A/N: Hello everyone, this is an idea that has been on my mind for some time now and I wanted to put down these ideas in the form of this fanfic. I just recently completed Dragon ball super and I have to say that I enjoyed it. Now then, this story is based on my own idea on how the tournament of power should look like. This story will be centered on a saiyan which strong doesn't begin to explain. My point is that he will be incredibly strong for a saiyan. Now please read this story and tell what you think.

After the announcement of the tournament of power by the Grand Priest, Goku, Gohan and the others went back to universe seven to prepare for the tournament of power. Goku went out to find the remaining team to compete in the tournament with him. He asked Master Roshi, Android 17, Android 18, Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan, Tien and Vegeta and they all agreed to participate with him. Unfortunately for Goku and the others, Buu was asleep and couldn't participate with them. Goku had no choice than to ask Frieza who was in hell for help and he agreed on the condition that Goku will wish him back after the tournament of power is over. After Frieza was brought out of hell by Goku to join the rest of the team, Master Roshi suddenly had a Heart disease and was coughing up a lot of blood. Goku and the rest immediately rushed to him to know what is wrong

"Master Roshi are you ok?" Goku asked him with concern in his voice

"The truth is I have had a heart disease for some time now and it is getting worse every second" Master Roshi said to them all. All of them were left stunned after he said that except Frieza. The first one to recover was Piccolo

"There is no way you can compete in the tournament of power like this" Piccolo said out loud. Everyone turned to look at him after he said that

"You are right; he can't compete like this" Krillin said

"But who could replace Master Roshi on such a short Notice" Gohan said

"Don't worry everyone; this old man still has some fight left in him" Master Roshi said to them while coughing out more blood

"No Master Roshi; you are sick and you need to be in the hospital" Tien said to him

"That's right old man; you need to be in bed right now receiving treatment. I will call someone to take you in" Bulma said as she began to call someone on her phone. Immediately, three staff came out to take master Roshi inside to receive treatment but that is after he wished the others good luck. After Master Roshi was taken inside, there was silence for a while but it was broken by android 17

"So who will replace master Roshi then?" Android 17 asked

"Hmmm, Should we call Yamcha then?" Goku asked while thinking

"Not like we have a choice in the matter" Krillin said with a tired sigh

"But Yamcha hasn't trained for a long time now. Will he be ok to compete in a tournament like this?" Tien asked

"Who knows and just like Krillin said we don't have a choice in the matter" Piccolo said to Tien

As the conversation was going on, Beerus was on the brink of having a heart attack. He had no idea what to do because the tournament will start in 30mins and there were short one member. Whis who was busy observing the conversation looked by his side and saw how Beerus was almost on the brink of going insane. With a sigh, he tapped his staff on the ground to get the attention of everyone

"Can I have your attention please?" Whis asked them all. Immediately he said that, everybody turned to look at him which made him to continue "I might know someone who could help out in this tournament"

"You do Whis?" Beerus asked with hope

"Yes my lord I know someone who is more than capable of helping us out" Whis answered

"Who is that, is he strong?" Goku asked

"You saiyans and your habit of wanting to know if someone is strong or not" Whis said with a sigh

"But I just need to know if he is strong enough to be an asset to the team" Goku said scratching his head with a nervous laugh

"Will you let him continue Kakarot? I swear you're always like this" Vegeta said while shaking his head

"Come on Vegeta, aren't you curious to know if this guy Whis is talking about is strong like us?" Goku asked

"Keep quiet Goku and don't interrupt Whis again or I swear I will destroy you" Beerus threatened. Goku kept quiet after that to let Whis continue

"So like I was saying, I know someone and yes Goku he is strong. In fact, he is even stronger than me and Beerus combined" Whis said to them. After he said that, everybody face paled and some of them were even afraid and that includes Beerus. I mean Whis was on a level of his own; so to hear that someone is actually stronger than Him and Beerus who is a god of destruction combined was just impossible

"Whis what are you talking about, who in this universe is stronger than me" Beerus asked him

"My how soon you forget my lord; Have you forgotten your only humiliating defeat ever?" Whis asked him with a smile. Beerus paled after Whis asked that

"Wait you don't mean 'him' do you?" Beerus asked

"Why yes of course. If he should assist us in this tournament then I know for sure that our universe will be ok" Whis said to him

