It was another sunny day at Spiral Mountain, with Banjo and Kazooie basically doing what they did in the intro to Nuts and Bolts - enjoying games and pizza, only without either of them being fat.

"Seems like another one of those days where 1 of us has to go on a dumb adventure." Kazooie yawned as she was playing with her XBox 360 controller.

Banjo was enjoying a slice of pizza. "Guh huh?

"I mean it's another fanfiction." Kazooie cleared her throat as she squawked like a kazoo. "No doubt we're going to be shipped or something stupid like that."

"You're always so negative Kazooie." Banjo responded as he adjusted his shorts. "You have to look at the bright side of life."

Kazooie rolled her eyes as she scoffed, losing at the game she was playing. "Peh, like that's ever gonna happen."