Hello guy, am back with the second chapter of this story. In this chapter, I'm going to show a glimpse of Kelvin power when he fights Jiren. After reading this chapter, you will know why Kelvin and Loke are important in this story. So enjoy the story.

After the Grand Priest declared that the tournament of power has begun, all the participant from all universes rushed and engaged each other. Universe 7 members were still in a circle formation observing the battle that was taking place in front of them

"Men! Look at them go" Goku exclaimed

"There are really letting loose" Krillin said with slight fear

"Guys remember the plan" Gohan said to them

"Ah! There you are Toppo!" Goku said before he rushed out to face Toppo. He was on his way to fight Toppo but was stopped by a green alien with messy hair. The green alien engaged Goku in a hand to hand combat but Goku easily punched him out of his way and proceed to where Toppo is. After Goku left, Android 17 and 18 left as well to fight in different location. Vegeta also left to find an opponent to fight and Frieza did the same

"Looks like these guys don't like to listen to plan eh!" Loke said causally. Everyone jumped back when there heard Loke voice behind them

"What's wrong with you guys? You guys look like you have seen a ghost" Loke was surprised by their reaction

"How did you get behind us like that?" Tien asked

"Speed! And that's all you need to know" Loke answered him

"That was speed, but I didn't even feel him approaching us at all" Gohan thought to himself

"This just proves that Loke should not be underestimated" Tien thought with fear

"I'm beginning to see what Beerus means when he said that Loke was in another realm of power" Piccolo thought

"So Loke, how come you haven't engaged anybody in combat yet?" Krillin asked him

"Well! They isn't anyone here that picked my interest. So I'm just going to observe and see how things turn out for you guys" Loke said before walking away from them

"Hey! What do you mean? We need you Loke!" Krillin shouted to him

"I guess when you are as strong as him you have nothing to worry about" Tien said to them

"More importantly, we need to stick together for this fight" Gohan said to them

"You are right Gohan. So forget about Loke and worry about yourselves because we are surrounded" Piccolo said. After he said that, the others noticed that they were indeed surrounded by universe 9 members who were charging up their attacks

"Everyone stick to the plan and attack them as one!" Gohan shouted

"Got it!" they all said before they moved in for the attack on the universe 9 members that surrounded them

Scene change to Kelvin

All the universe 6 members have scattered to different location in the battle field except Kelvin who is just sitting on top of a rock that is shaped like a mountain. He was busy watching the battles that are unfolding in front of him. Just then, an alien from universe 4 that looks like a bird flew to him with an energy wave in its mouth ready to blast him but before anybody could even blink, the bird like alien found himself in the spectator's seats heavily wounded

"What happened to you?" Quitela the god of destruction of universe 4 asked

"I don't know what happened. I know I had him but the next thing I knew, I was beaten and found myself here" The bird like person said in a weak voice

"Looks like that guy from universe 6 cannot be underestimated" Quitela said to himself

Meanwhile with universe 6 god of destruction and angel in the spectators seat

"What did Kelvin do?" Champa asked confused

"Kelvin's ki acts like a barrier and it only allow someone who is on the level of a god of destruction to penetrate. So anyone that tries to touch Kelvin and that person is below the power level of a god of destruction will be heavily wounded if not killed" Vados explained

"You mean that no one besides a god of destruction can touch him?" Champa asked with excitement

"I never said that my lord. I said that only those that are on the level of a god of destruction can touch him. People like Goku, Vegeta and my sister's boyfriend can touch him." Vados said to him

"Wait! What do you mean your sister's boyfriend?" Champa asked

"You mean you don't know about my sister's boyfriend?" Vados asked surprised

"No I don't! And which sister do you mean?" Champa asked confused

"My sister Marcarita of course. Her boyfriend is probably the only one who could fight Kelvin" Vados said to him

"You mean there is someone who is strong enough to fight Kelvin?" Champa asked alarmed

"My lord, strong does not even began to describe how powerful he is. Let's just say that he is stronger than myself" Vados explained to him

Both Champa and the supreme Kai of universe 6 were surprised by the information that Vados has given them. To think that someone out there other than Kelvin is stronger than an angel

"So who is this person?" Champa asked

"His name is Loke and he is the guy with the red hair from universe 7" Vados told him

Champa and the supreme Kai of universe 6 both looked at the fighting arena to see who Vados was talking about and there saw him sitting on a rock that looks like the one Kelvin is sitting on. He wasn't moving, just sitting there observing the fight that was going on.