"But did you forget that he doesn't like to involve himself in this kind of activity?" Beerus asked Whis

"Of course I remember but I believe that he will assist us since he has changed after all those years" Whis responds to him

"Why is that Whis?" Beerus asked

"Hmmm let's just say that it has something to do with love" Whis answered

"Um excuse me but what are you two talking about?" Krillin asked

"Yeah; all you said is that there is someone out there that is stronger than both you and Beerus combined" Piccolo said

"So who is he?" Gohan asked

"Whoever he is I'm going to challenge him to see what he got" Goku said with excitement


"Why is that Lord Beerus?" Goku asked looking confused

"Because clown; we have a tournament to worry about" Vegeta answered

"Exactly and for the fact that you are no match for him" Beerus told him with a sigh

"Seriously he is that strong. Now I want to fight him even more but I will wait till after the tournament" Goku said while clenching his fist

"You just don't get it do you Goku. He is in another realm of power that you or I can't comprehend" Beerus told him with a serious voice

Everyone was surprised to hear Beerus the destroyer say something like this about someone. 'Just who is this mysterious person that Beerus is afraid of' were the thought of every person there

"Are you being serious now lord Beerus? Last time you said something like this, it turned out to be just a delivery guy" Bulma said to him

"As if I would joke when the fate of the universe is on the line" Beerus responded

"Well it's just had to believe that someone out there is stronger than you Lord Beerus" Tien said

"Well Beerus may be strong but he is no match for the person we are talking about" Whis said while laughing

"Yeah yeah laugh it up Whis" Beerus said in a sarcastic way

"You said earlier that this person was able to defeat lord Beerus right?" Android 17 asked

"That's right; my lord challenged him once and lost" Whis told him

"Who is the person if I may ask?" Frieza asked

"Yeah is he a god or not" Goku asked

"He is not a god Goku but he is someone who surpassed the powers of a god like Beerus and myself. He is a saiyan who goes by the name Loke" Whis told them all

Everyone was so surprised and shocked to hear that a saiyan is stronger than both Beerus and Whis. The ones who were most surprised were Vegeta and Frieza who couldn't believe that a saiyan can be that strong.

"What do you mean he is a saiyan, I know for a fact that the only saiyans that survived being destroyed were Kakarot, Nappa, Raditts and myself" Vegeta screamed

"That's right; I made sure that no saiyan escaped except Goku" Frieza said

"Well Frieza; Loke is a saiyan who have been around long before the late king Vegeta was born and became the ruler of the saiyans" Whis responded

"Then how is he still alive now?" Vegeta asked

"Yeah is he some kind of immortal or what?" Piccolo asked

"Well something like that I supposed. He is a saiyan who trained his body till he passed his limits to become stronger. He is not a power hungry maniac like you saiyans, just that he wanted to be number one in this universe. He trained and trained and trained until he unlocked a power that even I could not comprehend. Because of his new powers, his body stopped ageing. I can't say for certain if he is immortal or not but he has been around ever since. Once Lord Beerus went to the planet where Loke is staying and was about to destroy it but he was stopped by Loke. It was over before he knew what hit him; Loke didn't even use that much power to defeat Lord Beerus, he just beat him with three punches" Whis explained to them.

"To think that someone who could defeat lord Beerus with just three punches actually exist" Thought Krillin with fear

"This saiyan must be super strong to be able to do something like that" Thought Piccolo

"To believe that a saiyan like me could reach that level of power; I swear that I will surpass him one day just you watch" Thought Vegeta with determination

"He sounds unbelievably strong and he is a saiyan just like me. This means, there is a power far greater than super saiyan blue. I swear I will reach that level one day" Goku thought while clenching his fist

"The saiyans are not to be underestimated it seems. I thought I only need to worry about Goku and Vegeta but this new saiyan maybe a hindrance to my plan" thought Frieza angrily

"And I thought dad and Vegeta san was strong but there is a saiyan with powers far greater than I could ever imagine" thought Gohan

"Krillin looks afraid; I better step up my game if I want to protect him and my family. But still, to think that someone out there could defeat lord Beerus with ease is just mind bugling" Thought Android 18 while looking at Krillin

"So why don't you call him then Whis san?" Android 17 asked

"Yeah Whis give him a call already. We don't have much time before the tournament of power begins" Beerus said to him

