Hey guys and girls, it's me, The Tower, even though on this site I am Corrupteddrake. Well, I was bored and I decided to remake my DBZ fanfiction. The previous story was boring and I really thought it could have been done better, which is why I stopped writing it in the first place. I think the main reason it turned out that way was that I was trying to rush out chapters when I was writing it. This story I will be writing is just for my own entertainment and therefore updates may or may not occur whenever I am bored. Just don't expect much from me and I hope you will be as entertained by reading this as I will by writing it.

Chapter 1 – I am now Lord Frieza.

I look up into the night sky while I sit in my hover chair, my tail twitching as I thought deep thoughts. On the armrest is a drink of dark red color within a wine glass. It was not really wine or at least not the wine that I was used to.

It was not made with grapes grown from a vine nor was it even grown on Earth. It was actually made from a dark red root; called a Gumbuss, grown on a planet with very low gravity and interesting magnetic forces which allowed for floating pieces of earth, like flying islands. The Gumbuss is only grown at a certain altitude making it a very rare delicacy.

The planet the Gumbuss is from is named Frieza # 342. The planet has nothing else interesting about it, just the root and floating islands. No interesting mineral or technology. And its inhabitants were weak and primitive. However, they still exist and are flourishing under my steady rule. They could even travel about the islands using my technology, instead of relying on random island collisions.

That is right; surprisingly I am now in the DBZ universe. Also surprisingly, I have somehow become Frieza, the self-claimed Emperor of the Galaxy.

I was currently thinking about my, Frieza's, memories and history, which I never knew before as well as the future that may or may not pass.

Was I in some sort of AU or in one of the many alternative DBZ universes? I could be in a universe like GT or the Future Trunks time line or I may even be in the central time line that now extends into Dragon Ball Super. I may even be in the DBZ movieverse or in the manga or the anime or even DBZ Kai. All of these things are worrisome.

If I am now in the central time line would the Trunks timeline change to have another version of me in it or would it have had the original Frieza. If the Trunks timeline is unchanged does that mean that Cell will go to Earth or he may even be on Earth aleady.

Is Buu currently on Earth, waiting to be awakened?

Is Broly out there somewhere?

What about Bojack, does he exist trapped in North Kai's planet and is the reason such a small planet has a gravity of five times the Earth's?

Will I say a Namek will explode in five minutes but have at least 3 hours of fighting on Namek later because the original writer was having writer's block?

Does it take me a half hour to power up to my maximum power?

Well at least I know for a fact that the last one is not true, thankfully.

Is Super Saiyan just a tingly feeling on your back?

Not likely.

Does Dragon Ball Super exist… And all those overpowered guys.

My thoughts on this is actually that is does not exist, at least in its current form, simply because I, Frieza, have never heard of Beerus before. He may or may not exist in this universe, but I have never heard of him and therefore could not have been is lackey like in Dragon Ball Super. I, as Frieza, have also never heard of Majin Buu. Which I am somewhat glad about, since I really hated how Goku was portrayed in Dragon Ball Super. It is almost like the original author forgot how Goku acted in DBZ and decided to make a one dimensional worse version of DBZ abridged and GT combined.

Another reason that I am skeptical that Dragon Ball Super exists is that there are far more species in existence then Whis said there was. I own over 500 planets and large number of those planets actually has their own unique species. Cooler, my brother who does in fact exist, owns over 200 planets which also have a large number of unique species and my Father, King Cold also owns hundreds of planets, which while are only a few dozen unique species has some of the most technologically advanced civilizations, the planets which I sold were mostly to these civilizations. There are also a large number of unique species of planets we do not currently control.

Now it could be that after Cooler, Father, and I die there is the largest galactic civil war ever and after the ashes cool there are only a few civilizations left. The war would have to be so huge that it even drew in the other civilizations that are not currently in our control.

Actually, now that I think about it, this does actually seem possible. There has to be an explanation why Frieza's forces decide to resurrect Frieza in Dragon Ball Super. Does this make us, the Cold family, the single largest cause of peace in the Galaxy and the Z Fighter the cause of the universe's near destruction? That is actually somewhat ironic.

But Gold form… Can I make that seriously overpowered form?

I am leaning toward not right now. I have a hunch that the Golden Frieza form was only possible due to the time Frieza spent in hell and that he used some sort of Hell Ki just like how SSB used God Ki.

One thing is certain despite all of this. I have to get stronger then I currently am. Out there are at the very least Majin Buu and the androids 17 and 18 in the making. I could easily get rid of the androids by just going to Earth and blowing it up right now. They are also simply a local problem to Earth and will not affect the universe under my rule.

However, I know that Majin Buu will not be stopped just by blowing up the Earth. Babidi would simply move to a different planet. He would also likely move if the androids start destroying the Earth. Although that would put back Majin Buu's revival, it would stop me from knowing where he currently is, which could be disastrous. Also Babidi likely already has control of his minions which are stronger than I currently am.

This is all assuming Majin Buu even exists in this universe. However, despite having no proof I have a feeling that I am right and he does exist.

Now, Frieza had never really trained at all in his entire life. He was already so much more powerful than everyone he never saw any real point to training to become stronger. He had however, spent a lot of time learning how to do things with the energy he already had, mostly due to boredom. He could use his energy in hundreds of different ways. The conquering of over 500 worlds were not for show nor the countless worlds that were completely destroyed. If Frieza saw a technique that was surprisingly useful he would use the scouter to record the technique and try to make it himself.