"He seems as confident as Kelvin, with him just sitting there. If he is like Kelvin, then I have to tell the others to avoid him. Who would have thought that Beerus have someone like that in his universe" Champa thought to himself

"Vados! Between Kelvin and that guy, who is stronger?" Champa asked her

Vados thought for a moment before she said "am not sure my lord but we will find out in this tournament"

Meanwhile, with universe 11 god of destruction and supreme Kai

"It looks like Jiren is not taking this fight seriously" The supreme Kai of universe 11 said

"Well what do you expect from Jiren" Belmod the god of destruction of universe 11 said

"I never thought Loke and my sisters ex boyfriend would participate in this tournament. This could be bad for our universe if those two are here. And the worst part is that Loke didn't even tell me that he was going to participate in this tournament. Oh, he is so dead after this tournament is over" Marcarita thought to herself

Just then, Loke got a chill run up his spine and he looked up to the spectators seat of universe 11 and saw Marcarita giving him a look that spelled pain after the tournament is over.

"Looks like a whole new level of pain awaits me after this tournament" Loke said to himself with anime tears falling from his eyes.

In the tournament of power, many fighters have fallen out of the stage. Krillin and Tien from universe 7 with Botamo and Magetta from universe 6 and seven members of universe 11 have been thrown out of the fighting stage. Some other members from other universes have also been eliminated and universe 9 and 10 has been erased. The numbers of people remaining are now less than when the tournament started. Did I forgot to mention that Frost from universe 6 have been erased by both Zeno-sama because he wanted to attack Frieza after he knocked him out of the stage by betraying him.

Back to universe 11, Belmod and his Supreme Kai where still looking at Jiren who is just standing at the arena

"I think is time we have Jiren finish off Son Goku" Belmod said

"I agree, we can't let him run loose anymore" The supreme Kai of universe 11 said

Belmod then talked to Jiren telepathically and instructed him to crush Son Goku of universe 7 and Jiren agreed

Scene change to Jiren in the fighting arena

After Jiren received the instruction from Belmod, he began to walk to where Goku is fighting some girls from universe 2. As he was walking, he was releasing some of his energy which was felt by everyone in the world of void. Goku saw that Jiren was coming close to him and got into his fighting stance. Meanwhile, Loke saw that Goku was about to fight Jiren and was worried because the power level he sensed from Jiren was greater than some of the gods of destruction he has seen.

"I hope Goku will be alright fighting that guy all alone. Let me just observe the fight for now and step in when it is needed" Loke thought to himself

Every other person has stopped fighting and was observing to see the fight between Son Goku and the person whose power was literally shaking the entire world of void. Out of everybody that was observing, Kelvin was the one who was most interested in this fight because he wants to see if anyone of them could give him a challenge

"Don't disappoint me now. I hope both of your power can entertain me" Kelvin thought to himself

Jiren released a little bit of his energy which pushed Goku and everybody on the fighting stage back a little

"You mean all this energy is from one warrior?" Beerus asked with a surprised tone

"That's right my lord. Let's just hope that Goku can handle him" Whis said with a serious voice

"It's a good thing we have Loke with us or things would have been messy" Beerus whispered to himself.

Goku then shot a huge Kamehameha wave at Jiren but it was easily blocked by Jiren massive energy which formed a barrier around him. Once Goku realized that his attack was doing absolutely nothing to him, He transformed into his super saiyan form and rushed to punch Jiren but he was stopped by Jiren's massive energy. He jumped back and transformed into a super saiyan two and rushed back to Jiren and this time, he was able to get past Jiren's energy barrier and punched him but his punch didn't even faze Jiren. Goku continued to punch Jiren but stopped and jumped back and transformed into a super saiyan god and rushed to punch Jiren but this time, Jiren blocked his punch with his finger which surprised Goku

Everyone was surprised with what they were seeing especially universe 7 members because they all know how strong Goku super saiyan god is. I mean he was able to fight Beerus on equal ground with that form and here Jiren is, blocking punches from Goku super saiyan god form with his finger like it was nothing.

"To think that someone from another universe could be this strong" said Piccolo who is watching the fight with Gohan.

