As Benny and Simba were walking back home Benny stopped in his tracks.

You know thanks for saving me back at school Simba. I really appreciate it.

It's no big deal Benny Simba said with a smile. I know that you would do the same for me.

I would Benny said with a smile. Anyway if you want to know some stuff about me all you need to know is that I'm just a normal teenager spellmaster who has friends and lives in a supernatural town.

Wow Benny that's kind of crazy but sweet! Simba said excitedly. I mean I'm sure you get tired of fighting bad guys but at least you have something to do!.

Yeah I guess you're right Benny said.

So Simba Benny asked how did you end up here anyway?.

I don't know Simba answered. One minute I'm running away out of the gorge and then this light appeared. I walked through it and I ended up here.

Wow that's quite a problem Benny chuckled. But don't worry buddy. Like I said I'll help you.

Thanks Benny. You've helped me a lot so far. Getting to meet your awesome friends and showing me your school to taking me in I should be thanking you Simba replied. Benny smiled.

No problem Simba. Happy to do it.

Thanks Benny.

Benny and Simba walked in silence until they finally made it back home.

Well we're here Benny said as he opened the door. Evelyn was in the kitchen and noticed the two walk in.

Hello Benny and Simba! Evelyn greeted them. How was school today? she asked.

It was fine Benny replied. i might take a shower if that's cool. I'll be down in half an hour.

He walked up the stairs into the bathroom and took off his outfit and began taking a shower. Simba wandered into Benny's room looking around at everything his action figures his comics his photos of him when he was younger with a younger version of Ethan beside him. Simba smiled, and he suddenly heard the water running Benny must be taking a shower.

He decided to take a nap and wait for Benny to come back. He hopped on Benny's bed and as he curled up he began to drift off into a dream filled slumber.

Simba was running as he heard a voice calling for him.

Simba! Simba help me! Simba stopped running and turned around to see Benny hanging onto the edge of a cliff with a herd wildebeest below him.

Benny! Simba yelled as he ran to grab onto him with his paw.

Suddenly he heard evil laughter above him. He looked up and saw his uncle Scar. Simba gasped in horror.

In one swift motion he turned back around and reached out his paw for Benny to take.

Benny just a little farther! Simba said as he reached his paw out to Benny. They almost touched when Scar grabbed onto Simba.

Ahhh! Simba screamed.

Gotcha! Scar said in an evil voice. You trust me don't you?

Simba then looked down and saw Benny began to slip down the rock wall and into the stampede. The last thing Simba heard him cry out was his name.

No! Simba yelled. He looked up at Scar and growled Scar just kept laughing evilly, and suddenly Simba realized that he was on the cliff as well and Scar was going to throw him off too.

then Scar let him go as he fell.

No! Simba yelled before he hit the ground.


Simba then woke up and was breathing heavily. He looked around the room with tears in his eyes he didn't know what to do.

Suddenly he heard the water shut off and realized that Benny was done taking a shower. Simba got off Benny's bed and ran into the bathroom.

Benny! Simba yelled and entered the steamy washroom. Benny then turned around as he heard Simba's voice. He yelped.

Simba what are you doing in here?! Benny was relieved that he was wearing a towel. Simba blushed.

Sorry Benny Simba said his face turning red. It's just that I had a nightmare and I needed to see you so I could feel better. I'm sorry if I bothered you.

Benny's face softened as he understood. It's okay Simba. Come here.

Benny knelt down on the ground and Simba went into his arms.

Now what was your bad dream about? Benny asked. Simba sighed.

Well I dreamt that there was another stampede but you died instead of my dad. It was horrible! Simba cried. Benny held him tighter.

It's okay Simba. It's okay. I'm here, and I'll never leave you alright? I'll always be here with you.

Really? Simba asked.

I promise Benny he said and stood up. He was about to take off his towel and change when he saw Simba's wide eyes staring at him. Benny smiled nervously.

Would you mind turning around? Benny asked. Simba blushed.

Oh yeah sorry Simba said turning around. Five minutes later Benny gave him permission to turn around and Simba saw that he was fully dressed. Simba smiled.

Wow Benny you look good! he said happily. Benny beamed.

Thanks little buddy. Benny ruffled Simba on the head. Let's go to my room! I can show you some video games!

Okay! Simba said excitedly, and the two went back to Benny's room.

Evelyn was putting stuff away as she went past Benny's bedroom door. She peeked in and saw Benny and Simba cuddled up together on the bed sleeping soundly. She smiled and shut the door letting the two sleep.