Damn! Damn! DAMN THEM!

Two-Face pounded his hooves on the table.

The Storm King's invasion was a disaster. The Bat once again foiled the breaking the psychological side of the law.

After hatching a plot to destroy the Mane Six with the Pony of Shadows, he swore with vengence that he will also get the Bat.

Mistress Mare-velous, Radiance, Fili-Second, Saddle Rager, Zapp, and Hum Drum alter-egos as Mane Six foiled him.

But they didn't realize it was long-lost Apollo Janus yet.

For now, as usual he operates as one of the toughest foes on the Bat's rogues gallery.

He occasionally robs banks to hatch another diabolical scheme.

But now he has to kill off some competition...

"Carmine Falcone is dead, James..."

"Wha-? Who did? Who is this?"

"Why...don't you recognize me old friend?

"You. Sport. Any thoughts? Counting on Batass to rescue you?" He asked a hostage.

"We...sure...are!" He snarled, scaring the bound prisoner.

" ...You gonna kill me?"

"Might. Might not. Could say we're of two minds on the subject." He scoffs.

"I got family...Please."

"What say we flip for it?" He mocked. "What could be fairer than the random toss of an honest coin? Life..."

He showed off his lucky coin's clear side in front of the prisoner.

"...or death."

Then showed the burnt side.

"Please. I swear I won't say noth-"

"The coin wants to decide!"



Clunk! It fell on the ground. He steps on it.

"Exhilarating, isn't it? The suspense? Sudden death or a new lease on life? Really makes a stallion live in the moment..."

"If a gang-banger gets shot. Or if a truckful of guards gets blown up; nopony panics, cause its all part of the plan. But if I say ex-Mayor Mare will die: Then Everyone Loses Their Minds!"

The clown manic gave him his treasured weapon: a double-shot crossbow.

"Upset the established order which everything becomes chaos...Oh! One thing about chaos: It's Fair."

"You live...you DIE." He licked his lips, "Mmmmm...Now we're talking..."

He lifts up his foot.


"You're in luck. You get to live to whimper another day. That floor has got to be very hard. Is that better?"

"-Uh, yeah. Thanks, Mr..uh...Face."

Just call us Janus. Can we get you a sandwich? A soft drink? Given all the trouble we caused you, how about we cut you in for a share of tonight's haul?"

His henchpony scoffs, "Face! For cryin' out loud! You're not gonna pay him-"

"Did we ask your opinion!? The coin has rendered its verdict. This man has a family to take care of. You have a problem with that?!"

"N-n-n-n-o-o-No Boss! Not at all!"


"You are a lucky man Sai...but he's not."


"Your driver."



*Click: *BAM!*


"Mom! Dad! Are you alright-!



Rainbow Dash suddenly sees the perpetrator.

"Not one more step, miss."


"Yes, Me." Two-Face appeared from the shadows.


"In flesh...well, half. Before you use your speed, I have a question: Would you risk the lives of your very own parents?"

Rainbow Dash gritted her teeth and glared at him. "What do you want?! Besides We all thought you were dead!"

"That's the point. I want to sent a message to our friends." As he ate a snack of a Monte Cristo sandwich.

"Tell them, that Two-Face says hi..." He widens his eyes in an insane manner, and whispered to her. "...Zapp. Say how fast are you?"





Dash quickly caught the incoming arrow on her parents.

"HAHAHAHAHA! Gotta Go Fast DASHIE!" He crashed into the windows, and disappeared.


James Gordon was comforting traumatized Fluttershy.

She told that Apollo, with a side of his face being so scary, threatened her on the choice of her own family and pets in front of her.

Thanks to Two-Face's lecture he almost lost herself of being Saddle Rager or Flutterbat.


Pinkie Pie wasn't really laughing as Fili-Second when Two-Face threatened her own family, and robbing their business.


He robbed Radiance's dignity by tarnishing dresses and stealing money right in front of Rarity by threating Sweetie Belle's life.


The Flim-Flam twins were hired.

"Ready as you are boss!"

"Heads, we leave them alone..."

"Tails we hit them hard..."



The Apple family were having business time of selling apples to customers.







