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Chapter 1: The Newcomer

Harry James Potter, fifteen, flipped through the pages of one of many books he should not be reading from distractedly, only raising his eyes from the moonlit parchment every few minutes or so when some quiet noise of the castle settling or cooling in the night made him worry someone was coming.

Not that they could catch him, he knew, aside from, perhaps, Professor Dumbledore himself.

Only, Dumbledore was no longer in the Castle and therefore not a worry… though Harry did worry about the aged Headmaster for entirely different reasons these days.

He was growing beyond frustrated.

With the Ministry, of course, and Dolores Umbridge in particular.

The DA, Dumbledore's Army, (or, as Harry called it in his head, the Defense Association) was coming along nicely, and the school year was proceeding apace, much as the Ministry might wish it.

In just over two months, he and his closest friends would be sitting their O.W.L.s. The completion of which, given at least three "Acceptable" grades or better, would mean that, even if he failed to graduate from Hogwarts, he could consider himself a Hedge Wizard. In other words, he could keep his wand, pass or fail.

Therefore, the DA was not truly a source of worry. In point of fact, Harry felt their more-than-weekly meetings to be a great relief, since he could both help his friends survive (he hoped) and stick it to the highly corrupt Ministry of Magic he was already coming to loath despite being just fifteen, two full years short of adulthood.

Though, Harry thought idly, the DA causes problems of its own.

Not the clandestine nature of their meetings. The Marauder's Map handled that well enough.

No… it was those attending the meetings.

A specific half, anyway.

Harry Potter was quite awake at three in the morning in the Hogwarts Library in hopes of distracting himself from, yes, girls. Witches, in particular.

A few notable names, mostly in the DA, along with their faces and figures flashed unbidden across his mind's eye.

Hermione. Ginny. A couple of the redhead's year-mates. Lavender. Parvati (and, of course, her sister Padma in Ravenclaw). There were others. Many members of each house, even the Slytherins that, by and large, despised Harry (and he felt the feeling was quite mutual) were something to look at and admire for their physical beauty alone if nothing else, in his opinion.

Yet, Harry could not just 'date' or 'romance' or 'woo' or… well, anything. Sure, he fancied more than a few. Cho Chang, for example, had been his first real crush, though any strong thoughts for her had been crushed by their first, disastrous date to Hogsmeade.

Another page turned, Harry barely registering that the topic and chapter had changed.

Yes, girls were, indeed, the primary source of his frustration.

Because how could he trust any of them, aside from a few specific examples (Hermione alone, really, and she was off-limits for other reasons, his other best friend, Ron, chief among them), wanting to be with him, not his fame, or his wealth, or… whatever?

On the Summoning of Demons, Harry read, then whispered aloud, beginning to turn the page again, "I wouldn't mind shagging a few of the Slytherins, yeah, but I'd worry about being knifed in the back!"

His normal speaking volume, in the hush of the late-night library, made Harry freeze for several seconds with the page mostly turned.

Then he glanced back down at the book.

Summoning of…

Unbidden, words spoken by the person he now knew was called Bartemius Crouch, Junior flitted through his mind. 'You're allowed a wand. A simple spell… to get what you need.'

"To get what I need," Harry whispered.

He glanced down again, snorted, then let the page fall.

Another turned, his mind almost blank.

Then a third.

The fourth and fifth made him pause.

For there, sideways, almost like a pin-up he'd once spotted on Dudley's floor, was a very, very detailed drawing.

A female form with dragon-like wings, flaming hair, voluptuous, curvy… nude.

Succubae and Incubae, the drawing was titled.

Harry blinked.

He turned back a few pages to the start of the chapter. Then back to the pin-up.

The chapter's headline.

The pin-up.

He snorted, snapping the book closed, then put it back on the shelf. "Yeah, right… Guess I'll just go have another useless wank."

An hour later, despite doing just that, he went to bed (thankfully, it was Saturday morning) just as horny as when he'd stolen to the library.

On Saturday evening, Harry had the book, which had simply refused to leave his thoughts, open on his lap while he finished the final step of a circle, the binding and summoning spell described just after the pinup for the summoning of such a creature.

A creature described, in the book, as a gender-morphic humanoid demon, capable of breeding with nearly any creature, powerful, cunning, wise… and always beautiful and willing.

If he wanted a female form, it would have one. If he had wanted a male form (Harry knew he did not, thank you very much), it would, even with the same creature.

In other words, nearly the perfect relief for his perpetually aroused state.

The circle surrounded him, his clothes discarded to the side.

Not for the ritual, though it had been recommended, but simply for, he hoped, ease of access.

The knife in his left hand slid across the palm of his right.

He hissed, though not loudly - Harry James Potter was no stranger to pain.

At once, deep crimson welled up even as he tossed the knife out of the small circle, just eight feet across, to land in the corner of the dark stone cellar room beneath Hogwarts with a loud clink.

This time, he did not worry for the noise, having silenced the room and given it every protection he could. Ron had even given him an alibi, with the promise that, when the rendezvous was finished, he would attempt to set one up with his friend, too.

As the blood finished covering his palm, he brought it down and cupped his groin, then began to chant even as the magic of the ritual stirred him to vigorous life.

Harry was just about to groan in frustration a few minutes later, because all that seemed to have happened was that his erection was, if anything, more painful than ever before and perhaps spurred on by the magic of the ritual, as the room started filling with dense, pink smoke.

Eventually, the almost cloyingly-sweet, yet still brimstone-y smell made Harry cough.

A moment later, he jumped in response to a single word.


He froze, with his right, bloody hand still cupping his swollen scrotum, while the left hand tightened its grip on... no, wait, he'd thrown the knife aside, put his wand in his clothes, also set aside... he was defenseless. Naked, literally, in a room with some unknown female.

Suddenly, Harry felt very grateful for the obscuring smoke.

"Er... Who's there?" he eventually called.

Another brief pause, then the same, soft, almost lyrical voice replied, "It's me, Master. The one you summoned? Let me clear out the smoke... Most of these rituals are done out-of-doors, you know."

"Er..." was all Harry could think of to say, heedless of how inane it sounded - especially repeated - as the heavy color seemed to withdraw, condense and shrink, eventually revealing at first a small shadow of a form just a few feet in front of him, on the opposite side of the ritual circle.

It continued to pull inward, almost swirling down into a central point, condensing further and further, until the last few wisps were pulled into what seemed to be the hair of a petite, humanoid girl - though clearly not human - about two feet shorter than he was.

Harry was not, for what it was worth, a tall example of an English teenaged boy, at a mere five-one.

She - for the being was clearly a she - had pointed, almost elven (though thankfully not house-elven), ears, bright pink hair the exact hue of the smoke it had just, apparently, absorbed, and a rounded, almost angelic human-like face with bright, almost cerulean-blue eyes. A slender, graceful neck fell into narrow shoulders, from which sprouted two arms, and, apparently, two small, black, bat-like wings which jutted out and upward about a foot in each direction.

Her chest, bare as the rest of the figure was, was at least partially developed, though he doubted if, were she human, more than the smallest of training bras would ever be necessary. Not that, of course, he was an expert on the matter.

The small breasts were capped by puffy, extended areolae and nipples, and there was just enough definition going down from there for Harry to make out the curvature of the abdomen, a hint of waist and pelvic bone, before a bare, slitted mound separated two thicker thighs, giving the short creature a slightly wider hip than shoulder, which was again a little wider than the waist, before moving down to proportionally well-made but still short legs to end in two miniature, perfect feet.

Feet which, Harry noticed, were capped with pointed, likely razor-sharp nails the same hue as her hair.

"Er... you're... small?"

The being nodded, dazzling Harry momentarily with the sheer excitement she presented with the gesture and the brilliance of her white teeth - two of which were, he also noted with some trepidation, almost vampire-like in their length.

"That's right, Master! Like all Succubae, I take the form of my summoner's deepest desires!"

"I... I'm not into little kids," Harry protested, suddenly annoyed, frowning as he did so.

"Your big cock says different, Master," the creature chided, glancing downward - just below her throat level - momentarily, "And besides - I'm not a child, I'm just young! Petite, you might say."

"B- But you're so short! I'm short, and you're- you-"

"Mm, not short where it matters, Master," the child-like being smirked, stepping forward a few times until she was just a few inches from him.

