Chapter 9: Unexpected trip. Unexpected revelations. Everything unexpected!

Satellite (Ex-Yusei's hideout)

Few hours after the events that involved our hero, Rally and co. managed to come back to their hideout while Tank was carrying the unconscious form of Marx.

"Put him there!" Rally says indicating the old sofa near the tent. Tank complied and laid him there before stepping a bit away near its friends.

"Man, this was an eventful night." Blitz says sitting on a chair sighing heavily.

"You can say it. Who could imagine that Sector Security possess such machine? It's something really dangerous." Nervin says worried.

"Indeed. If they are producing such things then every duelist here in Satellite will be in danger." Rally says frowning looking at Marx. "Marx was able to fend it off with great difficulty."

Everyone fell silent. Nobody expected that such creature could exist but more shocking was that Marx was a Psychic. Such information was important because a Psychic Duelist is a dangerous individual that could cause damage even outside the duels with his monsters.

"We…should wait for him to awake." Rally say snapping everyone out they daydreaming moment, "He surely have an explanation for it…right?"

Nobody answered at it. Only the soft breath of Marx could be heard. Well, now we can say he is doing sweet dreams.

? ? ?

"Ugh…my head." I groaned as I opened my eyes slowly. A bright light nearly blinded me as I shut my eyes close. "Ah dammit. Who the hell turn on the light and why in my face?" I decided to sit up and once again, I opened my eyes. As my sight adjusted, my entire body ached. I looked around and what I saw forced me wide my eyes. It was a forest.

"WHAT THE !?" I yelled as I jumped up on my feet looking around. It was a forest and a deep one as I tried to look between the trees only to see more trees…no shit sherlock.


Then I slapped myself twice.

"Okay." I say inhaling deeply, "The possibilities are 2. Or I'm dreaming or I got high without knowing it. In the second case…I have to ask the others what I get." After that, I laughed a bit for my stupid jokes.

"It wasn't funny, Marx." A male voice spoke from behind me.

I slowly turned behind me only to see a tall man, in a bright blue armor with golden ornaments on it, a sheathed sword on the side and a shield behind him. It was Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning. After that I decided to do the only sensible thing that I could do…yelling like a girl.


B.L.S. just clapped his armoured hand on my mouth silencing me, "Please DON'T yell. I'm not here to hurt you."

I slowly stopped to yell as I keep looking at him.

"Good. Now, if you follow me everything will be explained to you, Marx." B.L.S. says turning away from me and starting to walk.

"Wh-wait! Don't leave me behind." I snapped out from my hysteric attack and, hastily, I started to follow him directly behind. It passed several minutes while we were walking and I decided to re-arrange my mind.

'Okay. If B.L.S. is here, it means that I am in the Spirit world or somewhere similar. If I'm NOT in the Spirit World, it means that I'm somewhere else and this is a trap. Third option is that I'm dreaming but I find it highly unlikely…huh?'

"We are here." B.L.S. says as we exited the forest. The sight before me was amazing. An entire village surrounded by thick stone walls guarded by some Elite Goblin Squad and the Marauding Captain. As we approached the village, I could see that there was a big wooden wall and a pair of guards, Blade Knight and Gem-Knight Crystal, at the sides of the door there was 2 towers with Machina Sniper on one and Junk Archer on the other.

Blade Knight, a black armoured monster with a blade on his left arm, and Gem-Knight Crystal, a tall monster in a white armor with crystal sprouting out his shoulders and center of torso, blocked the door as we were in front of it. "Passcode." Says the male but young voice of Blade Knight.


"You can pass." Spoke the female and mature voice of Gem-Knight Crystal as they both pushed open the door and letting us pass.

"Welcome to the Ojama Village, Marx."

Indeed, this was the Ojama Village. There were poor built houses, Ojamas running around the place and several Ojama Knight patrolling the place. There were some monsters too from other archetypes like Genex, Elementsaber, XX-Saber and so on.

"Lord Beginning! Lord Beginning!" A male? Female? Creature spoke while running toward us. It was a short humanoid creature with white skin, big blue eyes with some markings around its body as he was dressed in some revealing clothes with 2 big green, blue and cyan coloured wings and a big stall with a crystal ball on it. It was the Agent of Mystery, Earth.

"The other Lords are arrived. They are waiting for you." Earth says resting from the long run.

"Good. Thanks for the information, Earth. Let's go, Marx." B.L.S. says leaving toward a very big tent, like big like half the colosseum of Rome, with Earth looking at me with … anger? What.

"Lord Beginning! Why there is a human here?" Earth asked.

"Because he is like Miss Luna." B.L.S. says shocking Earth which gasped and looked at me with wide eyes.

"What!? But he is not cute like Miss Luna!" Earth says pointing at me. While I felt my eye twitch in irritation.

