In the council room there was a circle of chairs. Leia, Rey, Chewbacca, Kaydel and several council members were seated. There were only a few empty seats remaining. The Queen stood in the center of the group.

Poe went over to sit in one of the remaining chairs. Ben began to walk over to the seat next to his mother.

The group became quite as the Queen spoke. "I have called this council to discuss a darkness that threatens our galaxy." She said. She gestured to the dark prince, the descendant of Naboo's once great Queen, Amadala. "Ben Solo, please come forward and present the ring." She said.

Ben was suddenly nervous about standing before those who had once been his enemies. He was sure that some of them would offer him no forgiveness, if not for the sake of his mother and Rey.

His mother sensed his unease. She placed her hand on his shoulder. He looked at her, and she smiled at him. "You can do it Ben." She said.

He grabbed her hand and offered her a faint smile. "Thank you," he said softly. Then he stood up and approached the Queen.

He pulled the ring from his pocket and placed it on a small table in the center of the room.

At the sight of it, the room was suddenly filled with many voices, all speaking at once.

Ben's voice rose above them. "This ring belonged to Snoke. It is evil, filled with the power of the Dark Side." He said.

With those words, the council room was again filled with the sound of everyone talking at once.

"Silence," The Queen said. Her voice was not loud, but it was stern, and the authority in it silenced the room. All eyes were now on her. "Let him speak." She said, calmly.

Everyone looked at Ben and he continued. "It was forged by Darth Saura in the fires of Mustafar long ago. Darth Saura was killed. But his spirit endured, forever bound to this ring. I have now discovered that Snoke was really Darth Saura. I killed him, but I feel his presence even now. He is growing stronger, soon he will have a physical form, again. We cannot let him get this ring, with it he would have the power to destroy the galaxy, and rule the ashes of what remains."

"Then he must be stopped." Said one of the council members.

"The ring must be destroyed." Said Leia.

"Then why don't we just blow it up or something?" Poe asked.

Ben looked at him. "It can only be destroyed in the fires of Mustafar where it was forged, near Darth Vader's palace." He said.

"Oh," Poe replied.

"One does not simply walk into Mustafar." Said one of the council members. "It is a treacherous place."

"But it has to be done." Said Ben.

The Queen nodded. "Some one has to take the ring to Mustafar." She said.

The room was immediately filled with voices. Some offering to take the ring themselves, other's arguing.

"Rey should do it!" Ben heard a counselor say. And two others agreed with him.

He couldn't let that happen, already he had felt the weight of the ring. He had felt the darkness it held, he couldn't allow the darkness to cover her light.

"No!" He yelled. "I will do it!"

Everyone looked at him.

"Ben..." Rey began.

"This ring holds only darkness. I cannot let its darkness corrupt your light." He said. "You're the only thing keeping me from the darkness. I can't let the darkness destroy you."

Rey came over to him. "But if you do this, Ben, the darkness will destroy you." She said.

"I know," he answered. "But it's what I deserve."

"No it's not," She answered.

"Rey, I am the only one who can do this. The only way I can defeat the darkness inside of me is to stop the darkness of the galaxy." He said.

"No," she answered. "Only Light can defeat darkness. To defeat the darkness of the galaxy, you must first defeat the darkness inside of yourself."

"I can't. I'm not strong enough." He answered.

"Then let me help you." She said.

"I will," He promised. "But I cannot let you carry the ring. I cannot let my darkness become your's."

"Then I will go with you." She answered. "I will go with you to Mustafar." She drew her new lightsaber from her belt. She ignited it and a beautiful blue blade emerged from the hilt. "You have my saber." She said. "If by life or death I can help you, I will."

Poe stepped forward. "So will I!" He said. "You have my blaster!"

Chewbacca stepped forward and growled, offering his service.

"I will come, too." Said Kaydel.

"Wait I'm coming to!" Said a voice. Everyone turned to see Finn running into the council room with Rose fallowing him closely.

The Queen looked at them surprised, this was a secret meeting to which they had not been invited. She realized that they had been eavesdropping the whole time.

Finn and Rose came to stand before the council. "I want to join this Mission. Quest. Thing." Said Finn.

The Queen looked at Ben.

"We would be glad to have you," He said. He looked at Rose. "Both of you."

"I'm coming too!" Said another voice. And everyone watched as a shadow entered the council room.

The Queen turned her head sharply to face yet another intruder on her secret council meeting. It was one of Kylo's ten knights, the knights of Ren. Two guards went to stop him. The Queen looked at Ben. "I thought you said that you came alone." She said.

"I did." Ben replied. "He must have fallowed me here."

Ben walked over to the knight. "Bryn, What are you doing here? Why did you fallow me here?" He asked.

"We saw you leaving, I was chosen to fallow you." Said Erick.

"We?" Ben asked.

"All of the knights saw you leaving. So did Hux. He ordered me to fallow you and report your actions to him." He answered. "But now that I know the truth about Snoke, I want to help you."

"Well, I suppose we have to bring you with us. You already know our plans." Said Ben.

The Queen nodded and the guards released him.

"Thank you!" Said Bryn. "I will not disappoint you. I promise." He came over to stand next to the others who had promised to help with the destruction of the ring.

The Queen looked over the group. "Very well." She said. "You will be the Order of the Ring."