Benny was walking around town when he heard a big bang and saw a puff of smoke from afar. He turned around at the noise and saw a shadow but didn't stop to see what it was as whatever was there quickly ran off.

Deciding to ignore it he walked back to his house in a rush realizing that he was already late beyond the curfew his grandma gave him. He made it home and saw that Mrs. Weir was at the front door tapping her foot impatiently. She didn't look too happy.

"Do you know what time it is?!" she scolded. "I asked you to be home by eight."

"Sorry grandma Benny said. "I lost track of time I promise it won't happen again."

He walked past his grandma and into the house. He took off his shoes and walked up the stairs to his room, barely closing the door. As Benny put his things away, he began to feel a bit sad.

He lost track of time because he was alone and feeling sorry for himself. He wanted a friend, and sure he had Ethan Erica Rory and Sarah but this was different. He wanted a friend of his own and live with him, but where was he going to find that in a practically non-existent town.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Weir walked upstairs and passed by Benny's bedroom door when something caught her eye that made her stop. She stepped back and saw Benny kneeling at the side of his bed, hands folded on the mattress. She overheard his words.

"It's me again Benny said quietly trying not to show any desperation in his voice. "I need someone to be my friend just someone. Maybe send me an angel the nicest angel you have.


A blue alien came out of the smoke and growled before realizing that some middle-aged thing took notice at the wreck. He quickly ran out of the shadows and waited for the thing to leave and walked out onto a road.

The blue alien pulled a gun out quickly when he suddenly saw shiny lights in his vision.

"What did we hit this time one of the men muttered hopping out of the truck. They went to the front and saw that the blue alien was knocked unconscious.

"What is that?" a man said quizzically. The others shrugged.

"Whatever it is we better call somebody.

Later on at a animal shelter the alien woke up and looked around him. He was in some kind of see through box and outside it was other things almost like the ones that he saw before he ran off humans he realized.

He then looked around him to see that there were multiple furry creatures that had the same ears as him but were different colors then him dogs he reminded himself. He was an intelligent alien he should know these things.

Suddenly he heard voices and turned around to see the same human that he saw before.

Mrs. Weir and Benny were at the front desk talking to the lady.

"We need something that can defend itself Mrs Weir explained. "Something that won't die something different you know?

Suddenly she got cut off by Benny who exclaimed excitedly, "Like a lobster!

"Are you nuts? Evelyn said.

"The kennel's back here the lady said leading them to the other side of the glass display. "Go pick someone out.

Benny went in by himself and melted at the amount of cute animals in the room.

"Hello?" Benny called out though none of them paid attention. "Hello?

Suddenly the blue alien looked up and Benny noticed. He waved shyly.

"Hello Benny called out.


Benny blinked seemingly stunned that it even talked back, but he figured it was Whitechapel this must be some kind of supernatural mayhem he didn't understand.

"Wow he said in surprise going to him and giving him a hug. The lady walked in Evelyn not too far behind her and frowned.

"Are you sure that is the one you want? she asked hesitantly as she picked the alien up in her hands. Evelyn frowned.

"What is that thing?

"I think it's a dog the girl explained "but it should be dead.


"He was hit by a truck this morning the lady said. "It's a miracle he is still alive.

"I like him! Benny chirped.

"Does it have to be this dog? Evelyn protested. "There are tons of dogs to choose from.

"Yep he's good!

"You'll have to think of a name the girl reminded him. Benny frowned before suddenly realizing the name.

"I'd like to name him Stitch

"That's not a real name the lady began to protest but Evelyn just shook her head discreetly But it's a good name Stitch it is.

As Evelyn did the paperwork Benny hugged Stitch looking very happy despite Stitch not looking as pleased.