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Chapter 2

I'm not a damn pet !

Spells began flying immediately. The magician threw raw magic attacks at me because of course he knew my only real weakness (though I might be weak to vacuums and air based attacks). A lime green beam of magic flew towards me with a harsh swipe of the magician's hand. I flew to the side and collected my body into a smaller form than the cloud I usually was. The less he can hit the more I can dodge, after all.

I sent a pressurized blade of wind back at the ashole and he chuckled as a shield tanked the attack effortlessly. "Oh that's impressive! Only the oldest of your kind figure out even basic formed attacks. It's all fire and lightning without form usually! Yes, you'll make a fine familiar! I knew using that luck potion was a good idea!"

A slew of magical arrows and a few beams flew at me and I dodged as well as I could. Even so a bolt scraped my side and I recoiled from the injury in pain. That hurt, damn it! I do NOT like this guy! And how the hell does a luck potion work?! This is bullshit!

I reached out through the air and willed my voice to be heard. Really it wasn't all that hard. "WOULD YOU FUCKING STOP?!" I screamed at the man. My voice was much louder than I thought it would be and I realized that half the forest probably heard that.

The magician froze in apparent shock and in that brief moment I used magic to throw a rock at the guy's forehead as hard as I could. With a solid 'thunk' the rock slammed into the guy's head. The shield didn't activate for some reason. A little crunch was heard as the glasses on the guy's face broke. He stumbled backwards once and fell spread eagle on his back.

I just looked at the guy for a moment. On one hand he was an utter pick willing to pretty much enslave me but on the other hand did he really need to die because of that? If I left him in the forest he'd be eaten in no time. Every creature in the forest likely knows we're here if they have ears, which some of them don't but still… I didn't want to kill anyone.

… Damn my bleeding heart.

With some internal grumbles I turned physical. Turning physical wasn't really hard or anything. It was sort of like right-handedness for me. Sure I could use my physical form, which would be my left hand, but I prefer my spiritual form, which would be my right hand. I could get used to my physical form if I tried but I just didn't like it. It felt restraining and unfamiliar despite looking exactly the same as it was before I died. Feeling things was new since I didn't have a nervous system and felt through magic bullshittery

I should mention that while I had a physical humanoid form it wasn't my old form. It was new and, while familiar, not quite the same. It was like having a shoe that's just a little too small. Or, well, a little too big in this case.

I used to be slim and a little on the short side. I had dark red hair like cherries and deep brown eyes. Now I had smoky black hair and, though I wasn't quite tanned, darker skin. I look less like a vampire now anyways. I was a little taller too; about five foot seven or so. My eyes were a sort of dark grey reminiscent of smoke, which was one of the few changes I actually liked.

One of the strangest changes was my breast size. It was just… this dimension was exhausting. It was a pervert's universe so obviously I would look like some dark and mysterious girl but two sizes?! Really?! I was ready for back pain, now. My old friend Annie had D cups but I hadn't really been jealous. I know she had some trouble with back pain for a while and had to go so far as to get a cushion for her back. I hoped magic can solve it somehow. Maybe having a stronger than human body would solve it but I wasn't quite sure. The first time I saw myself in a puddle I had screamed before I realized that it was me. It was just one of several reasons to avoid being physical.

I was, at least, rather fast and strong and really flexible (I could cheat and turn parts of my body to smoke). I couldn't really say for sure but I might have been a bit under olympic athlete level. I was able to defend myself from most humans, or so that god had said. He wasn't wrong. I could do everything I had been able to do before. Eat, sleep, and the like. I didn't have to but I could.

I could dress myself too. I wore a black woolen sweater since it was rather cold, though I didn't feel it, and grey leggings. I looked good in it if I may say so myself. Even if the body was unfamiliar and strange I at least knew how to dress myself appropriately.

I crouched down and hefted the magician and wow was he light. I squeezed his muscles and it was pretty clear he didnt work out often. It wasn't exactly surprising. If I could cast magic I wouldn't put much stock in working out either.

