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28th of March, 2018

0907 Hours


Sofia, Capital of


The whole country is in turmoil after the yesterday attacks. The worst terrorist attack Bulgaria has ever experienced in its history. Ten days of mourning were declared by the government. Politicians were throwing promises left and right. Promises along the lines of increasing the spending for the law enforcement and armed forces. The same politicians are also bickering; blaming one another for the attack happening in the first place. The National Assembly has become an even bigger circus with each of the 240 clowns offering their own spectacle. A tragicomedy filled with absurdity and a pinch of cacophony. Opportunistic demagogues who propagate their populist views to win voters, all the while the common citizens mourns the loss of their loved ones. Aside from the material damage, many civilians and law enforcement agents also lost their lives. One of the people who lost their life was Private Vladimir Savov of Team 1. During the cleanup of the building he and his battle buddy went to clear an office which was booby trapped. Realizing their mistake during the breach, Private Savov pushed away his battle buddy moment before the blast. The battle buddy survived unscathed, but Private Savov was critically wounded and eventually passed away on the way to the hospital.

Atanas have just finished writing the report on the operation and printing it. As the sound of the printer filled the room, his gander turned towards the window with the whole of Vitosha mountains covered in snow, and the aforementioned snow also covering the ground around him like a white silk sheet. Perhaps the tranquillity brought by the snow in this time of the year is nothing more than Mother Nature mourning alongside the people. He was contemplating the yesterday events, the today's farce, and the uncertain future. He was never one for politics, but the despicable audacity of the opportunists seeking power by exploiting the citizen's grief cannot escape his ears, mind and view. The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of a million is a statistic. He remembered the quote said by none other but Joseph Vissarionovitch Jughashvili- or as he's known simply as Stalin. Such a fitting quote coming out of the mouth of one of the nastiest pieces of work that ever threaded on this world. As his gaze was stuck staring out the window and the clatter of the printer becoming nothing more than white noise, he felt more and more drifting into trance by the sight of the snowfall. But that trance was abruptly ceased by a knock on the door.

Atanas suddenly turned towards the door. "Vlez. (Come in.)" He invited the person knocking.

The door opened and Ivaylo walked inside carrying a bunch of documents in one hand and a single paper cup filled with coffee in the other. The kind you find in coffee vending machines.

He laid down the documents on Atanas's desk. "Here's the report on the operation from my perspective. And my application for Rainbow." He then placed the paper cup next to Atanas.

Atanas's eyes turned towards the cup. "You didn't have to, but thanks anyway." He reached for the warm paper cup and took a sip. He would have honestly preferred an actual coffee instead what comes in those vending machines. But that would suffice.

"No sweat." Ivaylo returned simply. "By the way, do you have any status on Manolov?"

"He's making swift recovery and will be discharged the day after tomorrow. But will be out of action for at least a week." Atanas answered.

"That's good to hear. Krasi is a tough bastard." Ivo was relieved. "Too bad for Savov, though."

"What a waste." Nasko placed his palm on his forehead woefully. "They're going to bury him tomorrow afternoon at the central cemetery of Stara Zagora."

"We have to give the kid our last goodbyes, I guess." Ivo noted.

"Yeah..." Atanas simply answer. After a moment of silence, he sighed and went on to change the subject. "So what do you plan on doing this last week before we depart for the UK? Now that we've been transferred to our new unit."

"You know." Ivaylo began. "Spend it with my family, explain them the situation." He gazed out the window, looking at the snowy landscape. "I was thinking of bringing my son to hunt one last time before I go. With the snow, it will be much easier to track the game. What about you?" Ivaylo turned towards Nasko.

"Honestly," He shrugged. "I don't know. For the last two decades this unit has been my family. My wife died years ago, you know. She died so young, we never got the chance to settle." He looked at a framed photograph on his desk. It was of a woman in her mid twenties, with a long brown hair and sea green eyes. On the down right corner there's a black band. Lyudmila. The name echoed in his head. He met her while she was a nurse at the Military Medical Academy Hospital where he was hospitalized after that fateful accident, which almost left him without his left leg. After three years together, he proposed to her and accepted. They married in 1995. After a while into their marriage, she was struck ill. The doctors diagnosed her with a malignant brain tumour and she had no more than a year to live. It was a hard year for them. Treatments were unsuccessful in combating the tumour. Over the course of that one year she became physically weak, personality changes were persistent, and loss of coordination and memory. At one point she almost forgot who Atanas was. Eventually she succumbed to the tumour. She died in 1998. After her death, he loved no other woman since. He still has the wedding band on his finger.

"It breaks my heart every time you mention this." Ivaylo sighed woefully.

"Anyway." He tried to abruptly change the subject again. "I'm thinking about visiting Manolov today."

"Now that you mentioned it, mind if tag along?" Ivo asked.

"Sure, you're welcome." He agreed. "By the way, I have a question that was bugging me."

"Go ahead." Ivaylo endorsed him to ask.

"I wonder." Atanas shared the. "Now that our allegiances have been shifted elsewhere. And our new line of work asks from us to be far from our homeland, what is like to be far away from home? I'm asking about your experience. Since you've been in Iraq and Afghanistan."

"Well..." Ivaylo explained as he shifted his back leaning forward and crossing his fingers on his hands. "The first two weeks are nothing. But as time progresses, nostalgia begins to hit you. You long for home. You begin to question why are you even there in the first place. So far from friends and family. And the feeling doesn't get any better once bullets start flying over you. After a while you get used to it. But expect some episodes of nostalgia."

"I see..." Atanas listened to every word from his friend.

"Honestly, I don't believe Rainbow is gonna keep us all the time on standby in England." Ivo shared his input.

"Well, of course they'll give us a time for R&R. And a sufficient amount also." Atanas agreed.

The conversation halted as someone knocked on the door. Ivaylo stood up from the chair and went to answer the knocks. He opened the door and Captain Karamfilov walked through.

"Lieutenant Arnaudov. I didn't expect you to be here." Karamfilov was surprised. "I have to say, I've heard plenty of good things about your performance in yesterday's operation." He proceeded to compliment.

Ivaylo tried to maintain a poker face to hide his evident disgust and distrust of Captain Karamfilov. First thing to ever do now that he learned him and Nasko are being accepted in the elite Rainbow unit is to patronize and throw cheap flatteries at them. Up until yesterday he maintained the facade of his disdainful behaviour in front of his subordinated. The audacity of this man to sleaze his way to gaining even a nickel worth of respect out of the two of them is deplorable.