"As you wish my lord" Said Whis. Whis tapped his staff on the ground and looked into it to search for Loke. He found Loke on a distant planet doing his thing before he contacted him

Scene Change

In a far away planet, we see a young boy who appeared to be in his teens lying down on a tree trying to take a nap. The boy is wearing a black tea shirt with a long red jacket that reached all the way to his leg with a black design that looks like flames in it. He has red hair that is short and trimmed and he is wearing a black trouser. Also he is wearing a black glove on both hand and a big boot at his feet. He has red eyes and his body is a little bit buffed up (A/N He looks like future Trunks when he first came to the past to warn Goku about the androids. Just that he has red hair and a long red jacket that looks like Naruto sage mode coat). Yes this was Loke and he was in the middle of trying to take a nap because he was bored. Suddenly, he heard an all too familiar voice in his head

"Hello Loke, you there?" Whis asked talking to his staff

"Yeah I can hear you just fine. So what do you need Whis san" Loke asked him

"Well we are in a predicament that would require your help" Whis said to him

"What do you need Whis san and make it quick?" Loke asked him while yawning

Whis explained everything to him without leaving a single detail. After his explanation, Loke was quiet for some time before he spoke

"So you need me as a last minute member right?" Loke asked with a sigh

"That's right and it is not like you have anything better to do" Whis told him

"That's true" Loke said to himself but Whis heard him

"So are you going to help us Loke?" Whis asked

"Fine just tell me where you are so that I can sense your energy and come there" Loke said while scratching his hair

"Am in a planet called earth right now along with the rest of the team" Whis told him

"Got it" Loke said as he closed his eyes and disappeared without a trace

Scene Change

"So what did he say?" Beerus asked

"Well lord Beerus he should be arriving any minute now" Whis answered him. After Whis said that, Loke appeared near him scaring everybody there except Whis. Loke looked around and saw that everybody was looking at him, some with fear and others with curious faces. He turned around and saw Beerus looking at him, so he walked up to him

"Greetings lord Beerus, it's been a long time" Loke greeted him with a smile

"That it has Loke, how are you doing these past years?" Beerus asked with nervousness in his voice

"Well you know doing this and that. Actually there is nothing to do so I thought that this will be interesting" Loke answered honestly. Just then Goku rushed towards Loke with speed faster than the speed of light and with his fist ready to give Loke a powerful punch at his back.

"Goku stop; we just talked about this" Piccolo said in panic

"Kakarot you fool" Vegeta sighed

"Come on dad stop" Gohan screamed

"Stop this Gokuuuuuu!" Krillin screamed at him

Every other person were busy observing to know how this exchange will turnout. Once Goku was within rage and ready to deliver his punch at Loke, he was stopped by an unseen force and was sent flying to a wall without Loke turning around. Everybody that was present were left speechless because of the exchange between Loke and Goku

"He didn't even see or touch Goku so how did he do that?" Piccolo thought

"What on earth happened, I didn't even see him move and his guard wasn't even up" Vegeta thought

"He is just as strong as Beerus and Whis said. He will definitely be an asset to me in this tournament" Frieza thought with a sadistic smile

"18 did you see that?" Android 17 asked

"Yes I did; Goku rushed to punch him but couldn't get past his massive ki that acted like a shield and he was sent flying by that same ki. It's like his ki has a mind of his own or that his body can somehow react to attack without him being conscious about it" Android 18 explained

"Really that's what happened?" Krillin asked with fear

"To think that he was able to send Goku flying with ease is just mind burgling" Tien thought with slight fear

"Great ancestor what do you think about Loke because I can't sense his ki at all" the supreme kai said

"His powers is just as Lord Beerus and Whis said and the fact that we gods can't feel his energy speaks volume about his power" Elder kai said

Loke turned around and saw that everybody was looking at him with fear but some of them were looking at him with interest. He turned to the wall that he sent someone flying and saw someone coming out from the rubles

"Men what just happened?" Goku asked himself

Beerus rushed over to Goku and grabbed his ear and screamed "GOKU I TOLD YOU NOT TO CHALLENGE HIM YOU FOOL"

"But lord Beerus, I wanted to know if he is as strong as you and Whis said he is" Goku said


Whis stood up and gestured for everybody to pay attention before speaking "Everyone this is Loke and he is the saiyan I was talking about. He will be participating with us in this tournament of power so please get along with him"

"Hello everyone; my name is Loke and just as Whis said, I will be participating with you guys in this tournament. I'm look forward to work with you guys" Loke said with a charming smile

"Well he does look handsome and that smile of his is cute. If I haven't married Vegeta then I would have be all over him" thought Bulma with a smile

"Goku rushed over to Loke and brought out his hand for him to take "My name is Goku and I'm a saiyan just like you"

Loke took the offered hand and shook it "The pleasure is mine Goku. Say; why did you attack me just now?"

