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After tracking down the security camera that initially sent the alert, the Avengers accessed the footage. What they saw surprised everyone (though with Thor and Jane, they were more surprised that Loki managed to survive, while the Avengers were surprised by the lack of havoc) but they were able to use the timing and police data that Tony hacked to find where the ambulance took the wounded demigod.

As the motley group approached the hospital they discussed an action plan. Tony was all for bursting in and taking advantage of the element of surprise. Steve, however, wanted to avoid an international incident, and so voted to follow hospital procedure. Thor and Jane voted for only them two go in to see Loki. Jane's reasoning was that friendly(ish) faces would probably get a better reception than the Avengers. The debate was ended by a nurse declaring that only family was allowed to see patients in the ICU. This meant Thor and, by proxy of their relationship, Jane were the only ones let inside, leaving Tony to sulk at being left out and the rest of the Avengers to mill about. The Avengers were less well known in the UK than in America, but they still got some wide-eyed stares from the locals.

Thor and Jane got their own strange looks directed at them by the nurses, but it was for a different reason. As the aide leading them explained, they had no idea how Loki was still alive.

"The stab wound had gone through his ribs, his lung, and nicked a bit of his spine. He lost so much blood and his body sustained so much trauma there's no way he wouldn't be dead right now, except he isn't dead," the aide told them.

Thor and Jane exchanged a look before Thor asked, "Have you noticed any… unusual healing? Injuries that vanish or reappear?" Though Thor didn't want to think that Loki was simply using his glamour to appear wounded, he would be remiss not to check.

The aide, however, nodded and said, "Oh yeah, this guy heals like nothing I've ever seen. While we were examining him, we could actually see some of his wounds closing up. It's like he's got one of those mutations that people have been talking about lately, you know, like a healing factor. Reappearing injuries, not so much. Though he did thrash around a bit a couple times, reopened some wounds."

Thor looked thoughtful at this. Consistent injuries meant that glamour was less likely. Chances were good that Loki wasn't faking any of it. But Thor had trusted too much lately to eliminate anything. But, he would reserve judgement until he saw his brother with his own eyes.

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