Atanas cleared his throat and greeted Karamfilov. "Dobŭr den, Borislave. (Good morning, Borislav.)

"Good morning, Captain Dyukandzhiev." He greeted back. "So, Lieutenant." He turned towards Ivo again. "I'll need to have a word with the Captain. So, could you leave?"

"Yeah, sure." Ivo answered simply and went to exit Nasko's office.

"Oh, and Lieutenant." Ivaylo was about to exit the office until Karamfilov stopped him again.

"Hmm?" Ivo wondered what did he want this time.

"If we don't meet each other again in the meantime, I must say that it was honour serving with you. Despite all the inconveniences throughout the time here, you have proven that our country can produce such capable soldiers. And your departure will be a great loss for our homeland, but I understand that your duties call you to be elsewhere." Karamfilov extended his hand for a handshake.

"Right." He simply uttered out. Despite still being repulsed by his presence and trying his best to maintain the poker face, he still had the courtesy to shake hands with him.

Ivaylo walked out of Atanas's office, closing the door behind him. He let out a sigh and rolled his eyes. "Shto za mazen pederast. (What a sleazy cunt.)" He muttered as he shook his head.

After Ivaylo left, Karamfilov took a seat where Ivo formerly sat. "So, how's things, Captain?"

"Just printed out my report on yesterday." He completely forgot about his report, which was already printed out, for the whole duration of his conversation with Arnaudov.

"Oh, man. Those Rainbow guys are something else. It must've been amazing seeing them work upclose."

"I was more focused on the mission than gawking idly." Atanas didn't remove his gaze from the printed out report as he stapled it and placed it in a folder. He didn't like being around Karamfilov, no more than Ivaylo did, and he was hopeful that this conversation be done quickly. "But yeah. They are something else."

"... And for you and Arnaudov to work with them. It must be a great privilege." He continued his cajolery.

At this point, Atanas had enough of him and his cheap flattery. He perfectly knew that Karamfilov is detested by everyone. And he can't help but also hate him. Borislav Karamfilov is corruption and cronyism personified. Before he became part of SOBT, he was nothing but a Inspector 3rd Grade in the district police department in Silistra. But having some friends in the Ministry of Internal Affairs helped him climb up the ladder. After "passing" his selection, he was accepted and made team leader of Team 1. A team that he doesn't even virtually lead. Whatever there is to do in the field, he leaves it to his adjutant, Lieutenant Karagoranov. After yesterday's fuck up, with the death of Private Savov, he can't help but just stand up and strangle the wretched fucker. But the grips of nepotism and corruption are so strong, he's literally untouchable. Even giving him a slap on the wrist will result in him losing his career. However what he has to lose at this point? He's already accepted in the most elite counter-terrorist unit in the world. And the world of some petty corrupt man, a heavily corrupt man, but petty nonetheless, won't suffice to change their minds. Maybe it's time to claim one last hurrah over the corruption that taints not only his beloved unit, but his homeland.

"Say, speaking of yesterday's operation. What were you doing this whole time?" He decided the time of his retaliation starts now.

"Well, I commanded my fire team." Karamfilov shrugged. "Why are you asking?"

"You were leading you fire team, you say?" Atanas began deriding him. "That's weird. I didn't see you enter the NDK during the cleanup operation. I may be old, but my eyesight is still perfect."

"I-I-I-" He stuttered. "I thought that coordinating the team from the side would be able to provide much more tactical input than-" He began stuttering at this point and spewing nonsense that Atanas wasn't buying.

"Oh." He interrupted him. "So the ship was sinking and the captain decided to abandon ship first." He was becoming more and more enraged with Karamfilov at this point.

"Well, let's not put this that way, Captain Dyukandzhiev." Karamfilov chuckled uncomfortably.

"In what way should we put it then, you inept son of a bitch?!" He raised his voice. Karamfilov went silent for a moment as Atanas stood up with the folder in his hands. "You're a sad, laughable figure, Karamfilov. Due to your decadence a live was needlessly lost! And let me tell you something, you degenerate piece of shit." He walked over to Karamfilov, who was still seated, and looked him in the eye. "You're nothing but a pathetic excuse of a man. You don't even have the guts to face Savov's old mother and say your condolences, knowing you are the reason he died in such an inane and avoidable in the first place way, you spineless scumbag! What the fuck are you even doing in this unit!?"

Karamfilov's voice turned to a more intimidating tone. "I would watch my words, Captain. You're threading on dangerous grounds."

Atanas, still visibly enraged, wasn't buying his threats. "I've been threading on dangerous grounds long before you had hair on your balls. So don't fucking tell me to watch my words, boy!" The tone of his voice turned into a more condescending one as Karamfilov' face slowly twisted into a frown. "Did I upset you? Oh, I'm sorry. I don't usually feel intimidated by people who pave their way into the world through corruption and nepotism, instead of showing one's own merit. Perhaps if you leave your threat on a five hundred Euro note, I might take it a tinny bit more seriously."

As he walked to the door, the moment he opened it he felt his arm being grabbed by Karamfilov and turned to face him. "Do you want to see your acceptance into Rainbow being burned in the blink of an eye?" In a last ditch effort to sound intimidating, Karamfilov threw an idle threat.

"I'd like to see you try, you little fucking slimeball." Atanas simply answered. He found his threat laughable and almost left a chuckle. Who are Rainbow, a highly respected secret global counter-terrorist force, comprised of the best warriors the world has to offer, going to believe? A well endorsed skilled operator with years of experience? Or some nobody whose sole influence relies on the asses he has to kiss?

"Gospoda! (Gentlemen!)" They all turned to see who interrupted their clash. It was Major Mladenov approaching from down the corridor. "Is everything okay?"

"It's all good." Atanas was the first to answer. "Me and the captain here had a bit of a chat."

But Mladenov knew that something was wrong the moment he saw Atanas glaring daggers at Karamfilov. "Splendid." He decided to act ignorant to the whole thing. "Listen, Nasko. I just received a call from Director Six. She wants you and Arnaudov at the HQ of DANS at 1100 hours. Seems like they've developed some insight as to how those bastards snuck inside the NDK. I'll also be joining you."

"Damn, they're quick." Atanas was surprised.

