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Chapter 10



I ducked behind the cars and led the group to the edge of the building, tapping my ear-piece to make sure the mic was on and broadcasting. The boys split behind me; Sammy heading towards the rear of the building and Dean taking the outer edge of the front. Grace was still in the parking lot, using a pick-up truck as cover.

I lowered my voice, trying to contain my excitement, "You ready, Dean?"

"Uh-huh," he replied, his voice coming in loud and clear into the mic.




She sighed, sounding irritated at my sound check. "Okay," she answered halfheartedly.

"All right fellas," I breathed into our joined, open mic. "Let's go."

The room we stared into from outside the main window was full to the hilt with vampires of all sizes, shapes, and degrees of ferociousness. Slamming the door to the run-down trucker bar wide open, I took a deep breath and grinned as I made eye contact with the first blood sucker. "Hi," I greeted, pursing my lips. "How's it going?"

The action passed too fast and suddenly, I was out of monsters to kill. I high-fived Dean, smiling broadly as Sammy and Grace watched from the edge of the open room. I grinned at my sister and she lifted her eyebrows, giving me the pathetic 'good-job' thumbs up as she nodded encouragingly. She took a deep breath and asked, "Can we go home now?"

And then she froze, her eyes glazing over and staring off into space like she did in the old days, back when she was having visions and pretending she was just a psychic.

"Grace?" I called, turning suddenly away from Dean and narrowing my eyes at my sister. "Gracie?"

Dean turned, hearing the worry in my voice.

Before I realized what I was doing, I was running to her and bending to try and get into her line of sight. "What, Grace? What's wrong?"

"There's something at home," she whispered.

I glanced at Dean and Sam, worry creasing my brow. "Something? What kind of something?" I whispered, panic hitting my voice. I hated that my sister had been right all along. We should have never left our kids.

"Vampires," she answered, still staring off into the distance, seeing nothing and everything at the same time. "There are four that split from the nest. They scented you and Dean from the farm."

"Can you hear them?" I asked, moving closer to Grace. "Are they there? Do Em and Jody know they're coming?" I glanced back at Dean who looked more angry than worried. "Grace," I pressed. "What should we do?"

Suddenly, Grace looked up at the three of us and held out her hands. "Hold on," she said, flexing her fingers.

"What?" I asked, staring at her hands. "Hold on to you?"

She pressed her lips together into a tight line. "Yeah, hold on to me," she shot back. "We're going to make a little jump."

"Oh, Jesus," Dean sighed, rolling his eyes. "This ain't gonna end pretty."

"What are we doing?" Sammy asked, clueless.

I took a deep breath and shook my head at my husband. "You're holding on, Sammy," I answered, taking Grace's right hand. "We're going for a ride."

Dean reached for her left hand and laced his fingers through hers. I moved over and closed my eyes as I offered Grace's hand to Sam. "Just hold on to her arm or something," I muttered. "This should be awful."

Without warning, I felt like I was being squeezed from all sides of my body at the same time. I couldn't take a breath and was completely paralyzed. I tried to shut my eyes, but I was completely frozen; helpless. Without warning, after only seconds, I landed in a hard heap on top of Sammy in the middle of the field between our houses. Grace and Dean were still standing, but Dean still looked like he might pass out.

"You okay?" Grace asked, turning towards her husband. "We need to move. They're coming through the corn field to the west."

"Yeah," Dean grunted, leaning over and bracing himself against his knees. "Yeah, gimme a minute."

Grace was already jogging towards the barn, where I could hear the happy laughter and squeals of the kids. Jody was outside the barn, sweeping the wooden walkway we had built, trying to cut down on the dust. I untangled myself from Sammy and attempted to stand but weaved a bit as I tried to keep up with my sister. "Sammy?" I asked, "You with us?"

"Oh my god," Sam grunted, on all fours in the middle of the field. "I wasn't ready."

Grace moved so silently through the wheat that Jody didn't even look up. I came up from behind our friend loudly so as not to startle her. She turned, hearing movement and her eyes about popped out of her head. "Serra?" she almost shouted, but I held up my hand, holding back her surprise. I gestured towards my sister and held up my finger, telling Jody to keep quiet.

"There're vampires coming," I whispered, jogging behind Grace. "Are all the kids inside the barn?"

Jody, still wide-eyed at our sudden arrival, simply nodded.

"Good," I continued, keeping my hand to my face. "Don't say anything, just keep them inside. We'll be right back."

Dean and Sammy had gotten their shit together and fell into step behind me, following Grace silently. She was very obviously taking the lead on this part of the hunt.

Behind me, my brother-in-law was bringing out his trusty machete as he followed Grace towards the corn field across the road behind our houses. I followed suit, holding my blade out at the ready. The hairs on the back of my neck stood out, trying to get a sense of what Grace was feeling. It was hard when we were going in blind.