"He is blocking my dad attacks like nothing" Gohan said with fear

"So that's Jiren from universe 11 eh. He is just as strong as Goku said he is" Vegeta said to himself

Kelvin who was watching the fight between Goku and Jiren smiled when he saw Jiren blocking Son Goku's attack with his finger

"His just as strong as I thought. I have to be ready to jump in if Goku needs me" Loke thought to himself

Back to the fight with Goku and Jiren, Goku who saw that his attacks were being blocked by Jiren, stopped and looked at him "it looks like super saiyan god is not enough to even faze him. I have no choice but to use my full power" Goku thought with determination

He began to scream and released a massive amount of energy before he transformed into his super saiyan blue form. After he transformed, he walked close to Jiren who was watching him.

"It looks like Son Goku has transformed into his blue form but it is still a pointless effort" Belmod said with a proud voice

"No Belmod sama! We should watch this fight because this fight will decide the fate of this tournament" The supreme Kai of universe 11 said

"What do you mean?" Belmod asked

"Son Goku is a strong warrior! So if the remaining warriors from each universe see Jiren defeat son Goku at his full power, they will realize how futile it is to fight Jiren" the supreme Kai of universe 11 said

"So Son Goku is a sacrifice to show Jiren's overwhelming power?" Belmod asked

"That's right! With Son Goku's defeat, the other warriors will definitely lose their will to fight knowing that someone like Jiren is still around" the supreme Kai of universe 11 said

"I think you people got the wrong idea, yes" Marcarita said to them

"What do you mean we got the wrong idea?" Belmod asked her

"Son Goku is not the strongest in universe 7" Marcarita told them. Belmod and the supreme Kai were surprised to hear this because they thought that Son Goku was the strongest not counting Beerus and Whis

"If he is not the strongest, then who is?" Belmod asked with a loud voice

"He is the guy sitting on the huge rock with red hair" Marcarita said to them. They all turned to see who Marcarita was talking about and they saw him watching Jiren's and Goku's fight while sitting down on the rock.

"Who is that guy?" The supreme Kai of universe 11 asked

"His name is Loke and he is a saiyan from universe 7" Marcarita told them

"Why can't I sense any ki from him?" Belmod asked confused

"It's a long story but that is not the point. The point is that with him here, Jiren will have a hard time, yes" Marcarita said to them

"I won't be so sure about that. Jiren is someone who won't lose to anyone no matter who he is facing" Belmod said with confident

"If only you know how powerful Loke is, then you wouldn't be saying that. I don't think there is anybody in our universe that could defeat him" Marcarita thought to herself

Back to the fight with Goku and Jiren

After Goku transformed to his super saiyan blue form, he punched Jiren through some boulders and followed it up with another punch which Jiren blocked. Both of them began to exchange blows at a speed faster than the speed of light but Jiren has the upper hand due to his massive energy.

Jiren gave Goku an earth shattering upper cult and followed it up by appearing where Goku would have crashed into and gave him a powerful blow which sent Goku back to the ground hard. Jiren appeared where Goku has crashed into and grabbed his leg and began to hit him at a boulder with force.

Goku seeing that there was no way to escape Jiren with his current power level used his Kio ken which forced Jiren to release him. He then shot a Kamehameha amplified with his Kio ken at Jiren which he dodged and rushed to Goku.

Multiple shock waves was heard as both of them continued to collide their punches against each other at a speed faster than light, appearing at different part of the battle field while exchanging blows after blow to each other. Jiren then punched Goku many times in his stomach and knocked him to the ground hard. He then appeared to Goku and grabbed him by the hair and brought him closer to his face

"It's over" Jiren said before he gave Goku a punch to his stomach, knocking the breath out of him. He then created a red ki ball and blasted it at Goku's stomach knocking him through some boulders before he fell of the stage or so he thought. Goku luckily was holding onto the edge of the stage before he jumped back

"Where do you think you are going?" Goku asked him. He then released the full power of his Kio ken which is Kio ken x20 and rushed to Jiren with a speed that only those on the level of a god of destruction could see but Jiren was just watching him without even showing a sign that he was going to block him.