"Anyway, Captain Karamfilov." Mladenov turned his eyes on the still visibly enraged Karamfilov. "If you don't mind, we have some things to discuss with Captain Dyukandzhiev."

"Yes, sir." He simply answered and walked off in the other direction.

As Mladenov made sure Karamfilov was far away from ear's reach, he asked as to the confrontation he saw earlier. "What was that about back then?"

"You heard us?" Nasko raised his eyebrow.

"Not exactly. You were staring over the guy as if you were about to kill him on the spot."

Atanas sighed. "How long are we going to keep up this corruption festering, Galin?"

Mladenov also sighed. "You know we go way back. But even the two of us are powerless against this. He has friends in high places, you know."

"The boys are going to be out for blood." Atanas shared his concern. "After that fuckup yesterday, they're not going to take it up kindly. Worse, they may take matters into their own hands. That is if the Ministry of Internal Affairs can't or won't assist them in the first place."

"You're overreacting with the whole "taking matters into their own hands." thing." Mladenov retorted. "But yeah. Things are going to be tense around here once you and Arnaudov leave."

"All I'm saying is that make things hard for Karamfilov. Make him leave on his own terms, so to say." Nasko desperately negotiated for a resolution.

"Look." Mladenov sighed. "I can't promise anything. But at least I'll try."

"Blagodarya ti mnogo. (Thank you so much.)" Atanas expressed his gratitude.

"No sweat. Go ahead and notify Arnaudov." With that the two men separated. Atanas went to immediately find Ivaylo.

Ivaylo was outside of the main building, having a smoke. Growing up in the mountains, the cold didn't bother him as much. As he was about to pull another drag, A familiar voice called him out from the entrance of the main building.

"Figured I'd see you here." Ivaylo turned around to see that it was Atanas.

"So, you're done talking with that pint sized schmuck?" Ivaylo asked as he pulled another drag. "What did he want this time?"

"We just discussed yesterday's operation. Nothing more." Atanas hid the fact that he had a confrontation with Karamfilov.

"The motherfucker has to pay for getting Savov killed." Ivo was immediately filled with anger with the mention of Karamfilov and the attack on the NDK.

"He will have to eventually." Nasko partly agreed. "But that doesn't mean the unit must fall apart."

"Really now? Well let me tell you something." Ivaylo turned to face his friend. "For the last two decades people looked up to you and trust your leadership. You have become a symbol of this unit. A mentor to everybody. You've been keeping it tight. In a few days you and me will ship out to our new station and leave all this behind. Without someone to look up to, they'll get riled up and snap. You understand what I'm saying?"

"Neither do I want the boys involving themselves with all this drama."Atanas raised his tone a bit. "We'll come into some sort of agreement with them."

"Well, it's a long shot, but surely they'll have to listen to you." Ivaylo said as he pulled one last drag before putting out the cigarette and throwing the butt in the nearby garbage bin. "However, I believe you didn't find me just to have an idle chat."

"Yes. Rainbow contacted Mladenov. They have some development in their investigation on the attack." Atanas got on the matter at hand. "Six wants us present at the HQ of DANS at 1100 hours. The president, the prime minister and the rest of the top brass will also be there."

"Oh, come on." Ivaylo was not at all delighted at the idea. "Do I really have to be there and entertain fucking politicians? Give me a break."

"Za Boga, (For God's sake) Ivo! You're not entertaining nobody. You just sit there quietly, and speak when spoken to."

"Fine by me." Ivo huffed. After a moment of silence, he asked. "So, did you chose who is gonna be the next team leader now that you're gone?"

"I'm thinking of promoting Kovatchev." Atanas answered. "I need to arrange the promotion board, though."

"Valyo is a good man." Ivaylo vouched. "I'm sure he'll make an excellent team leader."

"I concur." Atanas simply said. "So how's the selection for the marksmen?"

"They've proven to be capable. But I've been keeping tabs on someone else." He began. "He's in the army. Junior Sergeant Stefan Siromahov. 2nd Mechanized Brigade, 42nd Mechanized Battalion. I've seen the kid shoot at a competition not long ago. His shooting is great, but there is much room for improvement. I would like for him to be recruited here."

"I'm going to speak with Mladenov about him."

"Furthermore," Ivaylo continued. "I would also like to personally train him during my days off from Rainbow. He has potential to be the next best shot.

"We'll see to it." Atanas tapped him on the shoulder. "We depart at 1000 hours, by the way." He informed him and walked away.


1059 Hours


Atanas and Ivaylo were waiting outside the building while the rest of the top brass were waiting inside the briefing room. As the clock hit 1100 hours, the familiar jet black S-Class of Director Six entered through the gate and parked at the front door. Specialist McKinley got out of the driver seat and went to open the door for Six. As Six and Harry got out, the two went to greet their new superiors.

Both men shook hands with Six and Harry. "Good to see you, Director Six." Atanas turned his head. "And you too. Harry."

"Hey there, Ned Flanders!" Ivaylo also greeted Six's bodyguard.

Warden smiled and let out a brief huff in amusement. He then went towards the Bulgarian National Security Service agents to be briefed about the security of the vicinity.

"Quite the warm welcome for such a cold weather." Harry commented.

"Neither did I expect for it to take such an unexpected turn." Atanas agreed.

"I believe you have been briefed as to the matter at hand." She presumed.

"Yes. Finally!" Ivaylo was enthused. "I can't wait to put down these fuckers for good."

"Arnaudov! Vnimavay s obnoskite si! (Mind your manners!)" Atanas scolded, clearly distraught with his friend's lack of manners around such an authority figure.

"Eager to bring the fight to them, are you?" Six let a brief smile at the Bulgarian's enthusiasm as they walked inside the building. "That's good. But we shouldn't rush things now that we've established a solid foundation." She advised for caution.

"Of course." Ivo agreed. "We must not fuck it up before it started. Acting with precision and caution. A precision guided retribution, I would like to call it."

"Precision guided retribution." Harry echoed. "Nice sentiment." He hummed in approval.

"Thanks." Ivo expressed gratitude. "I knew you would appreciate this."

Yes, the lieutenant here is quite the poet. Atanas said internally. "I hope your stay in Bulgaria has been hospitable towards you, Director Six."

"For efficiency's sake simply call me Six." She clarified as Atanas acknowledged. "And yes, it was. Although I cannot still grasp the culture shock around shaking your head for yes and nodding for no."

