Episode 1: Let's Byte

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Another robot fell over before it exploded into multiple pieces. As the small fire raged, a man in armor landed on the ground. The armor was seemingly based around a tiger with orange armor on hus upper torso, shoulders, inner forearms, shins, and head. A lighter tan-ish color was on the soles, corners of the pectoral armor, and in the center below the pectoral armor.

There was also a very dark brown color that made stripes on each piece of orange armor and armor over his ribs. There was navy blue armor on the outer forearms, outer biceps, jawline of the helmet, center of the kneepads, the hand guards, and the pads on top of his feet. Grayish silver cuffs were around the wrists and ankles with similar colored pieces on his inner biceps, top of the helmet, either side of the kneepads, and chin. There were cyan lights on the outer forearms and middle of the shins while a yellow light was the color of the orb on his chest and the eyes of the helmet.

A grey strap around his waist held a navy blue, silver, and black belt. Curved trapezoids in the navy blue color were on the sides with two black divots each going horizontally with three small cyan orbs in between the divots. Two silver plates connected to either trapezoid sat on the front of the belt that didn't touch and had a chamber for each plate in the center which were currently lit up in a yellow light. In between the plates was a little orange sphere that had three dark brown stripes on either side with a lit up yellow orb in the center. Connected to it on either end and covered up mostly by the silver plates were grayish silver rectangles with the top one having a cyan button centered on top.

More robots appeared near the man, who pressed the cyan button.


After the announcement from the belt, the cyan lights on the outer forearms lit up before projecting a large orange claw like object with dark brown stripes and silver claws over either forearm. The projections slammed onto the forearms and locked in place to give the man new weapons. The robots ran at the man, who used his new claw like armaments to slice through them one by one. Eventually, the right claw detached from his forearm and transported back into the cyan light on the forearm. From the yellow orb in the chest, a sword was projected before being grabbed.

The handle was that prevalent grayish silver with a navy blue back piece and cyan trigger. Above it was a navy blue circular handle guard with a dark orb in the center. On top sat a long gray piece with little slots going up the piece and it was topped off by a silver gun barrel. On either side were sliver blades that connected to the handle guard via a black piece on the bottom.


The man alternated between using his sword and the claw on his left forearm to slice through the robots until he was down to one. The sword vanished back into the orb on his chest and the claw did the same with the light strip on his forearm. He then pulled the trapezoids on the sides of his belts outward, spreading the silver face plates and revealing the object within. He then pressed the cyan button on top of the object.


He then pushed the sides of the belt back inwards, closing it again.


The man jumped into the air, where three orange energy claws appeared on his right foot. He then charged diagonally down towards the final robot before performing a roundhouse kick at the robot, the energy claws slicing the robot as the man landed in a crouch. The robot then exploded and the man stood up straight in victory.

"Okay, that's good." A female voice then said.

A man then took off a device that say on his head. The man had brown skin that matched his eyes. His black hair was in curls with a fade on the sides of his head.

"What's the verdict?" He asked.

"Well, we know what the Byte System can do against the standard Crypts. We still need data on stonger Crypts to simulate what the tech can do in a situation like that." A female in a lab coat said.

She took her glasses off of her green eyes and ran her hand through her golden brown hair that was in a jaw length shag.

"Well, had do you suppose we go about getting the data for those Danielle?" The male asked.

"I don't know Bruce. Any ideas Steven?" Danielle asked, turning to a man who was also in a lab coat.

The man stood up, his greying blonde hair glistening, "Nope. The only thing we could do is wait for the police department to get their hands on an advanced Crypt. With them having trouble with the regular ones though, that may be a while."

"Fair. For now, we should all take a break." Danielle said.

The two males nodded and the three walked out of the high tech lab. Outside, Danielle looked around quizzically.

"Where's the guard at?" She asked.

The two males on either side looked around before they saw a man sprinting their way. He was dressed in a black and white suit with short, spiked brunette hair and brown eyes.

"Here I am! I'm sorry I'm late, but traffic-"

"Shush. What is your name?" Danielle asked.

The guard looked down nervously, "Jaylen Jacobs ma'am." He said.

"So, Jacobs, you know that there is important technology in there right?" The male nodded his head as Danielle continued, "If anything were to happen to the tech in there, the city would be in a bad way very easily. We cannot accept you being late like that again."

Danielle then briskly walked off, followed by Bruce.

Steven turned to Jaylen, "Don't mind her too much Jaylen. It's just that we want to do the best by the city and any of that tech being stolen or destroyed is something we can't risk."

Jaylen nodded, "Yes sir." He said.

Steven smiled and extended his hand, "It's Steven."

Jaylen smiled slightly and shook Steven's hand before the older male walked off.

Jaylen then sighed to himself, "Good job Jay. First day on your shift of guarding the lab and you're late." He said.