Instinctively, he stepped back, only to bounce off the invisible, yet perfectly there barrier formed by the inside of the summoning circle.

Shit. Neither of us can leave until the ritual is over. Crap, crap, crap... What did I get myself into?

"Don't feel too bad," the being shrugged, "I don't really have anything to compare it to. I'm fully trained, and an adult by our standards, but you're my first summoning, so I've never had a human to compare you to. And besides..."

The sultry look - altogether alien to what Harry felt should have been a child's form - she shot upward made Harry's penis jerk in his hand, such that, only then, did he think to try and hide it from her.

"... You should know, Master, I'm a Succubus. A demon of sorts, at least to you mortals. There's nothing - nothing - you mortals could think of, sex-wise, that would shock me. So you like petite girls. I might be a year younger than you, appearance-wise. I can only assume your tastes will change as you age, like most people's do. And so, should our contract extend to that point, I will, too. But to me, this isn't a big deal. Not at all."

Harry frowned. "C- Contract? The book didn't say-"

He trailed off. She, in turn, cast her almost glowing-blue eyes around the chamber, which was still only lit by four candles and the remaining glow of the circle itself (a white, at least, which kept colors almost normal, Harry knew), to see the small pile of his belongings. With a brief squint, she eyed the book, then rolled her eyes. "Profligatory Vitalis by Luther Profligulls. I should have known, it's a book with all the warnings and cautions after the good stuff. We actually use that same book in our lessons on Contracts. Don't feel too bad... I'm fair, I promise!"


She smiled again, "Anyway, so here's the short version. I can only stay in this world, outside of this circle, for a short time. About an hour, tops. With a Contract, as long as you keep your end of the deal, I can keep mine - which means I can stay. The payments - what you give me - can be almost anything, but I know exactly what I want. It's a pretty standard thing, too, most Succubi these days choose it."

"Let me guess," Harry frowned again, finally having found his words, "My soul? My life?"

She almost snorted, covered her tiny mouth with a small hand, giggled once, then shook her head, making her wings jostle. "No, silly, it's semen. That whole soul-sucking, life-stealing nonsense was your religions getting into the mix. 'All sex is bad, especially outside of marriage'. What a crock! It's stories told to scare people off of summoning us. I mean, I can kill. I can't remove a soul. Short of killing, anyway. But where's the fun in that? Where's the payment? Nowhere, I tell you! I mean, I-"

Harry's frown came back. What was she going on about?

Demons - Succubi in particular - didn't take souls?

Of course, he'd been willing to maybe trade his for the benefit. That was the whole point of the summoning! But now this tiny thing who was way too young - words to the contrary notwithstanding - to be talking about sex at all was... was...

"-And that's why, now, we mostly just take semen. I mean, we can't breed alone, but we can take a mortal's semen - or fluids and eggs in the case of a humanoid female and an Incubus - and use them as building blocks for our own people."

"Wait... what?"

She, now, frowned slightly, glaring up at him before sighing, which made her wings flex far enough up to almost bring the taloned joints together as her little shoulders rose, "Semen. Cum. Jizz. Whatever you want to call it. Succubi need it to make more Succubi. We can 'eat' it, absorb it into our bodies in any way it touches us - internally or externally - and use it to get stronger. Then, when we go back home, we use the raw material - essentially blank DNA and amino acids - to make more of us. So that's my payment. Uh... details to be worked out, of course. I just want semen."

Harry shook his head. It couldn't be that simple, could it? There had to be... "What's the catch?"

She shrugged. "None, really. I mean, there's no way you - even as studley as you might be for a fifteen-year-old - could provide enough to keep me here. But, I sense teenage boys all over this place."

"It's a school," Harry offered.

She grinned, now, all traces of annoyance gone, "Perfect. That's more than enough, then. So, here's what I propose and feel free to offer a counter-proposal. You, as the Contractor, can use me as you see fit, whenever, where ever. Whatever hole, whatever method, I'm your servant until the Contract ends. Even if it's not sex-related. With me so far?"

Harry nodded, his dick, which had only just started to wilt the tiniest bit, flared back to full-mast at the very idea of having this creature, which apparently was truly a succubus, even if her form was not traditional, at his beck and call.

"You cannot banish me until a certain task is complete, a task of your design. This is the task which the Contract will be made to uphold. If payment is not made in kind, I can leave - and take you with me. Which means you'll basically be fucked dry by me and all of my kind until there's nothing left. You won't enjoy that as much as you might think. It usually takes about five minutes."

Harry, at first aroused even further by that idea, shuddered.

Maybe not, then.

"As far as payment itself... I want your semen, as Contractor, at least weekly. That's for my own personal use and power. That means you have to use me, put your semen on or preferably in me, at least once per week. Once per day is preferable, but I have the feeling you'll have other... obligations keeping your time pretty tied up. In addition, you don't complain when I take semen from other places in the school. Or at home, if you're there, for as far as I can find it. A couple miles."

"Er..." Harry turned slightly green, "You mean, if I was at home, you'd... you'd, er, th-that w- with my cousin? My uncle?"

One thin, pink eyebrow quirked up. "Not if you don't want me to, I suppose. I can skip them. And no, I mean, if you want me to suck or fuck someone's semen out, just tell me. It is in my nature. But I meant more just gathering what's shot out. We have ways of getting it out of females without them even knowing, or getting it off bedsheets, or socks, or whatever else. It doesn't have to be fresh, it's just better if it is. Tastier, I mean, and stronger, too."

Feeling slightly better about the situation, Harry nodded. "Anything else?"

She grimaced, "Well... let's see," then started tapping a dainty finger on her chin, looking down absently near his belly-button, uncomfortably close to the tip of his member, "My personal payment, the wider payment to keep me here and build up our world... It's your turn, I think. Tell me, Master, what you want. Besides me, of course. What is your end goal?"

Harry frowned yet again, stymied. His first thought, of course, was help with Voldemort.

Yet this, even if she professed to be an adult, was apparently a child. He couldn't throw her into that!

Harry started glancing around, hoping for inspiration.

"Um...," he eventually said, drawing the attention of the creature, who had started looking around idly herself, "Any... any suggestions? I mean, I have this problem with a madman trying to kill me, but aside from that..."

This time, the other eyebrow quirked up. "A madman, eh? Wizard-type, like you?"

Harry nodded, but shook his head immediately afterward, "Yeah, but you don't- you don't need to get involved with that."

She shrugged again, "Your choice, I suppose. I mean, I could take him back home. Get rid of him for good, benefit us, too."

Harry frowned again, "No... this is my fight. He- he..."

"Family?" Her voice was solemn, quiet, if still a little high and soft for his tastes.

This time, Harry nodded. "My parents."

"Bastard," she murmured, then looked up at him firmly, "Then I propose this: When he's gone, I go. Until then, I service you as I said, including helping you against your madman. Keep your morale up, so to speak. Or anything else you need."

This time, Harry full-on scowled. "No. You don't need to fight-"

"I didn't say fight," she raised both hands as if to ward off his anger, but did not appear at all cowed, "I said help you. I can fight. We all can. But I can also die, and I have no intention of doing so. If it comes down to it, then yes, I'll put my life - or more likely, my existence on this plane - on the line for yours. It's still fair, because it's really unlikely this guy knows how to kill a Succubus permanently, and even less so that he has the balls to do it."

Harry murmured, "I wouldn't doubt either," to himself, but she didn't appear to hear.

Instead, she reviewed, "So, I'm yours to use however you see fit until this wizard madman of yours is dead. In return, I get your semen at least weekly, or more if I request it, up to once a day maximum but more if you want it, for your health, because Contracts are designed, these days, to protect us both equally, and your tacit-slash-explicit approval to gather semen from elsewhere in my range to take back home when I go. Anything else?"

Harry thought for a moment, then asked, "Well, I mean... what are your... preferences? I mean... I may not be experienced, but I know girls like... well, some things more than others."

"It's sweet," the little creature grinned the same dazzling one she'd used first on him, "that you care! But I can assure you, as long as it's sex, I'll enjoy it. I am a Succubus. But I like the same things you like, for as long as I'm here. It's partly due to the nature of Profligull's ritual, and partly due to our nature. We like sex. All of us, in all its forms. We like our partners to bring us pleasure, and we like to bring pleasure to our partners. Whichever works for me, I enjoy both."