"Understandable. But now that me and the Lieutenant are moving to a different work environment," He explained. "it only seems appropriate to also assimilate this tiny change of the body language. Isn't that right, Arnaudov?" He turned towards Ivaylo who smiled and simply shook his head for the sake of humouring and confusing the two foreigners. Atanas simply rolled his eyes and muttered. "Shmatka. (Dumbass.)".

As the conversation came to a halt, the group finally arrived at the briefing room. Atanas stepped forward to open the doors for Six. The group stepped inside and Atanas and Ivaylo took their seats. Harry stepped in and hooked his laptop to the projector, opening a PowerPoint presentation. Six stood in front and began speaking.

"Gentlemen. I'm going to keep this briefing short due to the accumulated evidence show us that time is of the essence." The slide switched to a mugshot of the captured Mask from yesterday's operation. "For one this man has been identified as Aung Nyan, a Burmese national who served in the Myanmar Army as a Lance Corporal. He was presumed Missing In Action during the Kachin conflict in 2011. Interrogation conducted by the agents of DANS have proven inconclusive. Henceforth, it's been decided that he was to undergo enhanced interrogation techniques in Rainbow headquarters."

Ivaylo cringed at the thought of what they meant by enhanced interrogation. He remembered the words of the Brazilian, Vicente, about his friend who has cutting edge ways of making people talk. It was sure a bloody painful experience for that guy. Especially bloody. And yet again providing disappointing results as Six put it in her next words.

"And even then our efforts have been proven fruitless. Not only do the White Masks possess a fight to the death mentality, but also show resilience to interrogation. We will be returning Aung Nyan in the custody of the Bulgarian government. It is up to you as to what should be decided for him on a diplomatic level. In the meanwhile we have another pressing issue." Harry switched to the next slide, showing a logo on the upper left corner that looks like a Renaissance close helmet with a crossed battle axe and claymore on the background all painted in red and at the centre of the slide shows various documents with list of names. "Through cooperation with DANS and local law enforcement agencies we recovered a list of the employees working in the National Palace of Culture. Most of the people clocked in were among the casualties. However, among the casualties of the hostiles were people in the employ of the security company, Red Sentinel Group."

"For the record, Red Sentinel Group are under investigation for their practices of outsourcing all of the demands for security of key public objects to them after numerous reports from the Competition Protection Commission ." The chief prosecutor, Ivan Cholakov, spoke. "Bribery, extortion, industrial espionage, blackmailing. And now ties to a terrorist organization."

"Therefore, I request the apprehension of Red Sentinel Group's Chief Executive Officer, Vasil Orlinov." Six requested.

"I apologize for the interruption," Prime Minister Parashkevov spoke. "but how do we know Red Sentinel Group are involved?"

"Under the guidance of Director Six, we discovered that the identities of the employees of Red Sentinel Group do not correlate with the actual identities when ran through the databases of all citizens in Bulgaria. So we seeked out these individuals for questioning. It took us a while, but we accomplished this in a very short time."

"We also have video recordings of the interrogation. This is the most recent one." Six confirmed.

Harry switched to a slide which presented a video recording. The footage shows a bald man in a navy blue polo shirt sitting in what looked like an interrogation room. His hands were on the table with his fingers interlaced and exhibited visible confusion. Harry pressed the video to play. A male voice narrated in Bulgarian.

Entry log #19 of the interrogations of Red Sentinel Group employees who allegedly clocked in to work at the National Palace of Culture on the day of the attacks. Interrogated subject is Spas Kazashki. Interrogation is conducted by Agent Boris Tihomirov of DANS under the supervision of Agent Eleonora Solunska of DANS, Commissioner Rangel Radoslavov and First Inspector Dimitar Kalinov of the Regional Police Department of the Municipality of Yablanitsa, Lovech Province. Location is the Regional Police Department of the Municipality of Yablanitsa. Time is 8:24 in the morning. Date is 28th of March, 2018.

In the video, Agent Tihomirov enters the interrogation room and shakes hands with the subject as the beginning narration stops to play the actual audio of the video. "Dobro utro. (Good morning.) I am Agent Tihomirov of DANS."

When the subject heard the acronym DANS, he began exhibiting nervousness and was stuttering. "I- i- is something wrong, sir?"

"Oh, no. Don't worry." The agent tried to reassure the subject. "We're just here to ask a couple of questions. You're not in trouble. Everything is okay." The agent took his seat. "Before we begin, would you like a drink? A cup of coffee, perhaps?" The agent asked.

"No, thanks." The subject refused.

"Okay then. Shall we begin?"

"Umm, yes."

"For the record, sir, can you state your name, surname and family name?"

"Spas Dimitrov Kazashki."

The agent wrote the name on the sheet. "Okay. When you were born and where?"

"I was born on 11th of April, 1986 in Lukovit, Lovech Province."

"Place of residence? Just the city's name." He continued writing.

"Here in Yablanitsa."

"Okay. Mister Kazashki, where were you during the attack on the NDK?" He officially began with the questioning.

"I was picking up my daughter from school." The subject explained. "I didn't even heard about the attacks, until I turned on the TV and saw the live broadcast."

"Are you sure you weren't at work?" The agent questioned.

"No. I was laid off from work two weeks ago."

"Okay..." The agent noted this as he wrote on his sheet. "Was your occupation a security contractor at Red Sentinel Group?"

"That's right. I worked there for two years. May I ask why?"

"We uncovered your workplace ID on the bodies of the terrorists responsible for the attack. However, the photo on the card does not match with your appearance."

The subject was shocked. "That can't be. I returned my work ID the moment they announced I was laid off. Along with my issued weapon."

"Just for the record, sir, what was your issued firearm?"

"It was a handgun. A Czech made. I'm not good in remembering names of weapons."

The agent pulled out a photo of a CZ 75 pistol. Next to the pistol was also written the serial number. "Was this your service weapon?"


"Were you also issued with an AKM assault rifle?" The agent pulled out another photo, showing the rifle in question."

The subject looked over at the photo and denied. "No. We were never issued rifles of such kind. Those who were assigned in the NDK, that is."

"I see..." The agent pulled out a sheet full of names and handed it to the subject. "Do you recognize any of the names on the list?"