He looked into the lab, spotting the technology that lined the walls and flipped the light switch off before locking the door for the night.

The sun shined bright as a man jogged down a walkway in the local park. He had some earbuds in and whistled as he went along his way. He suddenly stopped when he saw a woman crying on a bench, her blonde hair covering every inch of her face.

Hewalked over to her and hesitantly placed his hand on her shoulder, "Are you okay ma'am?" He asked with a look of worry on his face.

When the woman showed her face however, it was revealed to be silver and robotic with blue lights where a human's eyes would be. The human like appearance then faded away to show a feminine body of the robot with dark blue areas around its body. Before the man could run, the robot grabbed him by the shoulder and sent an electric shock through him. The electricity flowing through the man created a humanoid shape on his back.

"Thank you for your donation." The robot said in a female voice before letting go of the man.

As he fell, the female robot changed further, gaining bird like feathers around her neck, talons on her feet, folded up wings on her back, feathers that hug off the back of her head, and her mouth plate became gold. The shape made of electricity then solidified, becoming a rounded silver robot with simple blue eyes. The robot then became more bird like starting with its shins and feet, which became gold and had black talons grow. Moving up, the body became black and had feather like armor on certain parts of the body. The head then became Raven like, growing a beak and gaining dark brown eyes.

"Behold, my Raven Crypt!" The woman robot said, "Introduce the Crypt virus to as many humans as you can." She said.

The Raven Crypt exposed wings under it's arms and then flew off

"I'll become the queen in no time." The female robot said to herself before flying in the opposite direction of her creation.

"So you want an advanced crypt to appear?" A white haired man said as he tapped his desk with his finger tips.

"Mr. Helms, we need to at least get a sample of one to fully test the limits of the Byte System. We don't have any other choice." Danielle said, Bruce and Steven on either side.

"Ms. Nicolle," a greying woman nearby started, "you are asking for the police force to deal with something even they don't know the full abilities of. It's suicide."

"But as Dani said, we don't have any other options. You have to understand Mrs. Bennett." Bruce reasoned.

Steven looked to the TV in the office, "We may already have our chance." He said with disbelief evident in his voice.

The other four people in the office turned to the TV, seeing the Raven Crypt attack civilians as a helicopter above tapped the incident. As it touched the people around it, they fell and glowed purple as they writhed in pain.

Mr. Helms turned back to the three, "Take the Byte System out to the site and get it prepared for use."

"But we haven't used it in the field." Danielle brought up.

"No time like now. Take one of the guards and go!" Mr. Helms commanded.

The three turned and ran out of the office.

Down in the lab, Danielle grabbed the belt from Bruce's simulated fight and Steven grabbed the little little device that went in it. At the door, Bruce and Jaylen stood waiting.

"Are you sure you are ready for this?" Jaylen asked Bruce.

"Shut up and let's go." Danielle said as she and Steven exited the lab.

The four entered a sliver van with Jaylen in the driver's seat, Bruce in the passenger's, and Danielle and Steven in the back surrounded by monitors and other tech.

Jaylen floored it and the van drove out of a parking garage.

The Raven Crypt stalked stalled a crowd of humans as the van pulled on to the scene. The four exited the vehicle and Danielle handed the belt and orb device to Bruce.

"You got this." She said.

Bruce smirked, "Let's do this." He said before stepping forward.

Before he could get too close, multiple silver robots arrived and jumped him.

"Go help him!" Danielle yelled at Jaylen before pushing him towards the scene.

Jaylen ran towards Bruce as the robots multiplied. The belt and orb devices were knocked away as Jaylen started pulling the robots away from Bruce. Despite this, Bruce was picked up by the squad of robots and thrown towards Danielle and Steven.

Danielle got down to his side, "Bruce! You okay?!" She asked.

Bruce propped himself on to one elbow, "Yeah."

Jaylen was knocked down roughly by the robots, "So this is how strong Crypts are huh?" He asked with a groan of pain in his voice.

He looked to his right to see the Raven Crypt walking over to the belt and small object. He bounced up and ran towards the two objects, grabbing them off the ground as he landed on the ground again.

"If you want this thing," he then held it close to his waist, "then you'll have to take it from me."

As the Raven Crypt walked towards him, Jaylen felt something wrap around his waist and looked down to see that a grey belt strap now was on his waist. A blue surge of energy shot through his body and freaked him out.

"What's this about!" He yelled.

Danielle frowned, "Oh no."

Jaylen looked up as the Raven Crypt reached for him. He backed away and ran to a nearby car, standing behind it.

"Pull on the sides and open the belt!" Danielle shouted.

Jaylen followed her commands and pulled open the sliver plates and side pieces of the belt.

"What now?"

"Press the button on top of the Byte Orb and place it in the center." Danielle said.

Jaylen then pressed the blue button on top of the orb device.


Jaylen then placed the orb in the belt and techno music then began to play out of the belt.