"Indeed, but humans differ between each other. Now, we have to go. We talk later on why humans differ between each other." With that B.L.S. grabbed me and start walking again dragging me behind him leaving a confused Earth behind and with her the last fragment of my sanity. After, 5 minutes we arrived at the tent.

"When we are inside, don't talk. If you are asked any question be RESPECTFUL and don't spoke out your turn. Understood?" B.L.S. says seriously looking at me in the eyes. I just nodded and followed him inside. Honestly? I think I better hold my question until this event is finished. Yes, I have thousand of question about all of this but I know when hold off my curiosity.

As we passed the curtain, my eyes widen in stupor. There was a big round table with 11 monster and an empty spot which I realized was for B.L.S.

We approached the round table and, going clock wise, there was:

A big Oval shaped monster with a red and white dotted slip, 2 snails like eyes, a green cape and a crown on his head. Grinning his loud voice echoed all around the place, "Black Lustier! Finally, you have come! Join us, my friend!" This was Ojama King. (LIGHT, Beast, Fusion, Effect, 0 ATK, 3000 DEF, LVL 6)

"You are loud as ever, King." An old yet fierce voice spoke annoyed. The big monster was a full armoured knight with gems all around his body and helmet, with a red cape and a giant sword, which rested on his side, imbued with several rainbow-coloured crystals. This was Gem-Knight Master Diamond. (EARTH, Rock, Fusion, Effect, 2900 ATK, 2500 DEF, 9 LVL)

The monster near him was a tall man in robes that resembled those of Dark magician but blue and black. His skin was light green and a magical Staff hovered near him as he was reading a book. This was Quintet Magician. (DARK, Spellcaster, Fusion, Effect, 4500 ATK, 4500 DEF, LVL 12)

"Grrrr…" This sound comes from a massive monster. He was a black with white parts armoured monster with a horned helmet and a chaotic aura swirling around him. An Axe rested near him as his red eyes scanned around the room. This was Demise, Supreme King of Armageddon. (DARK, Fiend, Ritual, Effect, 3000 ATK, 3000 DEF, LVL 10)

Near him, there was a tall woman dressed in red, gold and black robes, with long white hairs and a nice body. Near her there was a shadow with a plate filled of fruits. This was Ruin, Supreme Queen of Oblivion. (LIGHT, Fairy, Ritual, Effect, 2900 ATK, 3000 DEF, LVL 10)

"Ahahahah! Let him be loud Diamond! We all need to be loud once in our life! AHAHAH!" The loud and demonic voice of the monster near Ruin echoed around the tent. It was a dark blue monster with golden ornaments around his body and a half-bone mask with 2 bright red eyes. This was Garlandolf, King of Destruction. (DARK, Fiend, Ritual, Effect, 2500 ATK, 1400 DEF, LVL 7)

Another monster grunted near him. It was a full armoured monster with a long red cape and a great sword in his hand. His armour was grey with cyan lines going around his body. This was XX-Saber Gottoms. (EARTH, Beast-Warrior, Synchro, Effect, 3100 ATK, 2600 DEF, LVL 9)

"Why don't we just start this meeting?" Spoke the young voice of a white/purple robed guy with purple skin and white hairs. A long green staff near him and a book in front of him. This was Arcanite Magician. (LIGHT, Spellcaster, Synchro, Effect, 400 ATK, 1800 DEF, LVL 7)

A monster that I didn't think it would appear was this one. Tall, purple armor with orange parts in it with several umbrellas behind him and a sword in his hand. This was Flower Cardian Lightflare. (DARK, Warrior, Synchro, Effect, 5000 ATK, 0 DEF, LVL 10)

The 10th monster was an old man with blond beard and hairs with Egyptian robes and a staff in hand. Its cold blue eyes show a mature and good leader and its snake headed golden staff reinforced that through. This was Gravekeeper's Oracle (DARK, Spellcaster, Effect, 2000 ATK, 1500 DEF, LVL 10)

"Eh eh, this remembers me the old days with Neos and Kaibaman." The young voice of a man spoke near Oracle. He was dressed in old Japanese ceremonial robes with a sword in his hands and a benevolent aura around him. This was Amaterasu. (LIGHT, Fairy, Spirit, Effect, 3000 ATK, 3000 DEF, LVL 9)

Ojama King looking at the entrance smiled widely, "Ah! Black Luster finally you have come! Please join us!"

B.L.S. nodded sitting on his seat while some of the monsters on the table straighten their posture. Some other looked at me…wait, what?

"Black Luster, why a human is here?" Garlandolf spoke with venom in his voice in contrast at before, "This is an important meeting caused by one of those weaklings creating havoc in our world!"

"…I know." Black Luster says with neutral voice," But he is an important piece of our plan."

'I see it now.'

"You…" Garlandolf glared at B.L.S. only to be stopped by another voice.

"Garlandolf drop it." Flower Cardian Lightflare spoke this time, "B.L.S. is the older among us. He knows what is doing bringing a human here."

