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The scene still echoed through his brain even after being told a few hours ago. She arrived in his room with a pale face. Hermes asked what was wrong and she spoke the words he dreaded from his secret lover: "I'm pregnant." The words kept echoing in his mind.

He made an immortal pregnant- a goddess pregnant. But to make matters worse, he made one of the virgin goddesses pregnant: Artemis. The only good thing which comes from this is that there will be a new god or goddess birthed in more than several aeons.

But the several bad things will overweight the good if anyone will find out: Zeus would probably make the child live with Calypso in Ogygia if the newborn was a girl (if Zeus feels nice) or kill it if the newborn is a boy or a girl. Hera, Zeus' wife would probably make the child's life a misery if she found out. However, not all gods would treat the soon-to-be-born god or goddess like a menace. For example, Apollo would drive his niece/nephew out in the sun chariot every day. Aphrodite would make the new god/goddess a heartthrob so all mortal men or women fall for them. Hecate, Artemis' friend, would gift her so only good would only come to them. But, thankfully, they wouldn't have to wait that long as a goddess' pregnancy lasts for about 2-3 weeks and Hermes would have to wait for a week for his newborn son or daughter. He would like a daughter as he got a mortal woman, Bellatrix Druella Lestrange nee Black, pregnant and birthed a boy named Regulus Cygnus Black 2 years previously before she married her husband and said husband blood-adopted Regulus so his surname was 'Black-Lestrange' instead of just 'Black'.

4 days later, Hermes now knows that his new child would be a girl. Yes, the new addition to the Olympian family would be a goddess. Perhaps, she would be the 13th Olympian as the representative of the 3rd generation gods and goddesses.

So far, not many people know about the scandalous affair between Hermes and Artemis. For example, Apollo knows that Hermes impregnated a virgin goddess, much less Apollo's own younger twin sister. Hermes only knows this because Apollo approached him to ask if he could drive his niece around in his sun chariot shortly finding out himself. Another person who found out was Aphrodite as she was the one who diagnosed Artemis and told her she was pregnant. Aphrodite then gave the now-known goddess the 'lover's curse' which makes both immortal and mortal men fall for her expect those she sees as family. The only other person who found out was Poseidon, the couple's uncle, and he only knows because he was walking past Hermes' bedroom when Artemis told him she was pregnant.

All three suggested ways so that Zeus wouldn't kill the new goddess, one of which was that the expecting couple would send the child to one of Hermes' older children's houses. Hermes and Artemis both knew that it was the better option and Artemis told her lover, Hermes, that they could send their daughter to the mortal world to their daughter's older half-sister, Persephone Hermione Selena Danielle Barrault nee Luchesis and her nephew (through her aunt/sister, Aphrodite), Robin Daniel Eros Michael Barrault. The couple is part of the Wizarding World which Hecate created many aeons ago. As far as Hermes knows, the couple has 3 children with Xander Mason Aries Apollo Barrault being the eldest then the next child was born nearly a year later that was called Jasper Lynn Hermes Lysander Barrault then, lastly, a year later their youngest brother was born called Kale Jean Poseidon Hades Barrault. When Hermes was last Iris-messaging his witch-demigod daughter, Jean revealed she can't have children again after having 3 children back-to-back had permanently damaged her uterus.

Hermes and Artemis both knew that it was the right thing to do. After all, their future daughter would be living with her older sister by 20 years and her brother-in-law/cousin. However, even though all the hours covering both Hermes' and Artemis' internal sombre through the Summer Solace Meeting of 1978, Poseidon knew that both Hermes and Artemis would terribly miss their first child together. So, after the meeting, he told them to wrap a seashell beaded bracelet around any wrist and around their own wrist so they could mentally talk to one another when their daughter turns 5 years old after Persephone and Robin Montgomery told their sister (or sister-in-law/ cousin) the meaning of the necklace and they Iris-message the couple. Poseidon dropped it into an organza bag and placed said bag in Hermes' tanned hand and walked away.