Once Goku reached the front of Jiren, an unseen force knocked him multiple times in his stomach before sending him through some boulders. Everybody was shocked by what they saw especially Beerus and the rest of universe seven

"DAD!" Gohan shouted with worry

"What happened?!" Piccolo asked confused

"Even I couldn't see it. That guy is a monster!" Vegeta said with anger

"He hit him multiple times in that instant" Android 17 said

"I didn't even see him move" Android 18 said with worry

Beerus was gnashing his teeth with rage and worry because that Jiren fellow was beyond imagination

"At this rate, Goku will be…" Tien tried to say but Krillin interrupted him

"No not yet! Goku should be able to withstand Kio ken x20 as blue now"

"He can't" Beerus said with worry and anger

"What do you mean?" Krillin asked him

Beerus couldn't answer him because he was watching Goku with anger and worry. So Whis was the one who answered for him "it appears that Goku can't use Kio ken x20 because he is already using it". After he said that, both Tien and Krillin looked at the fighting stage with hopelessness.

Meanwhile Loke who was watching the whole fight was surprised when he saw that Goku was down

"I know that Son Goku was strong but Jiren's power it's just ridicules. Apart from me, I don't think there is anybody in universe 7 who could defeat him" Loke said to himself

Kelvin was also watching the fight with great interest because of the level of power both warrior were producing

"To think that there is someone other than myself who has a power which is greater than a god of destruction. I will enjoy taking him down" Kelvin said to himself with a smirk

Back to the fight with Goku and Jiren

Goku transformed back to his base form and look at Jiren with a smirk.

"It looks like Super saiyan blue with Kio ken x20 won't even scratch him. You really are powerful" Goku said with a weak voice

"What are you planning Son Goku?" Loke thought to himself

"Now I'll show you my trump card!" Goku said before he jumped on top of a rock that is as tall as a mountain.

Goku raised both of his hand before shouting "Everyone! Please lend me your energy!"

"It looks like he is planning to use the spirit bomb" Krillin said with happiness before raising up his hand

Everybody from universe 7 immediately raised up their hands to lend Goku their energy except Vegeta whose pride did not allow him to lend Goku his energy

"So that's what he is doing! He is combining all the energy he received from his teammate into one powerful attack. Not bad at all!" Kelvin thought to himself

"It will take some time to gather all the energy" Goku said with worry

"I will wait!" Goku looked at Jiren with a surprised look "I said I will wait! That is your strongest attack right! Come with all your strength" Jiren said with a serious voice

"Thanks for that but I hope you don't regret it later" Goku said to him before he continued to collect the energy

Belmod and the supreme Kai of universe 11 were both pleased with the shock look on every once face

"That Jiren, his always like that. Allowing his opponent to use their strongest attack and then crushes it with overwhelming power" Belmod said with a smirk

"That's right! After this, all the remaining warriors will see that it is useless to fight Jiren" The supreme Kai of universe 11 said

Marcarita turned to look at Loke who was watching the fight with an unreadable expression "just what on earth are you planning my love" she thought

Back to the fight between Goku and Jiren

Once Goku was done charging his spirit bomb, he threw it at Jiren who didn't even move but to Goku's and everyone's surprise, Jiren began to push it back to Goku with one arm raised.

"Impossible! He is pushing it back" Piccolo said with fear

"Even though dad has more than enough stamina" Gohan said with a surprised voice

"What monster!" Vegeta said to himself

"Dammit!" Goku said before he activated his Kio ken x20 with super saiyan blue in other to push it back but all it did was to stop it from coming close to himself.

Jiren brought down his hand and began to push it back to Goku with his glare only. Goku was using all the energy he had but the spirit bomb just kept coming close to him. With a final desperate yell, Goku stopped the spirit bomb from coming close to him but couldn't push it back to Jiren.

"Not a bad amount of energy" The god of destruction from universe 5 said with a pleased voice

"Neither of them could have reached this level with normal training. Especially Jiren whose power is on another level" The supreme Kai of universe 1 said

Goku was struggling with all his power to prevent the spirit bomb from coming close to him while Jiren is simply pushing the spirit bomb with his glare.