The subject looked over at the list. After a moment he spoke. "Yeah. They're the names of my colleagues." The agent pulled out another sheet of names. This time with photos next to each name. He handed the sheet to the subject. The subject began looking through the list only to find himself in shock as the names do not match the photos of the faces he was accustomed to. Just like the agent said. Even next to his name was a foreign face he does not recognize. However, two faces stand out from the rest as their names correlate that generated fear and disbelief in him. "Hold on! Those two." He turned the sheet towards the agent and pointed out. "Metodi and Krasen. I know them! They came to work for us three days before we were laid off. They were in charge of monitoring the security cameras. T- th- they were not with the terrorists, are they!? They seemed like descent people."

"They were not involved with the terrorist." The agent extinguished his doubt. "They were found dead in the CCTV room. Killed." The subject put his palm on his face and sighed in anguish. But there was also a relief in knowing they were not part in this massacre. "I'm sorry you had to hear that." The agent expressed his empathy. "Maybe we should resume after a little break."

"No. It's okay... It's okay..." The subject was willing to continue. "I think we should press."

"Tell us about the day you were laid off."

"So." The subject began explaining. "Me and the guys were called in. They told us a supervisor directly came from the headquarters in Sofia. She told us that due to the state of the company, something along the lines of... being overstretched with many contracts, they cannot afford to pay the salaries of so many employees. So a decision was taken to laid us off. We protested, of course. It's our livelihood we're talking about. But she told us that decision came straight from the top and nothing could be done about it. They promised us we were going to be compensated in a week time. That compensation is still pending."

"Okay then..." The agent continued to write. "Do you remember the name of the supervisor that was sent?"

"Her name was Margarita Nedyalkova."

"Right." The agent finished writing. "Thank you for cooperation, Mister Kazashki.. And I apologize for the inconveniences we may have caused you. You're free to go."

Video Ends

All the eyes in the room turned towards the president and the prime minister. After some moments, the president, Samuil Ognyanov, spoke up. "The circumstances are indeed dire, gentlemen. The safety of our country is at stake here. And the wisest course of action is to trust the judgment of Director Six." Everybody began voicing their agreement. The president's gaze turned towards Six. "Director Six. You have our permission to take every action necessary to safeguard the safety and security of our nation's people."

"Respectfully, President Ognyanov, this is not just about the safety of your nation. It's in the interest of safeguarding all nations from this threat." Six clarified. "However, I would like to request this matter to be solved internally."

"That is understandable." The minister of internal affairs spoke up. His attention turned to Mladenov. "Major Mladenov, you are to prepare your men, take over Red Sentinel Group's headquarters and apprehend Vasil Orlinov."

"My men are always ready, Minister Sotirov." Mladenov acknowledged. "Just give us the word when."

"Effective immediately, Major." The prime minister ordered.

Mladenov, Atanas and Ivaylo all stood up and left the room. After the three men, Six spoke up again. "I believe there is nothing more to be said, gentlemen. Therefore meeting adjourned."




Mladenov has briefed the team on their task of seizing the main headquarters of Red Sentinel Group and apprehending the CEO Vasil Orlinov. SOBT were to enter the building while the local police force and Gendarmerie were to secure the perimeter. All the operators stood up from their seats and rushed to the armory. As the men were leaving Mladenov called over to Karamfilov and ordered him to walk together towards his office. After a brief walk both men entered and Mladenov closed the door behind them after making sure no one was around at this time.

"How can I help you, Maj-" Before he finished his sentence, Karamfilov received a punch to the gut by Mladenov, knocking the air out of him briefly. "What the f-" He winced in pain and once more he was interrupted.

"You dumb motherfucker!" Mladenov groaned as he grabbed Karamfilov by the collar. "Do you realize how much flak you brought upon this unit!?"

Karamfilov realized where this was going. "Look. I didn't mean for that boy to die!"

"Oh, but he died, didn't he!?" Mladenov shouted an shook Karamfilov so hard, he knocked the beret of his head. "Don't you think I was blind to your scuffle with Atanas. I could have let him have his way with you. But he's a great friend of mine. And I don't want his hands stained with blood. I could let the whole unit lynch you. But that would mean destroying what Atanas built. Exactly. Not me. Not your friend, Minister Sotirov. And most certainly not your other friend, the chief prosecutor. But him. Solely him. Me though?" His tone turned more malicious. "I have nothing to lose. I could care less about your friends in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and their influence. I'm gonna bury you alive. And I'm gonna bury you so fucking deep, that neither Jesus Christ, nor the fucking Devil himself will be able to find you. Yasno li ti e!? (You understand!?)"

"Da." Karamfilov answered petrified.

"Hubavo. (Good.)" Mladenov let go of Karamfilov. "I'm gonna give you this one chance to redeem yourself, though." He raised his finger. "From now on, you're taking orders directly from me. You do exactly what I say, when I say. You're not going to take a shit unless I give you my sole permission. You got that? Good. Now get the fuck out of my sight. You're dismissed."

Karamfilov picked up his beret and rushed out of the room. As he closed the door upon exiting, Mladenov sighed and put his palm on his face. He didn't loose his cool like that in a long time. But he's hopeful that Karamfilov got the message. He may brandish his connections with the Ministry of Internal Affairs all he want, but in the end of the day he's nothing than a meek little man. Only a person who has nothing to lose would bring him to his knees. However, Mladenov saw some use for Karamfilov. And he intends to use it for a while. He went to cool his head by opening the window. The snow has stopped and the afternoon sun was warm. Through the window, he saw Atanas and his fire team walking towards the vehicles in full combat gear. From his office he can overhear their conversation.

"So, Valyo." Simeonov spoke. "How does it feel being a team leader?"

"Hold on! I'm not promoted yet!" Kovatchev protested.

"Well let me rephrase my question then. How does it feel that you're gonna be promoted to a team leader?"

"I don't know. Feels fucking amazing, I guess." Kovatchev spoke in a lackluster manner. "Honestly, I'm feeling pretty nervous. I don't think I should be leading this op either way."

"Hey, don't worry." Atanas reassured him. "Compared to other operations, this one is a dry run. You're gonna do fine."

"Thank you, Sir." Valentin expressed his gratitude.

"Hey, Cap." The Boogeyman chimed in. "I don't mean to sound like I'm whining or anything. But aren't we supposed to be on leave, or something?"

"The thing is, Tony, that this shit with the White Masks runs deeper than we anticipated. There are alot of unanswered questions and loose ends that need to be tied up."

"No rest for the wicked, I guess." Petrov interjected.