"I wanted to see if you were strong like Beerus and Whis said" Goku answered

"And what do you think?" Loke asked him

"Honestly you are beyond strong. From that little exchange we had, I can tell that you are holding in a massive amount of power within you but for some reason I can't feel any power in you" Goku said truthfully

"Well that's because ordinary beings can't feel my power. Only those who are almost to my level of power can sense my ki" Loke said to him

"Wait seriously; you mean that no one here can sense your ki right now?" Goku asked with a surprised voice

"Now that Kakarot mentions it I can't feel anything from Loke" Vegeta thought

"To think a level exist that gods can't even sense" Frieza thought with jealousy

"Well Whis can sense my power if that is what you are asking but I don't think lord Beerus can though" Loke said in a thinking voice

"Wow you really are amazing" Goku said to him. Just then, the rest of the fighters walked up to where Goku was with Loke to introduce themselves

"Hey there; am Krillin and it's a pleasure to meet you" Krillin said

"Am Tien and it's nice to meet you" Tien introduced

"Piccolo" Piccolo said.

"Men talk about attitude from that green guy" Loke thought

"The name is Vegeta and I am the prince of all saiyan. Don't forget that" Vegeta said to him

"Hmmm so this is the prideful prince Vegeta I've heard so much about. His certainly strong that's for sure" Loke thought

"Am 18 and great to make your acquaintance" Android 18 introduced

"Am 17, nice to meet you" Android 17 said to him

"I almost thought he was a girl before I heard his voice" thought Loke with sweat drop

"Am Gohan and am also a saiyan. Nice to meet you" Gohan said as he brought out his hand for Loke to shake which he shook

"And am Frieza, you must have heard of me" Frieza said with a sadistic smile

"Oh; so you are the Frieza that terrorized the universe for some time" Loke said with a raised eye brow

"Am surprised that a person of your standard has heard of me" Frieza said to him

"Well, I made it a habit to know what has been going on since I have been away. To think that a super saiyan was the one to put you down was hilarious to say the least" Loke said while laughing

This got on Frieza's nerve and it took all his will power not to rush to Loke to attack him

"So anyway, when is the tournament supposed to start?" Loke asked

"Well we have only 10mins left so we better hurry" Whis said

"Well everyone, I wish you all good luck on this tournament" Bulma said to them

"Ok everyone, please come over to me and hold hands" Whis said to all of them.

After he said that, everyone came close to Whis and did as he instructed. There all held each other hands before there were teleported to the arena where the tournament will be held by the Grand Priest.

Scene Change to universe 6

Deep down in universe 6 on lord Champa's world, we see all the members have gathered and are ready to leave to the arena. One particular member stood out the most. This member has purple hair that is tied in pony tail and is wearing a long white jacket with some design on it. He is also wearing a black trouser with chains and spikes as a design and a black boot on his foot. His presence alone is enough to tell you that he is a powerful being. Just then Champa came out with Vados by his side

"With this team, we will definitely be the winner in this tournament" Champa said with excitement

"Indeed my Lord and with you know who on our team, there is no way any universe will defeat us" Vados said to him

"That's right but still, I'm a bit curious on how you were able to convince him to join us?" Champa asked



Vados was seen flying to a deserted planet alone to meet with someone. After she arrived in the planet, she began to sense the ki of the person she was looking for and she found it in a distance. So she flew to where his ki was and found the person she was looking for doing pushup in a mountain. The person looked up to Vados and smiled before he stopped his push up

"It's been a long time Vados. To what do I own the pleasure of your visit" The mysterious individual asked

"Straight to the point I see. You haven't change one bit since the last time we've seen each other Kelvin" Vados said to him

The mysterious individual whose name is Kelvin smiled "and I see that you haven't changed that bossy attitude of yours. So talk, what is it you want from me"

