His trip through Hell was a long one, this was partly due to the fact that Hell went out of it's way to irritate it's occupants, but also due to the fact that Hastur was headed to a part of Hell that had not been used in a millennia, due to the fact that no Angels had fallen in that long. When he finally reached where he needed to be the sight he was met with, should have been satisfying but it wasn't. Lying on the dark rocky floor beside a pool of fire laid what was once an Angel.

Elizabeth cried out in pain as her wings turned black. It burned, it was as though her body had been covered with a blue flame and the hottest point being her wings. She shook and twisted as she tried to move from the flame but it was to no avail, not matter where she moved the flames followed, there seemed to be no relief from the pain. Then a cool hand touched hers, she knew who it was. She knew that hand, and while it did nothing to ease her pain, the touch helped her. The cool hand stayed with her for what seemed to be years, it could have been, but it could also have been days, perhaps even hours, it didn't matter, what did was that the cool hand stayed through the ordeal and only moved when her burning and trembling stopped.

Elizabeth opened her now brown, almost grey eyes. The first thing that she noticed was that she was small. Smaller that she had ever been before, the second thing that she noticed was that she no longer had hands, instead she had what appeared to be little geko feet. The third thing that she noticed was that she was being held, her tongue flicked out and she tasted the air- she knew that smell. She turned her body to see the source of the hand. Hastur.

"You fell." he said blankly, his dark eyes burning hers.

She soaked in the sight of his form, she remembered her own body, her blonde hair and pale skin. She called to her magic and poured all of her focus into the image of her previous form. Her body changed it's shape and the next thing she knew, she was tumbling into Hastur.

"S-sorry!" she gasped as they tumbled into the ground. She pulled herself from his body and stumbled on her legs before falling to the ground. "M-My legs." she murmured.

"It takes time." Hastur said as he sat on the ground beside her.

Elizabeth let out a sound and at first Hastur thought that she was crying, which was not something a Demon should be doing, but he then realised that she was laughing. He tilted his head at her and watched as she threw her head back and let out the rich sound. Her shoulders shook and he caught a few stray tears fall from her eyes, which he chose to ignore.

"Six thousand years." she said suddenly, cutting off her laughter. "Six thousand years of trying and I finally get what I've wanted. It doesn't feel how I thought it would."

He made a sound. "How did you think that it would feel?"

She was quiet for a few moments, the tiny Geko behind her ear twitched slightly but did nothing else, until her and it, both looked at him. "I, honestly don't know what I expected, but I am..." she reached a hesitant hand out and touched his shoulder. "I am glad that you're here with me."

So was he.

"Do you think we should go... stir up some fun down on Earth?" she smiled lightly. "If I remember right, America has some big things happening- we could take advantage?"

He smiled. "Why not?"


"I am going to never let you live it down." Meredith grinned as she threw some bread to the ducks. "You ass, sucking up to Gabriel, what the hell was that all about?" it had been weeks, but she still bought it up to tease him whenever she had the chance.

"I panicked, okay!?" James let out a sound of exasperation, he raised his hands in defeat before throwing the ducks some of the bread. He then closed his eyes and tilted his head back to enjoy the feel of the sun on his face. "What do we do now?" he asked quietly before smiling at the warmth on his face.

"Well we need to be prepared, but I think that we have time," she grinned and he could hear the smile on her face. "From what I've heard, Beelzebub's been keeping Gabriel busy."

James chuckled. "I still cannot believe that it worked." he opened his dark eyes and turned to her. "How could such a ridiculous lie work?" her crossed his arms over his chest and sent her a look.

"I want to travel." Meredith said suddenly. "See Earth, you know, the sights, the food, while I still have the time." she threw the remaining bread to the ducks and pulled herself up to stand. He followed her suit and the two started to walk through the park.

"I would like to see the Japanese blossoms." James commented as he linked his hands behind his back.

"I wouldn't mind trying some mochi, I've heard it's quite delicious." Meredith closed her eyes briefly as she imagined eating the food, of course she had no basis for the taste so her pleasure came from just the thought of eating.

"Would we go together? Or are we...?" he asked hesitantly, looking away.

"James." Meredith said, suddenly sounding serious. "You piss me off, constantly, but unless you don't want me, and even then, you're going to have a hard time getting rid of me." she elbowed him causing him to let out an 'omph'. "You get it?"

"I'm glad..." he breathed before turning red. "I mean, erm, well that's good." through their walking, they had found themselves reaching the moke. He smiled at the red car, it had been a good vehicle to him for the last two years, he liked it almost as much as the Demon beside him, not that he was going to tell her that.

"You like me~" Meredith sang as she stood before him. Her hands slid to his chest and she grasped at his shirt. She grinned and looked up at him through dark lashes. "You want to kiss me~"

"I feel that you are referencing something but I shall ignore it in favour of this." he leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers. Her grin widened against him and she leaned closer to him. They stood there like that for some time before a passerby wolf whistled them, causing them to separate with a laugh. Meredith's laugh full of amusement and James' with embarrassment.

"Shall we go home?" Meredith prompted, climbing into the moke. "I'll make us eggs, and we can talk about our travels."

James climbed into the drivers side and turned the car on, the song 'take on me' flowed from the radio as he pulled out onto the road. "You know," James began, glancing back at Meredith. "You never told me how Aziraphale and Crowley managed to do it, I know that you know."