Hermes entered Artemis' tent for their nightly chat while her Huntresses were sleeping. Hermes knew that Artemis was special and ,eventually, he wished to marry her with Zeus' permission and he knew that that permission would never happen.

His girlfriend laid her head on his chest and his arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her in. In her 5'6'' figure, his head rested on her crown. Her hair smelled of strawberries and lavender, the combination was a smell which he loves.

"Artie, I think we should come up some names for our daughter," Hermes murmured after a few moments of silence.

"Yeah we should," Artemis spoke, her words mumbled into his teal t-shirt. She tilted her head and looked at her lover, her silvery yellow eyes locked into his blue eyes. "We could name her Andromeda. Andromeda Olympian."

"We could name her Hermione, after all, she is my...our daughter" A sudden click roused in his head. "I know! We can call her 'Andromeda Hermione Merope Olympian' with 'Hermione' as her middle name so both of the names we chose are used."

"I love it!" Artemis said,"Since when did you become so smart?"

"Love, you wound me! I just have good influences like you, for example." Hermes said and winked at her before caressing her 6 month pregnant belly despite it been 6 days since their baby being conceived. At his words, Artemis blushed adorably.

"You are such a charmer Hermes," Artemis spoke after she got her blush under control.

"Only to you," Hermes said before he tilted his head down and captured her lips into a sweet and tender kiss.

When they pulled away from their kiss, Hermes felt his phone vibrate. He took it out and it sprouted into a 3-footed-long wooded staff with dove wings sprouting out on the top with the 2 snakes,George and Martha, coiled together around the middle. There in his hand was his caduceus.

"Hey Romeo, hate to spoil your fun with your lady friend but there is call from Poseidon," George spoke sarcastically.

"George!" Martha scolded. "But really, there is a urgent call from Poseidon on the line."

Hermes sighed before he kissed his lover on her lips before saying the words that will forever change their relationship from that point: 'I love you.' He spoke the word which enabled his converse sandals to sprout out wings,'Maia', and flew to the nearest forest from which his lover's Huntresses decided to put up camp. He answered the call from Poseidon and looked at the tent where his girlfriend was from where he was on the outskirts of the forest.

"Hello." Hermes spoke into the caduceus which he turned into a Samsung Galaxy S3 which was way ahead of the year which they currently live in, 1978.

"Hey Hermes! I was wondering if you can send a message for me to Hades about the affairs involving himself and me. I am sending a letter to you through George and, by the way, it is confidential. Can you do that?" Poseidon told Hermes and, true to his words, George spat out a letter which had the name 'Hades' clearly seen in black calligraphy.

"Yeah sure," Hermes responded and ended the call. He sighed and flew to the Underworld and gave the letter to Hades and flew back to in his room in the 600th floor of the Empire State Building and as he fell asleep, he heard the faint sounds of George saying to Martha something like 'he is smitten for her.' He smiled and fell asleep imaging the auburn haired goddess sleeping with him and his arms wrapping around her pregnant waist which can only be seen if the couple tells any one.

Hermes shouldn't be panicking...shouldn't he? After all, Artemis is giving birth to their first daughter and the newest goddess birthed to any god in over a millennium, much less had been for an Olympian god having a child with another Olympian god. He was there, standing next to Artemis while she pushed the newest goddess out of her. Her screams echoed throughout her bedroom while Hecate was telling her to push. All the God of Travellers could do was to wait, wait for his new daughter to be birthed- the newest goddess to be born. As Hermes felt the grip which was bestowed on his right hand tightened, he prayed for the child to be born. He prayed and prayed until he heard the deafening cry of a newborn goddess.

Hermes looked at his secret lover and saw her silvery yellow eyes turn watery at the sight of her child. The new goddess was born on the 29th August 1978 and the newest addition to the Olympian family. 'Andromeda Hermione Merope Olympian' was her name and her realms she controlled were undecided by were most likely to be cunning, knowledge and stars.

Hermes suddenly remembered to put on the seashell beaded bracelet, which was still in it's organza bag, and placed it in his daughter's blanket.