"Now close it!" Danielle called out.

Jaylen closed it and the voice started again


A black under suit with sliver and navy blue armor appeared.

"Woah..." Jaylen trailed off before the voice started again with jungle samba music playing in the background.


The tiger themed orange armor from Bruce's simulation was then created by the lights on the suit before slamming on to Jaylen to create the same suit before the yellow eyes on the helmet lit up.

"What is this?!" Jaylen yelled, looking over the armor that he was now wearing.

Danielle rolled her eyes but she answered, "You are now the user of the Byte System."

"Byte System?" Jaylen asked before seeing a motorcycle thrown in his direction.

He jumped out of the way and the bike smashed into a store window. The Raven Crypt then flew at Jaylen, grabbing the armored man and slamming him into the wall of a nearby building. Jaylen groaned before falling to the ground.

"Okay, I need something of a plan..." he said to himself before seeing something on the heads up display inside his helmet, "Tiger byte up?"

Jaylen got to his feet and pressed the blue button on top of the Tiger Byte Orb.


Orange claws then projected from the blue lights on his outer forearms that slapped onto his arms to become physical.

"Woah!" Jaylen exclaimed, admiring the new claw attachments on his arms before looking up to see the Raven Crypt rocketing towards him.

Out of fear, Jaylen ducked and his left arm flew up in the air. The Raven Crypt couldn't move in time and was sliced by the claws on Jaylen's arms. The security guard looked up and was hit with a wave of joy at seeing the Raven monster down. As he cheered for himself, one of the minion Crypts tackled him and the others then ran up and started kicking him as he rolled around. Jaylen grabbed one of their legs and sliced it off, using the appendage as a club to hit the other Crypts with. Jaylen then once again looked at his HUD, seeing a hologram of the Byte RiSlasher that he summoned from the yellow orb on his chest and grabbed the handle. He wasn't prepared for the top heaviness of the weapon and failed to keep it upright, the blade slicing into the ground.

"Crap!" Jaylen said to himself before struggling to pull the weapon out of the pavement.

He used his claws defensively until he finally pulled the sword up and swung it around, using its weight to carry him in a circle and slice all the Crypts. The Raven Crypt got to its feet again and flew for Jaylen, knocking him down with its wing. As it came in for a second strike, Jaylen scanned the center of the Tiger Byte Orb with the grey orb in the center of the RiSlasher. He rolled out of the way of the Raven's attack as the RiSlasher's orb lit up yellow and the same voice from his belt came out of the weapon.


The blade then charged up with the same yellow energy that was in the orb. Jaylen waited until the Raven was in range before pulling the trigger on the handle.


Jaylen then sliced into the Raven's right wing, cutting it clean off before the bird monster collapsed multiple feet behind him with Sparks shooting out of the arm wound.

"Now, end it!" Danielle shouted.

The HUD in Jaylen's helmet taught him what to do again, "Got it!" He yelled back to the female.

Jaylen opened the belt before pushing the blue button on top of the Tiger Byte Orb.


He then closed the belt again.


Jaylen took a calming breath before running towards the monster. He jumped into the air as three orange claw projections appeared on his right foot before he preformed a midair roundhouse kick. The claw projections sliced clean through the Raven Crypt and the monster exploded. Jaylen fell from the sky and tried to land on his feet but fell onto his back.

"Guess we know what the system can do with an advanced Crypt." Steven said, smiling at Jaylen.

Danielle sighed, "Take the orb out."

Jaylen followed her commands and opened the belt before unplugging the Tiger Byte Orb. He then closed the belt, which made the armor fade, before removing the driver from his waist. He then walked over to Bruce and held out the Giga Driver and Tiger Byte Orb to him.

"These are your's right?" Jaylen asked.

Bruce went to take them, but Danielle took the objects instead, "They are. Thanks for being our test subject, but your time wearing the system is over." she said in irritation.

"No no no Danielle, remember the little security measure we put in the belt in case it gets stolen?" Steven asked.

Danielle went pale, "Oh no..."

Jaylen and Bruce looked at each other before looking to the two scientists, "What security measure?" they asked.

Danielle turned around, "We put a DNA lock on the Giga Driver. The first person who puts it on is the only person capable of using the driver. Which means..." she looked at Jaylen.

He looked at Bruce, who had his hand over his brow, "I am sincerely sorry." Jaylen said to him.

"Just get in the van and drive." Bruce said, hopping into the passengers seat.

Danielle sighed in frustration before going into the back of the van, leaving Steven and Jaylen.

"I didn't mean to..." Jaylen said, trailing off.

"Lets just get out of here. Those two may yell at us if we don't." Steven said before climbing into the van.

Jaylen got into the drivers seat and began to drive away. On top of a building was the bird like robot female watched the van drive off.

"This may be an issue. Must tell the others." she said before flying off once again.

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