If he ever spent his time trying to remake the Namekian regeneration like he originally planned to do in the show he could have become immortal in a similar way to Cell. Due to the Frost Demons unique biology, which does not require any resources and can survive on purely each cells own energy. This is also the reason why Frieza can survive in space and even if he is chopped into 100 pieces and will only die if he is disintegrated, he just can't regenerate back from being chopped up.

Despite the worry of the near future and my thoughts of my new past, I also have to focus on my new present. I am Frieza, the emperor of the universe, eloquent, intelligent, sadistic, and powerful. With a flick of my fingers I can casually destroy whole planets even in my least powerful of forms.

I am currently on the landing bed area of planet Frieza #79. In case, you are not a DBZ fanatic nor have access to the DBZ Wiki. Frieza #79 is the main staging point for my forces in the northern area of the Galaxy. I awakened as Frieza right before he decided to head to planet Namek in the show.

That's right I never left for planet Namek and I have no plan to be there when the Z forces show up.

Instead, I am currently waiting for someone.

Just then against the nearly black sky devoid of stars is a travel pod against the purple moon. Flying extremely quickly and crashing into a giant cushion. After a moment the pod opens to reveal Vegeta, his armor almost completely destroyed with blood dripping down his face.

"Hello Vegeta." I say with a cruel smirk on my face.

"Frieza..." He groans out before passing out.


'What to do. What to do. What do I do with Vegeta. A great ape of a problem, if I do say so.' I think while tapping the armrest of my chair and twitching my tail's tip back and forth.

I, of course, did not let him get near a healing pod and heal himself back up to good as new. I simply had him thrown into his quarters, in his extremely injured state. Sure, I know that him healing up would not threaten me in the least. I know he would only be slightly stronger than Dodoria and Zarbon in his shape shifted state, due to using the Saiyan's overpowered trait to grow powerful enough to fight against whatever they sensed when taking the injury or in Vegeta's case to become able to fight against Goku's Kaioken x3, but that is nowhere near powerful enough to threaten me.

However, it would give me time to think about what I should do with him. Sure, he hates me and wants to kill me, but if I killed everyone who hated me and wanted to kill me I would not even have half of my army. I would have never even have let the Saiyans originally work for me.

The problem is the dragon balls. Personally, now that I know everything that I know. I don't really see the need for the dragon balls. I can eventually come up with something that would make me as immortal as Cell and even if I do die I won't be bound for nothing, but for the DBZ hell which while extremely annoying is not nearly as bad as non-existence. In addition, even if I become immortal, I could still be easily erased from existence, assuming Gods of Destruction or Zeno exist. Becoming immortal may not only not keep me alive but also may just be the fastest path to complete non-existence. Becoming stronger is the only real way to ensure survival.

However, if Vegeta actually gets them and wishes for immortality he would likely keep attacking me growing stronger every time I defeated him and he regenerated. Just like when I destroyed the Planet Vegeta, while I do not mind people hating me and wanting me dead, I will not allow them to have even the faintest chance of success.

Just due to this, I would normally have already vaporized him. However, I now know what may be out there and I am worried that in the future I may just need Vegeta but not have him.

Saiyans can grow monstrously strong very quickly if needed by being wounded, that is not even counting their powerful transformation they can get when they become strong enough. It is not really Vegeta I might need but just a powerful Saiyan in general.

Vegeta… Vegeta… I might just need a Saiyan, but Vegeta is a liability. Broly, if he exists, may even be stronger than I am and is uncontrollable, or at least hard to control.

My finger freezes from my constant taping. If I may just need a Saiyan, but not Vegeta and I don't know if any other Saiyan's exist…

I wonder where I can find a Saiyan that might become powerful enough to take on something stronger than me, but would not kill me if they become stronger than me…

The answer is obvious.

I may have to go to Namek anyway.

I tap on my scouter and access the communicator.

"Zarbon, prepare for our departure, we are going to Namek after all." I command as I head towards Vegeta's quarters.

"Hello again, Vegeta" I say cheerfully with an over exaggerated smile.

"Frieza…" Vegeta groaned out. "You killed them... You killed them all… didn't you?"

"No actually, not all of them. You killed Nappa yourself, remember. Hahaha." I laugh out at his misfortune.

"But you Vegeta, I guess I always had a soft spot for you. Unfortunately, you have become a liability." I say as my eyes glow red.

"Curse you… one da-"

That was as far as he got before being completely disintegrated.

"Day someone will get vengeance upon you, bla bla bla. I have heard it all before." I finished for him and turn around with a smirk on my face.

You might think that this being my first kill as Frieza I would be hung up about it. However, this is not like those fan fictions you read where the main character has to spend time figuring everything out. When I became Frieza, it was like Frieza's whole life up until that moment was concatenated onto my own. Everything he did, every decision he made, it is like it happened to me. Hundreds of years of being Frieza, from when his life began until now.

The only question, I wonder, is if I am Frieza with a random human's memories or if I am a random human with Frieza's memories and body.

I guess it does not really matter in the end.

Vegeta dust blows away due to the small wind generated by my ki as I walk out of the room and on my way to Namek.

I never really liked Vegeta as a character anyway.