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Andromeda Barrault entered the camp before hearing shouts coming from the woods. She turned around and saw two children. The younger of the two had long, curly blond hair which was tied up and had tanned skin. In her opinion, she looked like a typical California girl; expect her stormy grey eyes ruined the image. The boy had sandy blonde hair with a mischievous smile and was wearing ragged makeshift leather armour over his T-Shirt. Both had dirt on their clothing and both were breathing heavily. The younger girl appeared to be 7 and the boy appeared to be 14.

"Our...friend...killed...bulls...tree," the boy spluttered and wiped his forehead.

"Take deep breaths child," a voice said calmly followed by wheels scraping the floor from Andromeda's left.

When she turned her head, she saw a brown-haired male in a wheelchair. Judging by what her half-sister and half-brother-in-law told her about their time there, she assumed that this was either he was Mr D or Chiron. Due to the lack of Pepsi cans and he was not wearing a leopard-skin shirt and walking shorts, she concluded that the man was indeed Chiron (even if the wheelchair was not a dead giveaway.)

She was interrupted that out of her musings when she felt someone shake her shoulder lightly. The first she noticed was that the boy and the girl were gone. They started to walk towards a tall building.

"Sorry, what was the question?" Andromeda asked politely.

"I asked 'what is your name, child?'" the man asked patiently.

"My name is Andromeda Barrault," Andromeda told the man.

"Any relations to Robin Barrault?" he asked, arching his neat eyebrow in recognition of her surname. By then, the duo reached the door to the big building and Andromeda opened the door for the supposed wheelchair user and he said 'thanks'.

"Yes, he is my half-brother-in-law and my guardian. His wife is Persephone Barrault though you might know her as Persephone Luchesis." Andromeda said calmly with her father's signature smirk. "Also they said 'hello' along with my nephews, Chiron." She said that last statement with a wink. At that point, Chiron transformed out of his fake wheelchair.

Chiron, however, was confused. Do Persephone and Robin have children? Do they have the Wizarding trait which seemed to a recessive trait in Half-Bloods like their parents? He tried to the consulate the girl's heritage could be in his brain. If she is Persephone's half-sister, there are two possibilities: 1) she is the daughter of Hermes like Persephone or 2) she is the daughter of another male God and their mother is their shared relation. But Andromeda has no traits which could fit into any of the male Olympians apart from the mischievous smirk which sprouted on her face. Her hair seemed to remind the centaur of Lady Artemis', especially since it was plaited into a fishtail and twisted into a bun with only a leaf barrette holding it in place. It was known to Chiron and Mr D (Dionysus) that Hermes and Artemis conceived and birthed a child 8 years ago without anyone knowing until the child was 2. It was rumoured that Hermes gave the newest God/-ness to one of his children. Surely the girl in front of her is not that child, right?

"Excuse me, dear child; are you the sired child of Hermes and Artemis?" Chiron asked quietly after a few seconds of silence between the two. At her nod, he noticed a holographic bow (on the right of her head) and a holographic caduceus (on the left of her head) - she had been claimed. Chiron bowed to her and saw that Mr D teleported there just when the 2 holographic was fading.

"Who is this Chiron?" the wine god asked rather rudely.

"Andromeda Barrault, daughter of Lord Hermes and Lady Artemis and half-sister of Persephone Barrault nee Luchesis," Chiron told him.

"Well, Miss Browne, welcome to Camp Half-Blood and all that," Mr D said with a little slur. With him, it is a wonder how one can get drunk with Pepsi in one's system.

"It is Barrault, Lord Dionysus," Andromeda said calmly. At his rightful title, Mr D quirked an eyebrow at the young girl as if pleased she knew him.

"Nice to know I am still recognisable from the new generations," Mr D puffed out. " are the newest goddess joining our ranks?"

"Yes sir but I prefer that people don't know of my heritage as I would tell anyone I feel is trust-worthy," Andromeda stated but added quickly "if you do not mind that is."

"That is completely understandable," Chiron said and Mr D nodded. "I believe a tour is in order. I will take you to Lady Athena's cabin and ask one of the cabin members as I need to go to monitor an archery class."

Chiron, with Andromeda on tow, went to Cabin 6 (Athena's) and saw that one boy was on the porch reading a book.

"Mikhail, can you take our newest member on a tour of Cabin Half-Blood? I have to monitor the archery class," Chiron asked.

"Sure, just let me put this back," the boy, Mikhail, said. He went back inside and placed his book on the bookshelf and went back outside.

The boy was sun-kissed and had brown hair (which had a golden tint) with stormy grey eyes- a clear child of Athena and he looked around 8. She introduced herself and so did he as Mikhail Dolohov and she gasped mentally at his surname. Could he be related to the infamous Antonin Dolohov? He must have realised that she was raised in between the wizard and the immortal world like he was by the reaction of her eyes darkening so he looked down at the floor and muttered that he wasn't like his father. He wasn't sadistic like his father and he never will be. Realising his words were genuine, she put one arm around him and she said that she didn't care about who sired him and only he could change the world's view on his family name. Mikhail was so shocked that he gave Andromeda a hug without really thinking.

Once they stopped hugging (and controlled their blushing) Mikhail gave Andromeda a tour of Camp Half-Blood, showing her everything ranging from the Pegasus stables to the archery range; from Hestia's Hearth to the Combat Area. Mikhail also pointed out the Big House which she exclaimed 'that is what it is called!'

When they reached the cabins, Mikhail's face paled and she immediately knew why. A girl who is the same height as a basketball player and the muscular body of a rugby player, her dark brown eyes had resembled those of a pig. Her pale brown hair (that can only be described as stringy) swayed with wind as she looms towards the duo.

"Dolohov move over!" The girl spat out.

"No, I will not La Rue!" Mikhail said stubbornly. He turned his head and told Andromeda that her name is 'Clarisse La Rue' and told the 9-year-old Andromeda's name as well.

"Fine, I will give Barrault an Ares greeting with you watching," Clarisse smirked evilly. She went towards Andromeda and was about to drag her to the girl's bathroom (the nearest one which happened to be in Ares' cabin) before the younger girl said something which caused Clarisse to laugh: "Clarisse, I am offended. How could you flush new recruits before sparing? Surely sparing is better than making a new camper's day ruined?"

"You got guts, kid. Welcome to Camp Half-Blood," Clarisse said before flashing Andromeda a burly smile which caused all the campers around them to stop what they were doing and gawp at the new camper. She punched the younger's left arm lightly before saying bye and running to sharpen her tools.

"How did you do that?" Mikhail asked with awe on his face.

"Do what?" Andromeda asked with confusion written on her face.

"You made La Rue laugh! No one has ever done that! Not even her half-siblings!" He exclaimed.

That night, Mr D introduced as 'Andrea Barrett- sorry Andromeda Barrault' and that she was the daughter of Hermes. She got introduced to her half-siblings and she met the boy with sandy blonde hair whose name was Luke Castellan. She slept that day in a comfortable bed with a smile on her face.