At least in this guy's case his lightweight form worked out for me. I picked the guy up and looked at his face after pulling his hood back. Huh… he looks pretty average. Black and somewhat spiky hair, an angular face, glasses, and that was really it. I supposed magic didn't make you special. His glasses were cracked on one side and a little bent. Oops. Well whatever. I'd rather break the prick's glasses than be his slave.

I lugged the man near a portion of a small lake I had been around before. The water spirits, which looked like the buffest macho women possible, glared at me and I narrowed my own eyes and raised a hand, making some electricity spark between my fingers. I had shot three fourths of my magical energy as a lightning bolt into their lake awhile ago to run away from them and it seemed like they remembered the experience so they stayed away. For now.

I didn't bother with being nice and tossed the magic bastard into the lake like a sack of potatoes. In moments he flailed around and jerked awake. In a disgraceful movement he managed to get his head above the water and gasp for air. His long hair covered his eyes and he swept it aside. Instantly his eyes met my eyes… or not. His eyes met my chest. And they stayed there.

"Well hello beautiful." He said in a smooth voice, like he wasn't dripping wet in a lake with his clothes all soaked, not to mention staring at my chest. "And who might I, the wonderful Georg Faust, offer one as magnificent a creature as you?" The man blinked once and he actually met my gaze, which was flat and a little angry. His charming smile dropped a little.

He didn't know I was the enerena he just attacked? That was fine. I could roll with that. I didn't want to fight the guy anyways. "You can tell me why you're here for one thing." I said flatly. Georg blinked and his smile turned a little embarressed.

"Ah… I was searching for a familiar. I found… an enerena!" Georg jerked upwards and his eyes went wide. "I need to find… there was a strong enerena! I need to find it! Um… miss my apologies for staring at your bountiful chest." My right eye twitched a little in irritation. He didn't notice. "Could you assist me in finding this enerena? I need a familiar. Badly."

I raised an eyebrow. This sounded somewhat odd coming from a man who was swimming in a lake in soaked clothes. "Why do you need a familiar?" Georg shifted his eyes away somewhat guiltily.

"I… I need power. Badly. I've mastered about five different systems of magic and I'm working on another but… well my ancestor Johann Georg Faust mastered over twenty seven. I'm a great magician, sure, but I can't use so many spells without a familiar! The only reason I've come so far is because of my sacred gear but even that wears thin after a while."

"Why not get one before?" I asked with a frown. I might actually help this guy if he needed it badly enough. I didn't like him but if he thought I was a mindless aggressive beast I could forgive him, albeit grudgingly. I would be pissed if he had actually made the bond but he seemed alright now that he thought I was a person. Though he was a womanizer… somehow I was beginning to think that it was a common theme. And what was a sacred gear anyways?

"I've been… busy. My best friend, Cao Cao, needs power. Badly. I owe him a lot and mastering magic is something I need to do anyways. But I have some, ah, irons in the fire I suppose you could say. It's private so I hope you don't mind that I don't share. Being weak by any stretch isn't an option for me at the moment." I considered helping the guy. He seemed alright. And helping him would put him in my debt. Having a few allies seemed like a good idea.

"I can't say I can relate. I'm afraid I haven't seen an enerena around either. Sorry. I found you unconscious on the forest floor and carried you here. You wouldn't wake up and seemed to have some sort of distressing dream. So I tossed you in the lake after a few minutes trying to wake you up." Georg looked down thoughtfully and put his nose in water. He blinked in surprise and I decided to throw him a bone. I waved my hand while using a little magic and the water parted around him and flew out of his clothes. I also hardened the mud under him so he didn't ruin his boots too much.

Georg's eyes widened in surprise and he patted his clothes to make sure he wasn't wet anymore. "I'm… dry? Was that a tork spell of the norse pantheon? Or a white magic spell? But I didn't see a magic circle!… to not use a magic circle… you must be powerful." Georg looked at me with interest in his eyes and I shifted around.

"I'm not really that powerful. I'm just good at manipulating the elements. Or at least the basic ones. I wouldn't claim to have even mastered one school of magic."

