Chapter 1: Hypnos

Setting: Sometime during God of War: Chains of Olympus.

Voice of Gaia (as Kratos was leaving the Temple of Helios): Upon leaving the temple, Kratos notices that the land surrounding it has changed. Morpheus's power was reflected throughout the outside of the temple. Without Helios, Morpheus seized the opportunity to gain complete control of the Earth. As the gods were in a deep slumber, mankind was suffering from their absence. It falls to Kratos to save Helios and to defeat Morpheus, or mankind will perish before him.

Narrator: As Gaia speaks, the minions of Morpheus pop out of the ground. They start to head for Kratos. Kratos, stoically, took out the Blades of Chaos and prepared to fight. After defeating them, Kratos walked to the center of the courtyard. Although it was a little hard to tell because of the darkness, someone was already standing there waiting for him: a man with curly brown hair; a pale, slender body, dark eyes, and dark-colored wings. His presence seemed to have established a sense of calmness around him.

Voice of Gaia: As Kratos entered the courtyard of Helios, a figure emerged out of the darkness: Hypnos, the God of Sleep and father of Morpheus, the God of Dreams.

Hypnos (calmly): Hmm. Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta. I never would have expected you to become the gods' savior.

Kratos (stoically): Hypnos.

Hypnos: Do you really think you can rescue Helios? You are good for nothing but killing, Kratos. What makes you think you can stop my son?

Kratos: Your son will fail, Hypnos, and so will you if you stay in my way!

Hypnos (chuckling gently): I highly doubt it, Kratos. You are nothing more than a mere mortal. It'll take more than you to possibly defeat me.

Narrator: Hypnos floats in the air and spreads his wings. Kratos takes out his blades and prepares to fight. During the battle, Hypnos summons some of Morpheus's minions to help him (who Kratos killed easily). Because Hypnos was flying during the battle, Kratos had to use the Light of Dawn to attack him. Whenever Hypnos launched a beam at Kratos, Kratos had to use the Sun Shield to reflect it. At one point, Hypnos launched a more powerful beam and hit Kratos square on. Kratos was briefly put in a sleep-like state. Hypnos flew over to Kratos and tried to kill him. Before he could do anything, Kratos punched him hard in the side. Hypnos doubled over in pain, and Kratos used the opportunity to hit Hypnos with the Sun Shield. Hypnos flew through the air briefly before he was able to keep his balance. He tried to keep his distance from Kratos, but Kratos wrapped his Blades of Chaos around his foot and knocked him to the floor. After he landed in front of Kratos, Kratos punched him and knocked him to the side of the courtyard. Kratos rushed up to Hypnos and hit him with the Sun Shield before he could get up. Kratos rushed up to him, grabbed him, and threw him on his stomach. He grabbed one of his wings and ripped it clean off. Hypnos yelled, then got up.

Hypnos (pissed): You deluded bastard!

Narrator: Hypnos launched more beams at Kratos and summoned more minions to do his bidding, but Kratos killed them and hit him again with the Light of Dawn. After Hypnos fell to the ground, Kratos rushed over to him and knocked him to the ground again. He ripped off Hypnos's other wing. Hypnos yelled again, then got back up.

Hypnos: You dare face a Primordial!

Narrator: Hypnos had to fight on the ground this time because he didn't have his wings anymore. He still summoned minions to do his bidding, but this time, he also tried to attack Kratos directly. After a while, he suffered enough damage, and Kratos took advantage of the opportunity. He rushed over to Hypnos and impaled him in the chest with the Blades of Chaos. He slammed him on the ground, then launched him into the air. As Hypnos started to fall, Kratos jumped into the air and slammed the Sun Shield onto his neck as he knocked him to the ground. Kratos grabbed Hypnos, then slit his throat and upper chest. Blood started to pour out of Hypnos. Then, he fell to the floor, lifeless. Hypnos's body briefly glowed, then it blew up in a massive explosion. Kratos used the Sun Shield to protect himself from the blast. He looked at Hypnos's remains, then started to walk away in order to finish his quest.

Voice of Gaia (as Kratos was walking away): With Hypnos's death, the darkness of Morpheus seemed to loosen its grip on the world. To fully stop Morpheus, Kratos must find and rescue Helios, or all of mankind will perish in Morpheus's quest for power. Then, no one will be able to stop him.

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