Suddenly, Grace stopped jogging and turned abruptly, facing back towards the barn. We were like mimics, about-facing back towards the barn as my mouth fell open, seeing Glory out in the middle of the field, smiling at the group of us.

"Hi, Momma!" she shouted, waving happily. "I didn't think you would be back so soon!"

"Glory!" Grace answered, breaking into a run back towards her daughter. "Go back into the barn!"

It was happening before we had a chance to react. The vampire came out from behind the Big House, taking Glory off the ground and holding her against his chest, ready to bite her. We froze where we stood, watching and waiting to see how Grace wanted to play it. Dean looked like he was about ready to explode but held his ground. The entire world held its breath.


There was a vampire on each one of our flanks, waiting with bated breath to see what we would do, now that one had Glory in his arms. My niece looked annoyed, trying to turn her head and stare at him as he restrained her arms behind her back and exposed her neck towards his rapidly descending fangs.

"You smell really bad," Glory commented.

Grace cracked a smile.

Turning back towards the vampire, I shook my head as a small grin touched the corners of my lips. He had no idea what he was dealing with.

"You missed the party," Grace addressed the vamp that clutched her daughter. "My sister got something like seventeen of your brothers and sisters back in Selbyville at a trucker bar. Too bad you weren't there to see it."

"We blitzed 'em," Serra added, waggling her eyebrows.

The vampire narrowed his eyes, staring at my sister-in-law with daggers in his eyes. "How the hell did you get back here so soon?" he asked, tilting his head.

Grace pressed her lips together. "Nephilim," she answered, shrugging.

"Momma," Glory furrowed her eyebrows. "He smells. Really bad."

"Don't you worry, kiddo," Dean nodded towards his daughter. "We'll take care of that. Then you can take a bubble bath; get that stink off you."

"I love bubble baths!" Glory declared, trying to wriggle out of the vampire's grip.

He wrapped his arms around her tighter, trying to keep control of the situation. Obviously, Grace wasn't worried, so automatically, I relaxed, even when the other two vampires launched themselves towards us.

In a flash of light, the vampires exploded into piles of ash in midair, flecks of gray soot landing in my hair. The vampire in front of us looked panicked. "What the fuck?" he yelled, watching the two vampires fall to the ground in front of him. "What the fuck?"

Grace rolled her eyes and repeated, "Nephilim."

Movement caught my eye as another vampire tried to rush us, a female this time, from behind. Grace didn't even turn around because Dean and Serra turned into the attack, taking her apart with each of their machetes. The three pieces turned to ash in mid-air as Grace walked determinedly towards the lone remaining vampire. She smiled lightly at Glory and lifted her eyebrows.

"Practice time," she called, approaching her daughter.

Glory seemed excited at this prospect, kicking her feet happily. "For reals?" she asked.

"Yep," Grace nodded, "Open it up."

I glanced at my brother, who had eyes only for his daughter as her fingers stretched out of the vampire's grip. He didn't seem to know what to do and took a shaky step backwards, almost falling as he did so.

"You really underestimated this family," Grace sighed, shaking her head. "Not only did you stumble upon the greatest group of hunters known to this planet," she explained. "But you also managed to find the four Gatekeepers."

A large oval was beginning to form in mid-air in front of the vampire, showering the ground below them with yellow-green sparks as Glory concentrated with her eyes closed.

"You see," Grace continued, "the one you've got there is Purgatory's Gatekeeper, and we've been practicing, just for opportunities like this."

My mouth fell open as Glory continued to work and Grace and Serra approached the terrified vampire, with Dean at their heels. The portal got bigger and bigger, sending yellow-green sparks all around us, but not catching fire to anything. Glory opened her eyes to grin at us. "All done!" she shouted.

Grace held out her arms and Glory shut her eyes once more, smiling broadly. In the blink of an eye, Glory appeared in Grace's arms, sitting on her hip and watching the very confused vampire with bright eyes.

"As you probably guessed," Grace smiled, brushing her daughter's hair out of her face, "that's where you're headed, so I hope you're ready to run."

Dean lowered his head as he took a final step towards the vampire, who hadn't moved, either out of fear or shock, and with one singular kick, Dean shoved him through the open portal. He screamed, losing his footing, and grasped wildly at the air as he fell backwards, into the dark abyss.

Turning towards Glory, Grace took a deep breath. "Nicely done, baby," she complimented. "Now, close it up."

With the blink of her wide, green eyes, Glory raised her hand and closed her fingers into a fist. Immediately, the portal closed, and the yellow-green sparks disappeared into nothingness.

I could feel my mouth fall open as Serra turned to grin at me. "That's my girl," she whispered, ruffling our niece's curly, dark blonde hair. "High-five?"

