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Loki hadn't expected to end up here. He didn't love his br- not brother, Thor. He really didn't. But he couldn't let him die by the hand of a dark elf, of all things, on Svartalfheim. And so it was that Loki, mastermind, creator of many plans for mischief and battle, threw planning to the side and used Thor's method of brute force.

While the Berserker dark elf was distracted by its attack on Thor, Loki quickly yet quietly ran towards the pair, grabbing a sword on the way. With no time to think, Loki used the tried and true method of stabbing the cursed creature through the chest. He felt a stab of unease as the creature didn't immediately fall, but instead turned towards the God of Mischief. Then Loki felt an actual stab as the dark elf abruptly grabbed him and used the sword sticking out of its chest to run Loki through.

Through his pain, Loki was still able to think, and discreetly armed the mini black hole grenade all dark elves carry before the creature threw him down. Loki's vision flared white as the wound was aggravated by such rough handling, but he gained control of his faculties in time to see the dark elf stalk towards him again. Though breathless from agony, Loki still managed to gasp out, "See you in hell, monster."

Said monster paused, confused about his meaning, before noticing the grenade at its side armed and about to go off. It fumbled, trying to detach the weapon from its belt, but it was too late. The grenade went off and the mini black hole started tearing through the dark elf's being. Watching it implode was both satisfying and disturbing, and Loki found himself unable to look away, much like bystanders of a particularly bad car crash can't tear their eyes away. As the light generated by the implosion blinked out, Loki finally felt the extent of his injury. He was only vaguely aware of Thor running to him. The murmured, "No, no, no," brought Loki back to himself.

"Oh, you fool. You didn't listen," came Thor's voice, gravelly with worry.

Loki wanted to reassure his brother, gasping out, "I know, I am a fool. I'm a fool." He couldn't control a wince at the end that pulled his words tight.

Thor held him close, imploring, "Stay with me, stay."

Loki knew that would be impossible, and apologized to Thor, saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," again and again. He felt so cold, and so tired. His gasps of air turned softer and slower, his muscles relaxing as he was too weak to hold them tight against the pain.

"It's alright. I'll tell Father what you did here today." Thor was crying.

Loki wanted to let his brother know he actually did care. He loved Thor. So with the last of his strength, he whispered, "I didn't do it for him." With that, he felt consciousness slipping away as he grew colder until it felt like the void all over again and then he didn't feel anything.

Thor watched the light fade from Loki's eyes and the heat fade from his skin as his last breath escaped his lips. Thor clutched Loki close and screamed in denial to the universe. Just when he had his brother back, when the jealousy and anger was overpowered by the bond between them, when Loki saved him one last time, his brother was ripped away from him.

"Thor, we have to go," Jane pleaded. Thor had forgotten she was there in his grief. Regretfully, he moved away from the body that was once his brother. He would come back once Malekith was stopped and give Loki a proper funeral. As he led Jane back to the tunnel, he missed the slight rise and fall of Loki's chest as his breathing restarted.

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