A/N: This is my first Disney fanfiction story, and it's based on the movie Tarzan, which it was made in 1999, and in case you didn't know that I did this years ago, and even, I give some Cartoon stories such beginner categories as age-changing stories so I Think that we get to see that we get to allow that this might be interesting, that's why I'm making my first story based on the show The Legend of Tarzan and let it took place during the second so please make some comments after this first chapter.

Chapter 1: Discovering The Fountain Of Youth

It all started when Tarzan and Jane are swinging though the jungle as they mind their own business when suddenly, they had to ran into a fountain.

"What's this?" asked Jane. "That's the fountain of youth." as they get down there as they get to land down as they get to see closer.

"I heard about this, it's where Ponce De Leon had to search for it forever." as Tarzan had to give it a thought. "What do you say that we get to let Tantor to be pushed into the fountain and make him a baby elephant?" asked Tarzan.

"Really? then he'll be too small to give us rides." replied Jane. "Relax, I was only kidding." said Tarzan. "Oh you make me laugh." said Jane. "Come on, let's go." just then, They were going to leave when they fell into the fountain as they get to splash around as they get to leave that they get to feel that they find out about it.

"We shall look out when we walk." said Tarzan.

"Yes, let's go back to-" Just then then begin to feel that they get to feel a little different.

At first, they thought that they could be the same, only different, and what could be more different is they might had to noticed about it.

As they get to swing, they knew that they happen to see if they could noticed as they had they felt a little different, as they head back to Professor Porter, they knew that they could get to explain about what happened.

When he get to see them, the Professor as get to take a look at them. "So you two, how's the vine tree swinging?" he asked. "Well, you see, we were swinging minding our own business," said Jane. "When we came across the fountain of youth."

"You saw the fountain of youth?" The professor asked. "Yeah, it was amazing, that is until we tripped over by accident."

As the Professor get to look at them, he happen to make sure as he gets to be that he was seriously that he gets to make sure as the gets to use it as he might had to be that he find out about it.

"I Think that you're getting younger." said the Professor.

"Daddy, what make you so sure as you get to see that we're getting younger?" asked Jane. "Well, if you get to be younger, that means you'll get to be my little girl again."

As he gets to see that he happen to be that he gets to make sure that she gets to know that it ain't going to happen.

Just then, they happen to find out that he could be right, as they get to be younger as they felt that they might had to be that on that around.\

How younger do you think that they'll become?

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Closing Note: I Know that I started his story based on the Disney Cartoon show The Legend Of Tarzan so, I got a Totally Spies request to come true, a starting of "Operation: Babies Next Door 3" and 2 other stories are still in progress as they could get to be ready as possible.