Chapter 13

Few hours later, the same day, Shinhwa high.

After a tiring lecture on organic chemistry, Chu Ga eul was desperate to reach the art studio as soon as she could. She told her friends that she would see them later before heading towards the art studio. She had tried her best to stay away from the art studio, fearing for certain potter's presence there, but after being away from the place for a week, which had become solace for her, she decided to face him head on if he was indeed there, not able to stay away from first love of her life, her art. 'After all, running away from something doesn't make that thing disappear, we only end up delaying the inevitable.' Besides, after thinking, she had concluded that he was indeed only after information, 'perhaps, giving him minimal information would keep him at bay?' She thought while going towards the art studio.

After her first encounter with So Yi Jung in the porridge shop, she was afraid of her own reaction towards him. She was affected by his single smile, and that was a new thing for her. He was a well known Casanova, famous in the whole Republic of Korea for his talent in pottery and his playboy ways. And she had been attracted towards him, more than she had ever been towards anyone in her life.

At first she had tried to tell herself that it was just that, a silly attraction. But her heart wasn't ready to accept this as truth. She had just met him, but she felt like she had known him for many years, like he was not at all a stranger, but a long lost friend instead. But the possibility of him being connected to her was equal to none. Unfortunately for her, logic was not enough to convince her heart. She had told herself she would find her soulmate one day, and the possibility of a casanova being her soulmate was even lesser than the possibility of him being connected to her. Thankfully, he had asked about her connection with Ha Jae Kyung and Song Navya on that day, or she would have completely let her guard down around him. So being a sensible person, she had decided to maintain as much distance from him as possible.

Somewhere deep inside, she knew all her logical explanations and attempts to stay far from him or to keep him at bay were going to be fruitless, although she won't realise this for a long time.

She reached the art studio and peaked inside to see if he was there, ready to dash if he was, despite her earlier resolve. Letting out a sigh of relief when the dark haired potter was nowhere in sight, she went towards the painting section, with a cheerful smile on her face and slight bounce in her step. Once she was in the painting section, she looked around, confused to see no one around. Even more confusing was the absence of canvas boards which were always kept neatly in the art studio. Smelling something fishy with everything, she went towards the furniture adjacent to the wall, and opened the drawers with a frown on her beautiful face, to be even more confused with absence of colours and paint brushes in the drawers, which were usually filled with painting supplies. She turned around, going towards the mahogany hardwood furniture on the other side of the painting section, looking through all the drawers and shelves, in hopes of finding something but to her surprise, nothing was there. She sighed, before going towards the sketching section to look around for charcoal or even a graphite pencil, but she was even more shocked when not even a pencil or paper were found. She huffed in annoyance, putting her hands on her waist. All she wanted to do was paint after a particularly difficult lecture, but apparently it was not possible.

Thinking about going to the teacher about such a surprising state of Shinhwa's painting section, she went to the teacher's room with long strides through hallways of Shinhwa. She was hoping to find the art teacher there, to inquire about the lack of supplies in the painting and sketching section of the art studio. But to her bitter disappointment, she found out he was on leave. Not being the one to accept defeat, she went to the principal's office, where she found out all the painting and sketching supplies were removed from the art studio as per F4's wishes, until further notice.

At the same time.

After Ga eul left, the others went their own ways. Navya followed the path which had become usual for her. Going towards the music room, she thought about what Gu Jun Pyo's next action would be. If she was correct, then he wasn't one to stay down quietly after being attacked. They were quite similar in that aspect. And she was certain that he would strike soon, but she wasn't ready for how soon that would be.

She was thinking about how Gu Jun Pyo would react to their morning prank when she reached the music room. The music room was full of acoustic, semi electric and electric guitars, along with bass guitars, a ukulele, a banjo, a grand piano, casios, a couple of drum sets, a smaller beatbox and other various musical instruments.

Going inside, the stuffy smell of dust gave the impression that the room was not often used or cleaned. Apparently, the music room in Shinhwa was one place where no one frequented often. She went towards the guitar stand as the thoughts about her last time in this room invaded her mind, and an involuntary amused smile appeared on her face as she remembered her last encounter with the always sleepy member of F4. She absentmindedly picked up the first guitar that came into her view. Noticing something amiss when her fingers touched the fretboard instead of strings, she looked towards the fretboard of the guitar, as she held its neck, to her surprise the guitar in her hand didn't have any string! Huffing in annoyance, she placed the guitar in her hands back in its place, before noticing the other guitars. Not a single guitar in the room had a string. She went towards the furniture in the room and searched around in drawers for extra sets of strings, but to her shock, not even spare sets were available. Sighing in annoyance, she looked around, and to her surprise, not just acoustic, but all the electric and semi electric guitars were without strings as well, hell not even the banjo and ukulele were spared!