"But... er..." The more Harry thought about this, the worse - and better - it sounded. Sure, free sex, as much as he wanted! That was great!

But... at what cost? Apparently not his soul, or his life, but... he'd all but enslaved this creature.

"Ah, I see where you're going," she growled, then smiled again, "But let me assure you, your own personal feelings of guilt are, in this case, entirely misplaced. When a Summoning is performed, we choose who goes. I volunteered. So there's no slavery at all. I wanted to come. I wanted a Contract. And the longer I'm here, Mr. Too-Much-Heart, the more I want to stay for a while. And yes," she finished, smirking upward at him, "It's plain to see on your face. No, I can't read minds. Not yours, because you're still the Summoner. As a Contractor, I will be able to. I can also read others in a fashion, if I try. It's more a combination of empathy and reading body language, though."

"Still," Harry replied, shaking his head again, "That doesn't answer my question. What, aside from pleasure I guess, and- and semen, do you get out of this? It could kill you!"

"The pleasure and semen are enough, I can promise you," she replied, "and as I said, it's not very likely I'll die. The fact that, as a succubus, I will personally grow more powerful from your semen as my Contractor is an added bonus to me. Think of it... well, you're a wizard, so this is a magic school, right? Think of it like this: every time I get your personal semen to use myself, it's like I'm attending a class for magic. In fact, I do actually get magic - mana - out of it. That's used to power our growth, or our abilities beyond the normal. Flight. Actual mind-reading - not something I've mastered yet - and so on. So I'm getting something equivalent to an education, as well. Or levelling up in a video game, if you prefer."

That - well, those - at least made some sense to Harry, though he'd only rarely been able to sneak a turn on Dudley's computer or consoles. "Al- Alright, then... Um... I should probably ask what side benefits there are for me, right? If you're getting this 'training'?"

This time, she smiled even wider, then licked her lips, making Harry's cock jump again, "I'm glad you asked, Master," she practically purred. "Because yes, I was planning on it. You want sex. Any teenaged boy does, right? Well... I like to think that, even though this is my first Summoning, I'm pretty good at that. But I also know how teenaged humans think. Aced my psychology classes, you know. There's other girls out there, right? Girls you wouldn't mind slipping that thing into," she finished, gesturing needlessly downward with her chin.

Harry blushed, but after a few seconds, nodded.

"Well, I can help you there, too. It'd be my pleasure."

"But- but I thought you wanted semen," Harry frowned.

"I do," she shrugged, this time extending and flexing her wings backward as she resumed speaking, "But I like sex. Sex with girls, boys- to be honest, animals. Whatever. To a succubus, it's all the same. Pleasure is pleasure. So I'll give you some experience and some training 'on the house' so to speak by virtue of just being around and in your service. But, if you want a side benefit, I'll go beyond just training you to be an amazing lover. I'll help you score the girls, too. Or boys, if you want to try that out."

Harry shuddered.

"No boys, then. That's alright. Threesomes with two guys out? Just want to find out in advance. I'm assuming two or more females is fine for you."

That question Harry had no idea how to answer. He'd never even considered it.

Wouldn't that put his genitalia within ten feet of another boys', naked and without even a shower barrier or clothing between them?

Then again...

"Well, something to think about later, then," she shrugged once more. "Now, Master, one more time... tell me if I messed up. If I didn't, to seal the deal, you have to kiss me, right on the lips. With tongue. That's how we sign contracts, though it won't be finalized until we consummate - have sex."

Harry nodded, gesturing with his still empty left hand for her to continue.

Part of him didn't know why he bothered using his still-bloody right hand to cup his scrotum... it seemed kind of pointless, since his length extended well above his wrist.

"I, the Contractee, agree to serve you, the Contractor, in any way you so desire, explicitly stated or implied or anywhere in between, with an emphasis on educational and sexual methods, the former with a further emphasis on survival and the latter on enjoying said survival, up to and including risk of planar habitation or even death, until such time as the wizard known to the Contractor as-"

She paused.

Harry blinked, "Er, V- Voldemort."

"Voldemort," (Harry was quite pleased to see that she hadn't hesitated at all in saying the name) "is deceased and utterly unable to further harm the Contractor. In recompense, I, the Contractee, shall obtain from the Contractor at minimum, one full biologically produced dose of semen from his own body weekly, and more at my request up to a maximum of one per day for my own personal use plus any semen from the Contractor that I personally extract, as well as the Contractor's permission to harvest semen from all suitable males within two miles of his current location as I see fit, should the Contractor have no other duties for me to fulfill at that time. Said harvesting shall be for the purpose of returning to the Contractee's home plane for use there in the building up of said plane and its inhabitants. Should payment not be made by the Contractor within any given week for the duration of the Contract, the Contractee shall have the right, authority, and power granted by the Contractor to declare the Contract null and void, and, in lieu of further payment, take the Contractor's body to the Contractee's home plane for disposal as the Contractee sees fit, i.e. Final Harvesting."

The girl took a deep breath, then looked up at Harry with wide, almost innocent-seeming eyes, "Did I miss anything?"

He inhaled, then shook his head, "No, I think that's it."

"Alright, then, my kiss, Master?"

Slowly, Harry, pulse pounding in his head for some reason, possibly the nubile, nude demoness before him, or the weight of the magicaly binding contract he was about to agree to, or destiny, or sheer horniness, or some combination of those, leaned forward and down.

She tilted her head slightly, licked her lips as he approached, then closed her eyes quietly.

He approached further.

Then, a mere centimeter from her lips, his nose already past the tip of hers, he stopped. "I don't even know your name," he whispered.

"I don't know yours either, Master. True names are special to us. Kiss me."

He gulped.

She was a child...

Or an adult.

A demon.

Not human, for sure. He was about to have a kiss with a non-human.

His first, final, disastrous date with Cho Chang notwithstanding, this could be considered his first kiss.

No, wait, before Yule.

Harry shuddered, but not with memories of just a few short months prior.


It was power. Power, and lust.

Suddenly, his body froze, and for a moment, he grew terrified.

An exceedingly gentle touch occured on each of his closed eyelids. "Open your eyes, Master," the creature whispered, from just before his face, still.

He did, but found quickly that he was still frozen otherwise.

"Don't worry, Master," she looked up at him from less than an inch away, "The Contract is sealed. I'm on your side, I cannot harm you. I just... want to enjoy this, too." Before he could do anything more than blink, the same feather-light touch of a single fingertip touched the base of his cock, then the wrist of his right hand.

"Now, lesson number one," she whispered, eyes still locked on his, "It's against the law for us to take the virginity of a human, and from that kiss I knew you were. So I'll do something else, for now, and then we'll go find you a human to fuck. Then we can do whatever, whenever. Okay, Master?"

He tried to nod, shake his head, anything.

After a moment of motionless Harry, she smiled, "Oops. Blink once for yes, twice for now."

He blinked.

"Good, I'm glad to have an agreeable Master. Now... Lesson number two. Sometimes, a slow, gentle thing humans usually call making love is in order. Sometimes, it's an animalistic rut most call fucking. This time, this first time, it'll be more like the second. We can educate you on the rest after you've had a few proverbial cherries popped, alright, Master?"

He blinked once again.

For some reason, being all-but paralyzed made his erection even more painful, but her body was just beyond where it still twitched. And he could do nothing, nothing at all, to relieve it!

"Lesson three," she purred after he had blinked, "Fog of Lust. Our most basic power. A wave of our wings with some intent behind it, and we excrete pheromones - conveniently spread by the wings, too - which make humans extremely aroused. You didn't need it, but I had to show you. That cost me almost nothing, by the way, so no extra charge for now. I'll be keeping track, and using my powers is one of the ways in which I can ask for extra payment from you. Just so you know.

"Now," she inhaled, looking down, "You might've heard of a blow-job. That's what I'm gonna do for you now, to take the edge off. Then we're gonna go find some pussy. I'll use the Fog on her, and when she's ready, you sweep in and give her what she wants. Simple, right?"

After a moment, Harry blinked, then blinked twice more.

"So... sounds easy, but you don't want to do it?"

He blinked once.

"It's not rape, you know," she clarified, "the Fog doesn't force someone to want sex. It just makes them horny. Well, hornier."

