This is a great home Stitch You'll like it a lot Benny said as he walked through the front door with Evelyn and Stitch in tow. Evelyn went to the couch and prepared some pillows for Stitch.

"There you go Stitch! A comfy pillow Benny said to Stitch as he pointed to the pillow. Stitch knocked him to the floor as he pushed him.

"Hey Benny yelped.

"What is the matter with you?! Evelyn shouted. Benny sighed.

"Grandma be careful with the little angel please? Benny asked.

"It's not an angel Benny. I don't even think it's a dog. We just have to take him back Evelyn said. However Benny didn't agree with her.

"He's just cranky because it's his bedtime," Benny said trying to reason with her. Stitch was now rolled into a ball. He rolled into the kitchen and made a mess as he toyed with the blender.

"He's creepy Benny. I won't be able to sleep while he's loose in the house Evelyn said in the background.

"You're loose in the house all the time and I sleep just fine," Benny yelled back at her as he walked up to Stitch.

"What are you doing, Stitch?" Benny asked him. Suddenly, the drink mix from the blender fell all over the kitchen floor.

"Hey stop that!" Benny yelled. Evelyn angrily grabbed Stitch and didn't let him go.

"We can't keep him, he's obviously different from something else. We have to take him back Evelyn says angrily.

"No Grandma! He was a stray and we adopted him. What about our broken family?! Benny shouted.

"He hasn't been here that long! Evelyn yelled back. Benny finally snapped.

"Mom said that we're supposed to be family Benny said suddenly. Evelyn shut the door and put Stitch down on the floor and the alien looked confused.

"I hate it when you use the family card on me Benny she said. Benny stuck his tongue out at her. He then looked down at Stitch.

"Come on Stitch. Don't worry you can sleep right next to me he said as him and Stitch walked up to his room.

"You curious puppy Benny said. "This my room and this is your bed.

Benny pointed to a soft bed and Stitch climbed on the bed. Benny held out a small cup.

"Here's your drink. I put coffee in it.

Stitch took it and drank Benny beamed.

"Good puppy he said. "Now get into bed.

Stitch pushed Benny down and got on his bed. Benny looked up from the ground and frowned.

"Hey that's my bed! Benny yelled. "Stitch down!

But Stitch didn't get down. Suddenly he moved Benny's pillow and saw a family picture and looked at it.

"Be careful with that Benny said as he took it from him. "Don't touch this. Don't ever touch it! Benny yelled. Stitch got off his bed and began to wreck things around his room.

All of the sudden Benny patted him as Stitch stopped making a mess and calmed down.

You know you wreck everything you touch Benny grumbled. Why not try making something for a change?

Stitch perked up and made a quick model of San Francisco.

"Wow Stitch San Francisco! Benny said surprised. Suddenly Stitch started wrecking it and destroying it. Stitch picked up a toy car and started chewing on it.

"No more caffeine for you Benny said as he looked at Stitch.

Hours later Stitch got tired and let out a yawn.

"You know Stitch you're going to have to learn to be more nice and not so destructive. Tomorrow I'm gonna teach you to be a better dog Benny said as got into bed and fell asleep.

Stitch looked at the mess he made and then back up at Benny as he realized that he wasn't being a very good alien. He knew that Benny and his grandma took him in because he didn't have a home and Benny and Evelyn were trying to take care of him. Stitch was aware that he was making things difficult and knew Benny was lonely and needed a friend.

So Stitch made up his mind that he would try to be a better pet and friend tomorrow as he realized that he was lonely also. With his mind made up he climbed up into Benny's bed and cuddled up next to him. As he fell asleep Benny barely opened his eyes and saw Stitch purring and smiled. He fell asleep again as he wrapped his arms around him.