"This power is greater than anyone we have ever faced before. He is strong. Plain and simple" The supreme Kai of universe 7 said with worry

"He is a being who has reached the power of a god of destruction and surpassed it. I guess the rumor about a mortal that is stronger than a god of destruction in another universe is true" Whis said with a calm voice

"What do we do now?" Beerus asked with a hopeless voice

"I wouldn't worry too much my lord because Loke is still here with us" Whis said to them

After Whis said that, Loke appeared in front of Goku who is slowly losing his power and extended his hand to the spirit bomb while releasing a little piece of his power. After he extended his hand to the spirit bomb, the spirit bomb began to disintegrate into tiny particles until it vanished completely. Everyone was in awe after what they saw

"What just happened?" Krillin asked confused

"It's that Loke's power" Tien asked

"To think that he has mastered a power of a God of destruction; Even I can't use the Hakai on an attack like this" Beerus said to himself

To universe 6 section

Champa was with a nervous look because of what he saw

"Did he just do what I think he did?" Champa asked with a nervous voice

"That's right my lord. I told you that my sister's boyfriend was on another level of power. I don't even think he used 1% of his powers just now" Vados said to him.

"WHAT! How can someone make something of that magnitude disappear without even using half percent of his power?" Champa asked with a surprised voice

"That's my sister's boyfriend for you. If it wasn't for Kelvin, our universe would have been doomed" Vados said to him

To universe 11 section

Belmod was beyond surprised after what he saw. He was not just surprised; he was shocked with the outcome of things.

"That was a power only gods of destruction could wield" Belmod said with anger

"Just who is that?" The supreme Kai of universe 11 asked

"I told you that you should be wary of him but you people didn't listen, yes" Marcarita said to them.

"I still don't know who he is but he is powerless to Jiren" Belmod said

"Right!" Marcarita said in a sarcastic voice

Back to the arena

Everybody was dumbstruck because of what just happened especially Hit who was still observing

"He is just as strong as I thought! To think he was able to cancel that attack without any effort is just mind boggling" Hit thought to himself

"I can see now why Beerus and Whis said he is stronger than them" Android 17 said

"Indeed! To think he was able to cancel Goku's spirit bomb like that, is just not possible" Android 18 said

"He is even more powerful than we thought" Piccolo said with fear

"He is a saiyan just like me! So how can he be this strong" Vegeta thought with anger

After Loke destroyed the spirit bomb, Goku transformed back to his base form and began to fall down but before he reached the ground, Loke caught him in his hands and help him up by placing his hand around his shoulder.

"Thanks Loke! You saved me" Goku said in a weak voice

"Don't mention it Goku, you did your best out there" Loke said to him with a proud smile

"So! You finally decided to join the fight" Jiren shouted to Loke and Goku

"Not yet because you are not the one I want to fight. I would have stopped you now but, it looks like the one am looking for has called dibs on you" Loke said to him.

After Loke said that, Jiren was sent flying through some boulders by Kelvin who appeared by his side and punched him with a speed only Loke could follow

"JIREN!" Belmod and everybody from universe 11 shouted

Kelvin turned and looked at Loke who was still helping Goku "I would have loved to fight you but it seems you got your hands full already"

"Don't worry! After I'm done helping my teammate, I am coming to fight you. So hurry up with this fight" Loke said with a smirk

Kelvin smirked and turned to where he sent Jiren and saw him coming out of the Boulder by destroying it with his ki. He smirked because he could see the bruise on his cheek

"I can't believe that Jiren was injured! Who is this guy?" Belmod asked with worry

"His name is Kelvin and he is someone we should be wary of, yes" Marcarita said

"That is just a cheap short! He won't get such opportunity again!" The supreme Kai of universe 11 said

Back with the fight, Jiren was touching his chin with a surprised look on his face

"He was able to get past my defense and take me by surprise just now but it won't happen again" Jiren thought with anger

"Are you going to stand there all day or are you going to fight me?" Kelvin asked him with a smirk

"Don't get cocky just because of one cheep short" Jiren shouted before he rushed to Kelvin with speed greater than the one he use against Goku. He reached Kelvin and punched him but to his and everybody surprised, Kelvin dodged it effortlessly. He continued to punch Kelvin with speed faster than light but Kelvin was just dodging all his attacks with his eyes closed.

"He is dodging every punch of Jiren" Belmod shouted with worry

"And he doesn't even look like he is trying" The supreme Kai of universe 11 said with worry

With Loke and Goku

Once Loke has reached a safe place to placed Goku, he turned around and saw Jiren attacking Kelvin but Kelvin was simply dodging his attacks effortlessly

"I knew the outcome would be like this! Jiren simply stands no chance against him. I will fight Kelvin if things seem too hopeless!" Loke thought to himself

After he placed Goku on the ground, Android 17 and 18 both landed besides him

"How is he?" Android 18 asked

"He is alright, just energy lost" Loke said to her

"I understand! What will you do now?" Android 17 asked him

"I am going to give Goku some of my energy and after that, I am going to fight Kelvin" Loke answered. After he said that, Loke squatted down and stretched out his arm to Goku in other to give him some of his energy. At first nothing happened but then a bright light covered Goku's entire body and when the light died down, Goku was seen opening his eyes slowly.