Harry said nothing, only tried to send a glare.

"Fine," she tapped his body, right over his heart, and Harry found himself able to move completely again. "What's the problem," she asked, clearly a bit exasperated.

"The problem," Harry growled, "Is that it does sound like rape to me!"

"Well, it's not," the girl said firmly, "She can say no. And if she does, we'll go elsewhere. Remember, I like what you like. Right now, the idea doesn't appeal to me at all. So find some girl that'd probably want to do you anyway, and we'll use her. Simple. Who've you seen eyeing you?"

Harry swallowed, partially mollified. That... did sound a little less like rape.


She heaved another exasperated sigh, then stuck her palm, fingers out, on his forehead. "Hold still, Master..."

A moment later, an image popped into his head.

And, apparently, hers.

"Asian, huh? Lost the boyfriend... nah, too much drama to start with."

He heard the girl speak as if through a sound machine. Hazy, distorted, but understandable.

Another image.

"Oh, a ginger. Those are fiery. Drama, though, with the brother..."


"Bookworm? Maybe. Let's keep looking..."


"Ooh. Wait. Isn't she from that other House? The one you don't trust?"

Harry wrenched his forehead away from her hand, then growled, "Yes, she is. I don't even know her name."

"She'll do," the small creature pronounced, "Blondes are fun."

"How do you know she's- that she'd be willing?" Harry asked, trying to sound firm but not sure he pulled it off.

Slytherin or not, she was one of the best looking girls in the school, in any grade.

"A girl knows," was his only reply, "Now, I got enough out of your head that I think I know where she'll be. And yes, that was mind-reading for real, but since I had your permission, sort of, I could use it on you. And yes, that's gonna cost you two more loads. Today. Well, tomorrow, since it's just about midnight."

The last was said with her cerulean, shining eyes focused somewhere over Harry's left shoulder.

He turned quickly, but saw nothing.

The teenaged boy turned back quickly, staring wide-eyed down his chest when he felt something warm, wet, and thick slide up the length of his shaft from the base to the tip in a serpentine pattern.

The succubus had not even knelt, but had only bent her head low, showing him that not only was she gifted with a pair of small wings, but a short tail, no more than two feet long, which sprouted from just above her arse and had, apparently, been facing away from him the whole time they'd been talking.

That was a minor detail, though, because she was licking him again, still looking upward somehow, this time down, around his shaft with a tongue that, while forked like a snake's, was otherwise just long.

It curled around him twice before she pulled it back, then opened her mouth wide, and sank down.

Down, her lips moved, past the sensitive glans, and all the way down to his base.

He felt, briefly, what might have been tonsils, and the tongue end, or turn, then the back of a throat - he thought it was, anyway - and then she bent at the waist, allowing him to sink in further.

With a groan Harry's hands fell on her head, only then able to tell she was also graced with a pair of thin horns that didn't even breach her bobbed hair.

He didn't try and guide her, though, for there was not enough sanity left in him to do so.

His entire dick, six and a half inches, was in the creature's mouth and throat. It was hot, almost painfully so, quite wet, like a sauna or shower, and working him.

Tight, working him even more with the apparently prehensile tongue and swallowing action, it was all Harry could do to process the sheer physical bliss emanating out of his new servant's mouth and throat, into his cock, which throbbed and jerked spasmodically through no will of his own, to his hips, which also jerked irregularly backward and forward, though not far, in a crude emulation of what might be called 'thrusting' if one were feeling generous, up, down, and out through the rest of his body.

Somehow, after a few seconds, Harry realized she was watching his eyes, and the thin lips of the tiny mouth, stretched wide to fit around him, almost comically so, were curled up into a faint smile even as his pubic hair obscured it.

Then one dainty, thin-fingered hand cupped his bloody ball-sack and gave it a tender squeeze, and he exploded.

Harry's world turned white, his mind unable to process the sensation beyond 'too much'.

When color and shadow returned, there was an ache of emptiness in his groin that he'd never felt before, and an intense feeling of satisfaction which filled not the emptiness, but the remainder of Harry's body.

Only after processing those two sensations did Harry realize he was laying, quite nude, on a stone floor in a cool room.

The only spot on him that was warm, in fact, were the front middle of his thighs.

Harry blinked his eyes into focus, then turned them down his body.

Straddling his legs, just as nude as she had been before, was the succubus, now grinning confidently, "Enjoy that, Master? I'm hardly the first that sucked a virgin unconscious, but I think my time might be close to a new record for that, at least."

Harry grunted, unable to find words to reply. Already, though, the nubile form on his legs, the knowledge, the memory, of what she'd just done, coursed through him, causing blood to flow once more 'southward', and the emptiness to begin to recede.

"Mm, didn't think that'd satisfy you, though," the creature grinned as his penis twitched then began to swell before her, "and you do owe me two more doses... but it's time for your virginity to be a past-tense thing. Up you get, Master."

Then her wings fluttered into motion, passing within a second to a nearly-invisible haze not unlike a hummingbird's wings, before she lifted straight up off him, giving his turgid member a single pat with her left hand as she did so.

She landed a few feet away, then offered a too-small hand to help Harry to his feet.

He took it reluctantly, and yelped with surprise as she hauled him, apparently without effort, upright with just one hand.

"Looks can be deceiving, Master," she smirked once more, "I told you I was an adult. Now... your blonde memories suggested a study group in the library. What time does that close on a weekend?"

Harry blinked once, "Er, ten, I think. It's..."

"Nearly two, you were unconscious for over an hour," she said, grinning again, "But that's not a problem. I'm going to assume there's basic protection against fornication. No going into girl's dorms, things like that. Right?"

Harry, having had some experience with that, nodded once.

Unperturbed, the succubus wrapped a hand around his dick and started walking, literally tugging him along. "Come on, then. Get covered, unless you fancy being spotted walking around the halls like that."

While he complied leaving his clothes but throwing his father's cloak around his shoulders, Harry paused, looking up at his servant- though so far she'd been pretty bossy, he realized, almost like Hermione- "What about your clothes? And your hair. No one in the school has pink hair."

"Lesson... meh, whatever. Lesson. We call it... Invisibility. Really," she smirked at his wide-eyed expression, "It's got a more flowery name. Incubi can't use it, only Succubi - they have other powers, as do we, the other gender can't use - but I like the simple one."

Harry nodded, familiar with the idea. He, after all, owned a rather good Invisibility Cloak left to him by his father.

One I should've brought with me, he thought to himself as he slipped on his shoes and put his hand on the Room's door.

This time, even as she faded into nothing as far as his eyes were concerned, the creature wrapped her child-like hand in his and stepped out into the hallway, pulling him along. "Alright, Master, lead the way - to the Library first. If she's not there, we can keep looking."

While they walked, Harry was struck by something for the second time. "Well... if you don't want me to know your name, what should I call you?"

He felt, more than heard, the nude creature shrug by the pull on his left arm. "Whatever you want, Master. I'm your servant, remember?"

That being said, the names he whispered one after the other as they walked down the moon-lit halls, carefully avoiding the soft patter of a patrolling Professor Sinistra's slippers, were shot down one by one.

Until, that is, just outside the library itself. "Lilith," he tried, remembering an old, old Christian tale.

She froze mid-step for a half a heartbeat, then he felt his arm tugged down. A moment later, soft lips ghosted across his cheek in a kiss that left Harry's whole body tingling with renewed, almost desperate arousal. "The name - so legend has it - of the progenitor of our species. That works."

"Lilith it is, then," Harry found himself saying dumbly, while a part of him wondered if this was what it was like for normal people - people not him - to be around veela.

When the door opened quietly into the silver-lit Library, the faintest of snores could be heard from off in the stacks.

"Bingo," Lilith's voice came, "There's your little snake-girl. I figured she was the type. Go get her, tiger. I'll be here to back you up. Before you wake her, give me a few seconds to- spread the love."

Harry watched, full of apprehension and growing arousal. Truth be told, Harry was quite used to just a few minutes - he suspected, though he'd never timed himself, to average about five - of refraction time. The sheer oddity of the situation, however, no matter how much he'd hoped, dreamed, or even planned for such an occurrence, was the only reason he could think of for not having a raging hard-on for the entire time Lilith had been present.