Glory reached out her tiny hand and gave Serra the high-five she asked for. Turning my head slightly towards my brother, I lifted my eyebrows and tilted my head in a surprised and questioning sort of way. The corners of his lips tucked downward, shrugging with one shoulder in a self-depreciating sort of way. The pride for his daughter was etched into his facial expression and I couldn't help the grin that spread over my face.

"How long has she been able to do that?" I asked, stepping towards Dean.

He chuckled. "About two days ago, she did it for the first time, but even then, it was sketchy. Everett and Lib have been walking her through the feeling, but she's not too confident about it yet."

Grace smiled broadly at her daughter in her arms. "That changes today," Grace muttered, nuzzling Glory's face. One by one, the rest of the Winchester kids came filing out of the barn, followed closely by Jody; her eyes wide when she saw Glory in Grace's arms.

"Where did you go, little girl?" Jody gasped. "You were right there, next to your sister, and the next thing I knew, you had disappeared!"

Glory smiled mischievously. "There's a hole under the board in the back of the barn," she answered. "I wanted to help with the monster."

"Did you ask permission first?" Jody asked, lecturing.

Glory's face fell slightly, looking embarrassed. "Not until after I was out here. Momma didn't hear me right away."

"You're lucky Mom can pick up on you so quick," Dean commented. "You did alright, but man," my brother glanced at me and put his hand over his chest, shaking his head. "I don't think I'm quite ready for my baby girl to be out here, fighting monsters with us."

Grace took a deep breath and nuzzled her daughter's face. "Seconded," she muttered.

The only one standing in the middle of the field with a wide grin on her face was my wife, holding one of her guns loosely at her side. "That was incredible," she sighed. "Let's go again."

"Go where?" Grace turned, lifting her eyebrows.

Serra was practically vibrating. "We have to go get the cars!" she exclaimed. "Zap us back!"

I was already lifting my hands and shaking my head. "Yeah, I don't think so," I muttered, closing my eyes after imagining the nausea I felt after my sister in law pushed me through time and space the first time. "I'll pass."

"What about the El Camino?" Serra demanded.

I shook my head again. "You can drive it home," I answered, holding my stomach. "That's not worth going twice."

Grace laughed, glancing at Dean. "How about you?" she asked. "You gonna puss out too?"

Pressing his lips together hard enough to show his dimples, my brother lifted his eyebrows, "Hey, you're the one who's gonna have to deal with the aftermath."

Kissing Glory on the cheek again and setting her down on the ground, Grace tilted her head, "Aftermath?"

"I don't crap right for a week after these jumps," Dean muttered, watching the rest of our kids come out of the barn. Liberty grinned and ran to Dean's open arms. "I'll go, but not willingly."

Serendipity's face was pressed into a disapproving grimace. "You two are a couple of babies. C'mon, Grace, let's go get the cars."

"It's a little different for you," I muttered, "you've both got angel blood. It doesn't bother you!"

Without missing a beat, Serra whipped her hair from one side of her head to the other, "You're vessels for the biggest two of the seven," she answered, snarky. "I'm pretty sure you should be able to handle bouncing from one place to another."

"I wanna go!" Liberty exclaimed from her father's arms. "Can I go with you to get the cars?"

Grace shrugged as she glanced up at Dean, "Sure, baby. Girls' trip."

"I'm a girl!" Glory shouted, bouncing in place on the balls of her feet. "Me too!"

"Alright, alright," Grace replied, chuckling to herself. "Let's go." Moving closer to Dean, she reached up on her tip toes to kiss him, "We'll be back."

Keeping his face just out of her reach, Dean smiled down at his wife. "Be safe," he whispered. Unable to resist her any longer, Dean leaned in to close the gap between their faces and kissed her deeply.

I turned, grinning at Serra. Her enthusiasm was hard to ignore. "I'll see you in a bit," I said, reaching out for her. Swatting my hand away, Serendipity laughed. "Yeah, whatever! Let's go!"

Shrugging, Grace laughed and shook her head. She clasped hands with her sister and her daughters and with that, they were gone.

Taking a deep breath and running a hand through my hair, I turned to stare at Dean. "You alright?" I asked.

Nodding slowly, with an odd look on his face, the corners of Dean's lips tugged into a smile. "Yeah," he ventured. "Yeah, I am."

"What's with the look?"

He took a long time to answer; long enough that I thought he may have forgotten, but I realized he was watching Everett as he meandered around the field. "For the first time since we've been together, I'm not freaked out by Grace going off by herself."

"She can definitely handle herself," I commented, agreeing. "Serra too."

"It's not even that," Dean continued. "The idea that we've been through the ringer and come out on top," he shrugged and finally turned to stare at me. "We'll be fine, no matter the situation."

I nodded slowly, watching my son play with my nephew, chasing each other through the wheat in the setting sun. We would always be hunters; its who we were, and I was happy that Serra kept us honest about ourselves.