"Artie, I am going to Persephone's house to give Hermione to her. Okay?" Hermes said and comforted Artemis as she cried on his shoulder while muttering 'I don't want our baby to go away' and something like 'fuck you, Zeus'. He kissed Artemis on the cheek before he put on his golden-winged shoes on and flew to the Montgomery household in London, which was his next criteria.

While Artemis was giving birth, Persephone Barrault was sitting in the living room and was reading 'Little Women' for the twelve time on the sofa with her legs dangling off the armrest.

"Hey beautiful," a husky voice which belonged to her husband, Robin.

"Hey yourself," Persephone murmured while blushing adorably at his gaze. She tilted her neck and kissed her husband of 4 years.

"I love you" Robin stated and gently tugged his wife's ear lobe which caused her to moan quietly.

"I love you too," Persephone muttered while Robin caressed her flat stomach.

"Of course you do, I gave you 3 beautiful children," Robin said cheekily before winking at her. She giggled at his statement before she asked her husband to make dinner as it was his turn. She sighed and went back to reading her book after going into their bedroom.

After a few minutes, the couple both heard the sounds of Hermes , Persephone's father, flying into their house. Persephone paused before she Accio-ed her bookmark which her half brother, Keiron, gave for her most recent birthday on the 15th December for her 23rd birthday.

While the couple were finding pyjamas and putting them on, Hermes murmured the Memory charm so his daughter and son-in-law's friends and family so they won't suspect how the couple got a new baby.

"Father, what are you doing here?" Persephone asked before seeing her new baby sister sleeping soundlessly in her father's arms.

"Sweetie, meet your new sister," Hermes said and Persephone squealed quietly, careful to not wake up her own children and her baby sister.

"What is going on?" A voice, which was most certainly Robin, asked while having his phoenix wand out, ready. His question was soon answered when Jean turned around with a little bundle of joy, wrapped in a pink blanket wrapped around it, in her arms. "Who is this cutie?"

"Her name is Andromeda Hermione Merope Olympian and is mine and Artemis' daughter and there is two middle names," Hermes replied while resisting to roll his eyes at the sight of his son-in-law's face practically melting away at the sight of his new sister-in-law's tiny left hand wrapping around his littlest finger and him muttering under his breath 'Such a long name for someone so small'. "Percy, remember that time I Iris-messaged you about big favour last night?"

"Yes," Persephone replied with and suddenly she realised what the big favour was. "Do you mean that I have to look after my little sister because of Grandfather Zeus?"

"Yes, Jean. I know that looking after 4 children will be such a difficult task but you're capable just like your mother was raising you and your older brother." Hermes pointed at the necklace which was in its organza bag. "Give the bracelet in the bag when she is roughly around 5 years old. I placed a rune on the bag which makes it appear on her 5th birthday along with a note explaining what it does which is, by the way, allowing her to communicate with me and her mother in her mind. To make it appear to say 'Happy 5th Birthday, Hermione!' and it will come onto her hands. You can give her a magical adoption so no one can suspect her identity and I placed an Memory charm on everyone you both know so they won't suspect anything." Hermes explained.

"Thanks, Father/ Hermes," The couple both said simultaneously which make the couple in question to giggle.

"You're welcome. Look after her you two.I will see you both at Christmas." Hermes said once the couple stopped giggling and flew out to comfort Artemis and, potentially, make love to her.

It was the next day, 30th August 1978 and Persephone and Robin along with their children went to Gringotts to blood adopt Andromeda. So far the only looks which newborn Andromeda resembled of the Barraults were the pale complexion which Persephone and Andromeda's 3 nephews had and the mood-changing eyes which she surprisingly showed when Xander first held his aunt and her eyes, which were open at the time, turned from their traditional black-brown eyes to an orange-like colour which made Xander smile. This quality is a thing which Artemis (and her twin-brother) only posses as they inherited it from Leto, their mother, and it seems to be passed down to Artemis' daughter and some of Apollo's children as well.