Because, as he watched the Succubus' rear flex as she walked, apparently unnoticed by the sleeping girl, across the main reading area of the school's library, he was quite aroused by the demoness' form, no matter how much he was loath to admit it.

The fact that there was another object of his affect- well, lust- just a few feet beyond her, sleeping, vulnerable...

And, apparently, one that would soon be his...

It beggared belief, even as the idea excited him beyond measure, beyond any fantasy he might have had.

Harry watched from just inside the Library door as Lilith crept closer and closer. For a moment, he wondered how she could claim to be 'invisible' if he could see the succubus plain as day, and worried she would be caught.

Especially when the blonde girl snorted in her sleep and shifted, causing Harry's breath to catch in his throat and Lilith to freeze mid-step.

But the girl merely resumed her soft breathing, so Lilith slowly put her left foot down and continued padding on until she was just a few feet away.

Harry's erection sprung back to life from its half-mast when the pink-haired creature turned a sultry look over her shoulder and raised a single finger to her lips in the universal sign for 'be quiet'. A scant second later, she was shaking her head.

The teenaged wizard watched, amazed, as rose-colored dust fell from her hair down over the succubus' shoulders, which was then wafted forward and around the girl by a few quiet, slow flaps of the creature's short wings.

He continued to stare as Lilith stepped to the side, all the way to a table on the side of the section next to the door where he was standing, and jumped slightly to sit on the edge. She raised a hand to gesture, "Go ahead, Master. She'll be ready for you in... about a minute."

Harry gulped. "A- A minute?" he hissed, "But she's... I'm not sure about this."

Lilith's bright blue eyes rolled, clearly visible even in the moonlight streaming in through the half-opened curtains. "Yes, about a minute. Two, tops. Believe me, though, at the end of two, she'll be begging. And what's to be sure of? You want to get laid, right? She wants it, too. From you. I'm just giving her a little... shot of courage, so to speak."

Harry swallowed, steeled his courage, then started walking, padding forward as quietly as he could. Only then did he become cognizant that his own clothes were left back in the Room of Requirement, along with his wand and the knife. Yet again, he was defenseless!

He was still about eight paces from the teenaged girl, suddenly frozen in fear and nerves.

She was not someone he'd ever actually conversed with, not once. Someone he'd admired from afar for her physical beauty, but never even heard her speak.

That is, until a quiet, groaning voice stole across the otherwise silent library, "N- No, not... not there... That's... dirty..."

Harry's eyes, as he processed the statement, apparently made while entirely unconscious, widened. They continued as the girl's left hand (he had not noticed she was a southpaw) dropped a quill onto the table to slip beneath it, and run the tips of her fingers gently up the inside of her left thigh.

Then her hips shifted forward, back, and forward again. "Mm... not... well... if... if it's you..."

Harry gulped and swallowed, then cast a nervous glance back at Lilith.

She grinned, gesturing him on once more, but said nothing.

He swallowed past the lump again - it was getting more painful - before taking a few more cautious steps forward.

"Harry," she moaned, then her eyes drifted open as he froze.

But the blonde girl did not look at him.

Instead, she glanced, bleary-eyed around the library, eyes passing directly over him and Lilith both, before whispering, "Merlin's rock-hard cock I'm horny..."

Then she shrugged violently, pulling down her robe, before slipping off the vest beneath that and immediately, hurriedly struggled to undo each button from her white shirt.

Once that was removed - Harry noticed she kept the silver and green tie, leaving it to hang over her forest-green bra - the girl stood from the chair with a scrape of wood on the smooth wooden floor, then unceremoniously shoved her skirt and panties down to her ankles in one smooth motion.

She hit the chair again, panting, and immediately jammed her left hand between her legs, while her right rose to cup her right breast, kneading violently through the bra.

"F- Finally," she moaned, panting even as her hands moved faster and faster, in time with her rapid breathing.

"Now, Master," Harry jumped when Lilith's whisper sounded just below and behind his right ear, "you are visible. If you make yourself known, she's yours. For the night, at least. If you try and make it good for her, it likely won't be the last time. If you just take care of your own needs... it may or may not. She wants you badly."

Before Harry could speak or make another motion, the blonde girl moaned again, louder, "Yes, Harry... I know we're from opposite Houses, but I want you... You green-eyed stud! Take me!"

Harry swallowed, then took three more steps as the girl furiously worked herself.

He took a minute, then, just to admire the frequent object of his lust.

For she was, he felt, worthy of admiration. As tall as he was to the inch (though admittedly that wasn't saying much), the girl's long, golden-blonde hair fell to her waist, almost ruler-straight, usually held back by a Slytherin-green hairband or long barrette. She was thin, but not to the point of being gaunt, with legs that seemed to take up half of her total height, those more muscular than the rest of her. The face was angular, with a pointed chin and almost Romanesque nose, her eyes, he knew, were a green much darker than his own, almost brown.

Her chest, even clad by the emerald bra, was (according to Harry's, and the other fifth-year boys in Gryffindor's estimation) the third largest and possibly the best-shaped in the year, and in the top ten for the entire school. Her hips, though it was hard to tell from the side, he could see were well-formed with only the hint of a hip-bone showing as she jerked in tiny motions backward and forward on the chair.

"Did you mean it?" he asked quietly, unsure where the gumption to speak up in that most private of moments had come from.

"Merlin, yes, I- I- what the-"

The Slytherin girl had frozen mid-word and mid-stroke, then her head spun almost supernaturally quickly to meet his eyes. She screamed, but stifled it almost immediately.

For a moment, all he could see in her dark eyes was terror.

It horrified him to see, after the beautiful, mesmerizing sights and sounds he'd just been treated to.

"If you meant it, I'll... I'll do it," Harry said quietly.

She swallowed. He watched her thin throat move.

But aside from panting, she made no sound, or move to cover herself.

"No one has to know," he assured her, hoping beyond hope that Lilith was not lying about her potency, about her abilities, or about the girl in front of him. "Just you and me." And Lilith. She's staring...

"No one...? Not- not Weasley, or Granger? Not- Dumbledore?"

Her voice was hoarse from panting and her sudden scream. Harry nodded, "No one. Just you and me," he repeated, feeling lame for saying it again.

"Then yes," she moaned, "Yes. Merlin, for so long I've... No. No more talking!" After a moment, the girl had stood up, pulled the bra straps from her shoulders so that they hung loose, then pulled it down around her torso even as she stood, then turned to face him in all her glory.

Yep, he idly thought with some part of his brain that was still partially functional, she's a natural blonde.

The sparse hair between her legs appeared to have been trimmed regularly into a thin patch, not that he had much to compare it to, and her breasts, free at last, hung just slightly on her chest, the small areolae, light pink, almost invisible against her pale skin in the moonlight, a bit to the outside, with small, but protuberant nipples.

"The table," Lilith whispered from behind him, "tell her to get on the table. It'll be more comfortable than the chair."

Harry nodded, then glanced around. The girl's own study table was still filled with books and what looked like a History assignment- no wonder she'd fallen asleep.

But the table next to it... He pointed, "Get on the table."

"R- Right," the girl whispered, then scrambled to obey.

Without taking his eyes off his soon-to-be conquest, Harry followed, hands twitching to grab at the shapely rear. When he reached her, though, the Slytherin girl was already sitting on the edge of the table, legs spread, waiting. Her eyes tracked his movements, and Harry stopped just a step away.

"I've... I've never..."

"Me neither," she murmured, and suddenly she erupted in a light blush that covered the whole upper half of her torso. "But I'm glad it's going to be you. Come on... I'm so horny!"

The tender tone of the first two sentences was ruined by the last, as her voice took on a desperate, even demanding tone.

"Okay, Master," Lilith whispered again, "you can take her whenever you want. You probably don't even need to be gentle... I gave her quite a dose. Just take some care for her needs, won't you?"

"Er... I'm not sure where to start," he admitted, not sure if he was talking to the Slytherin or the succubus.

"Use your tongue and hands on her breasts, first," Lilith suggested quietly, "males seem to like that... I do, too. It feels good for females, too. Then maybe your hands on her cunt, like she was. When you can't hold out any more, put it in. She'll be fine."

Harry tried to oblige, stepping forward once more so that his engorged penis brushed against the girl's soft thatch of pubic hair, and started to lean forward with one hand outstretched.

