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"Alright, maggots! Breakfast time. Get your asses down to the cafeteria!" A guard yelled as there was a loud buzzing sound. Cell doors opened and people dressed in orange walked out of the cells, talking among themselves. There was one door where it was open but no one was coming out of it. One of the guards noticed and narrowed his eyes. He was wondering why the prisoner was not coming out of his cell. He looked around at the other guards who paid no attention to the door.

"Hey! You get out of here!" The guard said as he walked towards the cell. He could hear the snickers of the other guards as no one came out. The guard gritted his teeth and looked inside. "Get out or else you will be confined to the isolation chamber." Inside looked homey and comfy. There was a red fluffy couch with black pillows. There was a twin bed with black sheets and a white blanket. There were books on the shelf and a desk. It looked as if someone lived here. Then he saw a person sitting at the little chair in front of the window.

There were drawings everywhere and seemed to be of some remarkable work. The guard was in awe as he looked at the drawings. There were people that seemed happy, sad, angry, and more. The guard looked at one that he recognized, Ember McLain. The famous popstar whose music captured everyone. The guard shook his head and walked up to the person, touching his shoulder. Next thing that the guard knew was that he was on the floor and his back hurt.

"Don't touch me." The voice seemed cold and menacing as the guard looked into the bluest eyes he had ever seen. They were dull and lifeless as they stared at the guard making his shiver in fear. The guard felt something cold on his arm as he turned to see that the man was holding his arm with such strength. The man let go and stood up looking around. He cracked his neck and exited the room, making the guard able to move.

The guard exited the room quickly to see the other guards waving at the man, not getting any response but a nod. The guard quickly turned to see the warden. A beautiful woman with orange hair and blue eyes. She smiled at the guard as he quickly saluted.

"At ease. So what did you learn on your first day on the job?" The guard was confused. He was supposed to learn something? "That was prisoner 006. He's been here for as long as anyone can remember. Doesn't speak much but everyone learns not to mess with him or touch him in that manner." The guard now understood and turned to look at where 006 had gone off to.

"Do we have a nickname for him? Something easier to call him?" The warden nodded and the guard looked at her.

"We call him Fantomo." And with that the warden walked away, to someplace that the guard may never know. The guard took a deep breath and fixed his suit. He wanted to learn more about Fantomo.

The cafeteria was loud and noisy but quieted down once everyone saw that Fantomo walked in. Fantomo was tall, taller than most would give credit for. His hair was black with a single silver streak. His icy blue eyes that seemed to have no trace of life in them as they stared lifelessly at the server. He had a scar over his right eye which traveled from his forehead to his cheek. His body seemed strong, as his ripped biceps and chest seemed to pop out of his uniform.

No one dared to do anything as the server gave him two eggs, three slices of bacon, and some pancakes. Fantomo narrows his eyes as the server squeaks and gives him a plate of bacon. It seemed large amount as Fantomo took the two plates and began to walk towards his empty table. He puts his plate down then starts to walk around, giving everyone a piece of bacon, a taste of the outside world.

It was silent until Fantomo gave the last piece to the last prisoner and Fantomo sat down at his table. Nothing was touched until Fantomo picked up a fork and nodded his head. Once more the noise of talking and laughing filled the cafeteria. Fantomo took slow bites of his food, as if he was thinking about something.

"Hey, prisoners! Mail!" A guard yelled as he began to walk around the cafeteria, putting envelopes on the table. Fantomo watched in silence, as some of the prisoners got mail while others didn't. Well, it wasn't really his fault that those didn't get mail. Fantomo sighed as a stack of letters was slammed down on his table.

"Mail. I don't understand how you get so much mail." The guard said as Fantomo looked at the pile. Some of them were packages and he immediately knew where they were from. The guard left after Fantomo nodded his head and Fantomo began to eat once more. He would open the packages in his cell but he knew that many of the prisoners loved to wonder what Fantomo had gotten.

"Hey, Fantomo! What did you get?" A prisoner asked, Milo as Fantomo learned the names of the prisoners. Milo and a crowd of prisoners stood around Fantomo's table, making him a bit irritated but he didn't lash out. He would never do that. Fantomo sighed as he pushed his almost empty plate to the side and pull the mail towards him. Fantomo put the letters to the side, so he could read them later. There were 3 packages. One was huge, the others were small.

Fantomo quickly opened the big one where there were CDs and vinyl cases. He picked up one and a little card fell out. Fantomo quickly picked it up before anyone could read or see it. He looked at the CD to find Ember's name on it. Then there was a little signature at the bottom and some of the prisoners gasped.

