Spiral Mountain sure was peaceful. Too peaceful one may ask without as much action and calamity occurring as it did in times past. Down in the southeastern steppe of the mountainous trail, just outside a cozy little blue house, things were about to get exciting.

A lazy brown honey bear in yellow denim shorts and a cotton blue backpack was napping on his backside. He rested his massive paws out, basking in the warm sunlight. He snored steadily, mumbling and chuckling in his slumber with a smile. In the distance, the sound of a moderate-sized bird could be trodding along the hills as it went to investigate a peculiar object that had blown into the mailbox. The avian, with firey reddish-orange plumage, was in awe and surprise as their eyes widened upon noticing an envelope with a very inviting crimson emblem stamped in the center. In a flash, they swiped up the envelope in their bill and raced back to the sleeping bear.

"Banjo! Banjo, wake up buddy!" The bird squawked, still trotting ahead. The drowsy bear began to overhear them and stretched out, yawning awake.

"What is it, Kazooie?" He mumbled a bit, still letting the energy regain into his mind and heart.

"You're not gonna believe this!" The bird, Kazooie said, as he placed the envelope in grasp of his front paws. "You need to read what's in this envelope."

"Alright..." Banjo smiled a bit, curious by nature. He used a single claw and tore the envelope open, carefully tugging out a folded paper invitation. Kazooie was anxious, trembling at her gaunty legs, with excitement. Banjo cleared his throat to speak and began to read. "Dear Banjo and Kazooie. I know it's been a while since you two got some sort of excitement and adventurous thrill. In a time where innovative, charming and beloved heroes of childhood are being called out to get a chance to shine, fans, including some old colleagues of yours, would like to see you join us as invited guests of honor in a...Super Smash Bros. tournament!"

The bear was getting a bit teary-eyed, but kept a calm, convicing grin upon his muzzle. "They want us back, Kazooie..." He began to add. "And in Smash Bros. of all things, can you believe that!"

"I know, Banjo..." the bird responded, also a bit emotional but trying to keep a butch, determined demeanor. "It's so exciting to know we still have fans and people want to see us back in action, even with the other big-name champs of the gaming world." She swiped her wing over a tear, her banana-colored beak in a smile.

"Well, you up for it?" Banjo encouraged, getting up.

With a cocky and confident smile, Kazooie sprung off her feet and leaped cozily into Banjo's backpack. "You know it! Let's do this!" She squawked, as they began to run off for an exciting expedition.