He did end up getting his right hand around the girl's left breast, holding the whole of it rather neatly, he thought, before her own left hand jumped down between them, grabbed a hold of his penis, aimed, and then, using her legs wrapped around his waist, pulled him in with a mighty heave.

"Uungh," she grunted, eyes grimacing shut momentarily.

Harry noticed none of that, though.

Instead, almost like when Lilith had taken him in her mouth, he saw only white.

The moment passed quickly, though, because that vague sense of unsatisfaction, that empty hunger, came roaring back with a vengeance.

When Harry's eyes opened from the shock of being forced by the girl he was currently inside into just that place, they were hard.




"You don't get control," he heard himself say, "I'm the Master, here."

Then his hands fell on her wrists, pulling both up over her head and then locking them in place with his left hand, leaning forward, while his right was freed up to resume his groping of the girl's chest.

"H- Harry... I don't care," she gasped, "Just- just move! Please!"

With a grunt, Harry complied, forcing his hips to move out of where they most wanted to be.

The pleasure was exquisite, all wet silk and heat.

Going back in doubly so.

One controlled motion was all Harry could manage before he lost all semblance of restraint.

The second thrust was wild, hammering into the girl so hard her breasts bounced.

The third and more were harder still, faster and faster, until the once-straight hair was tousled and sweat-drenched, just like her slick, pale skin.

The only time the breasts did not bounce with the pounding he was giving the girl was when they were in his hand or hands, for he released her own arms about ten seconds in.

But she did not fight him off. Instead, the girl wrapped one arm around his neck to steady herself, while the other alternated between the breast he was not currently mauling and her mouth, occasionally sticking one or two fingers in, sucking on them, then moving the hand back to her chest. All the while, she could only desperately inhale air as he withdrew, only to have it all driven out when he pounded back in.

"Three minutes, Master," Harry was distracted only slightly by Lilith's coo in his ear, "longer than average, at least, and still going strong... but your virginity is lost, now. I want your semen. If you come in her, I have to eat it out of her. So get her off and then let me finish you, hmm? It wouldn't do to let her know about me just yet."

The succubus grinned internally. It wouldn't make much difference, in the end. She could either alter the girl's memory of the evening to make it be Harry who had done that deed, or just erase that part completely. But she wanted him directly.

"No," he murmured, then returned his attention to the task at hand momentarily.

The girl's eyes were starting to roll back in her head, the hand on his neck starting to slip.

"You," he slowly turned his eyes from that magnificent sight to the petite succubus at his side, "I'm going to get her off while you get me off. Lay on the floor, I want to be in your mouth again."

One rose-colored eyebrow quirked up, but Lilith smiled. "Alright, Master, as you command."

Without further hesitation, the succubus crawled under the table and positioned herself so she was facing Harry, then rolled over onto her back and opened her mouth.

"Hey," Harry grunted, trying to get the girl's attention, "I'm getting close. I can't have a kid yet, so I have to pull out."

"D- Don't- s- so close-" the girl moaned.

"I'll finish the job, don't worry," he smirked, unsure whether it was bravado or sheer willpower to do so, but somehow, he forced himself out of the delicious embrace of her vagina, then dropped to his knees.

A moment later, Lilith's long tongue was wrapping around him, laving all the juice left from the girl off of him, then moving down to do the same with his scrotum, and even down the insides of his thighs. She must have been flowing!

Then Harry looked up just in time to miss the succubus finishing that job. Instead, he leaned forward, bringing his mouth up to the girl's blonde-haired slit, puffy and stretched wide from arousal and his recent inhabitation, and oozing just the thinnest trail of blood. She smelled strongly of... something, something besides iron and copper. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but he knew right away that while strange, he loved the odor. It was familiar, yet unknown. Tangy, yet sweet, and a bit savory, too.

He had to taste it!

But first, Harry moaned in ecstasy as, once again, Lilith's mouth, both wetter and hotter, if not quite as tight as the Slytherin's pussy, engulfed him up to the half-way mark before beginning to slide up and down, with the long, strong tongue curling around to finish the job.

If the girl found the pause annoying, she made no clue as, just a moment later, Harry's tongue found its way into the gaping hole he'd left, even while his hands sought out the tiny bud that he suspected was the 'good spot' spoken of in hints and whispers by mostly upperclassmen.

Her body jerked as his tongue thrust in, and again when his hand found the little bud. "Merlin, yes," she cried, voice both sultry and rough.

Must be doing something right, then, Harry found himself thinking, even while he was distracted by the mouth on his cock below the table.

Still, he knew Lilith was going to get him off. She'd done so once already, and he was so very close. Within just a few seconds, probably, he'd... yes, here came his orgasm now.

But the girl... he wanted there to be more!

It couldn't be just the once. He wouldn't let it!

Somehow, knowledge flew into Harry's brain that should not be there.

His tongue, obeying the imperative delivered to him by himself - and whatever else - withdrew, moving upward, switching places with his fingers, the longest two of which punched into the girl and curled up toward the back of the same bud, which he also knew, somehow, to suck lightly between his lips even while running his tongue over the bulge.

Even as he grunted out his own earth-shattering orgasm into Lilith's eager mouth, the vibrations down his tongue and the pressure from his lips, on top of the twining, seeking fingers inside her, caused the girl before him to shriek in her own orgasmic bliss, lifting her hips off the table, back arching up so high he feared her spine would snap, as she keened to the ceiling of the Library.

Once again, Harry's mind filled with white.

A few seconds later, it was gone. His eyes moved down to see Lilith idly holding his half-erect penis between two fingers while licking it clean, occasionally putting the very tip to her lips and giving the hole a little suck. "Satisfied, Master?" she winked saucily, then gave him a little tug before scrambling - altogether too gracefully, he felt, for such a child-like figure - from beneath the table.

Slowly, he fought his way to his unsteady feet.

The girl was staring at him through half-lidded eyes, still breathing heavily, apparently unashamed of her mostly naked form, which was still only covered by the bra around her stomach, and the tie which only lay around her neck, and now tangled within the long hair.

"That was... pretty good," Harry blushed at his own moronic-sounding words.

The girl snorted quietly, "Better than 'pretty good', Potter. But you'd better not go spreading it around, or I'll hex you so bad your grandparents will feel it."

"I won't," he promised, meaning it this time as opposed to the previous, when he still felt like he'd mostly been saying it just to get her to agree to shag him. "I... I can't, actually. I don't- I don't know your name."

One blonde eyebrow quirked up. "It's Greengrass, Potter. Daphne. But don't think you can get familiar with me. You're still a Gryffindor, and I'm still a Slytherin."

He shook his head. He knew full well how it would go for the both of them if it got out that they had had sex.

"Master," Lilith cooed once more in his ear, "you might want to tell her to get dressed. I sense a male approaching. If he looks in here and she's like this..."

Harry gulped. "Er, you might want to get dressed. There... could be a patrol."

Her breath hitched. Then she jerked to a sitting position. "Shit! How could I not think about that? Shit, shit, shit... it's a good thing you pulled out, Potter, because I'm not on the potion, either! I... shit, shit. You need to get dressed too, get out of here! I'll be fine. Go!"

Harry was already half-way out the door when she finished talking, though still just as naked.

He ran, panicked, all the way back to the Room of Requirement and was inside before he registered Lilith's tinkling laughter following at a much more sedate pace.

As she ambled into the room, just as naked as before, Harry fought down the urge to take her right there, just to show her. Instead, he growled, "Thanks for the warning. A bit earlier would have been nice."

"Warning? Oh... I just said that to get her moving," Lilith smirked, "Because I want my turn."

Harry scowled, "But you just-"

"Ah, ah," Lilith raised one finger, "I used my powers, three times tonight is the price. I've gotten two. If you think I'm being unfair, you can refuse... and I can take you back home. That's the contract."

Harry's scowl switched to a frown almost at once. "Still, I just... twice. And the girl- Daphne. She..."

Lilith's eyes rolled, and, with a gesture, she threw several small, flickering yellow flames around the room to provide a little more light than the still faintly-glowing ritual circle and his own candles, which were now burning low. "She's fine, the nearest male I felt moving was on the other side of the Castle. She can make it back just fine, I'm sure. But, if it will make you feel better, I'll sense her out in particular. At no extra charge."