String instruments aside, every other type of instrument was perfectly fine.

She sat down on the couch, looking around in annoyance, thinking all guitars being without strings at the same time could not be coincidence, and there are usually ten to fifteen spare string sets in the drawers, they were missing as well! She was surrounded by guitars yet she couldn't play even one. She sighed in disappointment, thinking this was most probably purposefully done by someone, and no one besides F4 would dare to challenge her in school.

Some time later, same day.

Jan di was heading back towards the classroom after her much awaited swim. She was in a good mood, with a smile, she opened the door leading to the hallway, humming the tune of some song underneath her breath, feeling refreshed.

All of a sudden, some sticky liquid fell on her head out of nowhere, covering her from head to toe, making her shriek in surprise. As her lips parted in her shock, some of the sticky substance that was covering her lips entered her mouth and she recognized the sweet taste almost immediately, maple , she tried to wipe it from her face to keep it from dripping into her eyes but her hair was annoyingly sticking to her face, making her feel itchy and look even more like a mess. She moved from that spot as soon as she got over her shock. Looking up, she blinked and tried to remove the syrup from her eyes again with her hands. Any thoughts of getting clean were paused when she saw a bucket on the top of the door, attached to the door seal in such a way that when the door was opened, the contents of the bucket would fall down on the head of the person who was passing by.

She huffed in annoyance trying to suppress the urge to scream. Looking for the handkerchief in her pockets, she noticed that she didn't have any on her. Unable to stop herself any longer, She screamed in frustration, closing her eyes shut and balling her hands into fists. Her nostrils flared as she thought about the one who was responsible for this stupid prank.

She stormed off towards the exit stairs beyond the glass door, which was in front of her. She hoped to get out of the godforsaken building as soon as possible. Standing on the top of the stairs and leaning on the railings of the staircase, she filled her lungs with air, before screaming as loud as she could, "Arrrggghhh! Gu Jun Pyo, you're like Gu Jung Mool (dirty water)! F4, you guys are like flies! If you are born blessed, you should shut up and live your lives gratefully! And someone like you who has no common sense being the successor of the Shinhwa Group is a nuisance to the nation! You, I warn you... don't show your face in front of me. The day I apologise for standing up against bullying is the day I'm driving off the rooftop, I swear I will! Arrggghhh!" She paused to take a breath. She was about to continue when sound of someone clearing their throat fell on her ears.

Turning around, she realised that one of the F4 members, Yoon Ji hoo was standing right behind her, leaning back on the other end of the railings. She would have been embarrassed had it been any other time, but at that moment, she was standing there covered in maple syrup from head to toe, with sticky hairs and clothes and she wanted to continue screaming to let out her frustration. She didn't care to be embarrassed.

She faced him with a raised eyebrow and folded her arms, a furious expression on her face. To her surprise, he gave a slight smile, and took out a handkerchief from his pocket, before going towards her and trying to clean her face with it.

She was shocked beyond words. She was expecting him to mock her, but here he was, helping her instead. Taking the handkerchief from his hands, she cleaned up her face well enough before turning to him again, she asked in a softer voice, "Why?"

"Why what?" He asked, seeming genuinely confused about what she was asking.

"Why… Why are you, the F4, doing this? Why do you guys bully other students? Why.. Why are you helping me right now?" She asked with frustration clear in her voice, frown on her face and her eyes clenched shut, before sitting down on her knees with a thud, her hands covering her face.

He too sat down on a knee, with his one knee touching the ground and his hand placed on his other knee.

"Annoying you is amusing." He replied with a teasing tone. She shot a sharp gaze towards him. Sighing, he became serious, "This is a game Geum Jan di, and no one has dared to play with F4 or Jun pyo before. And now Jun pyo has a worthy competitor. Besides, he doesn't bully just anyone Geum Jan di, I've told you before, You don't understand everything." He got up, and leaned back on the railings, saying, "Besides, I'm not helping you. I was passing by and you were screaming. So I stopped to ask if you know how to make pancakes," in a completely neutral voice, as though he has a habit of stopping when he sees screaming girls to ask them for pancakes recipe.

She snorted in disbelief, "Yeah right."