"You're goddamn right, Trifon." Atanas agreed. "Now everybody put your game faces on."



Near Kragujevac

Šumadija District


The SOBT have seized the main headquarters of Red Sentinel Group along with all valuable documents and all employees were brought for questioning. However the CEO Vasil Orlinov was nowhere to be found in the premises. A nationwide manhunt was declared. Rainbow, with its resources managed to discover Orlinov's whereabouts much quicker than the Bulgarian authorities. Hacked CCTV footage from the Serbian- Bulgarian uncovered that Orlinov fled to Serbia through the Kalotina- Gradinje border crossing. From there Rainbow tracked his vehicle using an American intelligence satellite. He lies low at a presumed safe house near Kragujevac. Now it was up to Rainbow to apprehend him. Serbia has always been a popular destination among Bulgarian white- collar criminals. Serbia always graciously accepted anyone, as long as they stand against the EU, or the West in general, and everything they stand for, no matter their sketchy backgrounds. But even Serbia cannot counter the executive power Rainbow has. Vasil Orlinov's connections with a highly dangerous terrorist organization revokes his immunity. The Serbian government has agreed to Rainbow's request to apprehend Orlinov. However they requested this matter to be resolved behind the scenes, Meaning Rainbow was to conduct a clandestine operation inside Serbian borders. Which also means that should they be compromised, they're on their own.

Four pair of boots were send on the ground. One was responsible for the exfil of the team, the second was to provide a sniper support and the other two were to infiltrate Orlinov's mansion. The sniper and the other two operators were in the surrounding forest, knees deep in snow, slowly, but surely reaching the target building, each holding a suppressed weapon loaded with subsonic ammunition. The sniper was clad in Gorka 4 fatigues painted in winter camouflage with a Smersh vest with pouches for SVD magazines. His head covered with a Chechenka hat and a face wrap covering his mouth. Ice blue eyes with a scar on his right one pierce through his facial camouflage. His weapon of choice was a Dragunov SVU bullpup sniper rifle with an attached Krechet-M holographic sight and a special thermal vision flip sight magnifier, and a PP-2000 PDW in a drop leg holster. The person to his right is a woman dressed in olive drab camouflage armed with a Colt Canada C8 CQB carbine with an attached Vortex Razor AMG UH-1 holographic sight and a vertical grip to control the recoil. Her headgear is a net veil, reminiscent of those of the Danish Jægerkorpset. The last person was clad in all black gear with a ballistic face mask covering his face, armed with a Daewoo Precision Industries K1A carbine, with an attached EOTech EXPS3 holographic sight and an angled grip. The three operators were 200 meters away from the safe house front door. The sniper ordered them to stop and they all crouched.

"Okay, there's the target building." The sniper spoke with a Russian accent. "Nøkk, you assess the situation, while I fortify my position."

The Russian then pulled out three MRUD mines; a Claymore type mine made in Yugoslavia he sourced from the Serbians for this operation. He began setting them at his six o'clock, setting them to be detonated by a tripwire. The veiled operator, referred to as Nøkk, then pulled out a pair of binoculars and began her recce. Two armed guards were having a smoke beside a white 2015 Audi A8. So far this seems to be a weak security detail for such a wanted man. Either he's too comfortable in his stay, or something smells foul. Either way the infiltrators should not let their guard down. Continuing to look through the binoculars, Nøkk spotted CCTV cameras mounted on the walls and doorway. Orlinov and/or someone else have eyes on the place 24/7, which further solidifies her concerns. There must be a QRF on standby to extract Orlinov. Outnumbered, but not outgunned, Nøkk formulates a plan. She calls over the other two.

"Here's the plan." She spoke with a barely noticeable Danish accent. "Vigil," Referring to the man with the ballistic mask. "You're going through the back door, while I cause a distraction at the front. Glaz," Referring to the Russian. "I want you to watch out backs. God knows what is waiting around that main road. After we snatch the HVT, we'll call for Ying to get us the fuck out."

"Sound like a plan." The Russian agreed and went prone, looking over at the house.

Vigil simply nodded and went on his way. He went to the right of the group and around the back of the target building, jumping over the fences of neighbouring houses, being careful not to alert the residents. After a bit of walking, he was exactly by the backyard of the target building. There was another armed guard on his phone, seating on the steps leading inside the house, with a pump action shotgun on his lap. The night was dark enough for Vigil to conceal himself. He also noticed that the phone screen was bright, which minimized the perception of the guard in the darkness.

"I'm in position." He whispered over his headset, speaking with an Asian accent. Presumably Korean.

Nøkk then began moving out from Glaz's position. "HEL engaged." She presses a button on her wrist, lighting up in yellow. She began her walk towards the safe house, silently taking each step. As she walked towards the two armed guard with her weapon raised, she crouched behind a dumpster. "Glaz, let's sync our shots." She called over the radio as she raised her C8 at the two hostiles.

"Roger." The sniper answered. "I'll take the one on the right." He looked through his sight. His thermal vision flip sight began displaying the heat signatures of the hostiles and he brought the reticle from the now magnified holographic sight over the Tango's head. "Three... Two... One..." He counted down as he slowly squeezed the trigger. As he sent a subsonic 7,62x54R flying, the only sound coming out of his suppressed rifle is the bolt ejecting out the empty casing and chambering the next round. His and Nøkk's targets fell to the ground simultaneously with a single bullet passing through their skulls. "Targets down." He reported.

"Moving out." The Dane stood up and walked over to the dead guards. She reached the two corpses and made sure they were really down by firing two control shots at their chest. As she fired her carbine, her concealment became distorted and her silhouette was flashing.

"I'm Oscar Mike." Vigil called out as he was about to make his move.

He immediately changed his mind as he saw someone rushing through the door, alerting the guard on the phone. Vigil couldn't understand them as they were speaking in Serbian, but it was obvious to him it had to do with what Nøkk and Glaz did at the front. The other person then returned inside, leaving the previous guard outside. Now alerted that someone might be attacking them, he raised his shotgun from his lap and was now alert to potential attackers. Vigil then raised his K1A and sent two shots of 5.56x45 through the hostile's chest.