"A signed edition of Ember Mclain's brand new album? You lucky dog!" Milo said as he put his arm around Fantomo. Fantomo narrowed his eyes and Milo immediately let go. "Sorry about that. No touch rule." Fantomo nodded and then put the CD back in the package. He took out another package and inside was a journal with a certain rune on the front. Fantomo's eyes lit up as he recognized the cover. He immediately put it away and turned to the next package. His eyes lingered on it as he opened it carefully.

He chuckled a bit, scaring the prisoners, as Fantomo saw a name on the side. He fully opened it to reveal a VHS tape. He wondered how old he was to remember this. Fantomo stood up and picked up the packages and letters. He headed upstairs to read the letters and possibly watch the VHS tape. But then Fantomo felt a familiar cold chill in his chest then he breathed out to reveal a wisp of blew escaping from his mouth. His eyes hardened as he sat on his bed in the cell, contemplating what to do.

A flash of red and blue crashed into the ground, creating a creator. Then out came a red caped crusader, known to the public as Superman. Superman narrowed his eyes at the floating figure in front of him. The figure had metal skin and a green flaming mane. There was an unearthly green glow around it.

"Ha! Kryptonian, you can only dream to beat me, Skulker, the best Hunter in the Infinite Realms!" Skulker said as he fired rockets at Superman once more. Superman quickly used his heat-beam to cut right through the rockets, exploding on impact. Superman took off throwing a punch at Skulker, but it only went right through him. Superman growled, his anger flaring as the being ridiculed him.

"Manhunter, this is Superman." Superman said as he dodged a laser aimed at him.

"What seems to be the problem, Superman?" Manhunter asked as Superman tried to punch Skulker once more.

"I have a villain here but I can't do any damage to him. I need some backup." Superman grunted as he took a hit right to the chest.

"I'll send help right away." And the connection was cut off. Superman continued to dodge as Skulker continued to fire at him. Superman wanted to just pummel this guy to the ground but he couldn't do it. Then a golden lasso shot forward, catching the kryptonian off guard, and tried to tie around Skulker but as always, it went right through him.

"What?" Superman turned to see Wonder Woman and Black Canary behind him. Superman smiled at them as he once again dodged a rocket aimed at him.

"What is this guy?" Black Canary asked as Superman sighed. He was getting tired and didn't want to fight anymore.

"His name is Skulker and for some reason he's hunting me down. Nothing seems to work on him as it goes right through him." Superman explained as Wonder woman nodded and Black Canary took a deep breath unleashing her sonar. Skulker disappeared from their sight and right as the sonar ended, he reappeared.

"When are you going to learn that you cannot hurt me? I am the greatest Hunter of the Infinite Realms!" Skulker shouted as he once again fired lasers at Superman. Then there was a blast which narrowly missed Skulker. Superman looked over to see the familiar dark plane.

"Batman, good to see you." Superman said as the dark superhero jumped out of his plane. Batman narrowed his eyes at Skulker as Skulker laughed.

"Martian filled me in the basics. Hawkgirl and Flash are on their way. So is Green Arrow. Black Canary, do you have any idea on how to beat this guy?" Batman asked as Black Canary shook her head.

"Nothing. My sonar doesn't even faze him. But this guy keeps shouting that he's from the Infinite Realms." Black Canary said as Batman hummed.

"Martian can you research on what this Infinite Realms is? Ask any of the other heroes out there if you need to." Batman said as Superman heard confirmation on his end. Superman again dodged and Batman sighed.

After a few minutes of battling, Hawkgirl, Flash, and Green Arrow arrived on the scene. They saw that only Superman was being targeted by Skulker who continued to evade every single one of their attacks. Each hero was beginning to get tired as they continued to fight.

Batman took a deep breath as he wondered how to defeat Skulker. Just then a burst of green light hit Skulker straight on, hitting him in the chest. All the heroes stood there in shock as Skulker flew into a building. Batman turned to look at who hit Skulker only to see a man holding a smoldering green gun.

The young man had black hair and icy blue eyes that made even Batman shiver. He looked at Batman and the caped crusader heard him sigh. Then Skulker was back in the air once more.

"Who dares attack the Infinite Realms's greatest hunter?" Skulker shouted as his eyes landed upon the man who shot him.

"You know, Skulker. I was wondering when you had enough of the realm." The man said, his voice cold and calculating. "But then I realized there was a law in place that you were not to bring harm to the living, yet here you are attacking in the human realm. I wonder what the king would say to that." The heroes watched in amazement as the man fired his gun once more hitting Skulker square in the face sending his head flying off. None of the leaguers moved as the man walked and picked up the head. Flash gagged as the man reached inside of the head and pulled out green blob.

