Benny was walking home when he saw a little golden lion cub on the ground. He looked surprised and bent down to the lion's level.

Hey little guy Benny said. Where did you come from?

I'm from the Pride Lands! the lion suddenly said. Benny's eyes widened.

Woah you just talked! he exclaimed.

Sorry the lion said. I'm used to talking to other animals where I'm from.

You're in Whitechapel this isn't even weird Benny joked. So don't worry little guy I'll help you get home and back to your family. Um do you have a name or something. or is that just not a lion thing.

I'm Simba the lion said.

Nice to meet you Simba I'm Benny Weir. As I said you're in Whitechapel. He held his hand out and helped him up. Simba placed his paw in Benny's hand rather sadly. Benny looked at him concerned.

Are you okay? he asked. "What's wrong?

I can't go back home he whispered.

because I killed my dad. His death was my fault. My Uncle Scar told me to run away and never return to my home.

I'm so sorry Benny said. "How did your dad die?

My dad died from a wildebeest stampede

Simba was walking towards his dad's fallen body and tried to wake him up.

Dad? he asked placing a paw on him. Dad come on

He continued to try and wake up Mufasa but he wouldn't get up.

Dad we gotta go home he said in a broken voice, but to his avail nothing happened. Simba looked up.

Somebody anybody! he yelled. Please help me!

His screams died down and he began to cry. He walked back to his dad's dead body and laid down next to him under his paw sobbing. He wanted his dad to get up and tell him everything was okay but that wasn't the case.

Suddenly he saw Scar walk up to him.

Simba he said looking at his position what have you done?

There was a wildebeest stampede and he tried to save me. It was an accident i didn't mean for it to happen! Simba stammered and began to cry harder. Scar looked at him holding back a smug smile.

Oh of course you didn't no one ever means for these things to happen. But the king is dead and if it weren't for you he'd still be alive Scar said to Simba who began to sob harder what will your mother think?

What am I going to do? Simba asked helplessly looking up at him.

Run away Simba Scar said. Run away and never return.

So that's what happened Simba said to Benny.

I'm so sorry Benny said feeling as sad as he was. I had no idea.

He looked at Simba who was still quiet. He then began thinking about something and when he did he broke into a smile.

You know we don't need to talk about that kind of stuff right now Simba. i could cheer you up if you would like.

Like what? Simba asked.

Well check this out! Benny said as he held out his hand and said a spell under his breath. His hand glowed and Simba looked at the tiny magically created flame that opened and closed in the palm of his hand.

Wow that's amazing Benny! Simba said. "How can you do that?.

I'm a spellmaster Benny exclaimed.

What's a spellmaster?.

It basically means I am a wizard and can do spells Benny explained to him.

So you can say anything and it appears in your hand? he asked excitedly. Benny nodded enamoured by his enthusiasm.

Simba purred in excitement but it turned into a yawn. Benny looked at his watch and his eyes widened as he quickly sweeped the lion off his feet.

You know it's getting late and my grandma is probably wondering where I am right now Benny whispered beginning to realize that the cub was starting to fall asleep. I will see if i can explain this.

Simba sleepily nuzzled into Benny's chest purring softly. Benny smiled and began to make his way home.

Benny made it to the front door opening it with his free hand and walked in. Evelyn was standing in the middle of the hall and she did not look too happy.

Benny Weir do you know what time it is? Evelyn scolded.

I'm sorry grandma I got held up because I had a bit of a situation Benny explained. "But it's all good now.

What's that?! Evelyn exclaimed looking at the sleeping lion in Benny's arms.

Oh this is Simba my new lion friend. He has to stay with us because he doesn't really have anywhere else to go. I promised I would try and help him but he needs a place to stay for now. can he stay with us?.

Why can't he go home? He's a lion a wild animal how did he end up here?.

I'm not sure Benny said but that doesn't matter. He was banished from his home for no good reason, and he truly is kind.

Well in that case we can keep him here until he finds somewhere to go Evelyn agreed. Benny's eyes lit up.

Really? Benny asked.

Yep Evelyn replied. Benny grinned.

Thank you so much, grandma! he said kissing her cheek and heading upstairs with Simba in his arms. He placed Simba gently on the bed and he began to yawn waking up slowly. He then looked up at Benny who sat down at the edge of the bed.

Who was that? he asked him curiously.

That was my grandmother and she said you can stay with us!

Really? Simba said and Benny nodded. Simba grinned, and said Yay! Thank you so much!

Anytime Benny said. For now let's try to get some sleep tomorrow is going to be a big day for you. I can't wait until you meet my friends their supernatural too my best friend Ethan Morgan is a seer and my other friends Sarah Erica and Rory are vampires!.

Wow! Simba said tiredly. "Are they nice? he asked.

Oh yeah you're going to love them.

I hope so.

You will trust me he reassured him. "Anyway let's get some sleep.

Benny crawled into his bed and Simba laid down beside him and purred. He smiled at him and cuddled beside the lion as they shut their eyes and fell asleep.