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This is the fourth entry in a series of stories meant to crossover several Nicktoons into a shared universe, and will make a few references to the prior stories. For full context of the references and to fully grasp the shared universe that these stories share, you are recommended to read the prior stories 'Hey Arnold! The Football Head Returns', 'Danny Phantom: End of Days', and 'Rocket Power: Zero Gravity' to chronologically follow the story.

This story takes place approximately 3 years after the original run of the show in its first few chapters, then 15 years after that in the remainder of the story. It also takes some unproduced concepts from the show and adapts them to this format. Credit to original creators where it is due.

As ChalkZone was one of my absolute favorite cartoons growing up as a child, I will keep the overall story similar to many other films from my childhood to match the more 'innocent' feel of the show. So, as opposed to my previous works in this series, I will keep the mature themes and elements to a minimum.

...As minimum as I can go, anyway.

This also features 2 original characters of my creation that will serve as the primary protagonists as well as Rudy and Penny. One of these characters is on the Autism Spectrum, and, while he is based on some of my own traits (I am Autistic), he is NOT a self-insert character. Also be noted that not all of his traits are based on mine, so I apologize to any other fellow Autistics that may view him as an incorrect portrayal of Autism or Autistic individuals.

With that out of the way, enjoy the ride.


In the city of Plainville, Minnesota, sitting somewhere within Dakota County, not much is to be found in this small town. Resting somewhere in the Dairy Belt of the United States, the people of this town live out their lives in peace and mind their own business, living out life peacefully as they see fit.

There is one citizen of this town, however, that has no sense of peace, nor will she for a long time to come. Her name is Penelope Sanchez, better known by many as simply 'Penny'. Not many people knew too much about her, other than the fact that she loved anything pertraining to science and always spent time with her best friend, even though no one ever actually saw what the two do all the time.

Most importantly, a terrible tragedy struck her, taking away all known sense in her life, as well as her best friend, Rudy Tabootie. No one knows how exactly this young boy disappeared, but all Penny could manage to say about his disappearance was only two words:

'He's gone.'

Now, with Rudy's parents running rampant trying to find their lost son, Penny has been sent to Plainville Mental Hospital, in a desperate attempt to try to find any information on the missing Rudy Tabootie and to help her recover from the unknown traumatic event which led to his disappearance.

After being led to an office by an orderly, Penny sat down on a couch, being met with her therapist: a woman named Dr. Lopez, Penny, uninterested in speaking with this doctor, simply let her eyes look to the floor, trying to stay in her own world.

"Hello, sweetie, you must be Penelope Sanchez. I'm Dr. Lopez. I hear you like to be called by Penny, am I right?" Dr. Lopez asked.

Penny did not reply, only continuing to look at the floor and retreat into her own mind.

"Well, I read that you moved to Plainville when you were 10. Where were you from originally?" Dr. Lopez asked.

Penny did not reply, only continuing to face the floor. Dr. Lopez, continuing her work on her patient, furthered the conversation on her own.

"I moved here from Royal Woods. I came down here to get my degree, and I got a job here. Once I put in some experience in this hospital, I want to go back to Royal Woods again and continue working with kids, like I do here. Do you have any plans for when you grow up?" Dr. Lopez asked.

Penny still did not reply, still facing the floor and disregarding Dr. Lopez. Understanding that her casual approach was not working, Dr. Lopez tried a different approach to reach Penny.

"Was he a really special friend to you, Penny?" Dr. Lopez asked.

"He was my best friend." Penny said.

Upon finally getting Penny to speak, Dr. Lopez continued the dialogue with her to reach further clues to the whereabouts of Rudy.

"It's not too late to do something, Penny. If you just tell me what happened, we can see if we can get him back home safe and sound, then you get to see him again." Dr. Lopez said.

"You can't help him where he is. No one can." Penny said.

"And why not? Where is he?"

Penny turned her head, not willing to reveal where Rudy had gone. Dr. Lopez did not understand Penny's reasoning for hiding his location, but was more than willing to investigate why.

"What is it, Penny? Where did he go?" Dr. Lopez asked.

Penny did not reply, continuing to stay silent. Dr. Lopez, still trying to inquire further about the missing Rudy Tabootie, began asking different questions, questions far less comfortable than the previous ones.

"Penny? Did you hurt him? Is that what's wrong?" Dr. Lopez asked.

Penny did not reply, appearing as if she was indecisive about how to answer the question.

"Penny, it's okay if something happened. We make mistakes. But if he's still alive, you have to let us know. We can help him, and... and I'm sure he won't be mad at you if you hurt him. If you're his best friend, I think he'll understand-" Dr. Lopez began to say.

"I didn't hurt him. I would never do that." Penny said.

"Then what happened? You say he's gone, and maybe hurt, but you won't say what happened to him. Please, if there's even a chance that we can save him, anything you say can help us."

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you. You'd probably put me on some medications, drug me up and alter my brain patterns beyond recognition. I wouldn't be me anymore."

"I'm a psychologist, not a psychiatrist, I don't and I won't give you any pills like that, and I'll make sure that no one does that to you. I'm here to make sure you get the help you need."

Penny turned silent yet again, not ready to speak again.

"Okay, well, just start from the beginning. When was the last time you saw Rudy?" Dr. Lopez asked.

Penny gave an indecisive look, internally debating on whether or not to answer that question honestly, if at all. Realizing that she may never leave from the hospital for quite some time, Penny decided to come clean entirely.

"It was two days ago. Just before his birthday. We were having so much fun together." Penny said.