"Take me on~" Meredith sang with a grin.


"I'll be gone~"


"In a day or two~"



Crowley smiled as he heard his Angel inside their cottage. Said Angel was humming while he sorted through the books in their library, in their cottage. His smile widened and he planted some Hyacinths, their cottage. Just the thought was enough to brighten his day. They had finally done it, they were finally together- not that they hadn't been together before, but something about living with Aziraphale made the whole thing feel more permanent, gave him the feeling that it wasn't going to end.

He pulled himself up to stand and looked over his garden, he was so pleased with how it was coming along. He needed to get some chairs and maybe some ornaments, but so far it was coming along. It also pleased him that his plants that he had bought from his old apartment had, apparently, informed the other plants about him and his expectations, because they all were growing wonderfully. Not that he was going to tell them that.

He heard his Angel stop humming so he took that as a cue to check on him. Knowing Aziraphale he was probably reading a book, which would perfectly explain his sudden silence. He entered the cottage and was met with the sight of boxes, it had been weeks since they had moved in, but since Aziraphale insisted on doing things the human way, things were taking longer than it should have. He headed for their kitchen, which was the only room- other than the bedroom- that was complete. He boiled the kettle and made some tea for their matching angel and demon mugs. Grinning, he then headed through the masses of boxes to their library, which was, like most of the house still covered in boxes.

He was met with the sight of Aziraphale sitting on the sofa from the bookshop, by the window, in his hands was an old book. He instantly recognised it as one of the prophecy books from the blitz. One of the books that he had saved. He smiled and headed towards the Angel. Aziraphale, once he realised that Crowley was there, closed the book in his lap and smiled and accepted the tea from the Demon.

Crowley went to say something but cut himself off as he noticed something on a coffee table. A candle. The very thing that he had thought that they had agreed on, and that agreement being that they would not have those damned things in the house! He glared at the inanimate object and turned his fierce eyes to the Angel. "What is that doing here Angel?"

Aziraphale tilted his head in confusion before looking at the candle. Something flashed in his eyes before he let out a chuckle.

"I hardly see what's funny Angel." Crowley snapped.

"It's not real Dear." Aziraphale lifted the candle and turned it to it's bottom to reveal an on/off switch.

Crowley's lips tightened before he let out a breathy chuckle. "I'm sorry Angel." he said fondly as he scooted closer to the Angel.

"I understand Dear." Aziraphale leaned forward and buried his face in the Demon's shoulder. "I love you Dear."

"I love you Angel." Crowley pulled back and put his mug on the coffee table. "Shall I give you a taste of how much I love you?" he raised his brows suggestively and reached for Aziraphale's trousers.

"Oh Crowley!" Aziraphale laughed.


A young blonde girl stood on the rooftop of a building looking down at London. Her blue eyes scanning over the different people scurrying around to their businesses. She smiled as she heard footsteps behind her, then suddenly she began to age, her hair became darker, almost a mousy brown but still remained blonde. She grew taller and her face and body became more mature, until she stopped ageing at around the age of a woman in her thirties.

"I was wondering if you'd show up." she said with a twitch of her lips.

"How did you know that I was..? Oh never mind, you always know."

The now woman turned to see a boy with brown curls standing behind her. Suddenly the youth made a similar transformation to the woman, he grew taller and taller until he was taller than the woman. His lanky form both imposing but beautiful. He eyed her with his striking bluish green eyes. He reached with his long fingers and adjusted the sleeves of his red tailored suit.

"I suppose that is true, most of the time."

"Most of the time?" the once boy, now man quipped. "You know everything, just admit it."

"I didn't know that you were going to betray me." she replied smoothly.

He waved his hand dismissively. "Sure, I'll believe you." he crossed his arms and stepped beside her, his eyes scanning over the people in the street below him. "It was never your goal for us to fight, was it?" he turned his sharp eyes to her. "The Angels and Demons I mean."

She turned back to the street and watched the people walk for a while. "Perhaps. Perhaps not." she said simply.

The man beside her made a sound. "Whatever, did you have to corrupt Beelzebub?"

She chuckled. "You got Eial."

"I'd rather not lose anyone, even if you give me an Archangel in return." he crossed his arms and gestured lightly at the people. "You like watching them go about their meaningless lives, don't you?"

"I enjoy the odd little twists and turns they take themselves, it's been one of the few things to surprise me in a long time."

"We will fight. Our two sides, eventually." he replied. "These humans most likely will not survive."

"I think they will." she responded. "They have protectors now, creatures who like Earth, their numbers increase daily as well."

"Don't remind me. I'm losing Demon's by the numbers, mind you, you're losing Angels too. We'll be on even footing when we finally meet in combat."

"We shall see." she smiled serenely.

"There's a train," he began, sending her a sidelong look. "the train's going to crash soon, it's filled with many souls." he turned to her. "Perhaps we could go to the train and... play for their souls? Get ourselves ready for our eventual battle?"

She lifted her hand, a deck of cards appeared between her finger and thumb. "Poker?"

His mouth upturned into a side grin. "If I win their souls are mine.

"If I win," she replied. "the souls go wherever they were destined to go and... you hold off your attack for another thousand years."

His mouth hardened. "I'll win this time."

"I'm sure you will."

He held an arm out. "Shall we? Their souls are singing for their damnation."

"Good luck Lucifer." she clicked her fingers and they were gone.

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