"He is right." Ruin this time spoke.

"Grrrr…hmph." Garlandolf huffed in anger sitting back on his place.

"Without further interruptions we can start the Provisory Meeting of the 12." Ojama King spoke with an epic tone, "We are all reunited to elaborate a plan against the Earthbound Immortals which are creating chaos in our world. Now, we will compare the situations in the respective district and the archetypes which want to fight with or against us in this crisis. Ritual envoys." Ojama King signalled to Ruin to spoke which she raised with a paper in her hand.

"From the Ritual District the situation is stable. We have managed with the Vendread, Cyber Angels, Heralds and Nekroz to repel they attacks but we lost many soldiers and we don't know what happen but a mysterious Ritual monster have appeared and destroyed a lot of enemy monsters. We still don't know who he was but it looked like a Destiny HERO Dreadmaster copy but with a lot of more destructive power. Megaliths and Gishkis have been silent from their sides but they will manage after all they are quite strong alone." Ruin says frowning, "This is all from the Ritual District."

"Perfect! Quintet Magician if you may." Ojama King gestured Quintet Magician, while Ruin sit back on her place, which raised with several papers floating around him. "From the Fusion District the situation is pretty good. Elemental HERO, Destiny HERO, Melodious, Ancient GEAR and Roids manage to totally wipe out our enemies. Unfortunately, Gladiator Beasts and Cyber Dragons didn't want join our forces but we should not worry, they are powerful archetypes which survived in many wars and they will keep going. We still are working to convince Vision HEROes and Shaddols to join us but it will hard." Quintet Magician sit back nodding at Ojama King.

"Good knowing our side is in good state. If other districts need, we can send our forces to help them." Ojama King nodded signalling Arcanite Magician to speak which stand nervously with a stack of documents in his hand.

"From the Synchro District the situation is not bad but neither good. We managed to repel some of the enemy forces thanks the X-Sabers, Flower Cardians, Aromastherapy, Cryston and Psychics but still the Ancient Forest is in enemy hands and Ancient Fairy Dragon too."

This caused some of the presents to look at him in shock and anger.

"We lost contact with Naturia, Dragunity, Flamvells and even the Ice Barriers. They totally locked down in their zones and its totally inapproachable. Ancient Pixie Dragon, Sister of Ancient Fairy Dragon, is managing the monsters survived to the assault of the Ancient Forest. Zeman The Ape King betrayed us and allied with the enemy. This is all from the Synchro District." Arcanite Magician sit back frowning deeply.

"Dammit, we have to act fast. The Synchro District is the most populated and if they manage to subjugate them, all the Spirit World would be in a tire situation." Ojama King gestured Amaterasu to speak.

"From the Effect District, the situation is stable. We along the Gravekeepers and Chaos archetype managed to totally repel our enemies. To our surprise, the Dark World's army, the Arcana Forces and the Cloudians agree to our alliance and will help us to fight them." Amaterasu smiled at nearly everyone shock save for B.L.S. and Lightflare.

"Well, that's a surprise." Ojama King says.

"Usually, Dark World and Arcana Forces would jump at this chance and attack us." Ruin commented with Gottoms nodding.

"Maybe they realized that without help they would collapse against this enemies." Master Diamond spoke, "After what happen in the past with Yubel and the Darkness…"

"That's all from our side. The Six Samurai and Ninjas will help in their style but nothing more." Amaterasu sit back. Different murmurs can be heard around the table as the monster discuss different ways to deal with this situation.

'So, the events from the past hit some archetypes than others. As much I love to hear more, I'm starting to think B.L.S. wanted me here just so I know what happening from this side…'

"There is only one thing to do." Ojama King spoke once again, "Free Ancient Fairy Dragon and assist the Crimson Dragon followers in this battle."

"What !?" Garlandolf yelled slamming his hand on the table, "Those guys appear once every fuck-ton years and the last time they BARELLY managed to seal them! I say we need to regroup and deal with them ourself."

"Are you dumb or what?" Gottoms spoke, "They are not normal cards! They have more power in the spirit world and you know it!"

"So what? We have already dealt with those kinds of calamities and we managed to get out on top!" Master Diamon intercepted this time.

"Those are not simply monsters!" Oracle commented, "Those are creatures from hell. If even the Dark World and Arcana Forces acknowledged this and joined us, then everything is not like the past."

"ENOUGH!" Demise yelled for the first time, "Black Luster, do you have a plan?"

Everyone looked at B.L.S. face which showed a serious look. "Yes, I have a plan." He then looked at…me? Huh?

"This human will help us to defeat the Earthbound Immortals AND help the signers."

"WHAAAAAT!?" Everyone yelled, except Arcanite Magician, Demise and Lightflare.

"Marx, here is a powerful duelist with a good heart." B.L.S. explained, "And he knows what in the future will happen. He is our trump card to defeat those monsters. Marx, please explain."