He just stared at her, waiting. When she raised a questioning brow, he further said, "So, do you know how to make pancakes?"

Few hours later, Shinhwa high.

The last bell had rung and everyone was leaving for their homes. V4 met up and were heading towards the parking lot, thinking about the eventful day they had with varying expressions on their face, although one emotion was common, frustration.

All of them were tired, and wanted to go home as soon as possible and share the happenings of the day with each other. Soon they reached the parking area as they were walking quite fast, and looked for their cars. All of a sudden, Ha Jae kyung let out a shriek, looking towards her car. Navya's hand flew to her mouth, Geum Jan di, who was in her gym clothes after taking a shower and cleaning up and Chu Ga eul were astonished as well. Someone had dared to mess with their cars.

Ha Jae kyung ran towards her grey Porsche, which was parked beside a similar black one belonging to Navya. Both cars were covered in thick plastic warps. Ha jae kyung tried to remove a layer with her hands, but unfortunately she didn't even manage to tear the upper layer of plastic. Crying out in frustration, she turned towards others, all of whom had followed her to the cars. Astonishment was clear on everyone's face. Not many students were present in the parking lot, having left earlier. But those who were present, were staring towards them.

All of them were thinking about what they should do about the cars and about hysterical Ha Jae Kyung, when a fast red sports car rushed towards them. At the last moment, the driver pressed the break, screeching of tires was heard as he took a narrow turn, with the smell of rubber due to friction of tires in the air. Stopping right beside them, the driver opened the window of his car.

To their shock, Gu Jun pyo was the driver of that car! Wearing black sunglasses and an arrogant smirk on his face, he asked, "Need a lift V4? I heard your cars were… indisposed."

The expressions on all their faces were furious. Ha Jae kyung shrieked, before going towards Jun pyo's car in a couple of strides and kicking the front tire of his car while glaring towards him.

Watching with a bemused expression, he turned his head towards Geum Jan di and Song Navya, whose faces were absolutely blank, he said, "Yah! What's wrong with your friend? She's acting like a monkey! V4 call your monkey back!"

Hearing this, Ha Jae kyung turned towards him, with the intention of punching that smug smile off his face. Something about her expression told Jun pyo as much, he gave them a mocking smile before closing the window and speeding off, leaving a frustrated V4 behind.

Sighing, Navya got her phone out and called her people to call for a car. Soon, a black Mercedes Benz was standing in front of them. Getting into the front seat while the others got into the back seat of the car, Navya ordered the driver to make sure cars were taken care of, before they left for Jan di's place.

After some time, Geum residence.

V4 were sitting on a couch and chairs around a small table in the living room, while eating from bowls of ramen in their hands after about 15 minutes of returning from school. Thinking about what happened over the course of the day.

They discussed everything that had happened and whatever they had found out. "The principal told me the painting supplies were removed from the art studio on F4's order." Ga eul said, with a thoughtful expression on her face, her eyes fixed on the chopsticks as she pulled the noodles out and threaded them loosely over her chopsticks.

"We know F4 is responsible for the maple syrup incident. He said and I quote, 'Annoying you is amusing. This is a game Geum Jan di, and no one has dared to play with F4 or Jun pyo before. And now Jun pyo has a worthy competitor." Jan di said with a sigh.

"They are responsible for our cars as well." Jae kyung told them, while focusing on her ramen.

Navya was listening carefully, she replied, "Not a single guitar in the music room had strings when I went there. And only one person who knew about my guitar playing was Yoon Ji hoo," in a cold voice.

Jae kyung and Ga eul stared at her, connecting the dots in their heads. "I'm going to make sure your cousin pays for this! No one besides him knows a single thing about me in whole freaking school! It's obvious Song Woo bin gave Gu Jun pyo information about me!" Jae kyung exclaimed, causing others to look at her in surprise. This was the first time she was talking about Song Woo bin with any other emotion besides dejection. Agreed it was anger now, but at least it was better than being dejected.

"So Yi Jung was not looking for information about just you two, he was searching for information about me as well!" Ga eul said with wide eyes full of shock, her hand flying towards her mouth in surprise. Now it was her turn to be stared at.

Navya asked a question that was on everyone's mind, "When did So Yi Jung manage to catch you alone exactly?"

Ga eul sighed, before saying, "A few days ago he came to the porridge shop when it was my shift, and the day after that in the art studio."

Others nodded at this, correctly guessing there was more to the story than she was telling but no one pressed, knowing when she was comfortable she would tell them whatever it was.