Harry's frown deepened, but he nodded, crossing his arms across his chest, all the while wishing the sight of the too-young-looking succubus didn't immediately make him rock-hard.

Because, despite a harrowing run and having just lost his virginity and finishing in Lilith's mouth twice, Harry was indeed, hard once again.

But he only watched as the succubus closed her eyes and, slowly, began to spin in a circle.

After a few seconds, three-quarters of a turn, or near to it, she stopped. One dainty hand rose about half-way to horizontal and pointed, "There. She's moving down a stairway, I think. Stopped. Now... moving that way... down three stairs... that way now... still... turned again... and stopped. I think she's in her room, because I can sense five other girls roughly her age in the same area."

Harry forced himself to remember past the distraction of Lilith's body. There was Daphne, of course. Davis, he thought, the pretty petite girl with the glasses- another he wouldn't mind shagging. Parkinson (again, if only to humiliate her and Draco both). Bulstrode. And... those twins, maybe?

He'd never talked to any of them except a few exchanges of insults with Pansy.

Then Lilith opened her eyes and turned toward him. "Now, my payment..."

Again, her voice was low and sultry, far too much so for the child-like form, but as she stalked toward him, Harry found himself unable to move. Not because of whatever she had done to paralyze him before, but because...

Damn it, he did want her. Badly.

Lilith stopped two of her own paces, perhaps one and a half of his, in front of him, and opened her legs slightly, then raised both arms to the side, before turning slowly, giving him a chance to just look at her.

Okay, he conceded, child-like in size, maybe, but she's clearly not. The succubus' breasts were, as he'd seen right after she had appeared, small, but noticeably there. Those of a girl, he guessed, between twelve and thirteen at the youngest. Her rear was more curved and shapely than Daphne's, though not by much, but it appeared to be more because of the shorter stature.

The wings, tail, and horns - he could see one tip just poking out, noting that they were a dusky red sort of color - didn't throw him off at all, because the more important parts Harry knew were all there.

If anything, her nature adds to the effect.

When she had completed her rotation, Lilith stopped and looked up at him. "You can be gentle, or you can do it hard, like your blonde girl. Just use me."

"Use you," Harry repeated slowly, as if trying the words out. She had used that phrase several times before, while they'd been discussing the contract.

Not 'have sex with', or 'make love to', but 'use me'.

Lilith did not respond, not even with a blink. She merely watched him.

"You want me to use you, huh?" he murmured, eyes slightly darkening with lust.

Again, she didn't answer.

"Use you like, what, a whore? A slave? Just rut on you until I'm spent, giving you nothing but my seed?"

Lilith said nothing, but her small body gave a tiny shudder.

"Stay there, don't move," he ordered, the small movement giving him a flash of inspiration.

He slowly dropped to his knees, eyes not leaving hers. The move put his head level with her breasts, such was the height difference, but that was enough even with their proximity.

"I see," he muttered, "you're getting wet. Dripping, in fact. You do want to be used. Tell me the truth."

To his surprise, Lilith's nose rose slightly into the air, as if to look down at him, "So what if I do? I'm a Succubus. We have our own kinks, too. And yes. I do."

Harry nodded, fighting the urge to grimace and grin at the same time. Somehow, he maintained what he hoped was a neutral expression. "Soon, you and I are going to have to have a talk about making love, too, and the merits thereof. But for now, I suppose you can have your way... you have done me several favors tonight."

Lilith nodded, but said nothing, made no other motion.

Harry blinked, nonplussed.

"Er... were- aren't you going to get started?"

"With what, Master?" was Lilith's only reply, seemingly innocent.

Yet, despite the short time - less than an hour - he'd known her, Harry knew she was anything but.

"Um... s- sex?"

He felt ashamed to even say it out loud like that, despite all he'd already done that evening. And why wasn't he tired for Merlin's sake? It had to be pushing three in the morning.

"Um... what's- what's that?" she asked, coyly, then sent him a soft wink accompanied by a blush.

Why had she done that?

It was as if she was trying to pass along a hidden meaning. But what- Oh.


"Well, that's... a good question," Harry said, mulling the idea over.

Not that he didn't know the answer to the question. No, what he was thinking about was what he was starting to suspect Lilith wanted.

To be used.

Like... well, he supposed like the male version of a d-dildo, whatever that might be like.

A toy for his satisfaction, not as a living thing.

A part of him, a huge part in fact, was repelled by the very idea.


Had he not spent the better part of a week researching a ritual to get him just that? A living fuck-toy?

Was she not right there, asking to be used as such?

"You see," he eventually said, after working out how he wanted to go about this, "when two people love each other, they like to show it."

"Like a hug?"

He nodded, "Or a kiss. But there's more, another step I'm not sure you're old enough to take."

"I am old enough!" Lilith scowled. He could see the twinkle in her eyes, though. She was enjoying this, far more, in fact, than he felt he was.

"I don't know," he murmured, shaking his head slightly, though his eyes never left her nude form. "I don't think you love me, either."

"I do! I do love you, Master!"

This time, it was Harry's eyebrow that quirked up. "Do you? Well... okay. In that case, I guess I can tell you the next step. First, let's hug, then kiss to get warmed up."

Harry stood up as he was speaking, then held open his arms as if to give a hug to a smaller sibling.

Eagerly, Lilith stepped into his arms, pressing her face against his abdomen, supposedly heedless of Harry's straining cock pressed against her chest between the small breasts.

After a minute of enjoying the pounding of his pulse in that member against Lilith's warm flesh, Harry pulled away, then bent low.

Lilith turned her head upwards, eyes almost closed, and licked her lips.

Harry licked his, then bent further until their lips connected.

This time, though, they did more than just seal a contract with lip-to-lip contact.

Almost at once, his tongue fought for entrance to her small mouth (how had it even held his cock in there, a part of him wondered); she reciprocated a moment later with her own dueling against his.

Lilith giggled as he pulled away. "I didn't know you could kiss like that..."

Harry's eyes rolled, doubting that line very much. Still, he had a part to play... a part his dick was committing him to. "The next step, then... kiss another part of me."

"What, like your hand?" She giggled again.

"No... here, let me show you."

His hands fell on her head, careful to mind the small, pointed horns, and pulled her head down just a little, so it was level with his tip. "That part. Kiss it. With your tongue, like I showed you."

"M- Master?"

"Do it."

With apparent hesitation, Lilith complied, kissing the tip like she had before, then sucking - she groaned as Harry felt another bead of semen from his previous orgasm get pulled out of his loins - before putting the head in and licking it like a lollipop.

"Yeah, that's the right way," Harry groaned, lost in the moment. She was the perfect height for this, Harry decided, and knew he was already all but committed to having her do this daily as long as he had the stamina.

Still... she had asked to be used. He was a kind master, right? "So... now, this might hurt a little, but it will be really good for me, so try not to choke, okay? This is just the next part of the kiss."

Lilith turned seemingly terrified eyes up at him, but did not withdraw as his hips jerked forward, throwing his entire length down her throat.

She did gag, though he suspected that, too, was faked (or maybe he really did catch her by surprise), before he began fucking into her mouth hard and fast, almost as fast as he'd done to Daphne not half an hour earlier.

Still, Lilith let him for a few seconds, then her small hands came up to beat uselessly against his thicker, stronger arms.

She gagged again, and this time, with a monumental effort, Harry pulled out, gasping, and let go of her hands.

She coughed once, twice, three times, one hand on her throat, massaging it, while she turned tear-ridden eyes onto him. But she said nothing.

"That was one way," Harry murmured, "for people who love each other to share affection. Did you like it?"

Lilith shrugged noncommittally, looking away.

"Lay down on your back, then. Because that kind of kiss has two parts."

She obeyed, slowly. When she was laying spread-eagle, Harry knelt between her legs and hitched the girl's short legs up onto his shoulders to bring her own glistening pussy - running wet, really, because a rivulet started down her stomach as soon as the angle shifted - up to his bent-over face. "This is something like what that felt like for me."

At once, Lilith groaned as his tongue hit her folds. Unlike with Daphne, who he'd been desperate to get off as quickly as possible, Harry had no such illusions about his skill with the succubus. She'd said she had never been with a human, after all, not that she'd never been with anyone.