"Nonsense!" Georg chided. "Elemental control is extremely difficult! To do it without the organizing properties of a magical circle you must have a lot of talent at least! I myself just shift from one school to another once I can consistently perform every spell. It's a potent style to be sure but absolute mastery requires a lifetime of practice! You're already halfway there so long as you don't use magic circles. Without my sacred gear I would just be exceptional anyways… do you have a familiar by any chance? I cannot sense one."

"Ah… no I don't." I glanced away awkwardly. Georg stepped out of the lake and I stepped aside for him while letting the lake fall back to it's natural state.

"Truly?! I see… you truly are a prodigy like myself. Your magical reserves are quite admirable as well. Nearly on par with that of a mid level magician even at your age."

"I get by," I said evasively. "I just wouldn't call myself strong." Georg looked confused.

"If you aren't strong what would you be doing in the black forest?" The black… isn't that in Germany?! That explains a whole lot of nothing. I suppose I could head east at least and eventually hit urban centers aplenty now that I know where I am. But I would prefer to get stronger first. I didn't know how strong a mid-level magician was but it didn't matter at any rate. Even the eclectic scattering of abilities I had learned were fairly useless except for a few cases.

"Ah… funny story actually. I have a very poor sense of direction." Georg raised an eyebrow before smirking a little.

"You're lost." I met his gaze challengingly.

"Maybe I just like it here." He snickered at me.

"Of course. I too love meeting with scaliums and kisikas on a daily basis."

"The whats? I tend to recognize the creatures by sight. Not name."

"The large reptilian birds that look somewhat like pterodactyls and the burrowing bugs." Burrowing bugs?! That sounded horrible! Thank god with a little G I can float around.

"The pterodactyls aren't that bad. Just trap them in the vine things." Georg looked at me like I was crazy.

"Demon ivy, you mean? The strangling ones or the acidic ones?"

"Both are equally acceptable." Really they were the most useful creatures around.

"I see… you wouldn't happen to have a lust for battle would you?" I looked at Georg like he was crazy.

"Not a chance. I don't like fighting. Throwing spells from a distance is all nice and good but real fighting is… well I dislike it. I would only ever fight with traps and trickery. Perhaps stealth." Like I was right now. Diplomacy over battle I would say.

"I see," Georg appeared quietly relieved. "I know of a few teleportation magics. If you desire to leave I know a nice cafe in Japan you can rest at…" Georg glanced towards my ears, hands, and just generally around me. "But you don't have a translator artifact. I have a spare if you want it."

I smiled. Really smiled. "Thank you. I'd be happy to borrow one but I may need to come back here. I have a little unfinished business here. I need to kill a hydra for some personal reasons. I'm sorry that I have to keep it from you but… well we all have our secrets." Georg looked interested.

"A hydra?! Do you perhaps know where one is?!" I nodded, actually being honest for once.

"There's one maybe fifteen miles northeast in a cave. I need it's corpse." Georg nodded.

"Does it have any eggs by chance?" I tilted my head a little.

"It does actually. A few of them." Georg grinned.

"Thank you for the information. This is even better than the enerena! A hydra… I do like the sound of one of those as my familiar." I shrugged that off. Go crazy bud. I didn't care about that thing or it's eggs. He could make himself an omelette from it's eggs if he wanted to. It tried to melt me with acid last time I was there and I couldn't really hurt it. The only goal for me right now was to call myself strong to so I could be sure I didn't horribly screw something up with the storyline I'm supposedly going to get dragged into.

"Well come along then!" Georg waved his hand and a purple fog appeared wreathed around him. I instantly stepped back when I sensed the weird twisted magical energy. It didn't feel evil but more like complex.

"No thank you," I quickly said. He blinked in confusion. "I don't go to cafes with strangers I meet in the woods." Georg's mouth opened and closed once before he shrugged, his purple smoke still wreathed around him. It disappeared a moment later.

"Alright. Good point," Georg frowned as he stared at me for a moment. "Are you affiliated with anyone? You don't have an insignia."

"That's none of your business," I snapped a little. He frowned but nodded and I softened a little. "Look, I'm sorry for snapping. I just found you lying around and decided that being eaten alive, albeit unconscious, would be a bad way to go for any mage. I didn't do anything besides throw you in the river to wake you up. On second thought I probably could have done that in a nicer way." I mumbled the last part and Georg grudgingly nodded.