"What should we do now?" Asked Ga eul.

Jae kyung replied, fury still in her voice, "I don't know about you guys, but Song Woo bin is going to pay for messing with my car."

Others shared a glance, Ga eul said, "I'm not going to sit still while these guys start messing with our lives as well," with a firm voice.

"I agree with Ga eul. Now, what do we know about these guys?" Asked Geum Jan di, trying to figure out the best way to handle the problem.

"I'm not going against my cousin." Navya said while looking them in the eyes, remembering her conversion with him when he told her the same thing. "But you may do whatever you please." She continued while looking at Jae kyung, who nodded in understanding.

"I might have an idea about how to give So Yi Jung a payback." Ga eul said with a wicked smile, "He seems like a person who loves himself and is confident no matter what after all." She continued.

"I'm done with their stupid pranks! I've got something in mind for Gu Jung mool as well." Jan di said, making the others snort at her new nickname for Gu Jun Pyo.

"Alright, Let's do this then." Navya nodded, with a smirk.

Ha Jae kyung, who was quiet until now, nodded and got up, placing her bowl on the table and picking up her phone, she walked a small distance so as to be out of earshot.

Calling someone, she made some plans and arrangements before joining others. Sitting down, she said, "Well, My plan starts tonight. And all of you are coming with me." Without leaving any room for argument.

Same night, around 2 am, Geum residence.

Jae kyung's plan was ready to be launched, all the preparations were made and now all that remained was the execution. All the girls were in their Vixen suits, which were dark coloured catsuits, with a facial mask. Navya and Ga eul's long hair were tied in tight single braids.

Getting into their cars, with a half dozen black cars following them, they headed towards Shinhwa high. The moon was shining bright in the dark night sky, and the roads were lit with street lights. Racing fast on the empty roads of Seoul, they soon reached the locked gates and the security check post of Shinhwa. All cars stopped behind two Porsches. Couple of security guards were present on the main gate, but luck was favouring vixens. Both the guards were sound asleep. Yellow lights on the Shinhwa gates were brightly lit, making everything clearly visible.

Ga eul, who was sitting in the passenger seat of the black Porsche, handed the laptop on her lap to Navya, who had stopped the car right beside Jae kyung's car. Typing furiously, she turned the security cameras of school off. Getting out of the car with laptop in her hands, she went towards the control panel of the gate besides the sleeping security guard without making a sound. Connecting the laptop to the control panel, she managed to find the code to open the gate. With a screeching sound, the main gate and automatic barrier inside the gate both opened.

Getting back inside the car, she spoke on her ear piece, "Ready to go," before turning on the ignition of the car, and going inside.

The other cars followed her closely. Instead of heading towards parking as they always do, they went straight towards the main building of the school. One where F4's lounge was located. Once they were in front of the main building of the school, they got out. All six black cars following them stopped as well, and nearly twenty four men, four from each car, got out of the cars with what appeared like a number of paint containers and other supplies.

Sharing a glance with each other, as they stood in front of the main building of Shinhwa high, they nodded to the men under their command. Campus of Shinhwa was absolutely silent at the dead of the night, with silently lit yellow lights and not a single guard in sight. Not even the sound of bugs was to be heard as they made their way across the courtyard.

They ascended the steps leading towards the gate of the building, but stopped short when they noticed the manual metal lock on the gate. Thankfully, picking locks was part of training they went through for a large part of their lives. Nodding towards the others, Navya took out a pin from her hairs, and managed to pick the lock in a couple of minutes. Following her, all of them entered inside the building. Although outside campus had lights, the same wasn't the case for the main building. Not even a single light was on in the building. They took out their flash torches, avoiding turning on the main light switch in case some guards were on campus and they hadn't noticed.

Soon, they were on the top floor of the building, where the F4 lounge was. Ha Jae kyung nodded towards others, silently asking them to follow her lead, the others complied. Going inside, they turned the lights on and put the supplies down, and completely changed the interior of the lounge in accordance with Ha Jae kyung's plan, guiding all the men with them to make sure everything was executed properly in the next hour. Noticing a violin case placed in the lounge, Navya smirked.

They successfully executed Jae kyung's plan, and headed back towards their cars, after turning off the lights and securing the lock back on the gate. Once outside the campus, they were amused to see guards still sleeping peacefully. Turning all the systems on and shutting the gates, they rushed back home, desperate for some sleep.

One thing was for sure, the F4 were in for a great shock on the upcoming day.