"Is it wrong of me to visit my former lover whom I haven't seen in a long time?" Vados asked him with a knowing smile

"You say that but you haven't call or contacted me since the past one hundred years you broke up with me" Kelvin said to her with a sigh

"So you were counting Kelvin, if I didn't know any better I say that you miss me" Vados said to him with a smile

"Enough of this jokes Vados, just tell me what you want because my time is precious" Kelvin screamed at her

"Ok that's enough jokes for now…" Vados sighed before looking serious "Kelvin, our universe is in need of your power"

Kelvin's face became serious before he said "is there any problem that you, an angel of the god of destruction can't handle?"

"It's a long story so I will only tell you the gist of it" Vados said to Kelvin

Vados explained everything about the tournament of power to Kelvin including the rule that any universe that looses will be erased by Zeno Sama himself. After she explained everything to Kelvin, his face was unreadable

"So each universe will bring ten of their best warrior to participate in this fight?" Kelvin asked

"That's right" Vados answered him

"Then why ask me to join you guys? Surely you realized that if I enter this tournament, it wouldn't be fair for any of the other universes" Kelvin said to her

"Of course I'm aware of that, which is precisely the reason why I'm asking you to participate in this tournament. I mean, you are the strongest in this universe right" Vados asked him with a raised eyebrow

"Well find someone else because I'm not interested in fighting weaklings" Kelvin said to her before he turned and started to walk away

"What if I tell you that the winner of this tournament will obtain the super dragon ball" Kelvin stopped after she said that

"What do you mean Vados?" Kelvin asked her without turning around to look at her

Vados smiled before she continued "As I said, the winner of this tournament will obtain the super dragon ball that will grant any wish the winner desires"

Kelvin turned and looked at her before he asked "So if I win this tournament, then I can wish for anything I want"

"Yes; the dragon can grant any wish that winner wants no matter what it is" Vados said to him

Kelvin turned back around and smiled "if I win, I can asked for the one thing that I have always wanted. This is the best news I've heard in a while" he thought to himself

"So what will your answer be Kelvin?" Vados asked him

"You got yourself a deal Vados" Kelvin said to her

"Excellent, just grab onto me and we can be on our way" Vados tapped her staff on the ground and a circle light appeared below her feet

"Just one question before I tag along" Kelvin said to her

"Ask away"

"Have you found the remaining nine members that will participate with me?" Kelvin asked as he went and hold her back

"Indeed I have Kelvin" Vados answered him

"Are there strong?"

"Well there are not on your level but there are quite capable warriors" Vados said as she began to float in the air with Kelvin still holding her back

"Then that's all I need to know"

With that said, Vados with Kelvin holding her back started to fly to Champa's world


"Let's just say that I know the right button to push" Vados said with a smile

"Well not like it matters. The important thing is that Kelvin will be joining us in this tournament" Champa said with excitement

"Do you have anything you would like to say before we go my Lord?" Vados asked him

"That's right, I do have something I would like to say" Champa responded.

After Champa said that, Vados gestured for everybody to come closer which they did

"So can everybody introduce themselves?" Champa asked

"My name is Cabba and I am a saiyan" A tin looking boy introduced

"The name is Caulifla and I too am a saiyan" A tin girl with spiky hair that looks like characters from Bakugan introduced

"My name is Kale and I am also a saiyan, it's a pleasure to meet all of you" A shy girl that was clinging to Caulifla introduced

"My name is Botamo" A yellow fat rubber bear introduced

"Choo-po Choo-p" A metal looking robot said

"Greetings everyone, am Frost" An alien that looks like Frieza introduced

"Hello everyone, we are Saonel and Pirina and we are Namekians" Two green Namek's introduced

"Hit" a purple alien wearing dark purple armor over his body introduced

"The name is Kelvin and I'm a being you do not want to mess with" Kelvin introduced with a smile

"Now that everyone is introduced, I would like to make some things clear…" Everybody listened to know what Champa has to say "first of, killing is not allowed, second of all, knock out anybody that is not from universe 6 got it"

"I know that other warriors from each universe are quite formidable but I want you all to be especially wary of Son Goku and Vegeta from universe 7" Vados told them

"Are those two strong?" Kelvin asked a little excited

"Yes there are; there are strong enough to push Beerus the destroyer to almost use his full powers when battling them" Vados answered

"Well that's disappointing" Kelvin sighed

"It would seem that Kelvin is not motivated at all for this tournament. I wonder if anybody will give him a good fight in this tournament" Vados thought with a smile

"Who is this Kelvin and how come I can't feel anything from him" Hit thought

"Well everyone, come close so that we can go to the venue" Vados instructed.