"Looks like you are awake?" Loke asked him

"It looks like it. So! What happened to Jiren?" Goku asked him while standing up

"Looks like that guy I warned you about is fighting him as we speak" Loke said to him

"Can he defeat someone like Jiren?" Goku asked him with a serious voice

"I would be more worried about Jiren than him if I were you!" Loke said to him

"What do you mean?" Goku asked him

"See for yourself!" Loke said while pointing to the fight between Jiren and Kelvin.

After he said that, Goku turned to see the fight between Jiren and Kelvin. He was dumbstruck with what he was seeing because Kelvin is dodging all of Jiren's attack like it was nothing.

"I don't believe what I'm seeing!" Goku said with a surprised look

"I told you that he was strong" Loke said with a smirk

"And so far, it doesn't look like he is using much energy!" Android 17 said

"That! He is not. I estimate that he is only using about 1% of his strength against Jiren" Loke said to them with a knowing smirk. Goku, 17 and 18 were shocked because of what they heard Loke say, but the one who was most shocked was Piccolo who was hearing everything there were saying.

"Now I see why you don't want us to fight him!" Android 17 said

"Do we have a chance to win with someone like that here?!" Android 18 asked

"Don't lose hope! I'm still here with you guys after all" Loke said to them with a serious voice.

"Are you going to fight him now?" Goku asked

"Not yet but soon. Anyway! Since you are better Goku, am going to go watch their fight" Loke said before he jumped to the direction of the fight.

"Well! Am going to see who next to knock out" Android 17 said before he walked out too

Android 18 saw that Goku was going to the direction of Jiren and Kelvin fight "Are you going to challenge Jiren again?"

"No! Am just going to see the outcome of their battle" Goku answered before he jumped out

"Men with their ridiculous ego" Android 18 said with a sigh before she walked away

Back to the fight with Jiren and Kelvin

Multiple shock wave and explosion were seen in the arena with Jiren attacking Kelvin with everything he had with a power that only a god of destruction could produce but Kelvin was just dodging it all with his eyes closed. Jiren got frustrated because none of his attacks were making contact with Kelvin. So he jumped back and powered up his Aura which surrounded his entire body with a red energy and he stretched out his hand and started to concentrate his energy towards his palm to form a red ki ball. After he was done, he fired the ki ball towards Kelvin who didn't even bother to move or dodge. The ki ball made contact with Kelvin and caused a massive explosion that destroyed half of the fighting stage.

"Wow! Jiren is amazing!" fist Zen-sama said with an excited voice

"Amazing!" second Zeno-sama said with the same excited voice as the first Zeno

"It would appear that Jiren has gotten serious" The Grand Priest said

Everybody was shocked when there saw the size of the explosion caused by Jiren's ki but what shocked them the most was that after the massive explosion, Kelvin was seen without a single scratch on his body.

"Impossible!" Belmod shouted

"He took a hit like that and came out without a scratch on him" The supreme Kai of universe 11 said

"Yes Kelvin! Show them what you got!" Champa shouted

"It looks like Kelvin is just toying with Jiren all this time" Vados said

"What do you think my lord?" Whis asked Beerus

"I never imagined that my brother has someone like this in his universe and he doesn't look like he serious yet. He is strong no matter how you look at it" Beerus said with a worried look

Back to the fight, Jiren was shocked and slightly shaken because of what was happening. Kelvin walked out from the hole Jiren's attack made and started walking to where Jiren is.

"I have to admit, that attack was powerful. To think it made me use 5% of my power is just surprising" Kelvin said to him with mock praise

"WHAT! That was just 5% of his energy!" Krillin shouted with fear

"This guy power is just insane!" Tien said with a surprised voice

Jiren on the other hand was shocked because of what he heard and this made Kelvin to smirk

"Don't feel bad! At least your power is greater than some god of destruction here. I mean, not many god of destruction could make me use that much power to withstand an attack." Kelvin said to him

"I won't accept this! I won't! I have the absolute power! I won't ever lose to someone like you" Jiren shouted to him

"Is that so? Let me show you what real power is" Kelvin said before he dashed to him with speed only Loke and the angel's could see. Kelvin reached Jiren and punched him in the stomach that created a shock wave that destroyed half of the fighting stage.