This took me few seconds to register until shot up in panic.

"I'm M-Marx, nice t-to meet you a-all."

'Stutter. Amazing first impression, idiot.'

"Relax kiddo! Nobody will eat ya. Ahahahah." Ojama King reassured which make me relax a bit.

"Right…" Taking a deep breath I looked them all with determination, "First step is to free the Ancient Fairy Dragon and defeat the Ape King. He is supplying one of the Dark Signers with soul of monsters and by doing this reinforce his and the Dark Signer power. Luna, a young kid of New Domino City, is a signer and with my ability to see and interact with monsters and with this world. She will deal with the Dark Signer. Next-"


A loud roar boomed all in the spirit world. The Crimson Dragon showed itself and this mean…

"Jack and Yusei are duelling." This make me smirk, "This, my dear friends, is the signal that the gears of fate are moving. You have to trust me because everything from now on will be a big chaos and without a plan nothing will come out the way I know."

Silence among the monsters until one of them spoke, "Okay human. Tell us your plan." Garlandolf spoke.

"Gladly." And with that the Spirit World counterattack plan started to form. Hours passed and after a while, B.L.S. declared the end of the meeting.

"Marx, you need go back in your world." B.L.S. spoke once again without the master thing, "We will meet again."

"Oh, I know. Sorry for freaking out before. You got me off guard and I don't know how react."

"Don't worry. It was my fault for dragging you here without telling you first." B.L.S. reassured.

"Black Luster."


"Everything will go in the right direction, right?"


"Figured you would not answer. Don't worry, I will deal with my side of events. You guys try to survive."

"Yes. Now go." B.L.S. raised his sword and in a flash, everything faded in black.

Satellite (Ex-Yusei's hideout)

Opening my eyes, the first thing I noticed was that the roof of the base…was the same of all the times I waked up in this place. Waiting a minute to my body to respond, I stand up and start stretching.

Hey! Don't look me like that! Sleeping on this couch here is a lot uncomfortable!

Anyway, after my stretching I come out from the tent. Looking around I noticed Rally, Tank, Nervin and Blitz talking until Rally noticed me.

"Yo, guys!" I waved making my way toward them until I was tackled by a crying Rally that make me fall on my back.

HOW MUCH STRONG CAN BE A KID! Jesus, to quote a famous character, The power of Youth.

"Maaaaaarx!" A still crying Rally shout hugging me, "I thought you were dead for a while!"

"Nope. Still alive." I say patting Rally head as I moved him out of my stomach and looked to the faces of Tank, Nevin and Blitz, "So what did I miss?"

"You were out for a day." Tank commented while Nervin was silent.

"Marx…I need to ask you a question." Blitz says with a strange sense of fear.

Rally stopped to shiver and a frown appear on his face, "Sure ask away."

"Are you a psychic Duelist?"


"Don't try to d—Wait what?" Yelled Nervin out of surprise while Tank and Blitz make their best impression of a fish face.

"Yeah, I'm a Psychic Duelist. I mean look at my deck, its full of Psychic-Type monsters."

Nervin's eye slightly twitched while Tank, Blitz, and Rally, which now stand near them, stared at me agape.

"So that mean you remember something…? Maybe?" Tank asked insecure about his own question.

"No, I don't remember too much. I just know I can make monsters become solid for a while but not too much."

"How did you know it?" Blitz asked.

"I spent a lot of my time training on my own and experimenting some combos. The other day, I summoned Telekinetic Shocker and blaster a piece of wall of a building but that caused me a drain of energies and headache."

"Oooooh…" Rally connected everything, "This is why you were stressed and tired these days other than helping me and Yusei."

"Yeah…" 'Sorry, if I have to lie…partially'

"THAT IS NOT THE PROBLEM!" Blitz yelled, "Security know about this after you summoned your monster to take down that robot-thing-bomb."

'…Oh shit.'

"Oh shit."

"Oh shit, indeed!" Blitz says deadpanning.

"…Meh." I commented. Honestly, I doubt they can beat me or capture me even if they try hard.

"Meh? MEH !?" Blitz yelled, "What do you mean Meh !?"

"I mean they tried to capture us something like … 3 times failing bad too."

"T-that's true but…"

"And they will not rush knowing I have got powers to literally unleash them a giant dragon or something more."

"He is right." Nervin commented.

"They might be desperate but not that much." Tank commented.

"…" Blitz looked at me before sighing, "Okay fine but please try to not attract too much attention for a while."

"I promise!"

"Why I don't believe him?" Rally commented.


"Neither I believe him." Nervin smirked.

'Ouch, ouch.'

"Me too." Tank and Blitz deadpanned.

'Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch.'

"Okay, okay! Jeez, such friends you are."

"No problem."

"Well, I'm going to go for a walk." I say standing up, grabbing my purple coat and my hat…and my hat…MY HAT!? "WAIT…WHERE IS MY HAT!?"