Vasil Orlinov was in the upstairs bedroom, watching his now former company's stocks plummet, as he takes a sip from a glass filled with Red Label Scotch. Perhaps it was a mistake taking that offer, that brought him on the run from Bulgarian authorities and Interpol, even though it left him with more money in his offshore bank account in Singapore than he ever imagined. It was not the first time he did despicable things just to fill his pockets. He bribed, extorted, threatened, blackmailed and sabotaged countless individuals just so he could assert his dominance and fill his pockets. Business owners, competitors, detractors, public servants, legislators and politician. But this... This is a whole new ball game to him. Blood of innocents was spilled, so that he could satisfy his greed. He has long since abandoned his humanity. Yet what he's most concerned about was the unwanted attention he received. But in the end this deal turned out to be so lucrative, it set him up for the rest of his life. No. Two lifetimes. Not even two. Six lifetimes! He may never return to Bulgaria given the circumstances, but he could care any less about that shit hole now. He has enough money to turn himself invisible from the authorities as many times as he want.

After finding comfort in his current situation, he closed the window of his browser and opened to watch at the surveillance cameras mounted outside his safe house. So far, so good. Not that he was in no way a paranoid person, but it doesn't hurt to be vigilant every now and again. The guards seem to be bored outside of their damn minds. Still he found it pretty redundant to have guards. He's pretty much untouchable from the Bulgarian government at this point. But better safe than sorry. It's what his contractors, the people who got him in all this damn mess, deemed necessary. As he gazed at the cameras, suddenly his eyes caught a most unusual and horrific scene. The guards stationed by the front door suddenly dropped dead, with blood coming out of their heads. Were they shot? He didn't hear anything. He could have sworn he could have heard a single gunshot at least. But no sound came. After a few moments he saw a figure flicker on the screen over the bodies. It had a veil and was holding a rifle with a silencer. This can't be real. He thought to himself as he watched even more blood pouring out on the pavement. His gander then turned towards the camera feed from the backyard. The guard there also suffered the same fate. After a few moments the image became distorted. Shocked, he opened the drawer on the desk and pulled out a .357 Magnum snubnose revolver. He checked the cylinder to see if it's loaded. Good. He then picked up the phone from the drawler and began scrolling through the contracts. At this point he wasn't sure if he should wait for backup, or turn the gun on himself. After making sure his bedroom door was locked, he continued to anxiously watch the cameras. As he held the phone to his ear with his left hand, and his right was holding the revolver, a loud crackle was heard from downstairs.

"Moving inside." Vigil stepped inside the house, finding himself in the kitchen. Clearing a room alone, let alone a house, is advised against. And even though his weapons was suppressed, and was shooting with subsonic ammunition, the moving parts inside the carbine still made a lot of noise, which will alert all those inside. But the Korean was confident that at least half of them are preoccupied with Nøkk and Glaz. "Kitchen, clear." He reported through the comms, whispering. He continued to clear the house slowly. As he walked down the corridor, he heard a suppressed rifle firing and agonizing screams down the hallway, which were immediately silenced with another shot.

"Front door, clear." He heard Nøkk whisper through the comms.

As Vigil moved down the corridor, someone appeared through the door as he heard the screams, holding a pistol. Vigil quickly sent two rounds down his chest and move in to make a control shot. He then entered the room the straggler came from. "Living room, clear." He reported.

"Standing by at the stairs." The Dane reported and Vigil soon rallied behind her.

Vigil then rallied behind Nøkk, who was no longer invisible. He then tapped her on the shoulder and they began climbing the stairs slowly. On top of the stairs on their left was a corridor with two doors opposite of each other. Vigil covered the door on the left while Nøkk began clearing the one on the right. She then entered inside a bathroom and began checking it out. After making sure nobody was hiding behind the shower curtains, she returned back to Vigil to stack up on the last door. Vigil then raised his finger over his mouth to signify to keep it quiet. From inside he could hear a faint frantic whisper from the other side.

"I'm telling you! Someone or something is fucking with me! Killed all my men! Get me out of here as fast as possible!"

It is now being confirmed that the HVT is inside this last room. Nøkk pulled out of her vest a breaching charge she placed on the door. After setting it up she proceeded to countdown with her fingers. Three... Two... One... A loud bang filled the corridor as the door was swung wide open. The two infiltrators entered inside to find Orlinov covering his ears with his hand, holding a revolver. Vigil immediately shoved the revolver away from his hand and pinned him to the ground. Nøkk pulled out a pair of zip ties and proceeded to cuff his hands behind his back. She then turned him around to have a visual confirmation, while Vigil picked the .357 and unloaded it, with the bullets hitting the ground as he opened the cylinder. Shocked, terrified, and now with tinnitus, Vasil Orlinov was now face to face with the nightmare that came for him.

"That's our guy." Nøkk confirmed.

"Commencing SSE." Vigil said as he began opening drawers and briefcases and taking everything worthwhile.

While the Jæger put noise cancelling earphones and blindfold over the HVT, Vigil took all documents, briefcases, and his laptop inside Nøkk's backpack.

"HVT is secure alongside some valuable intel." Nøkk called over the radio. "Ying, you can come to extract us at the target's location."

"Roger that." A female Asian voice answered back. "ETA thirty seconds."

Glaz was glad to hear that Vigil and Nøkk secured the HVT. But they were still not out of the woods yet. Once the team was out of the country, then they can let their guard down. Until then, he must make sure the team comes out of that house in one piece. As he continued scanning the perimeter, he noticed a blue coloured van pull up at the house. And he knew perfectly well that was not their getaway. Eight men armed to the teeth, wearing white masks disembarked and were surrounding the house. The situation quickly deteriorated.

"Suka... (Fuck...)" He muttered. "Be advised." He called over the radio. "Perimeter is hot. The White Masks have entered the AO."

"Copy that." Nøkk answered. "We'll entrench ourselves inside the house. Out."

"I'll wait for you to sort this out before I exfil you." Ying notified them.

Knowing that he should not only make sure that the HVT is extracted, he should also help out his teammates return safely. He must act quickly. As the Masks were stacking up at the door, Glaz aligned his reticle over one of the stragglers. He took the shot slowly squeezing the trigger. He shot one of the Masks through his back. That got their attention. He aligned his reticle again and shot another Mask, hitting him in the neck. Now he's certain that they finally spotted his position. Even though suppressors help mitigate the sound coming out of the muzzle, they do not mitigate the muzzle flash. He'll use that to his advantage, trying to lure the stragglers at the minefield of tripwire triggered MRUD mines and also drive them far away from his team, as the stragglers follow his muzzle flash. He then took a third shot, deliberately missing. Now he certainly got their attention. The Masks began focusing their fire on Glaz, who was slowly moving out from tree to tree. After making sure that he's cleared away from the tripwires, he notified the team.