Jiren was sent flying through some boulders due to the force behind the punch but Kelvin did not stop there, before Jiren could crash through the last boulder, Kelvin appeared with a speed that shocked even the god's and gave Jiren a planet shattering punch at his jaw that sent him flying upward. As Jiren was flying upward, Kelvin appeared and gave him another planet shattering blow at his back which sent Jiren down with great speed but before he reached the ground, Kelvin appeared and gave him another blow that sent him flying upward again and the process continued.

Everybody in the whole world of void were shocked with what they were seeing. There couldn't see Kelvin due to his speed that even gods of destruction can't follow but there could see Jiren flying from one location to another courtesy of Kelvin blows.

"I don't believe this! Jiren is losing!" Belmod said with a shock expression

"This is just unbelievable! To think that someone out there is stronger than Jiren is just impossible" The supreme Kai of universe 11 said with a shocked voice

Marcarita was not watching the fight but rather, she was watching Loke who is just watching the fight with an unreadable expression "what are you thinking! Loke!" she thought

Loke who on the outside was not showing any emotion but on the inside, he was shocked

"I knew that Kelvin was stronger than Jiren but not by this much. He is someone who could give me a good challenge with powers like that" Loke thought to himself

Back to Jiren and Kelvin

Jiren was finally sent to the ground, hard by Kelvin and the impact created a shock wave that destroyed part of the fighting stage. After Jiren crashed to the ground, Kelvin lands beside him and created a small purple Ki ball and threw it to Jiren who was too weak to dodge the blast. Once the ki ball made contact with Jiren, it created a massive purple explosion that shook the entire world of void. After the explosion died down, Jiren was seen lying on the crater caused by the explosion with the upper part of his cloths destroyed and bruises all over his body.

"Now that is what absolute power means! Jiren" Kelvin said while looking down on him.

"JIREN!" Belmod shouted

Jiren with the little energy he had left looked up to Kelvin and asked him in a weak voice "Who are you?"

"My name is Kelvin and I am the one who stands at the pinnacle of powers that even gods and angels couldn't obtain" Kelvin said to him with a proud voice.

Everybody was shock with what there heard especially the gods of destruction

"How dear this mortal say that?" The goddess of destruction from universe 2 said with a displeased tone

"He is just too arrogant with his powers" the god of destruction from universe 5 said

"He may be right! With powers like that, I don't think he's bluffing" The supreme Kai of universe 7 said

"I don't care what he says as long as he is winning" Champa said

"Of course you wouldn't care my lord" Vados said with a sigh

"Whis!" Beerus said

"I know my lord. Kelvin is holding back a massive amount of power that is on par with Loke" Whis explained to them

"I figured as much" Beerus said to him. After he said that, everybody in universe 7 who heard what Beerus said were scared shitless.

"I commend you for making me use 5% of my power just now. I haven't used that much power in a while and I must say, it feels good to let loose" Kelvin said to him in mock praise

Kelvin raised his hand and pointed it to Jiren and formed a tiny energy on his hand. He was about to blast Jiren out of the fighting stage but Dyspo appeared with his full speed and carried Jiren and ran far away from where Kelvin was. Kelvin was surprised by that outcome but later shrugged his shoulder and turned to look at Loke who was still watching him

"Do you still want to fight me?" Kelvin asked him in a mock voice

"Definitely; but not right now" Loke shouted to him with a smirk

"What's your name?" Kelvin asked him

"Am Loke, the guy who will take you down" Loke said to him

"We shall see!" Kelvin said as he began to walk away.

Everybody in the fighting stage where shocked and scared because now there know the type of warrior they have to fight.

Wow talk about overpowered guys. I know I made Jiren look weak in this chapter but it was necessary in other to show just how powerful Kelvin is in this story. I made emphases on some part to show that only Loke could face him in battle. This is the first dragon ball story I have ever written so I apologies if the fight is not to your liking's. If you have any suggestion on how you want this story to go, just ask it to me in the Review. So please, give me your ideas in the review and don't forget to like this story.

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