"Oh…it flew away when that robot exploded." Rally commented only to watch my eye twitch.

"I'm going to gut them." I say with the evillest smile I could do.

"NO!" Everybody screamed at me tackling me.

Satellite (Main Area - South)

After my little…'nervous breakdown' as Rally called it, we started to roam around the Satellite in search of the missing pieces for my bike which resulted to be…a little difficult to complete.

And you may think 'But with all that garbage something might come out' and maybe you will be right but this is a Yugioh world where everything is dictated by duels. So, either I find it and I have to duel for have it or something else might happen and that event will lead to the goal. See? Win to win for me.

"Man, we are having no luck these days." Rally lamented, "Why there is nothing? With so much garbage something should come out but no. Stupid garbage place."

"I know but we just need to search more. I mean something will come out, no?"

"I hope it, Marx." Rally says sighing loudly before perking up with a frown, "Dammit. Marx, we have to go at Doctor Riccardo. He wants to check you up after the incident some days ago."

"Uuuugh… that man will be my death." I groaned loudly. Riccardo is a doctor and he work at the Satellite Grey Area's Hospital. "Okay, let's go." And with that we started to go toward the hospital.

Satellite (Grey Area - Center)

The Satellite Grey Area is a special zone where nobody could attack, arrest or even conquest without being assaulted by Special Italian Forces, which are highly trained soldiers that protect that zone. Riccardo is the "commander" of those forces even if he is not the real one but by being a Pro-Duelist and an ex-top dog of the Italian Army, he managed to being sent here and establish the hospital and other stuff in this area.

From the gossips that roam around, Goodwin was forced to accept to not start a war against this special force.

Upon arriving to the central zone of the grey area, we were welcomed by our doctor duelling 2 thugs looking guys.

"Hey look!" Rally pointed, "Its Riccardo!"

"And again, duelling someone. I swear people never learn."

"You will give up your territory to us, old man!" Thug 1 spoke while Thug 2 was laughing a lot.

Our doctor looked bored to say with a cigar in his mouth. Riccardo looked like a 45s man, with a dark brown beard, brown eyes and hairs, a pair of circular glasses adorned his face while dressed in a long, white lab coat, under it a black shirt and blue pants with brown shoes.

"Idioti." He spoke in Italian, "Can we speed up? I have other stuff to do."

"Of course, you do. After the beating you will get, you will go away from here, yo!" Thug 2 yelled, "Now let's duel, old man, yo!"


[DUEL BEGINS] [TURN 1] [THUG 1 & 2: 8000 LP / RICCARDO: 4000 LP]

[TURN 1]

"I start, old man!" Thug 1 draw his sixth card, "I summon Alexandrite Dragon in attack position!" In front of Thug 1 a towering dragon with a body covered in gems standing on 2 legs appear with a mighty roar. (LIGHT, Dragon, 2000 ATK, 100 DEF, LVL 4)

"Next, I activate the Spell Card, Ancient Rules!" A spell card with the image of a parchment appears on the field. "This card allows me to Special Summon 1 Level 5 or higher Normal Monster from my hand. I special Summon Frostosaurus!" On the field a giant frozen brachiosaurus with yellows eyes appears in front of the Thug 1 with a loud roar. (WATER, Dinosaur, 2600 ATK, 1700 DEF, LVL 6)

"I set then 2 cards face down and end my turn." In front of him 2 cards face-down laid in front of him while is friend smiled. "My partner's turn now!"

[TURN 2]

"Its my turn! I draw, yo!" Thug 2 draw his sixth card, "Time to set some nice monsters. I summon Gene-Warped Warwolf in attack position, yo!" In front of Thug 2 a tall humanoid monster clad in a white armor with four arms and some fur and wolf ears coming out from his head. (EARTH, Beast-Warrior, 2000 ATK, 100 DEF, LVL 4)

"For my next move, I will activate the Spell Card, Ancient Rules, yo!" A spell card with the image of a parchment appears on the field…again "This card as explained my friend before, allows me to Special Summon 1 Level 5 or higher Normal Monster from my hand. I special Summon Zoa, yo!" On the field a giant blue beast on four legs with red eyes appears in front of the Thug 2 with a powerful roar and glaring to Riccardo. (DARK, Fiend, 2600 ATK, 1900 DEF, LVL 7)

"Wait, isn't that the legendary card Zoa used by Bandit Keith in the Duelist Kingdom Tournament against the legendary duelist, Joey Wheeler!?" Rally yelled surprised, "How he can have it!"

"It's not so rare Rally." Riccardo commented, "A duelist named Czar possessed this card to in the past."

"I set then 2 cards face down too and end my turn." In front of him 2 cards face-down laid in front of him. "Your turn old man!"