They were at the front counter of Gringotts.

"Hello, how many I help you?" The goblin asked.

"I would like to magic-adopt my sister please," Persephone told the front desk goblin and the goblin raised its nonexistence eyebrow as if asking 'why would you?' "Allow me to explain. My father is Hermes and he broke his oath of not to have sex with a goddess and my half-sister's mother, Artemis, broke her maiden oath. So they both asked me and my husband to look after my sister so my Grandfather, Zeus, would not find out as they might kill my baby sister." She explained it in a quiet voice as Gringotts is the only business in Wizarding England knows that Mythology exists and she can't risk anyone finding out.

After all, like the stanza, this is engraved into the silver door at the entrance, said:

'Enter, stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed

For those who take, but do not earn

Must pay most dearly in their turn

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more than treasure there.'

This would mean that Persephone would risk her half-sibling's life if they are either witches or wizards.

"Yes, yes, of course. Take a seat and I will call you up once Griphook is ready to do the magic-adoption." The goblin told the family of 5 which will soon to turn into a family of 6.

After 10 minutes of waiting, Griphook called them in and the family soon arrived into a room with meek colours.

"Take a seat, Mr and Mrs Barrault. Now I understand that you would like to blood adopt your half-sister in concern of her safety if her grandfather Zeus found out of her existence, is that right Mrs Barrault?" Seeing a nod from said person, the goblin named Griphook carried on. "Right, do either of you know of what Hermes and Artemis named her." Both Robin and Jean's faces only showed a surprised look. "I felt she had only godly inheritance and Artemis' power is in her."

"My father-in-law named her 'Andromeda Hermione Merope Olympian', Griphook," Robin spoke before releasing that he called the goblin by his given name not 'sir'. "Sorry, I didn't mean to call you that." Robin apologised to the older goblin.

"I don't mind being called that by my customers. I find that if we goblins have a good relationship with wizards, then you magical folk could be calling us by our given names. I like you both already, you both are such kind spirits which is so hard to find in your people. We are getting off topic. For you, Mr and Mrs Barrault, to be Miss Andromeda's guardians, you would have to repeat this ritual while holding on one of Miss Hermione's hands... Now repeat after me: 'Ut suscitet te promitto atque Olympio abnuit Merope nefas Andromedae fuerat Hermiones, ut officium meum, ut magicis sui parentis nascuntur (I promise to raise and help Andromeda Hermione Merope Olympian as my duty as her magical adoptive parent)'"

When the couple repeated the Latin ritual, they felt their magic surging into baby Andromeda and some of their red blood cells leaving their body and transferring their mortal DNA so it can be programmed inside young Andromeda.

When the ritual was done, the young couple felt weak and tried. When they both opened their own eyes, they both saw the 2-day-old baby have both her birth parents' looks as well as the Barraults' looks.

While the ritual was being spoken, Kale, Xander and Jasper were all sucking greedily onto the nipple of their own baby bottle which was filled of either Baby Formula as Persephone can't produce enough breast milk or 100% apple juice which was watered down.

"Due to the ritual changing most of her mortal DNA for her mortal disguise, she still has her Godly inheritance and powers from both Artemis and Hermes. So, now that is sorted, what would you like to call her, Mr and Mrs Barrault?" Griphook asked.

The couple turned to each other and seemed to have mind conversion, like all couples who are soul-bonded, and turned to have a silent argument.

"We would like to call her 'Andromeda Hermione Luna Merope Barrault'. By the way, since you let us call you by your given name, you have our permission to call us by our first names." Robin told Griphook.

"I will of course do that, Mr Bar-...Err...Robin. Let me just write both names on the adoptive certificate and for you two to sign with a blood quill and for young Andromeda to place her hand on the parchment." Griphook told them and once Jean gently placed Hermione's chubby right hand onto the parchment.

"Congratulations, Persephone and Robin, you have both adopted Miss 'Andromeda Hermione Luna Merope Barrault' on 20th August 1978. Have a nice day and I hope you visit again soon."

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