"Thank you. Ah, here," He drew out a coin and tossed it to me. Still wary of magic I stepped aside of it and it landed harmlessly on the soil. He rolled his eyes. "It's a portkey. I keep about twenty on me at all times. That one goes to Berlin." I eyed the coin warily and picked it up, not missing the way Georg quickly eyed my ass. Men.

"Thank you." I said honestly. I hoped he was telling the truth about the portkey. Georg nodded and smiled slightly.

"If you want we can meet there in a few days," He offered. "I don't think a portkey is much payment. I had a few creature repelling wards up but something powerful or any half decent magician still might have gotten through them." I looked Georg over once more. He looked a little awkward and uncomfortable. Kind of like a guy asking a girl out on a date.

"I've never been to magical Berlin before," I said leadingly. "I'd appreciate being shown around if you have the time." Georg smiled brightly.

"I'd love to!" He said a little too enthusiastically. Then he blushed and pushed his glasses up a little. "Um, right. I'll be sure to accompany you. How about in three days?" He suggested. I smiled and nodded.

"How about this," I suggested. "I'll use this portkey in three days around noon and you meet me there so you can show me around?" Georg nodded with a smile.

"I'll… see you then?" He asked a little timidly. I nodded with a soft smile of my own. Then Georg paused. "Oh! Um, what's your name? I never asked. Sorry."

"It's Iris. Iris Gellian." Georg nodded before the purple mist he made earlier returned.

"I'll see you soon, Iris!" He said with a little wave before disappearing in the mist. I paused for a moment around the now empty lakeside before looking at the water spirits on the other side. One of them seemed to crack her knuckles and I took the opportunity to quickly walk away.

"You're back already?" Cao Cao asked as Georg appeared in the Hero Faction's common room. He nodded distractedly.

"I… think I got a date." He muttered. Cao Cao raised an eyebrow at that and was silent.

"A… date?" He asked incredulously. "You went out into the black forest and came out with a date." Georg nodded.

"I… I found an enerena. I fought it and it did something surprising and I dropped my magical defenses for a moment. I kept up the magical ones but it did… something. I got a wound to the head. It's somewhat blurry. Then I wake up and meet this beautiful girl. Foreign. Well, not Japanese. Probably an American judging by her accent. She, um, tossed me in the river."

Cao Cao scowled. "You skimped on the physical wards again, didn't you?" Georg frowned and looked away.

"Enerena use magical attacks. They're spirits. I don't… the enerena was young! They're low-class spirits! Stupid! And with it's magical reserves it must have been what, a decade old? It was smart. Far smarter than a normal enerena. But I don't know why I was brought there."

"You used the luck potion?" Cao Cao asked curiously.

"I used it and I followed the pull of it. I didn't meet a single creature until I saw that enerena. That encounter was meant to be. Or… maybe I was meant to meet that girl. Iris. She was gifted, magically speaking. She used hydromancy, terramancy, and maybe a little pyromancy without a magic circle. Anyways, we talked a little and I gave her a portkey to Berlin and offered to meet her there in a few days."

"Hm… congratulations then," Cao Cao said uncaringly. "And you intend to, what, date her?"

"I-no," Georg said too quickly. "I'd just like to repay her. Show her around. She's never been to magical Berlin before, apparently." Cao Cao nodded.

"And as for a familiar?"

"She told me about a hydra nest fifteen miles north of where we were. I can teleport back there and get a familiar in a few minutes. Iris drew all the lakewater out of my clothes but I still feel dirty."

"Why were you wearing your cloak in the black forest?" Cao Cao asked with a snicker.

"It's magically enchanted!" Georg said indignantly.

"Of course." Cao Cao allowed. "Do enjoy your date." Georg sighed lightly and turned to walk away to his room as Cao Cao smirked behind his back. Privately he considered the odd enerena Georg mentioned. Any magical creature that could bring down Georg, an extremely accomplished magician for his age, was of note.

Perhaps he should send someone to investigate? It wasn't as though his faction had much to do at the moment.