[TURN 3]

"Draw." Riccardo draw is sixth card with a bored look on his face. "I activate the spell card, Hey, Trunade!" A spell card showing a big green humanoid tornado devasting a farm appear on the field and from it a strong wind picked up, "This card allows me to return all Set Spells and Traps on the field to the hand." The strong wind picked up sweeping the set cards back to thug 1&2's hands.

"What!?" Thug 1&2 yelled in shock.

"Awesome!" Rally cheered and I grinned in excitement.

"Here it come his OTK move." I commented.

"Now, I summon Golem Sentry in attack mode." At his words a short golem resembling a door flame with a pair of legs and arms holding a polearm and adorned in a red cloth between its legs appear on the field. (EARTH, Rock, Effect, 800 ATK, 1800 DEF, LVL 4)

"Are you dumb, old man? That monster has low att-" Thug 1 was talking before being cut off by Riccardo.

"I activate the spell card, Double Summon." The spell card of Double Summon appear on the field, "This card allows me Normal Summon or Set once again. I tribute my Golem Sentry to summon Criosphinx in attack mode." Golem sentry was turned in a rainbow portal before from it come out a centaur like beast with the lower body of a cat with emerald wings and the upper body of a tall humanoid blue skinned man with a best like face and 2 curved downer horns. (EARTH, Rock, Effect, 1200 ATK, 2400 DEF, LVL 6)

"What the hell are you trying to do, old man!?" Thug 2 yelled while Riccardo just sighed.

"I'm ending this because I can't waste my time with you two. Next, I Special Summon the guardian god of the impenetrable shield offering as tribute Criosphinx! Appear, Exxod, Master of The Guard in attack mode!" Behind Riccardo, as Criosphinx disappear from the field, a colossal monster resembling Exodia but more yellow and with an intricate golden circle behind his back appear on the field. An aura of power and holiness spread around the area and many people start to feel better around this monster. (EARTH, Rock, Effect, 0 ATK, 4000 DEF, LVL 8)

"Wait…but that wasn't…" Thug 1 stuttered in fear.


"What!?" Rally yelled, "Are you joking!?"

"No, its really him. Why do you think he is so famous and respected around the Satellite and around the world?" I smiled.

"Ma pensa te." Riccardo sighed with a hand on his face, "Don't except that just knowing me will save you from the beating of your life."

"S-still you misplayed, old man! Your monster as 0 ATK points!" Thug 1 yelled pointing at Riccardo which looked him with an unimpressed look.

"I activate the spell card, Pot of Wrath." A spell card showing a red pot with golden ornaments and an angry face with purple eyes, with steam coming out from his body appear on the field. "This card allows me to send the top 10 cards of my deck to the graveyard to draw 2 cards." Riccardo then discarded from his deck the top 10 cards and draw 2 cards.

"From my graveyard I activate the monster card, Revival Golem! If this card was sent from my deck to the graveyard, I can Special Summon it from my graveyard! Appear, Revival Golem in attack position!" A big black golem with orange cracks, eyes and mouth appears on the field with a big roar. (EARTH, Rock, Effect, 100 ATK, 2100 DEF, LVL 4)

"Then I remove 6 Rock-Type monsters from my graveyard to Special Summon, Megarock Dragon in attack mode!" A crack on the floor appears a tall 4-legged monster with a long tail and a body made of rocks. Its eyes are red and a mighty roar shaken everything. A red aura envelope it. (EARTH, Rock, Effect, ? ATK, ? DEF, LVL 7)

"Huh?" Thug 2 says, "Unknown attack?"

"Oh no…I know that card." Thug 1 says trembling.

"The original ATK and DEF of this card become the number of Rock-Type monsters I removed from play when I Special Summoned this card x 700." Thug 1&2 paled at the new information, "I removed 6 Rock-Type monsters. This mean that my monster ATK and DEF are 4200!"

"WHAAAAAAT!" Both the Thugs yelled with eyes wide open.

(EARTH, Rock, Effect, ? - 4200 ATK, ? - 4200 DEF, LVL 7)

"As my final move, I activate the Spell Card, Shield & Sword." A spell card showing a man with a sword and a shield being switched appear on the field, "This card allows me to switch the original ATK and DEF of all face-up monsters currently on the field, until the end of this turn."

"This means…" Thug 1 says,

"Our monsters ATK and DEF are…" Thug 2 continued,

"SWITCHED!?" Rally finished yelling as every monster on the field got hit by an orange and blue wave.

(LIGHT, Dragon, 2000 - 100 ATK, 100 - 2000 DEF, LVL 4)

(WATER, Dinosaur, 2600 - 1700 ATK, 1700 - 2600 DEF, LVL 6)

(EARTH, Beast-Warrior, 2000 - 100 ATK, 100 - 2000 DEF, LVL 4)

(DARK, Fiend, 2600 - 1900 ATK, 1900 - 2600 DEF, LVL 7)

(EARTH, Rock, Effect, 0 - 4000 ATK, 4000 - 0DEF, LVL 8)

(EARTH, Rock, Effect, 100 - 2100 ATK, 2100 - 100 DEF, LVL 4)

(EARTH, Rock, Effect, 4200 - 4200 ATK, 4200 - 4200 DEF, LVL 7)

"Battle! Revival Golem destroy Alexandrite Dragon!" Revival Golem dashed toward the monster before punching it in the face destroying it in the process.