"Wait! Wait!" A small voice said as the leaguers saw that the green blob was moving. "I, Skulker will not attack again. Please let me go!" Skulker pleaded and pleaded as the man sighed, his cold eyes narrowing.

"Since this is the first time, I will let you off without telling the king. But if you come back in the human realm again, he may not be so lenient, understand?" The man asked, his voice chilling the air. The leaguers watched as the green blob nodded and the man put the blob back into the head and then took the head back to the body, latching it on.

"Ah, yes. I will not harm anyone if I come back to the living. But the time keeper did ask me to bring you this. Saying that if I were to cause chaos, you will come to take this to the King." Skulker said as he held out a sealed envelope with a purple CW in the sealer. The man took the letter and nodded.

"I'll make sure he gets it. Go back to the Zone, Skulker." The man said as Skulker nodded and looked to the leaguers stealing their attention.

"Weak humans." And with that Skulker disappeared. Batman turned to look at where the man was but he disappeared.

"Who was that?" Flash asked, voicing everyone's thoughts.

"Call everyone to Watchtower, we need to have a meeting."

Fantomo entered his room and sat on the bed looking at the letter that Skulker had given him. It made Fantomo wonder why Clockwork would ever send Skulker if the time master himself could just come. Fanomto sighed and shook his head, not wanting to dwell on the thought anymore but he had to know what Clockwork had to say. Since it had been 30 years since he had last seen him and he was wondering what the old man had to say this time.

Fantomo broke the seal and carefully took out the letter. He lay back on the bed and began to read the letter.


I know that I could have come to you in person, but you needed to be revealed to the League. It may not make sense now but it will in the future. Phantasma has been swelling in numbers lately and it seems that the land has expanded, proof that your powers continue to grow and may never stop growing. You are almost as strong as me.

Daniel, your time as a hero is far from over. You are still needed in this realm but you will also be needed in another. Do not worry, just focus on this world for now. Danielle has been progressing more in her training, as Frostbite is proud to tell you that her ice powers have come to fruition. Pandora is wondering when you will visit.

But I believe you have some work to do. Good bye, Daniel. All is well.


Fantomo chewed the inside of his cheek as he sat up and put the letter on his desk. He stood up and started pacing. He wondered what his purpose was with the Justice League. Then a knock on the door broke him out of his thoughts. Fantomo looked up to see the warden standing there looking at him with a smile on her face. Fantomo's usually dull eyes had softened with a little twinkle in them.

"What did I do thi time, Warden?" Fantomo asked with humor in his voice. The warden rolled her eyes as she closed the door behind her. She stood in front of Fantomo and smiled.

"I can't see my uncle?" The warden asked as Fantomo smiled. The warden hugge Fantomo and he quickly hugged back.

"I didn't know you were back so soon. How was the conference in Washington?" Fanotmo asked as he pulled away from her. The warden sighed and sat on his bed bouncing a bit.

"It was tiring. Still don't understand why we couldn't do it here in Happy Harbor." The warden said as Fantomo rolled his eyes.

"That's because Congress is in Washington. Did you get here this morning?" Fantomo asked as the warden nodded.

"Yeah, but you didn't see me. Also, I heard about Skulker and the League. But I know that they didn't defeat it. I wonder who did?" The warden asked as she stared at Fantomo. Fantomo chuckled and looked at her.

"Fine. I did intervene. Only cause, the League couldn't take care of Skulker. It's only Skulker. I mean it takes a while to beat him but it shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes to beat him. I mean it took me about 30 seconds to knock off his head. They're like children." Fantomo said as he looked at the warden.

"Dani told me that it took you awhile to get used to your fights. The League hasn't even faced this type of enemy before." The warden said as Fantomo rolled his eyes.

"But they defeated an alien invasion and other criminals in the world. Why should one ghost hunter phaze them. They're not new to the hero game which means that they're like children who don't know what to do. They don't even trust each other. A team is supposed to trust each other, but no they keep tabs on each other." Fantomo ranted as the warden looked at the note and rose an eyebrow.

"Maybe you have to teach them. Teach them to trust each other so that they aren't at each other's throats." The warden suggested as Fantomo rose an eyebrow.

"No. No, no, no. I'm not doing that." Fantomo said as the warden stood up and shrugged.

"You don't know. Maybe you will." And with that the warden left the room, leaving Fantomo to think.