This Story is a combination of Powerpuff Girls Z and Kamen Rider Kabuto so enjoy this new take on these series.

My name is Ken Utonium, a year ago my father Professor Utonium was testing this substance. In an accident other ingredients changed the substance from Chemical X to Chemical Z.

Me and my father were part of an organization called Zect. This organization was established to monitor and protect Earth from any extraterrestrial threats. Me and my father saw an asteroid coming towards Earth. To avoid panicking the population we took it upon ourselves to destroy the asteroid.

I thought of using a big Ray Gun fueled with Chemical Z but my father was against it. He though it was to dangerous to use the chemical without testing, but I didn't listen and fired the ray at the asteroid. It did destroy the asteroid but the ray split into different rays.

Three that were white and the others were black. Three girls Momoko Akazutsumi, Miyako Gotikuji, and Kaoru Matsubara were hit by the white light rays and became the Powerpuff Girls Z. Momoko became Hyper Blossom, Miyako became Rolling Bubbles, and Kaoru became Powered Buttercup.

The dark rays created the villains Mojo JoJo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Seduca, Princess Morbucks, the Amoeba Boys, Gang Green Gang, and turned Miyako's boyfriend Takaki into a lion like monster.

Other villains would arise with the creation of the Rowdyruff Boys and the return of the being Him. Thankfully these girls had a strong sense of justice and would always stop the villains.

After the battle with Him, we all continued life as is. Miyako's boyfriend legs were fixed and could finally walk around. The villains became less evil and decided to help society. But everything changed when Zect contacted us about a fragment of the asteroid they found.

After my father tested on the rock he found a slew of energy that moved at an amazing speed. He then began a project to harness said energy. He said this was stronger than Chemical Z. Then a week after that, murders were reported all over New Townsville.

Reports came in of these bug creatures that when looking at them you would already be dead. Reports also said that they became their victims meaning they could shape shift into anyone. Zect called these creatures Worms. My father completed work on this news device of his. But unfortunately he just vanished, and worse was the traces of Worms at his lab. They most likely kidnapped him for his research or to hault his research.

Where ever he is I will find him.

(Insert Opening-Next Level)

In an abandoned building Worms appeared to harass some thugs. Black troopers with helmets that had huge compound eyes like a bug appeared. They fired at the Worms with their arms guns but this only damage them a little. One of the Worms molted like a bug and gained a new form. It then moved at a speed so fast it couldn't be tracked. Zect troopers were starting to get killed, they evacuated the thugs and got away into a van with an invisibility cloak. The Worms escaped into the city.

"Father where are you, I could really use your help right now." Ken was fixed on finding his father but he did still attend school and lived at Momoko's while looking for his father. Her family accepted Ken like if he was their child.

The three were concerned for Ken. "Ken are you okay, I know its been tough with the Professor going missing", Miyako said in a comforting voice. "Little buddy just know where here for you", said Kaoru. "Thanks everyone but I like to take this at my own pace." "You're family to us Ken and we will always have your back", said Momoko.

The Worms were caught on the News as we were eating dinner, the girls transformed and flew of to fight the Worms. A minute after they left Ken got an anonymous call, he knew it was Zect Director's number.

"Ken I'm afraid you're friends won't stand a chance against the Worms. They watched your friends for a while now and already mutated to absorb their energy, we need your father's research." "But Director I don't know where it is. The data was lost after he disappeared." The Director added, "Look we know the Worms came from that asteroid. They use that energy to molt and boost their speed. Your father cracked the code on that energy and now we need that data."

Thinking of something Ken was reminded of the lab at his old house. "I'll check the old lab to see if there's anything there." With that they hung up both their phones. Ken was riding a Zect motorcycle to his old lab. He hurried as he knew the girls were in danger.

As the girls were fighting the Worms they slowly started draining their energy. "Hey I feel funny", said Kaoru. The energy helped another Worm molt faster due to the extra energy. Using their speed they managed to defeat their Powerpuff Girls and drain the last of their energy, the girls lost their powers. "This is not good", said Momoko.

At his old house Ken looked around the abandoned lab. "Man it's all been destroyed." Ken then stepped on the remains of a robotic dog, "Oh Poochi, I will get the Worm who did this to you." He opened up the old computer and searched for the data. When he found the files it mentioned something that his father was working on. "What is this, father was secretly working on something else." It utilized the energy found in the asteroid and harness it's power to go at great speed. This was named the Masked Rider System.

"Got it",pulling the data into a usb stick the light from the computer shined off something in a locker. It was a silver belt with a device that looked like a red kabuto beetle. "Is this the Masked Rider System." Ken made his way out of his old house and into the city. "One day everything will be back to the way it was."

He saw on the display window of a television store that the girls were captured by the Worms while being pursued by the Police. The Worms stoped at a warehouse losing the cops, they proceed by closing all entry ways, they were about to kill the girls when Ken came out and threw a garbage can lid at them.

"Ken what are you doing you're going to get yourself killed", Momoko said in fear of Ken. "I can't run, I've always had to been saved by you girls. Now is the time I return the favor." He pulled the out belt and Zecter which he named after the organization. He wrapped the belt around his waist and stated to himself, "For the sake of my father, friends, and the Earth you will be destroyed.

"Henshin", he slotted the Zecter into the belt sideways and it shouted the world Henshin like Ken only in a deeper robotic sounding voice. Hexagonal particles surrounded Ken forming a suit that was bulky, black, silver, and red. "Kamen Rider Kabuto."

Ken begins to fight the unmolted Worms. They try everything to attack him but he always dodges them and punches right back as if he knew when they were going to attack. When they were knocked back to back Kabuto punched straight through them causing a small explosion.

The evolved Worms came back and started attacking Kabuto. For seconds he couldn't attack them because they were to fast. He then grabbed the horn of the Zecter. "Cast Off." The Zecter's horn was flipped and the hard armor ejected off the suit revealing some more red. A horn assembly flipped over the blue visor making it look like a bugs compound eyes. The horn it self looked like a kabuto beetle's horn, CHANGE BEETLE.

(Insert Song- Full Force)

"Clock Up", Kabuto shouted. The belt would repeat that word as everything around Kabuto began to slow down.

Now on even footing with the evolved Worms he started repeating the process of dodging the Worms attack's and retaliating with his own. After the Worms were exhausted they lunged at him only for Kabuto to start preparing for something.

"1 2 3 Rider Kick" the belt outputted as Kabuto pushed three buttons and flipped the Zecter's horn. Electricity surged to his right leg as he round house kicked the evolved Worms and caused them to explode.

(End of Song)

He took off the belt and reverted back into Ken. "Ken where did you get that thing" Miyako asked in confusion. "This is the last thing my father worked on, with this I finally might have a chance of finding him and put a stop to the Worms." Ken freed the girls and walked out into the city.

An our later Ken went to Zect's base to show the data he got. The Director was astonished, "Exellent with this research we will finally be able to defeat the Worms." Ken said to the Director, "Here is to saving the world". They both shaked hands.

End of Episode

Hope you enjoyed