"Glaz to Nøkk. I have lured the Masks to my position. This should give you the window to extract the HVT."

"10-4. Be careful, Glaz."

Glaz began bounding from tree to tree, returning fire after taking position. Bullets flying pass him as the sonic crack of their flyby sound like whips filling the forest. He attracted the attention of at least four of them, After firing his last shot from his SVU, he went to reload. As he was pulling another magazine from his pouch, a rain of bullets began hitting the tree next to him. And suddenly feeling a sharp pain on his right shoulder. Was he shot?

"Blyad! (Shit!)" He screamed in surprise.

Knowing that the Masks began intensifying their fire, he pulled out an M18 smoke grenade and threw it at the direction of the Masks. White smoke began filling his position and the enemy, seemingly disoriented, ceased their fire. This gave Glaz the chance to reposition himself further. After running for four seconds to gain some distance between him and the Masks, he hit the dirt and looked through the thermal flip sight. Normally thermal vision should not work when targets are concealed in smoke. But the HDS flip sight is designed to filter out the smoke to reveal the heat signatures. But the drawback is that the sight must be kept stable to increase the exposure of heat signatures. As he was looking through the sight, he began seeing the thermal silhouettes of the Masks slowly going for the trap laying at their feet. The Russian was patiently waiting. He kept his sight at the foremost Tango. After a moment, an explosion rocked the earth, raising dust everywhere and screams of agony filled the forest. The Masks have triggered the MRUD mines. Out of the four man team, only two survived. And Glaz made sure that they were put down for good. Each of them receiving a single centre mass shot. Right at their heart. The Masks ceased to live, but the bodies yet to adjust to the surrounding temperature. So they still appeared as heat signatures. Glaz didn't took chances so he fired a few control rounds at the downed stragglers.

He then went to notify his team mates. "Vigil, Nøkk. Message. Over." But there was no response. "Vigil, Nøkk. How copy? Over." The radio didn't seem to work. He pulled out his radio out of his pouch on the right arm, only to see it completely broken and with a bullet lodged in it. Glaz chuckled to himself, until he realized that there was no way he could be picked up by the rest. According to the plan, they were supposed to take the main road down south east of the safe house. He pulled out his map, compass and a MagLite flashlight. After establishing his exact position. He calculated that if he continued towards the south east towards reference 120 degrees, he'll reach the main road. And hopefully intercept the team exfilling with Ying. He then put it all away in his pouch and began the short trek towards the rally point.


Back at the safe house , after Glaz lured the White Masks into his trap, only two stragglers were left. Nøkk turned on her HEL device and once again became invisible. She exited the house to see the two Masks that were left loading their dead comrades in the van, ready to get out before local authorities arrive. Nøkk, while still invisible, raised her carbine and sent two shots centre mass at the two remaining stragglers. She then proceeded to call on the radio for the exfil.

"Ying, you can come to pick us up."

"Give me 10 seconds." The Asian on the other side answered back.

As she was waiting for Ying to come over to pick her, Vigil and the HVT and extract her, she can hear gunfire coming over from the forest. Suddenly it stopped after an explosion. She remembered the Russian placing those mines.

"Glaz, do you read me?" She called over the radio. No response. "Glaz, do you copy?" Again no response.

A red Ford Transit then suddenly pulled over, hitting the brakes hard. Vigil comes out, dragging Orlinov who was struggling to escape. A petite Asian woman came out of the driver seat and opened the back doors.

"Is that the HVT?" The petite Asian woman, identified as Ying, spoke with an English accent typical of a Hongkonger. "Good. Let's get the fuck out of here. Fast." Vigil and Nøkk load the HVT inside and take their places in the van. Ying then immediately drove away tires screeching. As she drove down the road exiting Kragujevac, she asked the two operators. "Where's Glaz?"

"He was engaging the Masks alone." The Dane began explaining. "He helped us out by luring them out giving us the opportunity to exfil. But we lost contact"

"This complicates things." Ying muttered.

"We need to get out there and search for him." Nøkk requested.

"Not a chance." Ying abruptly denied. "Police scanners have gone haywire and Serbian police is already surrounding the place. If we linger any longer, the police would have already set up roadblocks. Then we would be knee deep in shit."

Vigil never said a single word during this whole exchange. He was nothing but an idle observer.

Even with Nøkk being an excellent stalker, and with the ability of her HEL presence reduction device, the risk would still be greater. She still continued to negotiate with the Hongkonger for ways to rescue their left out comrade. "At least let's pull over and try to establish contact one more time."

Ying calculated the risk and she deemed it was worth taking. She pulled over to the side and turned on the emergency turn signals. Both women proceeded to come out of the vehicle. While Ying lifted the bonnet up, to pretend that the van has broken down, Nøkk was facing away from the road, into the forest and once again called Glaz over the radio.

"Glaz, come in." Still no response. "Glaz, do you read me?" At this point the Dane was frustrated. "For helvede! (Goddammit!)" She cursed angrily under her breath.

Ying still pretended that she fixed the van, while Nøkk was frantically looking around. Just as they were to give up all hope and return on their way, A rustling of leaves came from behind her. She raised her weapon, thinking there was a hostile, only to see a familiar sight.

"Blue! Blue!" Timur raised his hands and approached the Dane.

"Gudskelov! (Thank God!)" She sighed. "Let's go quickly."

The three then entered the van. Ying immediately closed the bonnet and returned back behind the wheel and on the road. As the van was driving away, police cars began passing by them with lightbars and sirens on. Ying looked over the side mirror to see if one of those cars will turn to pull them over. Luckily they didn't. She let out a sigh of relief.

"Why the fuck weren't you answering the comms?" Nøkk asked with an angry tone.

Glaz then pulled out his broken radio with the bullet still lodged in and showed it to the Dane. Vigil, even if his eyes betrayed no emotion, he was impressed by the fact that the radio took the bullet for the sniper.

"So," Spoke Glaz. "Are we handing this piece of shit over to the Bulgarians, or what?"

"Not yet." Answered Nøkk. "Orders from Six state to bring him back in Hereford to squeeze out any information regarding his involvement with the Masks. Then we'll hand him over."