Big McIntosh protected Apple Bloom. Applejack covered Granny Smith to safety. She was sure wondering if she can be Mistress Mare-velous now...


The Flim-Flam twins soon took everything.

"Check this out! Couple of silver dollars!" Flim sated.

"Bring IT!"

Flam was opening the safe. He noticed one of the diamond ring one of the customers.

"I'll take that!"

"Jewelry wasn't part of the plan! You gotta flip for it!"




"Good side! Leave it!"

"B-b-but Two-Face-"

He slapped Flam's hand.


By following orders, they looted the rest of the cash.



Only AJ knew what he meant.

He also hit on the Inkwell family, and the Royal Offices.

"Sixty four eight...sixty four nine...sixty five thousand-Don't touch anything until I tell you, punk! You always were a couple of greedy little beggars, even when I prosecuted you as D.A!"

He starts staring a picture of him and Grace Dawes on his wallet and the twins stare back at him. He wonders did she change?

"What are you looking at?!"

Flam told him, "Gee, Two-Face; if you miss her, why don't you go see her?"

"Sure...we can even bring her here if you want." Flim said.

Apollo considers it. He then looked at the picture sadly.



"Forget it! We have more important things to do. I've decided it's time to finish Hugo!"

"You're gonna knock 'im off?"

"Like I did with Throne and the others! I hate the remainders of my past!"

But Dawes wanted to see him instead. With the Mane Six's help to stop Apollo's dangerous side, she found him.

"...Hello, Grace." He wore a white silk mask over his head. Remainder of being the White Knight of Equestra.

"Apollo, I thought you died..."

"My name is Two-Face now."

"No, Apollo."

"This is my world now... A dichotomy of order and chaos, just like me."

"Apollo, what's happened to your mind? Your feelings? You used to listen to your feelings."

"This is what I listen to now..."



"Chance, Grace. Change is everything. Whether you're born or not. Whether you live or die. Whether you're good or bad. It's all arbitrary."

"That's nonsense, Apollo! Was is chance that made you District Attorney?! Was it chance that made you fall in love with me? Take control of your life, Apollo. You don't need a coin... and you dont' need this."

She takes off the mask.


"You don't ever need to hide from me...I love you."

Two-Face tears up, "Grace...What is it?" He sees the Flim and Flam at the doorway.

Dr. Hugo Strange with his men appear.

"At last we meet. Face to face to face. Even all happened Mr. Janus, I am always prepared for this day..I am quite a busy fellow."

"Not at this chance, you slime!" He pulls out his weapon.

His thug looked at Grace, "Such a pretty face, are we?"


A thug then sees windows shattering, "The BAT!"

He wasn't alone. The Mane Six quickly burst in.

"This is the last time you interfere with me, YOU LOT!" Two-Face pointed his weapon at the Mane Six.

After a brief struggle, Dr. Hugo Strange was trapped. The Mane Six finished off the remaining thugs.

"No! Two-Face, don't! You can't let him!" Hugo shouted at others.

"Apollo, what are you doing?!"

"Taking control of my life!" He snapped.

"...Let the law handle it."

"The LAW!? You thought we could be decent ponies in an indecent time...but you were wrong! The world is cruel. And the only morality in a cruel world is chance. Emotions are always the enemy of true justice! Unbiased, unprejudiced, fair!"



The Bat mourned the death of his old friend. He did what he had to do.

He dragged the box of silver dollars at flung it at him in the amazement of the Mane Six.

"NO! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! My coin...where is it? I can't decide without...OH NO; IT's GOTTA BE HERE... IT'S GOTTA-I HAVE TO HAVE IT! RRRAAAAGGHHH...no, no, no..." He weeps.

Even everything just happened, everypony felt sorry for him. Even Rainbow Dash knew he was...

...just tragic.

"It's alright now, Apollo. I'm here."

Both cried together.

Soon Gordon and the guards arrive, and arrested all. Dr. Hugo Strange was said that a certain lady would like to speak to him with a piece of her mind...

Spike comments, "Poor Apollo. So filled with anger. Do you think there's any hope?"

Bat replies, "Where there's love, there's hope, buddy...But a little luck wouldn't hurt."

He flips coin into a nearby fountain.

"For you Apollo..."