Boys over flowers and girls over shadows...


One year ago, Outskirts of New York

It was almost too quiet in this particular part of New York. No one was to be seen or heard around the abandoned buildings. In one such building, unknown to most, were two teen girls. They lay unconscious on the concrete ground, unaware of danger looming around them. Both heavily drugged if one had to hazard a guess to the cause of their incapacitation.

Standing before them, was a young man in his late twenties, contemplating in silence. His dark hair ruffled and messy because of the wind. It was rare to see him without his guards. At almost 6 feet in height, his skinny appearance made it look like he was swimming in his expensive suit. Standing before them was the heir to the infamous red hawk mafia clan. Although he himself wasn't able to cause much harm, his family was another matter altogether. He asked his guards to leave him alone with girls once they were dropped off. Unaware of any danger they could possess if awake. Adhering to his command, the guards left him alone, taking station outside of the warehouse.

With a lack of entertainment from the unconscious girls, he began to drowse off in his chair. It had been a while after all since they were brought in and were still unconscious. 'Dose of drug given to them was too strong perhaps? Or maybe they were just that much more weaker and fragile…' he thought at first. Thinking a nap would pass off time more quickly, he sat down on a chair, leaned back, and relaxed his body and mind.

The next thing he knew, the chair beneath him had disappeared and he fell down on his back. Looking around, he wasn't able to make out anyone or anything around him. Cursing the lack of lights, he looked around before checking on two girls he'd brought there. Only they weren't there!

He stood up warily, looking around for signs of danger. He walked forward, cursing his decision of sending his guards back to their posts. He heard the sound of metal chains echo behind him, and turned around, expecting to see someone twice his size, packed with lots of muscles or even several people of such stature. All his fear wasn't able to prepare him for seeing a petite girl wearing a leather jumpsuit and mask.

He burst out laughing. "You are going to fight with me, little girl?" he mocked. "Go home, play dress up or something with your mom," he said tauntingly.

Before he could say anything else, she was standing in front of him. Her foot raised in a face level sidekick paused merely an inch away from colliding with his face. He took a step back. His eyes wide as he stared at the sole of her shoe that was raised in mid air.

"One more word without being spoken to and my kick will not stop without hitting your face' she said in a deadly cold voice.

He just nodded. "Now why don't you answer our questions? And we might just let you leave here still alive.' A voice sounded behind him, he turned just enough to face the new arrival but not enough to turn his back completely towards the previous girl. He was greeted by yet another girl in similar attire as the first. While the previous one was wearing all black, this one was in brown.

"What questions? And who are you both?" he asked, keeping his tongue in line, having almost experienced a kick from the girl, and not wanting to taste another. He doubted he would be able to take on both of them if they were skilled fighters.

"Start by telling us why you captured those two girls?" asked the girl in the brown jumpsuit.

The confused expression on guys face morphed into an angered one. "You are here for that bitch, aren't you?" he spat. "Where is she?" he shouted.

"If you have forgotten then let me remind you that you kidnapped two girls from central mall Mr. Genius," the same girl replied in a sarcastic tone.

"I just meant to take the one. The other one was just in the wrong place at the wrong time," he said with a wave of his hand, "Say, an unnecessary casualty if you would. Now, who are you two and where the hell is Geum Jan-di?" he boomed.

If the girls weren't pissed off before, his words managed to seal the deal. The girl in the black jumpsuit asked in a controlled voice, "Why did you kidnap her in the first place?"

His expressions changed once again, now showing anger and craziness. "I loved that girl, and I wanted to marry her. Marrying her would have been beneficial for our family as well. Imagine the money and a platform for business she would've brought into the family," He

said with a crazed cackle, but then his expression was full of grief and anger, "but she refused my proposal, how dare she? She even managed to convince the old bastard not to marry her off to our family, and that old man she considers as grandfather doesn't even like her. Although who could fault him on that one though? She's just a girl. Yet she managed to convince him somehow. She refused me. Me! Heir of the red Hawk clan."

If this statement surprised the girls, they didn't show it. He was still rambling. "And she managed to escape even now. I was just going to hold her captive and marry her when she's older. But now? I'll capture her again. And I will make her pay. And pay she will. Everyone she holds dear will suffer, her family, friends, everyone!" he finished with a crazed cackle.

It was at that moment when the kick finally collided with his face and he fell to the ground with a thud.

The girl in the brown jumpsuit glanced towards her, eyebrows raised beneath her mask. Sensing her expression she replied with a shrug, "I told him not to speak unless spoken to."

Her partner just nodded and said, "Yeah, he was annoying."

They got into their cars where the now conscious girls were and sped off in an unknown direction. Soon they reached a place where a helicopter was waiting for them. Getting inside, the now unmasked girls flew off towards Geum mansion. As they traveled through the air, the rescuers and the rescued spoke with one another.

"Navya, Jae kyung-ah... thanks a lot for today.." Jan-di began but she was interrupted by Navya before she could complete her sentence.

"We weren't going to leave you too with that psycho there Jan di-ah,"

"We have to be more careful from now on though, although Alex Hawk was a fool, his family won't be like that." stated Ga Eul, the unfortunate friend that had been kidnapped alongside Jan-di.

"You are right Ga eul-ah," Jan di and Navya replied at the same time.

"I'm just glad both of you are ok and that fool didn't do any damage." Jae kyung replied. "Can you believe he was actually sleeping when we got you two out of there?" she asked with snort.

"He's the black sheep of the family, Jae kyung-ah, but his family didn't gain their reputation for nothing." Navya replied in a serious voice.

They reached Geum mansion in record time, where all their family members, along with Jan di's waited for them. Jan di's mother ran towards them when the helicopter landed, hugging Jan di tightly, with tears in her eyes, "Oh Jan di-ah, thank god you are alright. I was so scared for you and Ga eul." Then she turned to Ga eul and hugged her just as tightly. Soon she had all her girls in tight group hug.

Ga eul's parents were there as well, but maintained their distance. They always believed that being too much associated with other girls was not good for her, even if said girls were heiresses and just as wealthy as their daughter. But their daughter was too stubborn for her own good. They went inside the mansion afterwards, still tearful. The girls explained what had happened and at the conclusion, the best course of action for everyone involved was decided.

The four girls had been best friends, sisters in arms, ever since they could remember. But it was time for them to go their separate ways for a while. Despite the difficulty the physical distance between them, even while they would still be in constant contact, they knew that this was what needed to be done.

They just realized that, sometimes you have to do what's best for everyone instead of what you want. Though that didn't stop them from growing closer than ever before. Although their meet ups were always using their alias, so no one would be able to recognize them and only for undercover missions, it didn't decrease their adventures being infamous vixens, one of the most feared groups in the underworld.

A/N: Song Navya is my OC, who is best friends with Geum Jan di, Chu Ga eul and Ha Jae Kyung. She's half Korean and half Indian. Also, She's Song Woo Bin's cousin, I.e. daughter of his father's brother.

This is AU where Geum Jan di and Chu Ga eul's background is quite different than what we know from drama. More details about Song Navya and other girls would be revealed as the story progresses!

Thank you kyliEisMC2 for agreeing to be my beta for this story.

Thank you all for reading this story and I hope you all enjoy reading!

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