Everyone came close to Vados before there were teleported to the arena by the Grand Priest

Scene Change to the world of void

Universe 7 members appeared at a big stage in the middle of a world with absolutely nothing. After they appeared, Goku along with Loke began to look around to observe where there are exactly.

"So this is the world of Void" Said Vegeta looking around

"Why are other gods of destruction here?" asked Beerus as he saw other gods of destruction fixing the stage

"Guys, come check this out" Goku who was at the edge of the stage gestured for the others to come and see. Once they all came to the edge, there were all surprised because there is nothing but void below the stage

"There is nothing here besides the stage and the spectator's seat" Krillin exclaimed

"Of course they isn't. After all, this is the world of Void" Whis said to them

"Interesting; so where are the members of the other universes?" Loke asked

"There should be appearing any minute now" Whis said

Just after Whis said that, the other universes began to appear with their members. Vegeta went to greet Cabba while Goku went to greet Toppo and Jiren from universe11. Meanwhile, Loke was looking at Kelvin who was also looking at him. Both of them were smiling at each other with a little of their power leaking out. Jiren turned around and saw Loke and Kelvin looking at each other and he smiled

"I thought this tournament was a waste of time but it seems that it will be interesting with those two around" Jiren thought to himself

After all participants arrived, the two Zeno Sama appeared and sat down in their chair above the fighting stage. Then the Grand Priest began to address everyone

"Welcome everyone to the tournament of power. I shall now explain the rules for this tournament. First of all, no healing item of any kind will be allowed. Anybody who is seen with any healing item will be disqualified from this tournament. Secondly, flying will not be allowed but those who are born with wings can still fly. And lastly, killing is not allowed. Anybody that kills his/her opponent will be disqualified. Use any power you feel is necessary to win" The Grand Priest explains

"Listen up everyone, let's focus on team work to win this tournament" Gohan said to his members

"Saiyans fight alone, we don't do team work" Vegeta said

"I can't wait to fight Toppo again" Goku thought while clenching his fist

"Why can't they listen for once" Krillin sighed

"Well, it's not like we were not expecting this from them" Tien said

"Umm can I say something?" Loke asked

"Sure, go ahead" Gohan responded

"I don't care who ever you guys want to fight but do you see that guy with purple hair with universe 6 members…" at this everybody turned to look at who he was referring to and they saw him at the back next to Hit

"What's the big deal with him?" Vegeta asked

"Yeah, I don't see what the problem is with him" Goku said

"Guys, I can't sense any energy from him" Piccolo said to everyone

After he said that, everyone tried to sense his energy but couldn't for some reason

"You are right, I don't feel any energy from him" Tien said

"My, my; It looks like another monster is here" Frieza said with a smile

"That's right. So unless you want to lose, don't challenge him. I am probably the only one here who could face him in battle" Loke said to them

"Loke san, can you sense his energy?" Gohan asked

"Yeah and let me tell you, the energy he his leaking off is greater than all the ki I have sensed from everyone in this arena" Loke said to them

"Seriously, he is that strong?" Krillin thought to himself

"Well I'm going to fight him" Goku exclaimed

"Seriously Goku, did you not hear anything Loke said?" Piccolo asked

"Be my guest but don't say I didn't warn you" Loke said to him before he walked away

Scene change to universe 6 members

Kelvin was busy looking at Loke and smiling to himself

"To think that someone out there other than me could be this strong. I think I will enjoy myself here" Kelvin thought to himself

"I'm going to show everyone that I am the strongest here" Caulifla said

"Sis please don't joke around" Kale said to her sis

"What do you mean don't joke around, I'm serious here" Caulifla said to her

"Who is that new guy with red hair in universe 7? Whoever he is, he is strong. I have to be serious in this tournament" thought Hit

After everyone were done planning their strategy, the Grand Priest continued

"Now Begin" said the Grand Priest

Everybody rushed at each other after the Grand Priest said that and the tournament of power began.

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