Chapter 3 – The secret to Frieza's training.

I arrived back at my ship with Gohan, Bulma, and a single dragon ball that I had picked up on the way back.

Although, I said I would be watching to see if the dragon balls moved, I figured it would be better just to take one to keep anyone from using the dragon when I'm not looking.

Bulma and Gohan have not awakened and would not for some time. I dropped them off and ordered my subordinates to detain them without harm. The dragon ball, however, did not leave my sight.

I originally took Bulma and Gohan to force a confrontation with Goku, but I was wondering if I should just have them loaded in one of the smaller ships and sent off Namek and keep them for real. However, I decided against this due to multiple factors.

For Bulma, in order to get anything out of her I would need to give her access to technology. This would be a bad idea since she was even able to build a time machine. I do not trust that if given time and tech she could not build a way to escape or even a way to harm me or my empire if given enough reason.

It is the same reason I can't just go and kidnap Dr. Gero and force him to work for me. What would stop him from making an android to kill me while I was not looking?

There is really no good way to force Bulma to work for me. Nor is there a way to force her to give me tech that would not just explode catastrophically.

Gohan, on the other hand, I could likely get him to work for me. He is just a child and he was even kidnaped and trained by Piccolo, so there is some precedence. However, he is already stronger than many of my men and I would have to have either someone from the Ginyu squad, Dodoria, or Zarbon constantly watching him or else he would try to escape. I could threaten him with going to Earth and harming his dad or mom, but that sounds like a bad idea to me. There is no way I would get him on my side with that. I would have to treat him just like Vegeta and that is not likely to end well.

I mused slighting about forcing Gohan to be under the Ginyu Force, and convince them he is part of a Jr. division in training, but I can just image how they would mess him up in the head with their shenanigans. Then he would be useless to me.

No, it would be better to keep to my original plan.

However, it will be at least a week before Goku gets here and it would be wasteful as well as boring for me to just sit here and do nothing. I may as well train until he gets here, even though I doubt I will need it against him.

Now, I had never really trained at all in this life. I was already so much more powerful than everyone I never saw any real point to training to become stronger. However, that does not mean I didn't know how to do so. That I didn't know how to make myself stronger, and now that I know that I am not the strongest in the multiverse, I have a good reason to train too.

You could even say that I know how to train better than anyone in the Universe. The Frieza from Dragon Ball Super only need four months to become a powerhouse. Even without his golden form, he was able to easily destroy everyone. And I know exactly how he did it.

Most people look at my lower forms and wonder to themselves, "Why would he ever want to make himself weaker? Everyone is constantly trying to make forms stronger than themselves. Forms that multiplies their own power. Why would he ever want to divide his own power instead?"

However, that thought is a terrible trap. A trap that everyone even my own brother fell into. Only I seem to see the genius behind making weaker forms and it is the reason my Dragon Ball Super self became so powerful so quickly.

For you see, these lower forms are not just so that people that want vengeance against me will train until they are stronger than my lowest form and attack me not realizing that I am far more powerful nor is it that I enjoy seeing people that thought they could beat me get humbled under my real power.

Those are just side benefits.

The real truth is that the more powerful you become the harder it is to increase your own power. When you have a power level of 1000 just training under 10g could get you to a power level of 2000 easily doubling your power. However, if your power level is 120 million then the training required to get to 240 million is a lot more, both in length as well as in harshness.

On top of that everyone eventually reaches a wall in their base power where no matter how hard they try they will never become stronger than that. The Saiyans got around this by just making new forms that multiplied their power by insane number, first x50 at SSJ, then x100 at SSJ full power, then x200 SSJ2, then x800 at SSJ3, then assuming GT's SSJ4 exists that would be even higher at least x1000, probably more. In Super, they even throw in God Ki, which blows everything else out completely.

Most races cannot make new forms with multipliers that high. Even the form Cooler has in that movie that everyone calls 5th form, which would actually be incorrect in name, but I will leave that be for now, only has a slight multiplier of maybe x2 or less.

However, my forms are in fact a true division. If I gain 1 Ki in my form that people call first form, but I call my lowest form, then I gain over 200 Ki in my true form at 100%. On top of that, it is far easier to make a divisor form than a multiplier form. With everyone struggling to make a x2 form I can make a /200 form.

That is the secret to my incredible increase in strength. Everyone that is constantly looking to make more powerful forms are all idiots. What they should have all done is make forms that divide their own power like I have. Maybe I should even have my forms divide my power even more. I could do one push up and it would be the same as thousands of push ups in much higher gravity. Far far more than double the effect for half the effort.

The only problem with this method is that by training at a lower level you can lose control of your own energy at 100%. If you can recall, it takes me a while to go from 50% to 100% and even then I have a hard time controlling it, which is the cause of those cool lightning and unconscious telekinetics, which while looking cool is a terrible waste of energy. So, by using this method after gaining power, you have to spend a while at your max level to let yourself get used to your own power and have that power on command without waste in an instant.

My face unconsciously morphs into a grin.

I wonder I strong I can get in only a week.


Krillin's plan was a simple plan, but a good one. If he couldn't use the ship to send a message, since everything is in Namekian then he would just have to get a Namekian to help him.

The first Namekian village he found seemed to be in an extremely cautious state. However, after he explained what happened, both on Earth as well as here, they were glad to help him out. He also learned that Frieza forcibly took their dragon ball, which is why they were initially so cautious. Luckily, Frieza didn't hurt anyone to badly.

However, for some reason the elder Namekian sent a Child Namekian with back him named Dende to help him send a message. The Elder told him that they needed all their warriors in case Frieza came back.

Krillin doubted that Frieza would come back now that he had the dragon ball as well as that that was the real reason why the elder would send a child back with him. However, all that didn't really matter since with Dende's help he managed to get a message back to Earth.

Goku had already left, but Krillin left a message with Bulma's father, who seemed quite worried and promised to get the message to Goku.

After everything was done all he could do was wait and hope.