So he decided to take his time and learn a bit, from the small creature's reactions if nothing else, as he licked and laved, using his hands only to hold her up against him.

It was, he decided, almost identical to Daphne's pussy in layout, only Lilith's had no hair anywhere, and, in fact, did not have the smaller hole he suspected was for peeing.

At least, not that he could see.

Though, from here, he did note that she had a small, pink anus in the appropriate place, though he avoided staring too long at it, feeling that it was a bit too dirty, even for him.

After several minutes of his licking, Harry watched as Lilith's breathing increased in pace, until her dainty hands were kneading her own small breasts. Just when he felt she might be getting close - at least, judging by her fluttering eyelids - Harry pulled away, letting her waist drop down onto his pulsing member.

He slid back, letting her fall further toward the floor. "Are you sure," he asked quietly, "that you love me enough for the next way to show someone you love them?"

Lilith's hooded eyes almost seemed to glare through the slits he could see for a moment, but she nodded, giving a soft, "Mm-hm. That felt really good, Master. I can see why- why people let the people they love do the other thing."

Harry nodded. "Alright, then. This might hurt, but I'll try to be careful if it does. Afterward, it's supposed to feel really good. Okay?"

"Okay, Master. I'm alright if it hurts. It's for your pleasure, right?"

Harry nodded, then grabbed onto the succubus' ankles, lifting them up and then pushing away.

They went further than he expected them to, all the way back so that her toes touched the floor near her rosy hair, in fact, lifting the creature's hips and waist off the floor of the Room of Requirement and giving him the perfect angle.

"Alright..." he kneed himself slightly closer, "since my hands are full, I need you to put your hands on the part that was in your mouth, and put it in there."

"In- in where, Master?"

"In the place I was licking."

"But that's... isn't that dirty? That's what Mama said."

"It is dirty," Harry agreed, "but it's like playing in the dirt. It's fun, right? You just have to take a bath afterward."

"O- Oh." Without another word, eyes still twinkling, Lilith's right hand slipped around his cock from between her folded legs and guided him to her entrance. "There, Master?"

"Yes, that's just the right spot. Good girl. Now... are you ready?"

She nodded eagerly.

Without further warning, Harry let himself fall forward and down, crushing her into the stone even as his cock slid to the base deep, deep inside her.

This time, Harry did not white out, not even for a moment.

Instead, all he could comprehend was sheer bliss that put the earlier ecstasy of orgasming, if not to shame, than at least to a favorable comparison. Being inside Daphne was not quite as good, either, for Lilith was tighter, warmer, wetter, if a little smoother - she did not seem to have the same ridges, or the same number, or bumps that Daphne's vagina had.

But it was still exquisite, and he groaned.

As well, feeling the small form all but helpless beneath him (even if she was not) added another layer to his pleasure. "Does it hurt?"

"No, Master," Lilith murmured, "It's amazing. Morrigan and Xinivrae, you're as big as any Demon shorter than nine feet tall."

"Um... I'm not sure how I should take that," Harry admitted, before crushing his lips against hers, and pulling out two or so inches only to plunge back in.

He continued pulsing in and out for over a minute, increasingly feeling like his mind would shatter from the bliss he was experiencing, before he lifted his head, allowing her to respond.

"Take it as a compliment, Master, for it was intended as o-one."

That Lilith's breath had hitched with the force of the thrust he'd just delivered made Harry smile. "Good. Now... I can keep going. But you don't want me to, do you?"

Lilith shrugged beneath him as far as her arms would go with her legs locking them in place, and gave a little squirm of her hips against him from side to side, "Not particularly... I orgasm when you do. I'd like it to be sooner, though, because it feels good, and because you should get some rest. So use me like you want to. Really hit m- me hard."

That she'd started to speak in what he guessed was her normal tone, but ended in almost a moan of need was all it took to convince Harry. He obeyed, lifting his body up so most of his weight was resting on the girl's ankles, and drove his hips up and down, in and out, as rapidly as he could, at least twice as hard as he'd been smashing into Daphne earlier.

Lilith's mouth opened into a silent gasp, and her own eyes flared wide, glowing slightly azure as her back started to arch even with her legs holding her waist off the ground.

Just thirty or so strokes in, she tightened around him even as she grew wetter, and Harry knew he was done. One, two more strokes, and he collapsed inward and down, spilling himself as far as instinct demanded - which was all the way - inside the nubile body beneath him.

As he did so, Lilith's eyes slammed shut and she, too, moaned in release, before collapsing under her own weight and his, still folded in half.

When Harry came to, he was still hard inside the succubus.

In fact, he was still moving in and out, despite the smell of his own scent leaking out from between them.

"Keep going, Master, and I'll call this one the weekly... don't- don't stop..."

Lilith's voice quavered weakly as she spoke. Harry, though, had another epiphany. He released her legs, shifted his grip to allow him to pull her back into a more 'normal' position, then sat up, pulling her with him to sit on his lap with him still buried almost to the hilt inside the tiny form.

She yelped in apparent surprise as he rose, but quickly got into the stride. No sooner had he settled on his knees than she began to bounce up and down on him while his arms snaked their way around her back, carefully avoiding the small wings which fluttered irregularly with the creature's movements.

"You said," he grunted, "two words I don't know. Names?"

Lilith grinned, leaned in to kiss him once again briefly, before pulling back with her arms around his neck while she continued to ride him rapidly, "Morrigan and Xinivrae. Morrigan is considered the 'mother' of our species, while Xinivrae is the 'father'. It's - at least I used it this way - a term of pleasant surprise."

Harry nodded, then turned his focus to thrusting up as best he was able to meet the downstrokes of the petite girl. She grinned in delight at his action, then pulled his head down to suckle on one small teat, which swelled as soon as he touched it with his mouth.

Despite having no fewer than three orgasms under his belt in roughly an hour, Harry was nearing completion again just a couple minutes later. To his surprise, though, Lilith winked, then jumped off him, pulling from his grasp a moment before he was done.

Before he could react to the movement, though, her hands were jerking up and down on his rod. The sheer sight boggled Harry even as she caused yet another orgasm directly.

To his surprise, though, Lilith did not take it in her mouth. Instead, she aimed him to splash across her modest chest, where he left several ropey lines.

After he was finished, Lilith looked down, took one long finger, and drew up a part of it. "Trust me, Master," she whispered, then began to draw, or perhaps write, on his forehead.

Harry watched, entirely confused, as she dipped into the dripping, odiferous semen again and again, working on his forehead for over a minute, then again over each of his nipples, then, to his further surprise - though at that point, he wondered why he felt that way - just above his pubic hair. When she was finished, the succubus gathered up the rest in her hands, licked it off with apparent relish, then dove down to clean his member with her mouth like she had in the Library.

"Er, not that I'm complaining," Harry groaned, "because it's amazing, but I'm going to need another round if you don't stop that."

In response, instead of licking, Lilith just took all of him into her mouth again and gave one long, slow withdraw, sucking powerfully as she went.

When he fell out of her with a pop, he was, at least, only half-hard... though the process almost finished itself again when she looked up into his eyes and licked her lips, then clearly and audibly swallowed.

"Alright, Master, let's get you dressed - for now - and to bed."

While he complied, Harry stopped to wonder, his belt half-on. "Um... where will you sleep?"

Lilith shrugged, "I don't. If I want to pretend, I'll sleep with you - or someone else if you want me to."

"Er... then what...?"

"Oh, I'll spend most of my nights causing erotic dreams and collecting the leavings. Um... I know we didn't mention it in the Contract, but would you mind if I collected from the females, too?"

Harry's brain froze at the thought of females having erotic dreams. It- it wasn't just blokes?

Then again, he had witnessed Daphne Greengrass have one not so very long ago...

"Er, I suppose not- as long as you don't hurt anyone in your gathering."

"Not on my itinerary, no. Not unless they like that sort of thing, in which case I should oblige - within reason, of course. Right?"

Dumbly, Harry nodded.

Nothing more was said while he finished dressing, and somehow without his noticing, Lilith materializing some semblance of a black nightie that matched her wings in shade exactly and robes that matched his around herself, the pair left the Room of Requirement and headed up to Gryffindor Tower.

The Fat Lady said nothing, only snored a little, as he whispered the password, but she opened all the same, letting them step through.

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