Hyperdimension Neptunia belongs to Compile Heart, Idea Factory, Sega and whomever else worked on it.

So I wrote this silly thing.

I thought I'd share.

Also, if I write more one-shots, I'll continue this, but if I don't, I don't. So that's why I'll put this as "complete" for now.

Everyone stared at Nepgear. They couldn't believe that she had brought a power armor.

"Ride armor!" Nepgear cried out, knowing what all of them were thinking. "It's not a power armor, but it's too small to be a giant mecha, so it's a ride armor!"

Right, they couldn't believe that she had brought a ride armor with her for this.

"Um, Nep Jr... This is just a squirt gun contest..."

Nepgear smiled as the right arm cannon pumped itself. "I know, and I plan to win!" She fired a powerful blast of water that hit Vert, Blanc and Noire, blasting all three of them off their feet, out of their bikinis and onto some grass where Blanc ended up face-first and laying flat in the fresh mud, Noire ended up face down, cheeks up and Vert was on her back, her arms and legs spread as her eyes swirled from the attack.

"Oh my! How lewd!" Neptune giggled, before turning to point her super soaker, though compared to what Nepgear was riding, it might as well have been a five shot squirt gun, at Nepgear and fired. Neptune was shocked as Nepgear quickly danced away from the attempted attack.

"Don't worry, Blanc! We'll avenge you!" Ram said as she and Rom pulled out their water balloon launchers and fired dozens of water balloons at Nepgear. "Try to avoid all of this!"

Nepgear simply smiled as her shoulders popped open and three mini turrets popped up on each side, firing pulses of water and auto tracking the balloons, popping them all prematurely. "I've got anti-water balloon bomb defenses!" A plastic shield popped up from her left arm and she raised it to block shots that Uni was taking at her with the sniper rifle. "And anti-sniper shield!" She fired a powerful blast of water, hitting Rom and Ram and blasting them out of their one piece swimsuits and causing them to go tumbling head over teakettle until they both crashed, head-first, into Vert's boobs.

The poor girls were knocked out from the sudden force.

"Got you!" Neptune yelled as she jumped into the air and tried blasting Nepgear, who, again, dodged out of the way. "Oh! You wanna play like that, huh? Fine!" A flash of white light and Neptune became Purple Heart, who was wearing a black with purple lines bikini on her body. "Now, Nepgear, I'll fight you seriously."

"One second, onee-chan." Nepgear smiled apologetically as her back opened up and several water balloon missiles were fired at Uni, who barely dodged them, only to get blasted by Nepgear's main cannon, leaving her completely naked on the ground and completely soaked. "heheheheheheheh..." Nepgear's nose started to bleed a little bit as she looked at Uni's naked form.

"I got you!" Purple Heart was suddenly in front of Nepgear, holding a water-filled katana. "With this, I'm too close and your main cannon won't work..on...me?" Her eyes widened as the chest area of the ride armor opened up, revealing a giant nozzle. "Um..."

"High pressure valve... FIRE!" Nepgear cried out as she blasted Purple Heart with enough water that her sister was not only blasted out of her clothes like everyone else, but she was sent flying across the skies of Planeptune and didn't stop until she crashed into the top of the Basilicom.

"Yay! I won!" Nepgear cheered in delight.

Yes, I know, extremely short, but it was something I wrote up on a whim.