[THUG 1 & 2: 6000 LP / RICCARDO: 4000 LP]

"Megarock Dragon blast away Gene-Warped Warwolf! Megarock Crash!" Megarock Dragon shot from his mouth a powerful red/brown blast of energy which vaporized the monster creating a big explosion.

[THUG 1 & 2: 1900 LP / RICCARDO: 4000 LP]

"Exxod! Finish them!" Riccardo gestured with his arm stretched toward them, "go with Holy Purge!" Exxod simply mimicked his cousin Exodia putting his hand in a charging position before shotting a yellow blast which eliminated Frostosaurus from the existence making both the players fall away few meters from the explosion.


"You two." Riccardo signalled two guards, "Kick those two away from the Grey Zone."

"Aye, sir!" The two guards exclaimed before saluting and picking the 2 guys both the guards marched away.

"Marx, Rally." Riccardo then waved to us to follow him, "Follow me. We have a schedule to follow." And he marched toward the hospital with me and Rally shrugging before following him.

Once inside the hospital, we entered into Riccardo office. There he started to examinate me.

"So far, so good." He says writing something on his book, "Your body seems healing just well. Untrained Psychic powers comes with a tool which in your case is Stamina."

"So, he is not in danger?" Rally asked worried.

"Nah, he is just…" He says hitting me with the book on the head as I was trying to steal a candy, "Reckless. Keep an eye on him, okay?"

"Yes, boss!" Rally saluted before being smacked too. "Ouch…"

"Stop being a fool." Riccardo sighed before looking at him, "Can you please go out? I have to talk with this Psychic Idiot."


"Yes." Rally says standing up and marching away from the office, closing the door behind him.

"So, how do you feel after being sent in this word?" Riccardo smirked at my reaction which was my face, eyes wide open, mouth gaping and sweating bullets. "Don't look surprised kid. I'm a reincarnated too."

"Wait!" I say, "You mean there are more reincarnated people than me!?"

"Of course. For now, I can sense 5 people in the City." Riccardo commented placing a finger on his temple.

"Wow. Wait, did you reincarnate before or at the same time as me?"

"Before you. I was reincarnated at the start of GX." Riccardo says lighting a cigar, "I was on the boat with the protagonists and you can say I had my fair share of adventures."

"Well, that's cool." I commented and Riccardo grimaced.

"Let me say this. It was more the times I wanted to kill Jaden then the times I nearly died for the enemies we faced." Riccardo huffed while I was sweat dropping. Silence then reigned the room before Riccardo picked a sheet of paper and handed them to me.

"Huh? What are these?"

"These are the necessary documents to join the Structure deck tournament here in Satellite."

"Structure Deck Tournament?"

"Yes. The SDT is a tournament organized by the new card shop in the West zone of Satellite. They have as prize some bike parts for your bike."

"Wait, what? How do you-"

"Please, do you think I don't know what are you doing? I'm the boss of Satellite and everything around here is under my radar." Riccardo huffed annoyed.


"Don't sweat it kid. I can't help you with more than this." Riccardo dragged a long puff of smoke, "I never watched 5ds so I can't do any more than this."

"Don't worry. This is good enough." I say standing up. "Thanks to you once again."

"Tch…Kid these days need all the help of this world. Now, go away. I have more stuff to do than talking with you." Riccardo start shout to me which started to flee from his office.

Riccardo sit there with an angry face before grinning like a madman. "This will be interesting. He would have loved him."

Riccardo spoke alone looking to a photo in his drawer with several people and his younger version shouting to a young guy with brown hairs hiding behind a spiky black-haired kid and a blue-haired kid.

? ? ?

Inside a secret laboratory, a man totally obscured by the darkness of the room, stand tall looking at 4 test tubes. Each test tube was holding a person. "Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything…quite poetic don't you think, Rex?"

With that comment, Rex Goodwin stepped out from the darkness of the room, under the light of a monitor signalling the vital functions of the 4 guys in the tubes. "I don't know what you mean, D.E.M."

The man in the dark simply smirked, "Of course you don't. So, how its going your little project? Find any new Signer to manipulate?"

"Of course, I have." Goodwin input some data on a computer near him and showed at the dark figure the image of Yusei Fudo, "Yusei Fudo. A satellite duelist with exceptional skills and from his last duel with Jack, he showed the power to be a Signer."

"Interesting." The dark figure says, "Let's your project work. Of course, if this work too, you will have fresh signers instead of those you are searching."

"IF it works." Goodwin then showed the image of Marx at the dark figure, "As you can see, one of the clones escaped and now he is a wildcard. This will cause some problems."

"Its good in a way, stronger he become, stronger will be the link created with the crystal." The dark figure smirked looking to an 8 faces slim grey crystal inside a box.

"We have 4 of 5 clones that can be associated to the crystal plus my bodyguard." Rex commented, "This might lead to a reaction from the crystal."

"Don't worry. I secured the Crystal power; it will not wake up until all the preparation will be completed." The dark figure barked a laugh before turning to Goodwin, "This project can't fail or we will have to face something even worse than the Signers."

"…If you do your part, I will do my part."

The dark figure smirked before looking to the sky, "Soon, everything will start to move and nothing will stand our way!" with that the dark figure, vanished in a flash leaving Goodwin with an impassive face.

Satellite (Main Area - West)

The West Area of Satellite was, if you can call it this way, the commercial Area. Here you can find nearly everything at high price. Everything that can be sell, its sell. Machine parts, ornaments, food … even humans.

And now, even cards.

"WELCOME TO THE INAUGURATION OF THE TRASH CARD SHOP!" A bizarre dark-skinned man dressed in a black uniform, with a black guard hat and a pair of glasses yelled in his microphone as an announcer, "HERE, WE PRESENT TOO THE 1° EDITION OF THE STRUCTURE DECK TOURNAMENT! WHERE 8 PARTECIPANTS WILL DUEL USING DECKS GIVED BY US! AREN'T YOU EXCITED?!"

A loud cheer echoed around the area. Nearly the 10% of Satellite come to see this event and to buy as many cards they can.

"WITHOUT ANYMORE WAITING WE PRESENT YOU OUR 8 CHALLENGERS." The announcer jumped out the way near to 8 people in front the shop.

"The first one is a member of the Toxic Thunder gang, a new born group that plan to conquer this place! A big applause to Citry, the Toxic Lighting!" A girl dressed in a leather purple jacket with yellow accents on it stand tall in front of him. The girl has yellow hairs shaved on the sides and a wolfish grin on her face.

"The second one is the boss of the Super Powerful Gym! The mighty, John Bread!" A tall, muscular guy with black hairs, grey eyes and a serious, angry face stood near Citry. It was dressed in a tank top and some sport pants.

"The third one is the pirate of Satellite living on the Flipping Ship Bar, Jack o' Sea!" The third one was a short guy with a pirate look and a bandage on his left eye while the right was green. His entire costume was red as pirate jacket and black pants.

"The fourth one is the knight fighting for the weak and protector of innocents, Sir Lucius!" A man dressed in an ancient full plate armor with even the helmet stood tall. The armor was completely blue except for some purple accents.

"The fifth one is the Psychic of Satellite. The guy who managed to fend off twice the Sector Security and to defeat the Turtle Gang, Marx!" I stood near Lucius as I smirked at the crowd of people in front of me.

"The sixth one is a newcomer from City! A rich guy who plans to obtain all cards from this shop, Marcus Dressard." This guy was a young man with an expensive white dress and blonde hairs. On his face there was a smug grin has he looked the crowd of people with superiority.

"The seventh one is… what!? The regional Champion of Duel Monsters in Canada, Miss Patricia Keiling!" The girl looked like my age. With orange hairs, a black jacket with a red under shirt, brown pants and with piercing yellow eyes stood tall while the entire place echoed with a powerful cheer for her.

"The last one is the shady business man of Satellite! Ksel Lermas! This man looked like a skinny man with red hairs, purple shirt and white pants. A big backpack on his back and black eyes with a creepy smile stood as last member.

"These are the 8 fiery warriors who will face each other in the tournament!" The announcer says before showing a big screen up us. "Now, we will sort our who will face who in this tournament! Let's roll!" The screen showed our faces being mashed together and then the couple where being sorted.

"For the first round we have: Marx vs Marcus Dressard!"

Dressard looked at me smirking, "Get ready to be destroyed, scum."

"Oh oh, so you are challenging me? Bold for you." I say mimicking in a way DIO of Jojo.

"For the second round we have: Citry vs Ksel Lermas."

"AHAHAHAH! I hope you are ready to being poisoned, old man!" Citry commented.

"Fufufufu… You will be met with a terrible fate, will you?" Ksel Lermas says snickering in a creepy way.

"For the third round we have: Patricia Keiling vs John Bread!"

Both the duelist looked each other without talking.

"For the fourth and final round we have: Sir Lucius vs Jack o' Sea!"

"Yar! You will lose to my mighty duelist skills!" Jack o' Sea says while Sir Lucius was silent.

"GET READY TO FIGHT! THE TOURNAMENT START… NOW!" The announcer says earning a loud cheer from the crowd.


(Riccardo's Deck)

Pot of Wrath x 1
Type: Normal Spell
Send the top 10 cards of your deck to the graveyard then draw 2 cards.


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